December 19, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 63]

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Flashback: Ryu’s mother died because of an accident. She is going to fetch the children but the road is too slippery that she hit the electric post. Chizuru arrived at the house where everyone is grieving. She is surprised to see Ryu just sitting at the corner of the room. She is about to go to him but she was stopped by the aunt [I think; or Shouta's mother according to m_n1808]. Soon, feeling the mood of everyone that Ryu’s mother is gone, Chizuru started to cry. Later on, her mother gave her an onigiri because she might be hungry. Chizuru smiled over it but she felt guilty because Ryu is-- Then, Chizuru would always go to Ryu’s house to walk with him to school. One day, she informed Ryu’s father that Ryu and Tooru will be eating dinner at their place so he can work hard at the ramen store. At school, everyone is concerned about Ryu. Then, that night, they would all eat together. Chizuru is really bothered because Ryu didn’t cry nor smile since then. Then, at his house, Ryu saw his father sitting down in front of the television with the lights closed. Tooru called out to him about not sleeping that Ryu said that he is going to the toilet. After Ryu left, Tooru told his father that he couldn’t sleep and if he wants to open the lights. Tooru noticed that his father had been drinking. His father said no, he is used to the darkness. He mentioned about Tooru being very similar to his wife. They talked about how lonely it is for her to suddenly.. Ryu watched them then left. Later on, at dinner, Chizuru’s father asked about Ryu and Tooru. Chizuru’s mother said that Ryu is eating with the supervisor. Some guy..friend of Tooru?, mentioned about when Tooru is going to bring his girlfriend. Chizuru got irritated by the topic. Later on, while everyone is watching the television, Chizuru is making some onigiri. Then, after Ryu was dropped off by the supervisor, he sees a plate of messily made onigiri in front of the door. Then, Tooru had just arrived and asked what that is. Ryu said that it is probably for him [Tooru]. Tooru said is it Chizuru. Taking the plate in, Tooru told him to eat together in the morning. Ryu told him to go ahead for he made plans to eat at Shouta’s place. Tooru removed some snow on Ryu’s hat then gave him a hug. Afterwards, only Ryu ate with the Yoshida family for Tooru is at his girlfriend’s house. Ryu watched Chizuru eat. Then, in front of his house, he looked another plate of messily made onigiri. There are always those onigiri that Ryu wants to return all the plate and bowls that were used to put them in.

Then, Ryu caught Chizuru in the act. Holding the plate, Chizuru started to cry and told him that it is for him. While Chizuru starts to sob, Ryu ended up crying, too. Soon, Tooru is going to live/study/work elsewhere. His friends and the two kids are in the train station to bid him goodbye. Tooru told crying Chizuru that it isn’t like they aren’t going to see each other again since he’ll frequently come back. He told Ryu that he’ll leave their father up to him. Chizuru narrated that it is baffling for one cannot see other people anymore even if they are living. It is like being dead and ‘can no longer see that person’ is the same but even so, it is okay to think that other person is in some other place. At the port[/their usual place], teary-eyed Chizuru told Ryu that she wanted to be his older sister. Remembering her tanabata wish, Ryu just said yes. Chizuru remembered Tooru saying that he’ll leave Ryu to her so she decided to be with Ryu forever. As they held hands, Ryu said that he wants to be the older brother. =P End flashback. Chizuru tells her friends that in the end, she doesn’t want this. Even if there is no clue, she also cannot make an answer but she want to tell Ryu everything what she is thinking just now. She thinks that with time, this will change into something apathetic and forgotten, as if everything didn’t happen, as well as their smile in the future. She wonders if that is the direction they are going. Ryu arrives home to see Chizuru waiting for him outside his house. Chizuru holds up the bag to him and says that today isn’t sushi but onigiri. While he holds the bag, Chizuru starts pointing out the food that he likes and he should eat it. She tells him that it is early but this is a birthday gift because this year, she isn’t going to choose his favorite thing. Ryu somewhat smiles and says, but she gave it to him. Chizuru is taken aback when Ryu lovingly smiles at her. She covers her face and starts blushing. She shouts for him not to look at her and it is very embarrassing. “Why did you say that you like me? For you to say that, up until now, our relationship wouldn’t have ended I.. those are very precious! Extremely valuable! But those have all ended! Because right now, every time I see you, what I think of is up until now, I had never thought of that thing.. This guy likes me..” To her surprise, Ryu says, “Then think. Think [about it]. At that time, there is no reason to not to confess. It is already over. Let it end! And finally, start [again?].”

Scans by 君届同好会.

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