December 19, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapters 112-115]

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Mei is surprised to see Kento together with the other two butlers. While the three stand at the ship’s upper deck, helicopters are hovering above. Fei shouts that the ship is already surrounded. “I know that you are here. Come out, Shibata Rihito!” Hiding behind the door, Mei is irritated over their attitude towards Rihito. Rihito tries to calm her down. Then, she looks at Kento. Flashback: Kento got a phone call from Shinobu who greeted him that it has been a long time, and it is quite good that Kento seems to be quite healthy. Kento said that he was expecting him to call. Shinobu complimented Kento’s premonition to be very accurate just like before. Kento replied that Shinobu is relying on that in order for him to live up to now. [<- being a flatterer?] Shinobu laughed and said that it is good if his brother is as flexible as he [/Kento] is but then this has its own delight. Kento asked if Rihito is there. Shinobu said that he will be coming soon and Mei is already there. Kento says that he shouldn’t be planning to get rid of Mei in order to make Shiori become the heir of the Hongo family. Shinobu laughed and said that he must be joking, because for him [Shinobu], Hongo family is but a small place. “Shiori-ojousama, is more suited to a graceful stage where she can be free. Kento asked him, then why. Shinobu apologized and asked Kento to please welcome[/meet up with] them. “Because as luck would have it, I and Shiori-ojousama are planning to going on a trip.” Kento smiled and asked what he is planning. “I know that Fei and Xiang are your chess pieces. For your scheme, you are using them to your advantage...” Shinobu told him that those two aren’t his chess pieces. Kento called him a liar for he was the one who sent those two [to them]. Shinobu said that he isn’t lying for he is only giving them a little help as they chase their dream, and they are acting in accordance on their own will. Kento asked about the dream. Shinobu told him that it seems they are always searching for the world’s number 1 ojousama. Irked Kento said that isn’t Mei. Shinobu replied that no one said that it is Mei but she is staying with the Hongo family, and while staying in St. Lucia Academy, she had made friends with the world’s famous young ladies. To Kento’s surprise, Shinobu told him that Mei is the one who has the greatest hope [of being world’s number 1]. “See, didn’t things become more interesting?” Kento asked him to tell him first where he is hiding and about those two. End flashback.

While Fei calls out for Rihito to bring out Mei, Kento remembers Shinobu telling him that Fei is a doll/puppet controlled by Xiang, and he listens only to Xiang. “..ya, he looks cuter if his hair is loosely put down. And there is, Xiang.. Right, right, his right eye is something that I had operated on. I’ve also treated his head wound. Afterwards, how do you feel? This is what Xiang said after the surgery-- 'Thank you, this will serve as a punishment. It made me clearly know that in this world, there are people who are much stronger than me. So, when I am going to face them, I should be patient and wait for an opportunity, and combine that, with a carefully mapped out plan.” End Flashback. Xiang calls out to Rihito that his actions are different from the norm, and it is a crime which is considered as a betrayal of the Hongo family. “In consideration of your family’s prestige, we are not calling the police. But, punishment is a necessity. Aside from being dismissed, from the Hongo family and any other related organizations, you will forever be banished.. From here, I formally announce to you that your butler’s accomplishments [/qualifications] have been cancelled from the butler association.” Kento glances at Xiang and remembers Shinobu telling him that they are waiting for an opportunity for their carefully mapped out plan. Mei suddenly comes out from her hiding place and shouts to Kento that it isn’t like that, and Rihito didn’t do anything wrong. Xiang says that she is okay and he is now going to get her. Kento tells him to wait. Xiang tries to protest but Kento just keeps silent. Mei tells him that Rihito had told her not to go with him but she insisted. “So, if you are going to punish someone, punish only me and let Rihito-san go..!” Xiang says that he understands that she is considerate of others but for a butler, there is a difference. Mei snaps at him that she is currently talking with Kento. Xiang backs down and apologizes. Mei continues to say that Kento ought to believe that the reason why Rihito left the academy is to stop those two’s ulterior motives. “Shibata, you should know it right..!? Thosw two guys are very despicable!” To Mei’s surprise, Xiang tells her that it seems that she has misunderstood them. “Our wish, is only but one, and that is to make Mei-ojousama to become the world’s number 1 ojousama.” Rihito appears and tells Mei to go to that side for the wind is quite strong. Mei scolds him for coming out. Xiang urges Kento to give the order to the sniper but Kento tells him to wait. Kento looks at his brother as Mei calls out to Kento again. Kento says, “I’m sorry, Mei, for it doesn’t matter to me if those two guys have some ulterior motives. Right now, I have something more important to do. Let’s duel, Rihito! To sever the ties between us!” Mei is surprised by this. Kento tells the two butlers that they shouldn’t help him on this. Fei protests that he will be up against a S-ranked butler.

Taking out a large black box, Xiang says okay, for he had anticipated that Kento would definitely do this kind of thing, and he is very serious about this. He opens the box to reveal a couple of swords. Kento comments that he is really prepared well, as if he [Xiang] is really anticipating them to go for a hand to hand combat. Xiang just smiles. Kento calls out to Rihito and throws something at him. Rihito catches it and it is his S-rank butler badge. Rihito looks at Kento and smiles. After putting on his A-rank butler badge, Kento says, “Even if I can just take it, but I felt that seizing it while depending on my own strength to seize is more fun!” Putting his badge on, Rihito says that for him, the badge’s function isn’t much different from a thumbtack. Mei worriedly tells Rihito that this isn’t the time to have a duel with Kento. Rihito tells her that the current situation is.. Mei looks at the helicopters hovering above. Just when Fei is about to start the duel, Mei shouts to Kento. Kento tells Mei to move away for this is a problem between them as brothers, and even if it is her, she cannot stop them. Mei says that she understands but then, even if Rihito wins, he will still be taken away. “Using such an underhanded method, this is too despicable! If Rihito-san is victorious, I want you to promise me that he will be excuse from all of his offense and be returned back to Hongo family!” Kento looks at her and says, “..Okay. I promise you that. If Rihito wins, he won’t receive any punishment and he will be your butler just like before. I’ll also tell the old geezer about it. But, if I win.. Mei.. you’ll be mine.” While Rihito looks at him, Mei blushes and is surprised by this. Meanwhile, at St. Lucia Academy’s dorm for overseas students, Claris screams and exclaims that she can no longer endure this situation. Sleepy Leon asks her what’s up, it’s quite late. Dressing up, Claris says that she is going to see Mei and the others. Surprised Leon tells her that no is no, and according to Izumi’s instructions, aside from Kanzaki and others, they are all going to stay put in the academy. Claris tells him that right now, Mei..or not only Mei, but also the Shibata brothers are..

Imagination: In a pirate ship, Rihito, together with Mei, laughs and compliments his foolish younger brother for being able to come there. Calling him a criminal, Kento shouts for him to shut up, and just nicely give Mei back and surrender. Mei says that it isn’t like that, and a lot of things had happened between them. While wondering why Mei is wearing a cutie sailor outfit, blushing Kento shouts that she has been deceived, and quickly come to his side. Kento is irritated when Mei hides behind Rihito. Kento calls Rihito a scoundrel, and challenges him to a duel. Rihito says, “Har! We are not in the same level so you are only going to bring shame upon yourself!” Then the two had a duel. End imagination. Claris is thoroughly convinced that is how things will end up, and they are definitely going to do that cool thing. Leon sweatdrops when Claris exclaims that they are going to save Mei and then get a huge reward from the Hongo family. Outside, Claris says that even if she said those stuff but the main entrance to the National Highway, and the airport are all closely monitored. Leon calls out to her to go with him inside a small shed which looks like a junk storage room. Inside, Leon opens a floor panel which reveals a staircase leading below. To her surprise, it is a secret way out of the school. Sheep[/author] explains that when the school was established, there is an escape route underneath which passes through the academy -> butler school -> outside. Right now, only a handful of people know about this so it is something that should really be kept as a secret. Walking through the dark hallway, Claris asks how he knew about this. Leon says that before, when the academy has been occupied by Toujou, they used this to get inside the academy. Claris is puzzled for above ground, the guards in the forest are quite strict. Leon says that it seems those guys do not know about this secret path and thanks to Claris and the others who are acting out in the open, they can take their time in.. Furious Claris call them scoundrels for they were using them as bait, and did he know how miserable she was then. Leon tells her that it was Rihito’s plan. Claris angrily exclaims that sooner or later, she is going to settle things with Rihito.

Then, Leon says that he felt as if someone is there. To his surprise, water is squirted on his face. Fujiko winks and says that they are really careless. Pointing the flashlight on his face, Nezu says that just by looking at their face, he knows it already. Claris exclaims why they are there. Miruku, together with Daimon, laughs and says that it seems that everyone has thought of the same thing. Fujiko tells them to keep this a secret from Izumi for it will cause trouble for her, as student representative, if this is exposed. Miruku says that Rika would definitely inform Izumi about this. Miruku is puzzled when Claris asks her if they are also after the huge reward. Leon asks what they are going to do after they get out. Nezu says that his car is waiting outside though these many people might not be able to fit in. Daimon thinks that it seems that Nezu has always been going out through this passage. Claris exclaims that they should quickly go to where Mei is. Miruku says that if they would go, Kento would be there. Daimon says that if they were to know why Mei went with Rihito, they should first resolve the misunderstanding of ‘older brother kidnapping Miss Shinonome and running away’. Fujiko agrees on that and Claris kept on insisting about the huge reward. Later on, while they are walking, Daimon comments that Miruku is sleepy. Miruku says that this isn’t the time to be sleeping. Claris says that speaking of that, why Mei would go with Rihito and causing this trouble. Fujiko says that of course, it is because she is worried about Rihito, and if it is her, she would also go with him. At her sleepiness limit, Miruku mutters of course. Claris comments that their response is really unreserved. Leon says that Rihito left the school to investigate about Xiang and Fei. Nezu tells them that before, Rihito had asked him what his impression is with those two butlers. “At that time, I truly do not have any impression on those two.. but, there is a rumor that has been bothering me.” Fujiko and Claris ask what this rumor is. Nezu says that it is about some organization has been raising up ‘shinigami/death god’..kind of thing. “They will secretly go to your side, and by the time you notice it, it is already too late. The frightening assassin had gaze upon its prey, and will definitely annihilate it thoroughly.” Miruku has waked up upon hearing this. Claris asks what the connection with this is. Nezu tells them that the so-called shinigami is composed of two boys. Nervous Leon says that he didn’t think that they were.. Nezu says that he is concerned about it so he has been gathering data but there are no clues, because those who had seen the shinigami, are all dead. Miruku suggests that they investigate about the organization that raised them up to get information. To her surprise, Nezu tells her that the organization no longer exists. “Approximately, two years ago, the train that the backbone members of the organization are riding on, had exploded, and everyone in it has died. Fighting over the power, the members, who were left behind, had mutually massacred each other. And, afterwards, there are no more shinigami rumors and it is reported that everyone, who is involved in the struggle, had died..” Fujiko says that it would be nice if that is true. Everyone is silent.

Pointing his flashlight upwards, Nezu says that it is the opening. While Daimon is pushing the lid up, someone suddenly steps on it. Miruku asks him what happened and he timidly says that there is an intimidating aura outside. Claris goes up and to her surprise, Rika, Izumi and their butlers are already there, having tea. Rika complains that one after another, someone is coming out. Daimon says that Izumi shouldn’t know about this passageway, and Kiba was a hostage then. Miruku exclaims if it is Aoyama who told them. Aoyama tells her not to say it that way, for he is only saying the truth. Rika tells them that Aoyama absolutely obeys her and Izumi is her best friend. Izumi says that if there is a way out of the academy, they will definitely use it to sneak out to find Mei. Claris says that since she knows about it, how about they all go and look for Mei. Izumi says that regrettably, she refuses and of course, she won’t let any of them go either. Miruku exclaims if she isn’t worried about Mei. Claris exclaims that those guys called Xiang and Fei could be dangerous assassins and they are after Mei and others. After a pause, Izumi says that she knows that but still, she cannot let them go. “Each and everyone of you are irreplaceable. And, in the end, if you were to be harmed in any way, that is a thought that one cannot bear to think of. Right now.. we’ll leave Mei’s issue on to Kanzaki and Princess Tami. I.. hope that you can understand, you guys and Mei are both important for me..” Daimon and Leon tell the two that they should head back. As a parting shot, Miruku tells Izumi that she was mistaken about her. Then, they all head back. Rika tells Izumi not to take it to heart for she is doing this as the school’s administrator. Izumi says that she thinks that after this, Miruku won’t be talking to her for some time. “No matter what.. I’m quite concerned about this assassin thing that they’ve mentioned.. What do you think of it, Kiba?” Izumi and Rika are puzzled when Kiba suddenly exclaims in surprise and says that it is nothing. Aoyama looks a bit tense. In the car, Fujiko asks what now, for Kiba had noticed them. Nezu says that Kiba is still quite sharp. Fujiko says that what Izumi said is true, the world’s greatest brain, the queen heir to Bernstein, the heir to Ryuoniji family that is secretly supporting Japan, Arabia’s Queen Consort.. they are all irreplaceable important people. “But, I’m not the same. Anyone can be the heir to ‘Natsume Corporation’ so at this time, I will do what I can do, for everyone.” Nezu calls her stupid, for even if it is her, she is an irreplaceable girl. Fujiko blushes over this and happily exclaims that she likes him. While the car sways around since she is probably hugging him, Nezu tells her that she is driving. Fujiko says that if what he said is true about that assassin thing, what their goal is, since they got inside the Hongo family. Nezu asks her if it is her, what her goal would be. Fujiko says that she will go after Hongo’s assets. Nezu says that if one will go after the assets, they would have to get through Mei first since Kintaro won’t live for a long time, and only Mei, as the grandchild is going to inherit all of it. “Wait for the successor procedure to be over, and then slowly instruct Mei to move, in accordance to one’s wishes. But, before that, there is one hindrance.. no, there are two hindrances.” Fujiko asks could it be.. Nezu says, “So, the first thing to do is, get rid of the Shibata brothers.”

Back at the ship, Mei is surprised by Kento’s counter condition over hers if Rihito wins. Kento asks Mei how about it, for it shouldn’t be advantageous only to her. Mei closes her eyes then says that she understands and she accepts this condition. Looking determined, Mei exclaims, “But, Rihito-san won’t lose. Absolutely will not!” Kento looks surprised and Xiang smiles over this. As Xiang and Fei take the swords, Fei comments that just depending on the butler, Mei can skillfully say those words. Xiang says that it isn’t dependence for look at her butler’s expression. Xiang tells him that Mei’s words had made Rihito arrogant and fully confident to the highest level, and from his face, it is a fully satisfied expression. “For a proud S-ranked butler, if they are to feel unsatisfied, even if the other party is a princess or a noble, they won’t take fancy on them. To be able to make him show that kind of expression, Mei-ojousama that. She is the desire of our dreams. *looks at Kento* Not only us, he definitely.. also wants her..” Mei is surprised when Kento walks close to her and looks at her. Slightly irked Mei asks him what’s up. Swiftly removing the coat off her, Kento tells her, up to when, she is going to wear that guy’s coat. Mei calls out to him while muttering that he is really a butler for he was able to remove it quite fast. Kento goes to Rihito and tosses his coat to him. Kento tells Rihito to at least wear a coat for it is more polite to look formal during a duel. As Rihito wears his coat and follows Kento at the middle of the upper deck, Xiang tells Mei to follow him at the side. Fei holds the box with the swords. While tracing his gloved hand on to the blade, Kento tells Fei to tell those helicopters to go away for they are too noisy, and it makes him lose his concentration. Fei tries to protest but Kento asks him if it doesn’t matter to him if he loses. Fei relents and agrees to his request. Acting as referee, Fei formally starts the duel of the brothers. The two immediately cross swords. Mei looks tense and Xiang is smiling. Then, the two brothers are standing back-to-back against each other. Kento whispers to his brother to be careful for those guys might be able to read lips and there is poison on the swords’ blades. Rihito says that he knows. “Let’s not talk about that, didn’t you go back to Shikoku?” Kento says that it is because there is something left on the table. It is the two butler badges. Kento smiles and says that even if he is unwilling, but he is forced to come back.

Narration: “—actually, I’m a bit grateful to you. If I were to leave that way, I.. will be abandoning everything, and hide out in the [rural] country. But..” Flashback: Seeing the two butler badges, it seems that they are saying, “Come, Kento! Come chase after me. For we are, Mei’s butlers!” Narration: “In an instant, my vision became clear over this extraordinary evidence [Mei’s clothes on the bed], and pretentious loyalty [of the two butlers]. Why would Rihito leave the academy? If it was me, what would I do? Right now, what is the thing that I should really do? Properly think, Kento..!” End flashback. Crossing swords, Kento asks him what now, for it seems that Xiang and Fei are going to get the most important thing in their hands, and he has delayed time, up to utmost limit already. Rihito says, “That’s true. Okay, let’s quickly end this duel. Okay? *Kento looks surprised* Even if you win against me, do you have the ability to make Mei become yours?” This surprises Kento that he starts to aggressively fight against Rihito. Watching them on top of the superstructure of the ship, Mei wonders what’s up with those two for it seems that they are having fun. Xiang comments that the sky is gradually brightening up. Mei looks at him and says that he should stop it because isn’t it tiring to always say things that is contrary to what he feels. After a pause, Xiang says that he wants to know something important, and can he ask this to her. Mei says he can. Xiang asks as to who’ll be victorious between Rihito and Kento, where does her happiness lie. Closing her eyes, Mei asks if he thinks that true happiness can be measured out in that way. Xiang asks if she means that for ‘Mei-ojousama’s happiness’, the existence of those two are insignificant. Still closing her eyes, Mei says that it isn’t like that. “Shibata is okay. Rihito-san is also okay. For me, they are truly.. they are truly very important people.. *remembers Shinobu saying that for Shiori, Rihito is the entire world, and Shiori saying that if Rihito disappears, she will also follow him and the world will end.* But, I felt that the world isn’t that simple. *opens eyes* (Not that simple--)”

Xiang asks her, “Then, Mei-ojousama, for you, what is true happiness?” Mei says that speaking of that, it should be that. Xiang asks what. Looking at him, Mei replies, “Making everyone happy. *smiles* What else could it be?” Xiang looks surprised and blushes. Then, he smiles. Mei asks him, “Then, what is your happiness? Since you’re asking someone else, what about you?” Approaching Mei, Xiang says, “My.. my happiness.. *holds Mei’s hands* right now, is here.” This surprises Mei. At the port, Fujiko and Nezu meet up with Tami and Kanzaki. Fujiko asks where Mei is. Tami tells her that no one is in the hotel. Fujiko asks where she went. While Kanzaki is looking at the binoculars towards the sea, Nezu asks if Kento has taken the bait. Giving the binoculars to Nezu, Kanzaki says that Kento went on ahead of them to chase Mei out in the sea. Nezu asks if it is that ship where there are a lot of helicopters coming back from the sea. Fujiko asks Nezu what that taking the bait meant. Kanzaki explains that it is about them, leading Mei and Kento to meet up each other, and those two butlers had already noticed that they are watching them. Fujiko says that isn’t it a bad thing for Kento and the others to meet. To her surprise, Nezu says that it isn’t necessarily so. To her shock, Kanzaki tells her that Kento is only acting. Nezu asks Fujiko if she didn’t notice it. Sweatdropping, Fujiko asks what’s going on, and he is making so much fuss about it, so if he is acting, it is truly good. Tami comments that the sky’s color is loathsome. Fujiko says isn’t it a beautiful sun facing them. Looking serious, Tami replies that it is so because it is too beautiful. Back at the ship, while he is holding her hands, Mei looks at Xiang and thinks, “It has been such a long time, since I felt this.. there is a lot of uncomfortable type of feeling that surrounds this person. It is like, a pitch black night sky with no moon, nor stars. Afraid? Ominous? None of it.. it is because he is exceedingly beautiful--” Xiang tells her that his happiness right now is here. Mei snaps out of it when she hears the crossing of swords by the Shibata brothers. Mei tells him to quit joking around, when he was the one who plotted for Rihito and Kento to duel. Xiang admits that it is true, but he thinks that Kento also knows about this. Mei is puzzled. Xiang tells her that this is Kento’s ‘moved into tears’ acting, and it is only to meet up with Mei. Then, Fei notices something that he looks up to Xiang. Taking this opportunity, Kento suddenly throws his sword at Fei who immediately dodges it. Rihito immediately grabs Xiang and cut of his ponytail. Rihito tells him that next, it won’t be a simple haircut. Kento exclaims that he heard that they are laying their hands on all kinds of ojousama, and this time around, it is Mei. “I won’t let you guys have your way! Your crime has already been exposed!” To Mei, Xiang happily says, “See, it’s true.”

Mei looks surprised as to what’s going on. “Just now, Shibata and together with these guys are going to capture Rihito-san.. and even duel with Rihito-san.. Heavens.. What the heck is going on!?” Looking at them, Kento angrily shouts, “Mei! Up to when are you going to put down your guard and let some strange guy hold your hand!” Surprised, Mei sweatdrops and immediately pulls away from Xiang. Mei is surprised when Xiang is starting to emit a dark aura. Xiang says, “..crime? Wanting to attain something is a crime? Then, in order to fulfill your black desires, you guys do not hesitate in sacrificing an ojousama’s beautiful dreams, wishes, and even her future, just to monopolize hrt. Isn’t that also a crime? Shibata brothers! Right now, you guys are like that. You already cannot be considered as butlers, but only as, male beasts.” Mei is surprised by this. Kento replies, “..true, we are fallen butlers that are swallowed up by desire. In our mind, everyday and every night, we would get entangled [/pestered] by Mei. *Blushing Mei exclaims what he meant by that* But, as a result, we made Mei as the world’s most sought after person.” Rihito smiles in approval while Mei blushes over what he said. Xiang says, “And that is what you say, and because of that way of thing, it is hindering Mei’s maturity. ..even if I say it, you guys would also not be able to understand-- I know, from here on, let’s sever everything. You’ll help me, right? Fei.” Fei smiles and says that it is inevitable even if he says it that way. Fei quickly tries to kick Rihito’s left leg so Rihito quickly backs off from him. Kento thinks that he is really fast and this is bad for they know about Rihito’s problem with his left leg. Looking at the brothers, Xiang says, “You guys are too slow-witted. As a butler, you should always be prepared at all times.. Then, let’s start! The true duel--” Mei shouts for him to wait. Then, something ripples underneath the ship and there is an explosion. Fujiko and others are surprised by it. The people in the helicopter are also surprised for Mei is still onboard that ship. Kento and the other butlers cannot be contacted. The helicopters are ordered to return back to the ship for if something happens to Mei, it would be no use even if they were to lose their heads. At a yacht, Shinobu watches the burning ship from afar. He mutters that as the saying goes, a flying up high [Fei-> fly; Xiang -> soar] bird doesn’t leave any trace. Shiori comes out to the deck and asks if Rihito-san is there. Shinobu greets her a good morning and says that it is a bright and splendid morning. Shiori asks what that loud noise is, is it fireworks. Shinobu says that it seems to be. Shiori says that it is regrettable for she cannot see it. Shinobu tells her to let him actualize a lot more beautiful dreams for her, to replace it. Shiori says that she will eagerly anticipate it. While hugging Shiori, Shinobu looks at the burning ship again and thinks, “Then, this time around, let me truly wish you good health--”

Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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