November 1, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 28]

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Andou tells serious-looking bandaged and bruised faced Haru, “It’s the first time we’ve met, young master Haru. I’ve brought a message from Yoshida Taizou-sama. You can call me, Andou. Afterwards, let us get to know each other well.” Narration: “That was the first time that I’ve met with Andou.” Blurb: “Second year high school arc(!?) start!!” Title: Haru [<- Haru’s name also means ‘Spring’] Haru on the cover says, “It’s finally my season ♥” The slash on his body says 2-A Beautification member, Yoshida Haru. Blurb: “Because [I] believe! And, a new season has arrived, beautiful things will also happens at the same time--.” There is a picture of a huge tanuki statue. In Micchan’s house, Andou says, “Ah—young master Haru! For you to smoothly move into second year high school, I give you my heartfelt congratulations!! Regarding this, your father, Yoshida Taizou-sama is also very happy, that he is hoping that from the start of your second year, you’ll going to school from the main residence.” While he is saying all that, Haru is holding a plate of omrice and a couple of sauces – seems to be tomato ketchup and soy sauce. Haru is ignoring Andou. Haru calls out to Micchan to help him by passing over the spicy chili and chocolate sauce. While holding a frying pan, Micchan tells Haru that he told him before not to put all sorts of things on the food. While washing the pan, Micchan asks Andou if he was the one who brought that huge Shigaraki ceramic tanuki statue that is placed outside. [Shigaraki is a place that is famous for making this kind of statue] Andou says yes, and it is a congratulatory gift from Taizou-sama since Haru made it into the next grade. “Because it is very heavy, I left it out there.” [<- Hehe, it seems that Haru’s father is also strange or he knows Haru’s taste. =P] Micchan says is that so, then take it back. Haru had just taken a bite of his mixed-up concoction which he thinks is something new for the taste is strange. =P After the picture of Kyouko is briefly shown, Haru exclaims that he is going out. While Haru is walking in the street, Andou follows him behind and says that the weather is quite nice for going to school, and does Haru want him to drive him to school. Haru tells him to quit calling him ‘young master’, and it is useless for no matter how many times he comes. “I totally don’t have any plans on meeting with my old man. Regardless of the time when Micchan’s mother is sick, or when she died, that guy didn’t do anything. I can’t forgive him.” Andou tells him that his father’s earnest desire is for him to go back. “About Miss Kyouko.. that was truly regrettable. No matter what, at that time, it is because those two had severed their ties. (Doing some kind of elopement, is also not right, isn’t it) *Haru glares at Andou which made him hold up his hands* ..for you to be angry is also inevitable.”

As they continue to walk, Haru tells him that right now, he is getting a huge portion of care from Micchan so there is no reason for him to see his old man. “..even if you brought a very tasteful thing.. *Andou thinks that he unexpectedly might have to send it back* During spring vacation, I have already said it. I want to stay here so don’t interfere too much.” Andou answers that kind of thinking, in the end, is because of that Miss [/girl]. Haru somewhat sweatdrops then looks back at Andou. He thinks that he ought to kill this Tanuki fellow. [The legendary tanuki is reputed to be mischievous and jolly, a master of disguise and shapeshifting, but somewhat gullible and absent-minded. Source: wiki] Haru sighs and waves Andou away by telling him that is enough, quickly go back because with him around, he [Haru] will be late. “From today on, I’ll be a second year high school student, and I cannot be late.” Andou laughs that Haru is worried about getting late and young master is unexpectedly taking this quite seriously. “What’s so special about becoming a second year high school student?” Haru blushes then smiles. Sparkling, Haru says, “In becoming a second year high school student, a senpai will become a kouhai’s model[/example]!!” After a pause, Andou clenches his fist and exclaims, “Gambatte, young master!” Blurb: “New students coming in, greetings to everyone!” The school is surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms trees. As some first year students are arriving to school, they notice Asako passing by. They are muttering that she is beautiful, who is that girl, is she a second year student. Asako is muttering to herself, “Please bless.. please bless and protect...” While dark haired freshman [Student A] is wondering that this school has that kind of person, his light haired friend [Student B] calls out to Sasayan-sempai who is holding a can of ‘cola & soda’. Blurb: “Everyone had smoothly moved into second year high.” Sasayan, who is with his gang, smiles and greets back a good morning. Student A asks Student B about how could a senpai know a first year student. Student B tells him that is a sempai of the baseball club. “During spring break, we’ve become good friends. He is a super good guy.” Since he wasn’t looking where he is going, Student B bumps into Haru and falls down. On the floor, Student B complains that it hurts. Carrying a huge stick[/club] with nails on it, Haru glares at Student B then grabs his collar. Student B quickly apologizes so Haru tells him to look in front of where he is going. This scares the two students and it prompted Student B to apologize again. Blushing Haru is already leaving, and his heart is beating fast. Haru thinks that what he just did made him feel quite good, and he is such an amiable sempai. As Haru hums a small tune, the two students thought that Haru was going to fight with them. Then, a short light-colored hair girl with earphones passes by. Then, some girls passes by the chicken coop with a sign, ‘Please properly love it dearly.’ Looking at Nagoya, they ask why it is a chicken.

At the shoe lockers, Shizuku is reading some notes while taking out her school shoes. She glances at the side and sees Haru. “Good morning, Haru.” This made Haru slightly blush. Going to his shoe locker, Haru says, “—okay, Shizuku-senpai, have you seen them, those first year students!” Putting her shoes on, Shizuku wonders about being called ‘Shizuku-senpai’. She says, “By the way, Haru, you are still here, could it be that you haven’t seen the new classroom assignments?” Haru replies, “Classroom assignment? That is.. Ara~ how come I can’t find my shoe locker?” After looking at some papers as to where she will try to have a test [for a National Mock Exam], Shizuku tells him that is classroom assignment. [<- it seems to be a pun on Shizuku’s name = suppose to be a joke?] Looking at the classroom assignment board, Chizuru is looking nervous. In section 2-B, Asako is crying. “It’s good.. It’s really good.. My life can continue on..!!” Sasayan happily says that this year, he’ll be under their care. Reading a book, Shizuku tells Asako that she is exaggerating for it won’t kill her if she is in a different classroom. Asako suddenly hits away Shizuku’s books from the table and calls Shizuku a cold-hearted girl. Shizuku tensely asks her what she is doing. Asako exclaims that Shizuku doesn’t know the feeling of being all alone in the classroom, and totally not knowing one’s classmates. While Sasayan greets some of the other classmates coming in, Asako continues to exclaim that for a whole year, one will become some sort of ‘bubble demon’, and it is a terrifying human relationship major reshuffle..!! Haru is sweating profusely while standing in front of his new classroom, 2-A. Then, at the hallway, Asako had jumped on Shizuku’s back and shouts, “Won’t let go, I won’t let go. This is a strong huge bond! Even if my body would freeze here, I also won’t let go..!” Trembling Shizuku calls for Asako to let go for she is heavy. Sasayan and other friends pass by, too. Sasayan notices Haru and says, “..hello, Haru! *smiles* From today on, we’ll be neighboring classmates! ..gambatte to you!” Blurb: “From neighbors [/person sitting in the next seat] to neighboring classmates..” Haru continues to look nervous. He holds up his hand and forcefully slides open the door which surprises the students inside. Haru looks scared as his new classmates look surprised at him. He goes into his fierce expression and nervously exclaims if they have any objections. He is surprised when Chizuru is standing beside him. She greets him a good morning and tells him that from today on, they will be classmates. Somewhat relieved, Haru calls out Chizuru’s name. Inside 2-A, Sasayan’s usual gang, including Shitayanagi, are thinking that it is Haru. Then, there is a long pause between Chizuru <- girl who was rejected, and Haru <- the guy who rejected her. Looking gloomy and nervous, Chizuru looks away and says that this year, she’ll be under his care. She quickly goes inside the classroom. Haru’s smile freezes. And without taking a single step inside the classroom, Haru turns around and quickly runs off.

In Micchan’s house and the tanuki statue is still outside the door, someone says, “ you’re saying that you didn’t even take a step inside, and just run away. Going back, with your tail between your legs. You’re like an elementary student! Young master!!” Andou is playing a video game. Blurb: “Andou Keiichi (25) currently at work..” Lying down on the sofa, Haru curses and asks why Andou is there. Andou tells him that he is waiting for young master Yuuzan’s class dismissal. “Ah, young master, do you want to eat some pizza? I’ve used Mitsuyoshi-san’s name to buy it on credit.” Haru tells him that Micchan is going to hit him for that. While playing with a dating game wherein a girl says, ‘Andou-senpai, let’s go to the community activity together’, Andou says that it is quite nostalgic since a year ago, he has always been encouraging Haru who was feeling down, just like how he is now. Haru replies that he totally doesn’t remember him [Andou] encouraging him. Andou asks, “By the way, young master.. that Miss whom you are publicly having mutual affection, right now. After all is said and done, where are you two right now [in your relationship]?” Haru says that there’s nothing special. Grinning slyly, Andou tells Haru that as male comrades, he shouldn’t hide it since from his [Haru] house, he had rushed directly into the girl’s house. “Isn’t this what you, young master, had done? It really makes me envious!! This so-called high school life!!” Haru mutters, “No.. so I’ve said.. there is really noth...” Andou loses his smile and mutters that Haru really conforms to his ‘homeless dog’ characteristic. This made Haru sit up and angrily shouts, “Why you!! Stop while you are ahead or else, I’m going to kill you, you bastard!!” Andou’s cellphone rings and he says, “Ah, young master Yuuzan is calling.” This made scared Haru that he’s trembling while partly hiding behind a cabinet. =P While Haru is mentally cursing [at himself?], Andou answers the phone and says, “Yes, good job. Right now, I’m at Mitsuyoshi’s place. Sundae? I don’t quite understand.” Blurb: “On the other line, apparently Andou had heard, ‘Do not touch my sundae in the refrigerator!’.” After hanging up the phone, Andou fixes his tie and grabs his coat. He tells Haru that he will be going ahead. “Young master, if you hate school, you can go back anytime you want.” Lying on the sofa again, Haru says, “..hmph. you are not trustworthy. My old man, too. As well as, Yuuzan. *closes eyes* The only one who genuinely understands and supports me is auntie.” Andou just looks at him. Narration: “Auntie told me, that she wants to understand me.” Kyouko told Haru, “I can imagine your feelings but that is only my imagination. In order to properly understand you, I want to hear it out from your own mouth.” Narration: “She would ask a lot of questions. And in exchange, no matter what I ask, she will answer me.”

Flashback: Somewhat holding an owl, Haru said that ‘run away huh, how disappointing’. This made Kyouko somewhat smile. She told him that running away is an animal’s natural instinct, and doing it is one’s freedom of choice for he as well as she, had experienced that instance. “There are times a mother rabbit would bite back an approaching fox that came to prey on the young rabbits. So, if we only have something that we treasure, we would have the courage to resist until the end. *slightly touching her belly* [<- is she pregnant or just illustrating a point?] Even though if it is like that, if the child is going to be preyed on, the mother can just throw down the child and run away by herself. *chuckles; Haru looked nervous and shock by this* After all, if she [rabbit] only survives, there is still an opportunity to reproduce more for later generations. For humans, how will it be?” A smoke is blowing up in the air. [<- probably cremation] Narration: “ that time, I wasn’t able to find out the result of her reflection [/thoughts].” Micchan called out to Haru and asked him if he wants to go to his house. Narration: “But I know.” Haru told Micchan that he’ll go. “Ah- Micchan-bro. I want to go to school.” Narration: “that I’m also like her. Want to be here with someone, and together, some things will be created.” End Flashback. In the classroom, Shizuku is looking at some papers. Then, she stands up and says, “Haru, I’m going to the library today.” She looks in surprise for there is some other guy sitting beside her. The guy asks, ‘Huh?’ Shizuku says that it is nothing, she’s mistaken. During lunch break[?], Asako is looking out the window while drinking her juice. She calls out to Shizuku who is eating a sandwich and going downstairs. Asako says that Haru is hiding some bushes. “And the goal is that guy there. *Haru is trying to approach a guy [<-Sasayan’s friend?] who is happily talking with his friend.* Ah..he’s cowering back.. *Haru is running away* Brrr.. *trembles* it really makes me tense~~ if I were in his place..” Shizuku comments that Haru went to school. Sasayan says that his friend told him that he hasn’t seen Haru in the classroom even once. Asako calls out to Sasayan to help Haru out with friends for those guys are surely [his] friends. Sasayan refuses because Haru ought to resolve this on his own since guys have their own persistence. Sasayan seems to say that she is meddling too much which made Asako shout that she’s angry now. Shizuku just continues to look out the window. Later on, Haru happily hums a tune and thinks that he is quite near, so next time, he’ll stand at the back. Then, he gets a message from Asako. Asako attaches a picture of her flashing a v-sign with Shizuku at the background. It says, “Haru, we are very happy here at this side.” <- fundamentally Asako wanted to encourage Haru. Haru says, “Darn, it really makes me envious. If they are friends, shouldn’t they come and kind of help me” Then, Haru is shock to find Chizuru sitting by herself on a bench to eat. Haru tensely remembers Chizuru nervously saying that she’ll be under his care for this year. Haru starts to nervously walk away. Chizuru looks up the sky and thinks Haru didn’t go to school but then, it is inevitable for she had treated him pretty awful yesterday. “From today on, it ought to be okay because there is still a year’s worth of time. Is this how unhappily things will go on.. *sighs* Forget it, just left over the food..” Haru is quietly going towards her direction.

Then, to her shock and anxiety, after she packed her bento, Chizuru notices that Haru is sitting at the opposite side of the bench. Chizuru wonders when was he sitting there and what should she do..what should she say. Haru starts by saying, “Ooshima, what should I do for things to be like before? I was really happy when you’ve said that you like me. I felt really apologetic that I wasn’t able to respond [back] to you [/your feelings]. You also perhaps regretted it, but I still want to continue to talk with you. So, Ooshima, can you also strive hard and talk with me?” Chizuru glances at Haru who is sweating profusely from nervousness. Chizuru replies, “..there is no way for it to be like before because I have always like you, Yoshida-kun. *Haru looks surprised* But, because of just now, *smiles* you willingly talk to me, I’m very happy. I’m the one who confessed. I think that always running away from you is also futile. *Haru pleasantly surprised* Let’s become friends, Yoshida-kun. I totally don’t regret it. It’s obviously not easy for us to become classmates. I want to properly become your friend this time around.” Haru still looks surprised and touched by what she said. In the library, Shizuku leans back on her chair. She looks at the empty chair at the side, and then sighs. To her surprise, Haru suddenly hugs her from behind. She calls out his name and says that he had startled her. Haru says, “I’ve always been very afraid. Afraid of whether or not I had hurt her. Whether or not, I won’t be able to say out words sincerely. Afraid. Really afraid. I soon won’t be able to support myself already.’s really good that I had not chosen to run away..” Shizuku pats his hair and says, “You’ve came back, Haru.” Haru looks surprised then blushes a bit. He tells her that she said before to deal with people sincerely. Shizuku asks if she told him that before. After a pause, Haru says, “I was very happy upon hearing those words. Really happy. *Flashback of Shizuku telling Yamaken and others to please be more sincere in being friends with Haru* So, at that time, I came to like [/love] you, Shizuku.” Suddenly, the two blushes really red and look surprise by this. Haru quickly lets Shizuku go and says, “Then..see you later, Shizuku. *opens window to go outside through there* I’m currently very busy in dealing with some things. First, I have to go in the classroom.” While her heart is beating fast, Shizuku thinks, “Uh-oh, I missed an opportunity to ask about what he just said a while ago. What kind of ‘like’ is it?” Looking out the window, blushing Shizuku calls out, “Haru.. *Haru stops and looks at her* Gambatte.. –absolutely, [I’ll] wait a bit.” Narration: “At first, it is only a hope[/wish]..” Flashback: Shizuku tried to explain that it is because he depends [/easily listens] to others, and because he always doesn’t have friends so he is mistaken about that feeling [of loving her]. After mentally cursing that Shizuku is exposing his trauma, Haru said that he isn’t mistaken. “I definitely and sincerely like you, Shizuku.” End flashback.

Narration: “At that time, I was thinking of ‘it’s good if it is like that’ and ‘this way, I can be together with this girl’ type of thoughts. But right now..” Haru smiles at Shizuku. Shizuku blushes. While her heart is beating loudly, Shizuku thinks, “, anyway, he still often says ‘like you’ that I cannot understand.” She is surprised when Haru is running back towards her. He kisses her on her right cheek and says, “I’ll do my best. *Shizuku looks surprised at him* just always watch me.” Haru runs off and thinks, “That bastard, I won’t let him forever call me a homeless dog ever again. First, I’m going to make friends in the class. Afterwards, there are still many things..” Narration: “’s not the same. Compared to before, [I] always felt that there is something that is not the same..” Blushing Shizuku touches her chest as her heart is beating fast and loud. She goes back to her table and thinks, “Re..relax.. calm down.. *holds notebook* first, I have to study. The next one is.. *flips pages* The next one is..” Narration: “Later on, what will it become into?” Then, Shitayanagi, with friends, calls out to Haru, who is kneeling in front of the classroom. Shitayanagi says that Haru came to school, and what is he doing. At R Burger restaurant, Shizuku with Asako and Sasayan are studying for an upcoming exam. Asako wonders out loud if Haru is okay because ever since then, she didn’t see Haru again. Sasayan says that lately, it seems that Haru has been going to his class. Shizuku adds that Haru is definitely doing his best so don’t mind him. Waving her pencil, Asako says that Shizuku is still the same, and doesn’t she feel lonely that she is in a different classroom from Haru. Blushing, Shizuku looks away and says,, and she won’t die [because of it]. Then, she mentions that speaking of Haru, she always felt that Asako is somewhat distracted. She asks if Asako’s wound from the rejection hasn’t healed yet. Asako sighs. Sasayan thinks that Shizuku is also concerned about that. Then, Yamaken stands in front of them and says how come every time he calls her, it is ‘not in the service area’. Shizuku apologizes and tells him that she shut off the cellphone when she isn’t using it. Yamaken complains that there is no meaning in having a cellphone. Asako exclaims how come Yamaken knows Shizuku’s secret phone number. Yamaken tells her that she’s annoying, and just shut up, stupid girl. After a pause, Sasayan asks Yamaken if he wants to sit with them. Yamaken looks at them then he promptly sits down. This shocks Asako, surprises Sasayan and, Shizuku just continues to study. Asako whispers to Sasayan that he is a traitor. Sasayan just laugh it off and asks isn’t this good. He then tells her that they go buy some drinks. Noticing the flyer for a National Mock Exam, Yamaken asks what that mock exam is and did she enroll to that place already. Shizuku says for the meantime, and what about him, what school is he going to apply into. Then, Haru, together with Andou, passes by their table and asks how come Yamaken is there. Holding her wallet, Asako happily calls out to Haru. Excited looking Shizuku also calls his name. Gloomy Yamaken mentally curses that the hindrance has also arrived. Andou asks Haru if he doesn’t want his Happy Meal anymore. Haru tells him that he’ll be staying there and Andou can go buy Micchan’s share [of the food].

While walking together with Sasayan and Asako to the counter, Andou looks at Asako and says that she is very cute. “Do you have a boyfriend?” This surprises Asako. Haru complains that he just look away for a bit, things became like that. “Even if I’m not in the same class as Shizuku, you definitely cannot make a move, Yamaken.” Yamaken replies, “What, so Haru, you’re the only one who got separated. So pitiful and like this, why don’t you slowly disappear.” Haru tells him to quit talking nonsense for his class’s president is Ooshima and the vice-president is Shitayanagi, a very strong line-up. Yamaken asks what he is talking about. Blushing Shizuku says, “Gambatte, Haru. I support you. (Ooshima-chan.. *thump thump* I can’t dare look at his eyes..) About that, Yamaken-kun, which mock exam did you enrolled in.” Yamaken asks about coincidentally enrolling in the same place. “You better not come along, Haru.” A bit excited, Shizuku says “In the same place, huh.. then let us mutually do our best, even if I will win.” Haru angrily curses for it is a mock exam again. “Do as you wish. Shizuku would absolutely not like, a person like you. Right, Shizuku.” To both of the guys’ surprise, Shizuku says, “No, I actually still very like.” Sasayan and Asako return with the drinks but what greets them is this scene: Haru nervously asks what Shizuku likes about Yamaken, is it the smooth hair. “Why aren’t you looking this way?” With a sparkle in her eye, Shizuku says, “But, Yamaken-kun, you’re obviously a student of Kaimei and yet you would specially participate in this test. I really admire you. So? Which university is your goal?” Yamaken happily says, “Ah-- if it is me..” End Scene. Asako asks what’s with this situation when they were only gone for a while. Sasayan laughs and says that he totally doesn’t know. The trio continues on with this type of conversation. Yamaken says, “By the way, that arrogant attitude of yours, in the end, when is that going to change?” Shizuku answers back that he is the one whom she most, do not want to hear that from. Haru asks her as to when it started that she won’t look at his direction. Blurb: “Gone through a lot of experience during the first year. And this coming second year, everyone’s love has a disputing premonition... Next chapter, afterwards, a little bit mature Haru and Yamaken will be more heated.. Should!?” Scans by 離境漢化組

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