November 28, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 29]

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Flashback: Dripping wet from the rain, younger Yuuzan sadly smiled at young Haru and said, “..Haru, it’s very good right. The dimwitted you, is being loved dearly. It would be good if you do not exist. I often think that way.” End flashback. Blurb: “This memory(!?) is the hindering Mashou [<- evil influence; barrier by the devil] of Haru... There’s nothing harder compared to the trigonometric function..!?” In a fastfood restaurant, Haru is reading a book while Shizuku and Yamaken are studying. Yamaken wonders out if he has to use the trigonometric function on this problem. He asks Shizuku if she has solved it. Shizuku says that she isn’t confident in solving it and just now, she tried the double angle formula but.. While still reading his book, Haru tells them, “Do it by using the double angle formula and the triple angle formula to substitute the formula of cosθ = x. Hey, compared to that topic, I don’t understand the meaning of this joke. After seeing a dump truck and saying that ‘this is your mother’, Mike should be hitting George here.” Shizuku and Yamaken angrily glare at Haru. Blurb: “Do not be all alone by yourself. Study together with others so that it will be more fun. (^-^)/” Title: First Step At the game center, Yuuzan is happily counting the money that Micchan paid him. Yuuzan says that it seems that Haru is striving hard. He was a bit worried about Haru because he isn’t in the same section as Shizuku but he is now relax since Haru is doing his best. Yuuzan adds that it isn’t good to force Haru to go back to the main house. He calls out to Andou who is eating, and says that during spring break, it was concealed from him that Haru came back. Andou says that it is because of work. Then, Andou says what kind of beef dish he loves to eat, but Yuuzan just says who cares what he likes. Micchan tells Yuuzan that it was Haru himself who wanted to go back. “Yuuzan, Haru is changing.” Yuuzan looks at him and then says that Haru is really an idiot and what is he going to change about himself. “It is because he is thinking that way that is why he is troublesome [/distressed]. *waves money* See ya.” Micchan just sighs over this. Fixing his tie, Andou asks Micchan about that female high schooler. Micchan says that he is really obscene. At school, lunch time, Asako is pouring a drink, Shizuku is reading something. Asako asks if Shizuku’s father really got a job. Shizuku tells her yes, but then, it is only for the time being because her father’s friend went on a trip, and so her father is going to tend to that family coffee shop. Asako exclaims isn’t that great. Shizuku gloomily says that compared to not working, it would be better for him to have some part time work. To Asako’s delight, Shizuku tells her that her father said to bring her and the others along there when it is convenient. Asako happily exclaims that she will go.

Carrying a small potted tree, Haru tells them that it seems that they are having fun. Shizuku immediately blushes and calls out his name. Holding a bento box and wondering what’s up with that tree, Asako tells Haru that Shizuku made a lot of food for Takaya who is going on an excursion today so would he like to join them. Haru says that he’ll help himself then. He tells them that he had an amazing experience and now, he knows how to read the mood. It happened during mathematics class.. Flashback: Haru was punished so he is standing at the corridor, in front of the classroom along with Shitayanagi and a couple of other guys who were punished for other reasons. Shitayanagi is yawning while the other two guys are scared of Haru. It is the first time for Haru to experience being punished like this so he cannot help but be excited over it. Haru started to ask Shitayanagi about the George and Mike joke which he doesn’t understand. Shitayanagi also doesn’t quite understand the joke. Blurb: “Baseball members from right to left are Shitayanagi-kun, Terashima-kun and Sako-kun.” Then, the three freaked out upon seeing the supervisor who asked what the four of them are doing there. Haru calmly said that it is because he brought a chicken in the classroom. Shitayanagi nervously said that he slept in class. Haru is a bit puzzled over the tense nervous mood of the others. Terashima muttered that this is really bad and he[/they] will absolutely going to be killed. [<- figuratively speaking; I think by his parents] Puzzled Haru asked him if he wants him to help in doing that guy in. =P End flashback. While eating an onigiri, Haru says that this mood is the totally the same when he enters the classroom in the morning. He tells them that he plans to put some ornamental plant in the classroom in order to create a healing mood. Asako tells him that on contrary, it would make people afraid. Shizuku wonders if that is called reading the mood. While licking his finger from some rice grains, Haru hears the school bell. He stands up and says that he is going to see Oga-sensei. “The me who is 17 years old is hugely not the same as before. Thanks for the food.” Asako asks if Oga is the geography teacher. Haru tells her that he is a beautification member and Oga had asked him to beautify the geography prep room. Shizuku tells him that isn’t the job of the beautification member. Remembering Haru kissing her and telling her that he’ll do his best, Shizuku thinks that starting from that day, it felt that something has changed, and not only that.. Still eating, Shizuku says, “Gambatte, Haru.” Haru looks at her then rubs her cheek to clean off the food stain. He smiles and says, “I’m going.” Looking at him in surprise, Shizuku thinks that it appears that this change isn’t only one sided. Asako is surprised as she looks at blushing really red Shizuku. When Shizuku looks at her, blushing Asako looks away. Shizuku then wonders out loud, “17?”
In section 2-A, Haru sits down with his tree beside him. While his classmates look uneasy, Haru thinks, “It seems that fundamentally this isn’t a mood that can be changed with green color. *irritated* Darn it, why is it like this whenever I come in [the classroom] *glare* What did I ever do to you people?” One of his nervous classmates wonders what’s up with that tree. Chizuru takes up the tree and asks Haru if she can take the tree away because during class, the students behind him cannot see in front. “This is scaring everyone.” Haru says, “Scared? Over a tree? So fundamentally, these guys are weaklings.” <- Haru in rebellious stage. Chizuru tells him that aside from the tree, he has been going in and out the classroom through the window like some breeding swallow nestling. “Everyone felt afraid because they don’t understand what you are doing.” Haru tells her that it would be good if they told him earlier about it. Sweatdropping, Chizuru tells him that isn’t the point. She wonders if no one told him about it all throughout his first year. Note -> Asako and Shizuku are into individualism while Sasayan believes in liberalism. Everyone mentally apologizes to the class president [Chizuru] for always troubling her with this. While thinking that Haru has made the classroom into some strange animal world, Chizuru orders Haru to first bring that tree out. Haru obediently follows her. Blurb: “The things that Haru are taking care of in school: killifish [/silver sides], tortoise, swallow (unsuccessful attempt), and shallots.” Looking at the tree, Haru thinks, “It seems that there is a difference between me and the classmates around me. Things won’t go smoothly. Speaking of that, Micchan had also always told me that, ‘The things that you do are very hard to understand’. *sighs* Ah, forget it. *stands up and pulls up his hair* Just do the next step. *blushes upon remembering Shizuku’s ‘Gambette, Haru’* Lately, when I see Shizuku, I abnormally want to touch her. *feeds the fish* that time, I fundamentally wanted to stroke her hair but I still haven’t done it. Why is that.” Chizuru looks at the door and smiles. She calls out to Haru and says that he has a visitor. Standing at the door, Shizuku calls out to Haru to come for a while. She notices smiling Chizuru waving at her. Going to Shizuku, Haru says that she is quite gutsy to come to some unknown classroom openly. “Good job.” Shizuku asks what about it. “By the way, Haru, on the way home today, do you have any plans?” Blurb: “What they do at the start of the school year: (1)Shizuku..answering [school] questions.” Outside the busy street, Haru is waiting at a corner of a building. He felt quite strange to be standing outside of the school waiting, while still wearing his school uniform. When some girls start to find him attractive, Haru angrily glares at them that scare off the girls. Haru wonders what’s up with those strange girls looking at him. Blurb: “(2) Haru..arm wrestling with Micchan to determine who is the winner.” Shizuku arrives and calls out to Haru. She apologizes for making him wait long. Haru smiles at her and says that she is late. He asks aren’t Asako and Sasayan coming along with them. Shizuku says that Sasayan has club activities so she didn’t invite him. As for Asako..
Flashback: Crying Asako bent down and exclaimed for Shizuku not to care about her and just go. Carrying a small cake box, Shizuku asked what’s with her. Asako said that Shizuku alone can go and give Haru a pleasant surprise. Shizuku asked why she is crying. Asako said that actually, she really wanted to go. Shizuku replied that she should go with them then. End flashback. Blurb: “(3)Natsume..Facebook•Twitter•and Blog.” Tensely, Shizuku shouts that there is something wrong with Asako’s head. Haru laughs and asks if Asako needs to take extra classes, and that is inevitable. Aghast Shizuku mentally apologizes to Asako for she fundamentally wanted to lie about it but it seems, she ended up saying the truth. “..Geez.. it doesn’t matter but then, why doesn’t she want to come? It is fundamentally impossible to do a pleasant surprise all by myself.” Haru asks her why she specially wants to meet with him outside of school. Shizuku asks him when his birthday is. Haru says that it is on April 2nd. Shizuku mutters that it was during spring break, no wonder his name is ‘Haru’ [/Spring in Japanese]. Thinking that she’ll do it in a normal way, Shizuku holds up a dessert box, and tells Haru, “Happy birthday. I bought birthday cake. Let’s eat it together.” Haru looks surprised. At a coffee shop, Shizuku’s father is sweatdropping when Shizuku and Haru arrive. Shizuku mentions about putting the cake there for a while and now, she doesn’t have money after buying cake and a gift. Haru congratulates Shizuku’s father for getting a job. While peeling a potato, Shizuku’s father wonders if it is okay for them to celebrate in front of him, the father. Shizuku tells Haru to sit anywhere he likes. Thinking of the gift, Haru quietly sits down. Shizuku asks her father what he is doing. He tells her that he is making curry. He asks them what they want to eat for in those days, he used to work at a restaurant. He apologizes that since they had just arrived but can he ask them to buy one ingredient for him. Shizuku asks what it is. He tells them, ‘Curry-chan.’ The two are surprised. While walking out to buy, Shizuku apologizes to Haru for her father is the type who’ll go do whatever he thinks of doing, and she thinks that he just wants to eat curry. Haru says that he doesn’t mind it. Shizuku looks at him and asks isn’t he happy. Haru asks, huh. Shizuku says that it seems that he isn’t that happy about his birthday. Haru apologizes for that and says that he only celebrates it at home and he isn’t sure if it is considered happy for him. Shizuku wonders if she should have done it according to what Asako suggested about the surprise celebration but then, she doesn’t have a cartoon[/mascot] costume. Haru admits that he was surprised by this, that until now, he still hasn’t calmed down yet. Shizuku says is that so, and it seems that he said before that his family are the type who doesn’t quite, celebrate birthdays and his family is really complicated. Scratching his head, Haru says that it is an ordinary one but for him, birthdays just have some unpleasant memory. Shizuku says is that so.
She asks him how he celebrated his birthday. Haru says that he ate ramen together with Micchan, and last year, it is roast beef. Haru thinks that if he doesn’t act happy, this will trouble Shizuku. Shizuku says, “That’s strange. *smiles at him* During my birthday, you were obviously very happy.” Haru looks surprised then smiles. “That is because-- Because it is someone else [‘s birthday]. *Shizuku surprised* Because it is you, Shizuku, so I want to greet [/congratulate] you.” Shizuku blushes. Soon, they go in a grocery store to buy a box of curry. Haru shows her a box from the shelf but Shizuku wants to buy the discounted ones. Shizuku freaks out when Haru tries to juggle a tray of eggs. She pulls him away from the liquor section. Then, Haru helps her carry the things that she bought. While walking back, Shizuku tells Haru that when they celebrate birthdays in her house, they will eat the family’s favorite food. “Mama likes squid. Takaya likes chicken burger and grilled cheese dish [/vegetables] and Papa likes food infused with alcohol.” Haru says that her family is really nice. Shizuku says yes, and her family is very important to her. While thinking, ‘I know’, Haru asks what Shizuku likes to eat. Shizuku says none since there is nothing, that she specially likes to eat. “My dream is to properly study, become an adult quickly, and to earn money.” Haru thinks, “I know, for that dream, you are striving hard and that is the figure of you that I’ve always paid attention to. Ah that it. Because of this, I felt empty. Whether it is an important thing, or even precious thing, for me, it is nothing. Is it because of this that I don’t have anything at all so I’m empty and just look perfectly straight forward towards her figure which is so dazzling that I can’t open my eyes. *sadly looks down*” He is surprised when Shizuku asked him if he had ever felt [/thought] of other people’s existence. “During my birthday, you have told me stuff and made me call up my mother. You always stayed at my side. Even if it is something not really worth mentioning, but that is something I’ve always wasn’t able to do. If it is only me, it would definitely have been impossible to do. *looks at surprised Haru* So, I also want to congratulate you. *smiles* Happy birthday, Haru.” Tense Haru blushes then he covers his face with his hand. He mutters, “..don’t be like that.. (just now, I was only thinking of myself)” Shizuku looks surprises and holds up her hand to him, “Haru..?” After calming himself a bit, Haru smiles and says, “Thank you.” Shizuku smiles over this and says that it is good that she had finished reading the reference book so she had time [for him]. Haru’s smile freezes as he looks at Shizuku. Later on, at the restaurant, curry and birthday cake is served. Holding up a reference book, Haru angrily asks what’s with this gift, for shouldn’t she be giving something that the other party likes, but this is something that she wants for herself. Shizuku tells him that if it is convenient for him, lent it to her. Haru says, “See?”
Irritated Shizuku tells him that she already celebrated for him, and gave him a birthday cake and a gift so what is he unsatisfied about. She accuses him of being like this that is why people are saying that he is quite stubborn[/headstrong]. Haru says that is something that he should be calling her for she is only thinking of herself. “You are unconcerned about others and don’t have any emotional appeal [/interest towards others].” Shizuku says that it is inevitable to be concerned for oneself for if she wasn’t concerned about herself, who would. Then, the two keep on accusing each other of being stubborn. While drying the plate with a cloth, Shizuku’s father wonders what happened to the two while buying something. Takaya looks at the two. Blurb: “(4)Takaya..postcard handicraftsman.” The father asks Takaya if he had fun in his excursion. Takaya says yes, it is quite fun and the bus tour guide lady is very beautiful. While eating Takaya continues to watch the two arguing. Shizuku exclaims that she had enough, just give the reference book to her if he isn’t satisfied with it. Haru complains over her wanting to take back something that she has already given to him. “It’s my birthday gift!” Shizuku and Haru shout back and forth, ‘Give’, ‘Won’t want to’, ‘Give it to me’, ‘I won’t’, ‘That is something I obviously wanted’, ‘I don’t give it back’. Takaya thinks that it is mutual for those two. At school, Haru is carrying a fat cat. Shitayanagi, with his friends, laughs and says that it is a cat today. Haru says no, it is lost in Oga’s place so the teacher asked him to bring it out. Blurb: “(5)Shitayanagi-kun..strange home renovation.” While Haru is passing by the corridor, everyone is thinking that Haru is carrying a cat, except for a girl with earphones, listening to music. While walking, Haru thinks, “One year ago, the whole school felt like an object of terror for me. That kind of feeling is like I am going to be overtaken [rushed out] by a group of monsters. Even if right now, this and that, one person[/I] hasn’t changed much. Switching classes is really such a dreadful procedure. *glares at a guy* What are you looking at? *calms down* Even if it is like this, inconceivably, I don’t feel lonely. *goes to the roof to see sleeping Shizuku* Shizuku can really sleep. After eating lunch, she rests before going to the library to study. *looks at sleeping Shizuku* So-called living alone and loneliness seems to be not the same. It is totally not the same. Because at my side, there is always someone who is frequenting thinking [concerned] over me. *lightly flipping up and down the tip of Shizuku’s hair* Every time, I understand the meaning of this sentence, ‘You’ll hear the sound of the world changing’. If that is so, I can definitely change my own world. *smiles and sleeps beside Shizuku* Become strong. I want to become strong like her.” Blurb: “Even if rubbing shoulders, they mutually think of each other. The day when they are in mutual agreement isn’t far off--?! Aware of one’s problem, Haru has become mature. Look forward to the next chapter.”
Scans by 離境漢化組

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