November 28, 2011

Reimei no Arcana[Chapter 34]

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The ship is now sailing with Caesar on board. While Belenus stands behind him, Caesar looks out towards the sea. He then has a silly smile on his face upon remembering Nakaba hugging him and saying that she really likes him. Belenus is speechless over Caesar giggling to himself. Caesar looks serious again as he thinks that he doesn’t know the reason why Nakaba is crying. He holds the side of the ship tightly. “At that time, when we would meet once again, I don’t know if I can ask or not, the reason as to why she is crying.” He takes a deep breath then starts shouting Nakaba’s name thrice with all his might. He turns around to see Belenus sitting on the floor. He asks him what he is doing. Belenus says that it is nothing, he is just a bit startled by him. As Belenus stands up, Caesar asks, “I want to live [/survive] on, what is the best thing that I should do. *holds his cloak tight* I want to use this hand to hug her tight again. What should I do?” Serious with eyes open, Belenus tells him, “Ascend to the throne.. please ascend up –to Belquat’s throne.” After looking surprised, Caesar looks determined and says, “You’re right. *smiles* It’s really simple. (if this is the only way out--)” As Nakaba and others prepare on the way back, Loki asks her if it is okay if they don’t ride on the same camel. Nakaba smiles and says okay. Her smile freezes upon remembering the choice between him and Caesar that Loki made her choose. She turns away and looks serious. She rides up the camel by herself and exclaims to Loki that they are going back to the royal capital as quick as possible. Loki says yes.

While they are traveling, Loki says that he is a bit bothered about something. “Why would such a powerful [snake] Ajin would always obey whatever the royalty says..” Nakaba says that is true. She wonders out loud that maybe they are in control of some kind of weakness of the Ajin or there is an agreement of some reward. Loki looks very thoughtful and serious about this. By night, they have arrived at the royal capital. Nakaba is shock for the city has been under attack by the thieves. There are snakes all over the place with dead people. While Loki stands by her, Nakaba is in disbelief that the thieves had already invaded the royal city but then, shouldn’t they be on their guard against this. Then, they hear a scream. They go to where some people are gathered around. There, they see the Snake Ajin and gang holding Azhar and Ahkil hostage. Nakaba tries to rush to them but Loki stops her. Then, Loki jumps up and faces the thieves. After Loki lands in front of them on his knees, Snake Ajin smiles and says, “It’s you. *Loki shudder but still sternly glares back* Hihi.. Too bad, I don’t have time to play with you.” At a roof of a building far behind, Baatar asks for his crossbow from a servant. While taking aim, Baatar comments that this is really a small game. Loki is shock when the Snake Ajin was suddenly hit by an arrow. The Snake Ajin looks surprised then smiles before falling down. The people turn around and wonder out loud, as to who got rid of that thief. Smiling Baatar stands up the building. Blurb: “Ought to be accomplice, then why would Prince Baatar!? Next, on the verge of exposing the royalty’s secret!!”
Scans by Rei's工作室.

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