December 13, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 26]

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Narration: “In Hakuyou’s imperial palace, in order to praise King Haku Reaishou’s prosperous rule, as well as welcoming the approach of spring, a grand banquet is being prepared by the Ministry section team.” In a room at the government building, Yuulin is looking tense as she listens to Houen and Suigetsu quarrelling. The other staff members are also looking nervous. Houen shouts, “How many times do I have to tell you! What you are proposing is totally unrealistic! Totally changing all of the lanterns in the Night Banquet into new ones!? From where are we going to get the budget?” Suigetsu replies, “Really? You are saying that it doesn’t conform to reality but I think your original proposal is totally absurd.. Two-thirds of the banquet composed of old men giving good wishes and thank you speeches.. Isn’t that very boring?” Houen exclaims that is nonsense for only he[Suigetsu], thinks that way. They stop when Yuulin calls out to them and tells them, “Okay, enough, the two of you stop, let’s continue discussing some other things, okay? Suigetsu-kun, you should economize. Houen-sama, there’s no need to make speeches in the banquet.. Fundamentally, I’m vetoing that proposal.” Houen then shouts that she is saying things that are nice to hear but as an amateur, she shouldn’t butt in. While Suigetsu just looks blank, Yuulin is shock by that, as well as furious because it is true. “If I do not meddle, the two of you will just keep on quarreling!” Narration: “Within the country, the news about influential Chancellor Ryuu, and Chancellor Han’s children being ordered to be responsible for the Spring Banquet, has spread around the country. The power struggle within the imperial palace has temporarily come to an end, and it seems that things had once again become peaceful.” At the harem, Yuulin laments that those two’s relationship is really bad. Reishou smiles and says that compared to their fathers, it didn’t go beyond that. “Yuulin, there’s no need for you to particularly get yourself involved in this.” Yuulin says no, for it has something to do with her that they are tasked to do this. “I only have to go in and out of the government office, and I would definitely see them quarreling.. They are making the other staff members very troubled, too.. Since it is a festival, I think everyone should be happy!” Reishou smiles and says, ya. Then, Yuulin says, “By the way, Your Majesty.. since when did we ended up like this?” Yuulin notices that she is sitting on Reishou’s lap and they are too near to each other. Reishou says, “Huh? This is special training. Yuulin’s ‘professional Consort’-thing? *Nervous Yuulin blushes.* Ah, are you giving up on that? *smiles* That’s great!” Yuulin shouts no, she isn’t. “I don’t run away! I don’t admit defeat! I won’t falter!” Reishou lamely says, really. Yuulin couldn’t believe it for she thought that Reishou had already accepted that, and could it be that he still wants to hinder her. Narration: “I, Tei Yuulin, am currently doing my best in the struggle to become a ‘professional bride’.” Puppy Reishou tells her that it is alright for her not to strive hard. Yuulin exclaims that if she did that, she would be a disgrace.

Narration: “—I do not want to let my heart be influenced by my adoration of His Majesty.” Reishou tells her that speaking of that, the two Chancellors are also helpless in dealing with their own sons so by all means, she doesn’t have to force herself. This made Yuulin flustered. She puts on a billboard smile and just says, “Yes, Your Majesty.” Narration: “I’ll definitely do this thing well for this person-- This banquet is a banquet that is being held for His Majesty. I’ll definitely manage it well-- But, I have to help those people who are responsible for this!” At a room in the government building, Yuulin and Suigetsu are shock when Houen admits that he fundamentally really hates this banquet. “Officials engaged in politics will just fill their bellies with wine and lose their decency, make a racket, recklessly dance, and afterwards, clash with others then fight among themselves.. *dark expression* Is there any value in this kind of merry-making, I cannot see anything good about it, not one bit! *Aghast Yuulin thinks that he is saying such discouraging words* But, because this is His Majesty’s order, I’ll prepare a perfect banquet. Definitely! *Yuulin relieved* But, I don’t need an irresponsible person! I can do this all by myself! I don’t want to be mixed up with that guy!” Aghast Yuulin thinks that Houen isn’t doing what he is saying. Suigetsu says, “You say you can do it by yourself, actually, I would really appreciate that.. *thoughtful* But, I cannot do that, if I were to let you that, this banquet will become a ‘snooze-fest’ [/sleeping banquet] or perhaps, ‘training meeting’ type of thing. This will make things very difficult for His Majesty.” Furious Houen shouts what he meant by that. Suigetsu just sighs and says that it is quite regretful. Aghast Yuulin thinks that Suigetsu is provoking Houen. While she is intervenes to stop the quarrel, Yuulin thinks that these two guys are really giving her a headache. At the harem, Yuulin is preparing tea for Reishou. He asks her if she is okay because today, she looks really dispirited. Yuulin tells him that it is nothing, just a small thing. She couldn’t bear it anymore that she starts to pour out her frustration. “Those two guys have a very strong capability! Ryu Houen can quickly delineate the division of work. Suigetsu-kun can arrange the program quite remarkably.. What is lacking is cooperation! If they only have cooperation then..! But, right now, they are doing all kinds of things, not minding each other. *Reishou quietly looks at her* If only this uncooperative stance is resolved, this banquet would be a huge success! I feel that the possibility of success is very big! *muttering loudly* The two needs to be linked up together. But, Houen is always angry and Suigetsu unexpectedly always engrossed with himself. *Reishou calls out to Yuulin; looks at him* Even if right now, there is still no outline, *smiles* but it will definitely be a pretty good banquet. Just anticipate it, Your Majesty! *Reishou timidly says yes* I actually would like it to be very lively! *angry* But Houen he-- and Suigetsu, he..” Reishou just keeps quiet.
Narration: “With this, everyday I acted as a mediator between the two.” Yuulin stops the two from quarreling. A staff member calling out to her that those two are quarreling again. At night, Yuulin would always talk about those two guys to Reishou who just quietly listens. Narration: “But, in a secret place that I cannot see, I didn’t know that there is already an unstable mood because of a brewing crisis.” In a room where there are a lot of documents, Reishou asks Jun, if afterwards, is there any news of activity within the Ryu-Han families. Jun says that there is a bit of dispute about the heir within the Ryu family. “Since his [Gikou] family affairs are comparatively troublesome, he doesn’t have any time to compete with the Han family. There is no new of activity within the Han family- Possibly, because Suigetsu has taken his post, they can be ease up a bit. No matter what is said, from the time it has been appointed as to who will be responsible for the banquet, the two Chancellors has eased up a lot on their frontal confrontations. They could also be watching their sons’ situation.” Reishou tells him good work, and is there any other news. Holding a piece of paper, Jun says that even if the whole palace is busy with the banquet, but this document is being secretly passed around. Jun gives Reishou the paper. After reading it, Reishou says that it is a nonsense thing and it has something to do with the ‘Queen Consort’. “It seems that there are still a lot of people who are interested in this.” Later on, Yuulin goes to the fourth book storage room where ancient documents are located. She tells her waiting ladies to wait for her outside. Going in a room where there are a lot of documents, Yuulin thinks that first of all, she should do what she can do, and that is to find some information about the banquet. She gloomily thinks that looking at all these documents are enough to make her dizzy. Then, someone asks her what information she is looking for. She stiffens up upon seeing a thin creepy looking older man inside. After recovering and thinking that the appointed officer here is scary, Yuulin tells him that she is looking for information regarding this banquet. She thinks that this is the government building’s special book storage room so it is quite rare to see someone coming in there. Holding some documents, the man tells her that the Spring Feast, also known as Flower Feast. “Fundamentally, it is about welcoming the incoming new season wherein people would stay by the river side to perform a cleansing ceremony to eliminate physical and mental filth.. Afterwards, in some unknown time, it has evolved into a purely pouring wine ceremony by the river. So, the banquet wherein people would drink wine under the flowers has become an official palace activity. *Yuulin is surprised that he knows things in detail* Regarding the information, go to the bookshelf from your right, and from there, it is on the second row at the right from the fifth bookcase.”
Wondering who the man is, Yuulin thanks him for his help. Before she leaves, the man says, “To sum up the past, this is a ceremony on looking forward to the future. If this time around, the two, Ryu-Han families, are united in their effort in fully carrying out this banquet.. For His Majesty, this will initiate an auspicious sign of a new era.” Yuulin says that is true. She thinks that even if this man looks scary but he is quite an agreeable guy for in the end, she is right that it is very important for those two guys to work together. The man continues to day, “-But.. prior to this, you will suffer a lot of trials. *Yuulin surprised at the man who is emitting dark chi* ..there will be a lot of enemies appearing before you. Your payment is possibly not enough to reciprocate it back. Your future outlook is teemed with very grave difficulties. I hope that you would have a strong heart, Your Highness.” The man bows and leaves the room. Yuulin is nervous as she thinks, “Huh? What? *carrying scrolls with her waiting ladies* It feels like I got an ominous prediction..! What’s up with that? For a person whom I had never seen before to say that? It seems that he knows something..” She bumps into someone and she apologizes. She is surprised that it is Houen. Dark Houen asks with those scrolls that she is carrying. With a forced smile, Yuulin says that it is because he criticized her as an amateur so she thought of understanding it better by getting some knowledge about the banquet. To her shock, Houen grinds his teeth and shouts that she is really idle. As he turns to leave, Yuulin is furious for what is with that outburst. Arriving, Suigetsu tells her that Houen made her as a punching bag [to vent his anger]. “I feel that no matter what is done, he won’t be happy about it. I was also scolded by him just now.” Thinking that they have quarreled again, Yuulin says is that so. Just when she is going to mention to him about the banquet, Suigetsu apologizes to her and says that he isn’t feeling well so he wants to rest at home first before talking about it again. Worried Yuulin asks him if he is alright. Suigetsu replies, “Yes, I forgot to feed the fish in the pond..” Yuulin is shock over this and mentally tells him to please not call that as ‘not feeling well’, and is that what he told Houen. Starting to be engrossed with himself, Suigetsu bids her goodbye. At the government office, aghast Yuulin is reading the documents while remembering what the mysterious man told her about having a lot of grave difficulties. “Could it be that prediction is true..?” Then, Reishou enters the room and greets her. He asks her how she is because she looks listless. Yuulin asks him, wasn’t he suppose to be dealing with government affairs. Reishou tells her that he heard that she is reading there so he came to check up on her, and he sees her looking weary. A bit tense, Yuulin exclaims, “ is nothing! Because Houen and Suigetsu don’t listen to me regarding the banquet so I plan to map it out and force them to sit down and talk it over a cup of tea. *Reishou looks at her quietly* (I also know that they are both quite annoying people! But..I cannot just let it go.)” Reishou tells her that lately, she is always talking about those two. Just when she is about to explain the reason, Yuulin is shock that Reishou has gone into puppy mode. Puppy Reishou says that even if he is happy that she is having fun but..
Freaking out Yuulin tries to tell him that he cannot be like that for they are in the imperial palace where a lot of people are going in and coming out so what will they do if someone suddenly comes in. To her surprise, Reishou leans closer to her and says that if it is like this, they won’t see it. Blushing Yuulin freaks out over how things ended up like this since he is too close to her ear. Reishou says, “There’s no need for you to go and concern yourself with those two. Even if those two do not work together, the banquet will turn out okay. *Yuulin protests that this banquet is very important for him.* This year, it has been fundamentally planned to suspend this banquet but the Chancellors[/ministers] insist on wanting to hold it, so I allowed them to do it. It is okay for it to succeed. It is okay for it to fail. doesn’t have much meaning to it.” Yuulin couldn’t believe that he is saying that it doesn’t have meaning, and could it be that it is the cold voice of the ‘Wolf King’. Yuulin asks, how can that be, when everyone is striving hard to prepare this banquet. “Ryu Houen and Han Suigetsu, even if they are quarreling everyday, but they are also quite active in..” Putting his finger on her lips, Reishou says, “..Yuulin, your husband-kun, doesn’t want to hear the names of other men from my own Queen’s mouth. Do not worry again about those two’s cooperation-something.” Yuulin thinks, “Cold, scary, kind-- Wolf King. But..” Blushing Yuulin shouts that she won’t give up. “This is a banquet that everyone is striving hard to pull off! Your Majesty, are you having some sort of difficulties!? (It feels so strange..!)” Pouting Reishou says, “Do not get along really well with other people. It is okay for you, to only have fun with me. You stubborn girl.” While Yuulin is surprised by that, there is a loud footsteps sound coming towards them. Furious Jun exclaims, “Your Majesty! What the heck are you doing!? You’ve ordered the others that no one is to come near you, and then by yourself, you ran to the Consort’s side..! You deceiver! It is only for a moment, and when I came to see you, you already ran away.” Reishou tells him that he only wants to talk with Yuulin alone. Trembling and aghast, Yuulin wonders when did he say that, and what is going on. “Just because the temporary bride has a bit of good relationship with others, you are being difficult with!? And speaking of that, if you do not want to be seen by others, there is also no need to stay this close! *Pouting puppy Reishou barks his dissatisfaction.* One, two, three people are giving me a headache! Houen’s words are always sarcastic. Suigetsu-kun is always engrossed with himself. And, last of all, His Majesty is giving me the biggest headache of them all! Speaking of that, it is because of you that I’m striving my best on this, as if my life depended on it, then why is he, the person himself, looking for trouble?! And, fundamentally, he doesn’t understand my feelings.. *remembers the mysterious man saying that she has many enemies* Darn it! *teary-eyed in frustration* How come they are all awful, those idiots--! I won’t lose to you guys--” Narration: “The current situation is worrisome, and will the banquet be held without a hitch in the end..”
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