December 19, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 39]

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Anis wakes up and hears a sound. It is the voice of a crying child. Her eyes widen upon remembering that Tenjoh had made her faint. She sits up from a bed that has white roses on it. She looks up the long hallway and wonders where she is. Title: Blood Marriage Held in Heaven Anis wonders if this is, what’s behind that ‘Secret Door’, the one that Mutsuki mentioned as the research facilities, ‘Lisa’s Coffin’. Tenjoh arrives and asks if she is already awake. Anis calls out to him but when she is going to stand up, she realizes that her left foot is bound by a chain. Tenjoh apologizes for being rude to the Dominion but it will be troublesome for him if she would reckless run around. Realizing that her cards are gone, Anis asks him where the others are. Holding her face, Tenjoh tells her, “No matter what, please do not mention the other Knights in front of me, Rose Princess. That is because I’m going to hold the ‘Blood Marriage’ together with you, in order to ascend to the True Rose’s seat as the one and only Knight.” Anis slaps his hand away and exclaims what he is saying for the ‘Blood Marriage’ is the Third Awakening and yet, she only attained the First Awakening with him. Anis thinks that temporarily, she hasn’t been concerned with this Awakening thing because it is something that she doesn’t want to do. Tenjoh asks if the condition of the Awakening is to ‘heart-to-heart deep connection’. Anis exclaims that is true and right now, she is very angry. Going close to her, Tenjoh says, “For me, that kind of thing is fundamentally not needed. *This surprises Anis.* Listen well, the ‘Association’ has been researching for such a long time about the ‘Rose Contract’ *Anis wonders what is this feeling as Tenjoh holds her face* Controlling your mother’s fate for her to give birth to the ‘Rose Princess’, and finally, unlocking the principle in producing an ‘Awakening’ and its reversion. I can forcibly bind your heart.” As Tenjoh seems to pull her necktie, Anis starts to look flustered then shouts for him to stop and do not enter her heart. White Rose’s Second Awakening. Just before he leaves dejected Anis, Tenjoh tells her that the Third Awakening is the ‘Blood Marriage’. “Four days later, the ‘Association’s cardinals will gather in Tenkyoku Church in order for people to know that I am the ‘True Rose’.” Anis has been crying as to why it has become like that.

Later on, Tenjoh sighs upon seeing the untouched food on the table. He tells her that he didn’t poison it yet she didn’t eat for one whole day. Lying in bed, Anis exclaims how she can eat it down. She sits up and faces him. She exclaims how many times she has to say it, for him to understand. “Quickly let me go!! If you don’t.. *stomach growls loudly* Ah!” Tenjoh says that he cannot deal with her and if she doesn’t want that [way], then how about she be nice and eat something, and in return, he’ll answer her questions. While eating, Anis asks him where the others are. When Tenjoh asks ha, Anis exclaims Kaede, Mutsuki and Seiran. Tenjoh replies that at PRESENT TIME, they are locked up in the dungeon. Anis exclaims what he is thinking. Tenjoh says that after he smoothly conducted the ‘Blood Marriage’ with her, those guys are already useless, and generally, they can be banished. Surprised Anis asks what he meant by that. He explains that if only one person was to ascend to the seat of ‘True Rose’, the other Knights’ mission and magical powers will disappear. “They will become ordinary humans. The ‘True Rose’ will attain a very strong magical power, and will have the authority to appoint the next generation’s Knights. *Anis goes !?* Please ask the next question.” Anis struggles what else to ask for there are so many. Tenjoh says, “Then, before you ask, I’m going to first answer before you ask that question. We are not siblings but we are far cousins so we can ‘MARRY’.” Flustered Anis says that the next question, is her father taken to this place. Tenjoh says that unfortunately, her father isn’t here for he was taken by the Association, and is currently being held at the headquarters. Anis asks him that after becoming the True Rose, what he plans to do. Tenjoh smiles and says that is to make her his. Anis snorts that he is full of lies. Tenjoh asks her why she thinks that he is lying. Anis looks surprised and thinks that it seems that she is forgetting something important. Tenjoh says, “Forget it. A ‘True Rose’ also means standing at the peak of the ‘Association’, wherein not only ‘Fate’ but also one can control the power of the hidden Devil’s seal. I want to become a god.”
Anis is surprised by this that she starts choking on her food. She calls him stupid for how can one become a god like that. Offering her some water, Tenjoh looks at her. While drinking the water, Anis asks him what’s up, is it very interesting to see her choke. Tenjoh replies, “‘Interesting’? Ah ya, because I have not seen someone eat, up this close--.. *Anis mutters his name* That’s right.. If you eat this, I can tell you something important. *holds food on a fork to her* Ah..” This made Anis blush and say, ‘what’. Tenjoh tells her to be quick. Wondering what’s up with this, Anis bites on the food. Then, he tries to push his luck by asking Anis to also bite his finger. Blushing Anis exclaims who would do that. Tenjoh says that is inevitable. He stands up to leave and says, “The delightful meal time is over, Rose Princess.” Lying down back in bed, Anis thinks that she doesn’t understand what Tenjoh is thinking. “, that’s not right. *remembers Tenjoh asking why she thinks that he is lying and it is interesting [to watch her]* That’s right, we, during the First Awakening, our heart has already connected. And then it is gone because the reason is that I, as a Dominion, had closed my heart--.. I shouldn’t be afraid. It is a necessity to carefully listen to Tenjoh-senpai’s heart--.. *hears a crying child’s voice* It’s that crying voice that I heard from the start.” She is surprised to see a small boy crying. The boy looks at her, then he walks away. Anis calls for the boy to wait and finds that the chain on her foot is open. She runs after the boy and wonders if that illusion of a crying boy is Tenjoh. Among some laboratory machinery, Anis wonders where the boy run off to. Then, she notices that someone is standing behind her. Anis quickly turns around to see Mutsuki. Anis thinks that it isn’t Mutsuki, but she has already seen this. Tenjoh arrives and tells her that he told her before, ‘[you] cannot look at that thing’. She turns to look at him. Behind Tenjoh, there are huge containers of liquid. Anis notices that there are human figures of Seiran and Mutsuki inside the containers.
Tenjoh says, “‘Lisa’s coffin’ is the ‘Association’s cyborg research center base, the factory of ‘Cloned Knights’ *prepares to touch fake Mutsuki* The ‘Blue Rose’ has already been made considerably perfect, but the most important ‘Black Rose’ is not yet stable.. for I only have to do this.. *touches fake Mutsuki and it turns into liquid* Ah, it is broken again. But, it won’t be long and the research would be completed. Because in this battle, the Association managed to attain the fruits of your father’s research on Fake [Knights] and the data of DarkStalker Yocto. *Surprised Anis asks what he is thinking* The Association plans to undo the Rose Contract, then use the body of the ‘Black Rose’ as a vessel to contain the Devil’s power. *Anis is surprised by this* The Association-- The White Rose clan is already fed up in continuing to protect the seal. Even if it isn’t the Black Rose’s body, it is okay to put it the body of a clone to complete the abominable magical weapon.” Aghast Anis exclaims to him if doing this is okay. Tenjoh says that since the time he was born, he has been brought up to adulthood as a White Rose but he is just the ‘Association’s dog. Anis exclaims that they were obviously friends. Tenjoh smiles and tells her that from the very start, he doesn’t think that way. Anis thinks that she couldn’t convey/reach out to him. Anis is startled to see the illusion of the crying boy standing beside Tenjoh. Tenjoh tells her that they should go back. Anis realizes that he couldn’t see the boy, and is it this how it is.. Anis suddenly grabs him and bites his right index finger. Anis tells surprised Tenjoh that she has bitten him. “So tell me, THE MOST IMPORTANT THING. (It turns out that he didn’t notice his own heart.) What do you want to do after concluding the ‘Blood Marriage’ with me?” Tenjoh kisses her forehead and says, “I love you--.. Anis. If I were to pass this endless time together with you, [something] should change, right.” Anis thinks, “You finally called out my name. I know that these words are true.” Soon, the door opens with Tenjoh carrying sleeping Anis [in the church?]. Tenjoh looks at Anis. Narration: “My beloved one. Everything, on the verge of ending, a beautiful world where there are no tears and blood, and there is even no punishment. Only I, alone, disappears.” Someone announces the start of the ‘BLOOD CEREMONY’. Blurb: “Finally, in the final stage!! Anis and Tenjoh’s fate is..!?”
 Scans by AMH字幕組.

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