December 13, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 53]

Originally posted @ on December 9, 2011

Sumi and Soichiroh are happily look at each other and saying ‘I love you’. Just when Sumi is about to kiss Soichiroh again, Nozomu is getting ready to cut down another door with his ax. Fortunately, two of the hotel staff members immediately grab him to stop him. While a couple of guests come out from their room to see the commotion, Nozomu is shouting for them to let him go. He shouts in frustration as they successfully restrained him. Back to the couple, Sumi comments that Soichiroh’s arm is rough. Holding up his arm, he tells her that it is because he is doing physical labor. “Always until then, I only know how to order people around at work. But now that I’m working for someone else, apparently, it had made me understand more of the workplace’s social interaction [/situation].” Sumi starts crying and says that it would be good if only time can stop at this moment. “I don’t want to be separated from you.. I want to be with you forever, Soichiroh-san..!!” Soichiroh tells her, “I will definitely get you back, wait for me.” Afterwards, they kiss again and Sumi prepares to leave. At the door, Komai is waiting for them. He smiles and says that for Nozomu, this kind of thing is.. “Until the time when young master comes to welcome Sumi back, I, Komai, will definitely protect Miss Sumi.” Soichiroh smiles over this. As Sumi and Komai head back, they overhear some ruckus. Still held by two other staff members, Nozomu is shouting about buying the hotel but the staff member says that even if they do that, they cannot break down all of the doors in the hotel. Nozomu stops his protests when Sumi calls out to him. Nozomu immediately perks up and says that it is good that she is okay. “Just now, for some time, where did you go?” Sumi tells him that she went to the courtyard where the wind is blowing. While Sumi is apologizing to him for making him worry, Nozomu is intently looking at the hickey on the base of Sumi’s neck. Komai asks the staff members about buying the hotel. The staff member says that it is nothing, but regarding the damaged things, they will put it on their bill. Komai is surprised about these damaged things. Nozomu starts to look totally horrified and speechless. Sumi and Komai are puzzled when Nozomu quietly leaves with fallen shoulders.

In his room, trembling Nozomu knows that Sumi and Soichiroh had.. He starts to cry and shout in frustration upon this discovery. In her bathroom, after looking at the mirror, Sumi notices the hickey on the base of her neck. She blushes and mutters Soichiroh’s name. Soichiroh is looking up the sky. Then, there is a picture of the love triangle. The next morning, the beard man and the love rivals had gone hunting. The beard man exclaims over missing the deer with his shotgun. Quickly walking away, the beard man says that being called British sharpshooter is not just a false reputation. Soichiroh shouts for him to wait but Nozomu calls out to him. Nozomu asks Soichiroh if he is satisfied with this interpreter job. Soichiroh asks what he wants to say. Nozomu says that lately, their bank plans to establish a branch overseas. “Soichiroh, don’t you want to take charge of it as bank president?” Soichiroh asks if it is to be Ijuin Bank’s.. Nozomu says that of course, Soichiorh has to travel to take up that post and even if it is at overseas, his life would be much better than what it is now. “How about it? For you, this isn’t a bad thing right?” As if knowing what Nozomu is planning, Soichiroh declines the offer. This shocks Nozomu. Soichiroh tells him, “I’m going to rely on my own strength to stand up.” Nozomu now sports his crazed look. Preparing to leave, Soichiroh tells him that they should go. Upon hearing a gun clicking,, Soichiroh stops and turns around to Nozomu. Soichiroh is shock to see that Nozomu is pointing the gun at him. Looking tense, Soichiroh tensely tells him to stop. Seeing that Nozomu looks dead serious, Soichiroh tells him to don’t.. A gun shot rings in the air. While Komai is serving tea to Sumi, they look at the direction of the gun shot.
Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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