December 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 27]

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Yuulin remembers the prediction that before that good thing will happen, she will suffer a lot of trials. Watching the two quarreling, Yuulin thinks that lately, everyday, she is given a headache by those two guys in charge, who won’t cooperate. Houen shouts that in order for no one will do something rude to His Majesty in the banquet, they have to make a set of etiquette system. Suigetsu says that compared to that, he thinks that it is necessary to create a cozy ambiance so that they can touch and get close to the flowers. He suggests that it will also be refined if there is a music band at the side of His Majesty. Walking at the government building hallway, Yuulin gloomily wonders if it would be the same as yesterday, and what could those two be quarreling about today. “The two of them are really not a match for each other.” Then, she notices that Houen is talking with someone, and she wonders what it is about. Houen is closing his eyes while quietly listening to someone talking. The other person says, “—You should know it right! Your failure in manners would reflect on the whole Ryu family! If you ever fall behind the Han family, and put my name in shame, I will absolutely not forgive you! *Closed eyes Houen still keeps quiet* As Ryu family’s second son, you should definitely do your utmost best for His Majesty, but bear this in mind-- *turns to leave* a younger brother should stand behind the older brother.” Yuulin is totally shock by this for Houen isn’t saying anything when he would be hostile to anyone, no matter who that person is. “It seems that I have witness a strange scenario..” Narration: “—before the banquet, it seems that the people around me have a lot of things to be uneasy about.” At the harem, Reishou asks Yuulin if she is going to the government affairs building again tomorrow. Preparing some tea, Yuulin looks at him and says, of course. He smiles at her and asks her about occasionally taking a break from it. “It is also quite tiring for the temporary bride, and I want to properly console my bride a bit.” Blushing Yuulin tells him that there is no need for him to worry about her and she will wait for him at the government affairs building. Yuulin is shocking when puppy Reishou is pouting his dissatisfaction again. She thinks that it seems that Reishou thinks that it is nonsense for her as a ‘temporary bride’ to have a bit of good relationship with others that he would always hinder her from mediating between the two guys in charge of the banquet. “Even if it is quite rare for His Majesty to put down the ‘Wolf King’ mask and reveal his true self, but he also shouldn’t be this lonely, right? Ever since I run away from here, it felt so strange..” Blushing Yuulin says, “About that, Your Majesty, right now, there is no one who wants to intervene between Houen and Suigetsu’s quarrel! *Staff members calling out for Yuulin to help them* It seems that they are tight-lipped because of fear that they’ll incur the wrath of the two families. *lecture mode* And I don’t have such family background, and it is of no relevance to them, so I am on neutral ground to say things to them. *thoughtful* (Speaking of family background, after that incident, I saw Ryu Houen back to usual self in the government office.. *shouting at Suigetsu* Still, I’m very worried. His family background seems to have some problems.. I should continue to watch the situation..) In short, this is all for the banquet to be held without a hitch..”

She is surprised when Reishou suddenly holds her hand and pulls her to him. He says, “I never thought that this banquet thing will totally snatch your heart away. *Yuulin blushes and calls his name* For your heart to only think of me, is this the Queen’s duty?” To Reishou’s surprise, Yuulin starts to furiously shout, “Right now! Don’t act! No need for special training! And listen to what I’m saying! *Reishou timidly says yes* You listen well! Right now, everyone in the government office, aside from completing their everyday task, had been waking up early and sleeping late, in order to actively prepare for this banquet! *There is a scene of staff members trembling about the deadline since they are not finished with the registration, safety precautions, etc.* The scale of this work is tremendous and time isn’t enough! There is also lack of staff members that everyone is so busy that it is causing such a commotion! *teary-eyed + fired up* It is all for His Majesty.. *Reishou timidly says, yes, yes.* Your Majesty, you shouldn’t be stirring up trouble, okay!?” Sweatdropping, Reishou holds up his hands and says, “Yes. *pause; puppy mode* But.. I.. also had been given a pile of work by Jun, prime minister and the others, right?” Yuulin tells him that right now, everyone is in the middle of a trial so they should do their best together. Reishou couldn’t answer back. Later on, Reishou is not too happy while Dai says, “—and so, you wanted to lecture her but you ended up being lectured. His Majesty has just got the Queen Consort’s rabbit kick, and [you] dejectedly accept her request-- *trembling in tears over how funny this is* I really worship the Queen..! Strong.. *Reishou gloomily glares at him* Ah, sorry, I’m just joking around.” Putting a paper on the table, Reishou says that Yuulin wants to get involved in these things and no matter what he says, she won’t stop. Chibi Yuulin stubbornly thinks that she won’t lose, and she’ll do her best. Reishou sighs and says, “In the end, the things within the palace will evolve into a power struggle. I don’t want her to get involved in such troublesome matters..” Dai tells him that it is fine to let Yuulin into it for she wants to be a professional Queen Consort. “And since she, herself, said it, I think she is very enthusiastic about it.” Reishou smiles and wonders out loud on how long before Yuulin will get this [paper]. Drinking something, Dai sighs and thinks that Reishou is pretty stubborn. At the government building, two staff members are freaking out on how this thing reached this place. One of them says to quickly deal with it because if the Queen Consort gets to see it.. Yuulin who just entered the room asks them what about her. The two nervous staff quickly held something behind them and says that it is nothing. Yuulin tells them to let her see what they are hiding. They hesitate but after Yuulin asks them again, they finally give the paper to her. After Yuulin exclaims what it is, the two timidly says that it isn’t from them. The note reads, “Do not wish well, the Queen Consort or else, it will incur disaster and the Flower Banquet will fail in the end.”
At Jun’s place, Jun tells her if it is that strange document. “For some time, it has already been circulating, what about it? The source is unknown but this is a commonly seen slanderous document.” Trembling and aghast, Yuulin asks if it is really okay when it mentions disaster and fail. Jun sighs and says that even if it is mentioned, she shouldn’t mind it. “Upon choosing the people in charge, the ‘Queen Consort’ has attracted a bit of attention. Even if the Chancellors had curb down their squabble a lot but there are still people who isn’t satisfied with the Queen Consort and her choice. They are spreading this rumor to ruin the Queen’s reputation by sowing malice.. Don’t mind it too much, for after some time, it will just naturally die down.. And, there are no assassins appearing so it is only a rumor and nothing more! Hahaha.” Aghast Yuulin exclaims that he’s mean. As she leaves, Yuulin is still worried because a few days ago, she got an ominous prediction from a mysterious official who told her about having many enemies, not enough payment for the compensation and she’ll have a lot of trials. “I’ve obviously been doing my best, in order not to think of this.. Why is it that I can’t get rid of this feeling? Could it be that this prediction is really coming true? But then, how is it possible? If I were to consult this with His Majesty, he will definitely say, ‘Then, don’t strive hard again.. and just leisurely stay at the harem’. That prediction, I won’t believe it. I won’t be concerned about it –But, misfortunes really don’t come singly [/it never rains but it pours].” Then, a staff member calls out to her and says that things are bad for Houen and Suigetsu.. In the government affairs room, Houen angrily shouts, “-I understand! From today on, I won’t be discussing things with you again! Concerning the remaining things, I’ll handle it on my own! After I give you people your division of work, just complete it and it is okay if you want to withdraw! Do what you wish!” Suigetsu says that he approves of that because other than music and dance, he isn’t interested in other things. Yuulin, together with staff members, is totally shock for the two are severing their relationship and this is worst than the usual situation. Yuulin calls out to Houen who is going out of the room. Houen angrily shouts at her to stop following him, and just be good and stay at the harem. Yuulin is shock for she has always been following him. Yuulin tells Suigetsu to stop Houen for he is really leaving. Suigetsu says that he thinks that they have already persevered for such a long time. He smiles and says that it is getting more and more troublesome, and he has been doing a lot of work. Yuulin couldn’t believe that Suigetsu is also.. Walking at the hallway with her waiting ladies, Yuulin feels tired for in the end, she wasn’t able to mediate between them nor was she able to stop them from severing their relationship. She holds her head and wonders if the banquet can still be held without those two but, if it is like that, it won’t be like the prediction -> if the two families cooperated, it is a auspicious sign for a coming of a new era for Reishou.
Then, Yuulin is called out by a man. Yuulin recognizes him as the one Houen is talking with before. The man bows to her and introduces himself as Ryu Keitaku, the eldest son of the Ryu family. Thinking that he is really Houen’s older brother, Yuulin tells him that if he is looking for Houen.. Keitaku tells her no, he isn’t. “I have heard that my foolish younger brother has always been giving Your Highness, the Queen so many troubles that I came to offer this gift as an apology to you *shows a huge box that one of his servants is carrying* so would you kindly accept it.” Yuulin says that she cannot accept the gift and there is no need for him to apologize for Houen has always been faithful and true to His Majesty. Keitaku exclaims, “—Yes! Your Highness turns out to be such a kind-hearted person for you gave it a lot of thought to ask both Ryu and Han families to cooperate and be in charge of this banquet. *Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks, that Keitaku is really not the same with his father and younger brother.* And right now, you are also actively mediating between the two of them! You’re really great!” Yuulin thinks that Keitaku is like those people in the palace who likes to flatter, and she is not an expert in dealing with those kinds of people. Just then, Houen, who is carrying some scrolls, sees them. Keitaku says, “But, Your Higheness, you ought to know right? This time, the two people whom you’ve chose-- Even if they are a bit capable, but within their household, they are quite problematic, ..I would rather say that they are unsuitable. *Houen frowns* Giving it to those two, it is inevitable for things not to progress smoothly-- What are you to do now? Right now, it isn’t yet too late for you to change the people in charge. *Yuulin looks serious* Shouldn’t you be giving this authority to someone more qualified?” Yuulin answers, “I’m quite perplexed that you had misunderstood. I don’t have this authority, Ryu Keitaku-sama. I’ve only told to His Majesty what I think, and the one who decided on it is His Majesty. And, even if those two have some kind of problem, they are also His Majesty’s outstanding officials. *smiles* (that’s right, even if they are problematic sons) But, I also want to see what kind of ‘His Majesty’s Banquet’ that they can create together. *Houen looks surprised* The thought of giving it to others hasn’t crossed my mind. (Fundamentally, it being ‘His Majesty’s banquet’ is something that both of them agreed on.)” While Keitaku tries to protest, Houen goes to them and says, “Your Highness. *Yuulin and Keitaku are surprised to see him* ..I’ll suggest that you don’t go near that person.” Yuulin puzzled. While scowling, Houen continues to says, “Because, he is an idiot so talking with him is a waste of saliva.” [Lol] Yuulin and Keitaku are shock at how blunt Houen said that. Keitaku exclaims that it has been such a long time since he talked with him and this is the first thing he would say. With a bored expression, Houen tells his brother that if he has anything else to say, just quickly say it for people who isn’t related to this, ought to quickly leave.
While Houen is practically telling his brother to immediately leave, surprised Yuulin wonders if this is the reason why at that time, Houen isn’t refuting his brother. “It is because ‘he is an idiot’? How amazing.. No wonder Ryu Houen is Ryu Houen..! Towards a family member who is older than him, he would still coldly treat him this way! Speaking of that, it is truly very mean.” Reishou arrives and asks them what they are doing all gathered in that place. As Houen calls out to His Majesty, Keitaku looks scared. Reishou glares at Keitaku and says, “—what business do you have with my Queen?” Scared Keitaku quickly says that it is nothing, he is just greeting her so he is now going to take his leave. After Keitaku and his servants leave, Yuulin sweatdrops and thinks no wonder it is His Majesty, for with just a glare.. Looking at the side, Reishou comments that it is a coward. Houen agrees with him that his brother is a coward. Reishou says that just like before, Houen is in bad terms with his brother. Houen apologizes for his brother’s shameful behavior. To Yuulin’s surprise, Reishou suddenly carries her. While she is protesting about it, Reishou says, “You shouldn’t be staying at the government building, right? *frowns* When I’m not around, I also want you to be considerate of my feelings. We are going back.” Blushing Yuulin says, yes. [<- cannot protest while in front of someone else?] As Reishou carries her away, Yuulin thinks, “This person! Even while pretending as the ‘Wolf King’, he still continues to be difficult with! Geez! What’s up with this person! This isn’t okay, and that thing isn’t okay. *remembers him telling her that her duty is to only think of him* Everything, that I been always think of, is all about you! You stupid Wolf King! Darn~~” Then, Suigetsu calls out to Houen and says that between brothers, it feels as if it is very troublesome. Houen tells him that he really has no sense of honor to eavesdrop on His Majesty. Suigetsu laughs and wonders out loud how could everyone could bear being with scary Houen [/Reishou in the other translation]. “It is quite bewildering, but Her Highness is really such an interesting person. Whether it is in words or in actions, she is definitely the only one person in the palace who sincerely hopes that both Ryu-Han families would work as one. *sigh* She even said those things in front of your brother, then we should also respond to her anticipation..” Houen looks at him then says, “Tsk! –I’ve always been striving with my utmost best for His majesty!” Narration: “—afterwards, what I’ve seen is.. ought to have severed relationship Ryu Houen and Han Suigetsu, had actually clearly divided their work as they prepare for the banquet.” Yuulin is shock for the two are calmly talking with each other. Houen says that he will once again revise the distribution of work. Suigetsu says that he is going to give the data to the different divisions. Yuulin thinks, “Wh—why? Even if I fundamentally should be happy about this, but how come I felt that this is something more terrifying than that ominous prediction and that slanderous document! What had happened?!” Narration: “..and the Flower Fest will arrive soon.”
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