December 19, 2011

Black Bird [Chapter 60]

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‘The moment the Immortal Fruit gives birth, she will die.’ In his library, Todanobu is reading books when a servant calls out to him. Todanabu comes out and welcomes Kyo. He tells Kyo that he has been expecting him so please come in first. Kyo looks around the room that is filled with books. Todanobu takes out a box and recite some things, before opening it. Holding the book to Kyo, Todanobu tells him to look at it himself to confirm the ending of the ‘Immortal Fruit Record’. Tense and dark Kyo quickly flips the pages to the end. Trembling, he reads it then throws away the book. On the book, it is written that if a baby boy is born, at the same time the Immortal Fruit’s oil lamp[/strength] will be exhausted and dried up, then she’ll die on the spot. Kyo exclaims why he didn’t tell him because towards Misao, he.. Todanobu says that he knows, that is why he didn’t tell him. “If you knew that it will turn out this way, you plan on not having a child throughout your life, right? But, do you think that kind of head [of clan] will be forgiven for that? The more you treasure Misao, the more you’ll go into a dead end[/ruin]. I’m sorry, even if I’m your most important friend, I had already prepared myself that you’ll detest me to the point of severing our relationship. *picks up the book* The ‘Immortal Fruit Record’ is merely a book of record and fundamentally, there is no way of knowing if what’s written is true or not. This is only a record of the life of the Immortal Fruit who married my ancestor. That’s it and nothing more. She posses a very strong power and at the same time, won’t undergo any wear and tear. During the pregnancy, she will have a very powerful strength. Since things had reached up to now, it is totally the same as what’s written in the record. *Kyo bites his lips* Is there any countermeasure to enable the Immortal Fruit to continue on living? I also had always been searching for it but because there are very few records regarding the Immortal Fruit,, it is very hard to find it.” Kyo suddenly stands up to leave. Todanobu calls out to him and says that he understands what he is feeling. He reminds Kyo that he is the head of the clan and Misao is the Immortal Fruit, and all of this, cannot be changed. “Don’t do anything that will dig your own grave!” Kyo smiles at him before flying away. As black feathers float down, Todanobu can only mutter Kyo’s name.

Meanwhile at Kyo’s place, the others are waiting for Kyo’s return. Some are grieving while the others try to be calm. Soon, Kyo has returned. They ask him what happened and if he had read the ‘Immortal Fruit Record’. Looking dark, Kyo tells Misao to abort the baby. The kids start to cry and Zenki curses for it is true. Misao is still stunned for Kyo is the one who is happier than her upon learning that she is going to have a baby. Kyo grabs Misao’s arm and pulls her up. Misao calls out that it hurts and she’s scared. She tells him that if she stumbles, the child.. Kyo shouts that he is going to end everything. Misao is shock by this. Sagami tells Kyo that he can’t. He says that Kyo ought to know that the child within the Princess is their clan’s next head whom they are expecting so if Kyo kills the child, even if it is him, he cannot be forgiven. Kyo answers that it is okay if he cannot be forgiven, and even if it is too bad that they can’t have a child, Misao will be delivered from death. Kyo shouts for Sagami to move but Sagami won’t. Sagami shouts at Kyo if he thought that they don’t have any feelings upon hearing the news that their Princess will die. He tells him that it isn’t only because she is Kyo’s beloved, they had come to love and respect the Princess whom they serve. “But, to only have our eyes open and watch her die. This is such a cruel feeling-.. *clenches fist* Even so! Even so, we also cannot allow Kyo-sama to fall down from the seat of being the head.. We will hinder you, as if our life depended on it. Please retrain yourself!” Kyo looks at Misao then grinds his teeth. Misao wonders if she can give birth to the baby now. “I’m really shocked to death by that, for him to suddenly say, abort the baby. I thought that I won’t be able to hug this baby.. *smiles and holds her stomach*, I won’t be able to see him. *shock and trembles* Before I get to see the baby, I would have already died.”
Kyo calls out to Misao who tries to laugh it off. She says that even if they are saying that, it doesn’t feel real. Seeing her hands trembling, Misao thinks that even if it didn’t feel real but she can’t stop shaking. Kyo suddenly hugs Misao who asks him what’s up with him, is it very cold. “Ah..Kyo, the estimated time of birth will be next year’s spring. So, we cannot go with the baby to the seaside. Oh. That’s not right, fundamentally, all three of us can’t go. Huh..? *teary-eyed* Wait, that means *pulls away from Kyo’s embrace* I’m going to be parted from you.. *Kyo looks flustered* That’s ridiculous. For it to be so sudden, that we’ll be separated. I totally didn’t think that.. *kids and others are crying* Is that so. It will be until spring..” Kyo leaves the room and think. That night, Kyo wakes Misao up from her sleep. Misao wakes up and remembers that she is staying at his place that night. Kyo tells her to get ready to leave. “..let’s go. matter who’ll oppose, I won’t let you die. *Misao looks shock* Let’s abort the baby. Even if it is pitiful but we can only give it up. The baby in your belly already has power so we cannot use normal ways to abort it. How about we use magic poison to abort it? Or, use a charm--” While Kyo is saying those things, Misao couldn’t breathe. Just when he is saying that before they are discovered, Kyo turns around to see Misao in pain. Kyo quickly goes to her and asks if it is the baby acting up because it felt his killer chi. Kyo calms himself down so that Misao can breathe again. Misao sits up and asks if the baby is dead. Kyo says no, he only suppressed the baby’s strength and he can still take the lead in strength. Holding his clenched fist, Kyo tells her that he also doesn’t want to do this. This made Misao look flustered. Holding her, Kyo exclaims that it is for her, for her to live on. “What is the reason that I want to be the head?! It is for you! In order for you to become mine, I had killed a lot of people. Even if that is so, I still want you..! In order not to let you go, I’m willing to sacrifice no matter who..!”
Flashback: Todanobu called out to Kyo not to do anything that will dig his grave. Kyo smiled and said, “Do you think that I can live all alone by myself in a world where there is no Misao?” End flashback. Kyo asks teary-eyed Misao what she thinks. “Do you want to die and abandon me? *Misao shakes her head sideways* Abandon me, your father and others, and also your friends! *Misao shakes her head sideways again* Die all on your own!?” Misao continues to shakes her head sideways and grabs Kyo’s arm. With tears falling down, Misao mentally apologizes [to the baby] and she cannot stop trembling. She says, “Kyo, save me.. (Mama is afraid) I don’t want to separated from you.. *Kyo hugs to comfort crying Misao* (I’m sorry. Mama is so useless).” Later on, Kyo tells Misao to hold on tight for they are going to fly. She wonders where they are going. Then, she notices a huge residence. She thinks that if they are going to fall from there.. Then, something happens to Kyo that he starts to fall down. On the ground, Kyo is coughing while Misao asks him what happened. Kyo tries to tell her that it is okay. Someone approaches them and tells Kyo-sama that he is too careless for they had replaced the barrier wherein now, there is poison mist dispersed around the residence. He compliments Kyo for being amazing that he didn’t lose his consciousness. Misao is surprised for it is Kensuke. Kensuke greets Misao that it has been a long time. He asks them what happened that they particularly enter inside the barrier in the middle of the night. Blurb: “Misao is brought by Kyo in the White Snake’s residence. Will Kyo really sacrifice their baby..!?”
Scans by 水银工作室.

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