November 1, 2011

Ookami-heika no Hanayome [Chapter 25]

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Narration: “In Hakuyou’s harem, currently in progress is the usual daily scene of the Wolf King and his Queen Consort that hasn’t been done for such a long time--” Yuulin blushes while looking at Reishou. Reishou starts by saying, “Life has been really difficult[/sad] without you at my side. ..Please, do not, once again, depart from my side, my Queen [Consort].” While the waiting ladies are smiling, blushing Yuulin replies, “..Yes.. ..My feelings are the same as yours, Your Majesty. Please, like this, do not let go of your hand, and let me stay by your side..” Reishou looks at her in surprise. Narration: “There’s a slight feeling that something is off.. Normally, Yuulin would just blush. Then, bows her head slightly and says, ‘yes’.” That night, blushing Yuulin is proudly laughing. “Fu fu fu..How about that! *clench fist* It’s more like it, right!? This is the brand new enthusiastic Queen Consort!!” Somewhat surprised Reishou asks her if she ate something wrong. Yuulin tells him that she didn’t, and it is really embarrassing. Narration: “—A few days ago, I, Tei Yuulin, ‘ran away from home because I was bitten by His drunk Wolf Majesty’. After doing all sorts of reflection, I had resolved that I’m going to do my work passionately and zealously right now!” Somewhat amazed over this, Reishou comments that she is really enthusiastic. Yuulin says that is right, she had knew about her immaturity and from today on, she do her utmost best to become a woman who would do her work. “First, I must overcome the things that I’m not good at! I want to think of a way to improve my acting as a married couple with the Wolf King..!” Narration: “—But, even if I’m enthusiastic oppositely [with him]..” Reishou smiles and tells her to forget it for she can continue on being a cute wife, like this. This surprises Yuulin. Puppy Reishou happily continues to tell her that there’s no problem at all with a ‘no matter when, she’s naive and romantic, cute-type of Queen Consort’. “Yuulin, there’s no need to force yourself. Until now, it’s fine that you continue your life in the harem like this.” While he is smiling and laughing, Reishou is a bit puzzled as to why Yuulin is trembling and looking flustered. Narration: “Ever since I run away and returned back, His Majesty has started to go to the harem quite early for us to spend time together.” Scene 1: Chibi Reishou takes Yuulin’s hand and says that his work is done, and they are going out for a stroll. Yuulin asks isn’t it too early for that. Scene 2: Chibi Reishou tells Yuulin that he has called dressmakers to assemble and is there anything that she wants to see[/made]. Yuulin sweatdrops and says that she isn’t lacking in clothes. Scene 3: Chibi Reishou tells her that he brought some very rare fruits for her. Yuulin nervously says that it looks expensive.

Yuulin thinks, “Wanting to buy something for me, and giving me something, wanting me to eat a lot of food. Compare to before, he is pampering me a lot more, me..a working [temporary] Queen Consort.. It’s a bit strange.” Yuulin tells Reishou that she is happy with his thoughts [/feelings] for her but like this, no matter what, she only seems to be a useless Queen Consort. “I have already firmly decided to always have the resolve in truly accomplishing my duty and do my best for the goal to become a professional temporary bride!” Puzzled, Reishou asks her what is a professional temporary bride. This surprises Yuulin. Thinking of Wolf King, she says that will be someone who won’t falter no matter what/when, a Queen who’ll act cool, an amazing person who possess steel will. Wide-eyed Reishou tells her not to change like that, and please don’t make it into a reality. Shocked Yuulin exclaims if it is a total rejection. He tells her that it won’t feel that she’s Yuulin anymore and he doesn’t think that she can do it. Yuulin exclaims that this isn’t about being able to do it or not. “It’s no good if I can’t do it! I’m really passionate[/earnest] about this!? So are you listening!? *Wide-eyed Reishou says that she is really enthusiastic about this* Starting from today on, I’ll do my best to have a high level of acting skill! *flustered* It is also no problem even if the opposite party is the Wolf king--” Serious Reishou quietly looks at her. Holding her wrist and chin, wolf mode Reishou says, “Then, let’s start it right now together. How about we try to practice acting like a married couple? My Queen. *Blushing Yuulin mutters, yes* With that passion of yours, *smiles* can you let me see it?” Yuulin trembles in shock and exclaims, “Look, I won’t let you see it!! *teary-eyed* I suddenly felt that I cannot do it!” Reishou sweatdrops and says, ‘Huh’. Narration: “And like that, we talk back and forth. And the special training on acting as a married couple starts!” Looking away from each other, two are quietly sitting on the sofa beside each other. Looking at Reishou, Yuulin says, “The..then..then, even if we are not in front of others, please coordinate with my acting as the Wolf king..” Reishou sweatdrops and tells her okay. Yuulin thinks that she is really nervous for usually, during their time together, Reishou is puppy king. “But, if I wasn’t able to prove my passion[/enthusiasm], this person will definitely continue to pamper me later on.. *Puppy Reishou tells her that it is fine if she doesn’t do anything* There are hindrances on the road towards becoming an independent woman and I must not fall [from grace/fail]!!” Yuulin smiles and tells Reishou that she’ll go and prepare tea for him.
To her surprise, Reishou abruptly holds her and makes her sit on his lap. He tells her enough of that, today they are going to have some chat. Yuulin is totally shock with Reishou since he is acting with no hesitation at all. Smiling Reishou asks her what she did during the time when he isn’t around. Blushing and freaking out over how close they are, Yuulin tells him that she has been cleaning just like what she usually does. Reishou comments that she is doing that kind of work already, when it is okay for her to take her time on it. Yuulin keeps on telling herself to not lose to this, for this is just acting. “Lately, I had asked sensei [Gen] to teach me regarding acting as a married couple, and I got a lot of guidance about it. *Maid Yuulin telling Gen that right now, she will work enthusiastically. Gen says that is good. Dai says that it seems they are talking about something interesting so let him in, too.* --and it is that. Right now, I have to be like a ‘Queen’-- 'Gentle snuggling!!’” Yuulin suddenly turns around and hits Reishou on his chin hard. While trembling in pain, Reishou asks Yuulin if that was a headbutt technique. Aghast Yuulin tells her no, and that’s not right. “I’m sorry. Does it hurt!?” Trembling and flustered Reishou tries to suppress his laugh while saying that it was a headbutt technique. Yuulin exclaims that she already apologized and he’s too mean to laugh at her. The next day, blushing Yuulin takes Reishou’s outer robe and says that he has arrived. “Yesterday, I had not sufficiently prepared myself but today, I’ll properly do it well.” A bit surprised, Reishou asks if she plans to continue it. Yuulin exclaims yes, so please advice her [/give her comments]. Reishou looks a bit nervous. At the dining table, Yuulin prepares some tea and food. She thinks that yesterday’s pre-emptive move was quite terrible. “This time, I’ll definitely properly progress this ‘married couple acting’. Fighting!” Yuulin tells Reishou that she had prepared some snacks. Thinking that she can do this little thing, Yuulin smiles and holds up a piece of food on her chopsticks for Reishou. She says, “Okay, please open your mouth, Your Majesty. Ah-- *Reishou looks surprised while Yuulin looks sure of herself.* (If it is this, I have confidence in it. When Seishin had a fever, I also did this kind of thing. *Yuulin feeding sick Seishin with food* Gently, gently--)” Reishou looks at her as he slightly bends down and takes a bite. This made Yuulin blush really red as she asks Reishou if it is delicious. While Reishou is chewing his food, Yuulin thinks that it is strange for this is very different from her imagined scenario wherein Seishin will giggle and thank her. Reishou says, “-Yes, it’s very delicious. *looks at her and smiles* That I want to.. eat more of it.” Since she can no longer handle it, Yuulin quickly looks away. Reishou asks her that during this time, for her to suddenly turn her eyes away from him, is that something a ‘professional temporary bride’ would do. Yuulin tries to deny that she is turning away and he is just amazing.
Then, she stops talking midway and realizes that she had lost again. Smiling Reishou tells her that okay, it’s over and it’s really delicious so how about she tries some. Yuulin mentally curses in frustration because as if nothing happened, Reishou has gone back into puppy mode. “~~right, next time! I’ll once again think of another method to use..” Reishou calls out to Yuulin and tells her that admittedly, it is good for her to have this wish but it always feels as if she is forcing herself, and this worries him. “If you are still concerned about that running away thing, ..about that, it is fundamentally my fault. *smiles* -This kind of work is pretty much awkward [/embarrassing] and there is also no need for you specially add on more burden to yourself, okay?” Yuulin blushes as she thinks that he is quite kind to worry about her who had ran away from home. “But, those words of ‘It is okay for there’s no need for you to do anything’ and ‘There is also no need for you to strive hard’, meant that it is also okay for me to continue on being useless. ..if it is like that, I don’t want that. *pouts* What should I do to make him understand?” In his room, Reishou is writing down some things. He wonders why Yuulin had become so earnest about this. A waiting lady apologizes to him for being rude but Her Highness the Queen has came. Yuulin meets with somewhat surprised Reishou to ask him if he is already resting. Reishou says no, what happened that she came to see him at this time. Reishou looks more surprised when blushing Yuulin tells her that about the special training..can they do it at his room. While feeling a bit dizzy over this, Reishou tells her not to do this anymore and it is already very late. Flustered Yuulin backs away and says yes, in the end, it is just trouble.. Reishou nervously backtracks and tells her no, it is okay..if it is for a short moment. Going back in his room, Reishou tells her that he’ll tidy things up a bit because he has been writing. Yuulin begins to wonder if like this, things will definitely go smoothly. Flashback: While Maid Yuulin is taking notes, Gen told her that Reishou is the one who always controls the pace so it won’t go smoothly. “At this time, you have to do a surprise attack.” Dai agreed with this. Thinking Gen said that if it is something that Reishou didn’t anticipate, there is a chance for him to mess up his footing and through that, she can win this. Dai is giggling. End flashback. Yuulin wonders again if it is okay to just change the place [where they practice] but it seems that Reishou is truly a bit surprised by it. “I’ll definitely do my best. *looking around* It has been a long time since I came to His Majesty’s room...”
Reishou has come back. He holds her chin to him and says, “—then, you dart into the wolf’s den. Do you really want to do it here? ..special” This made Yuulin blush really red that she cannot quite say anything to wolf mode Reishou. While her heart is beating loudly, Yuulin tells him that before that special..can she ask him a question. “What’s all that stuff on the table?” On Reishou’s table, there are a lot of scrolls and documents. Glancing at the table, Reishou mutters that her eyes are sharp. He tells her that as she sees them, those are documents that haven’t been ruled [/decided] on yet. Yuulin asks why is there such a big pile of work in his room at the harem. Reishou couldn’t answer her but Yuulin had already realized it. “Your Majesty, didn’t you say that lately you weren’t busy with work so you can come to the harem quite early!? *Scene of chibi Reishou happily telling Yuulin that he has come, and what are they going to do today.* Then, why did you bring all those stuff here!?” Reishou nervously tells her that those are the work that had accumulated when he is freeing up some time. “But, I also want to prioritize spending time with you, Yuulin. As a result, these [were not finished and] remained until night..” This fires up Yuulin that she shouts, “What are you talking about!? Please prioritize finishing up your work!! Whatever-work is a priority, right!? Speaking of that, you don’t have any time to rest, right!? Or do you even have time to sleep [when this is supposed to be resting time]!? What.. what’s up with that quantity [of work]! This isn’t the time to do the special training.. Geez- When is the deadline of those [documents]!? Is there anything that I can help! What are you doing-- Really- Your Majesty, if you were to collapse then everything will be over, right!? –let me say, why are you laughing!! Unexpectedly laughing as if your stomach is going to burst. That’s really infuriating.” Laughing Reishou says, “No.. I’m just thinking that in the end, Yuulin, you..!! Haha It’s so funny- Hahaha” Flustered Yuulin tells him that she always felt that it was quite strange but he doesn’t have to be that concerned for her, up to that extent. Reishou tells her that he only wants to treat her nicely. This surprises Yuulin.
He continues to say, “ Without you in the harem, it’s very quiet and very boring. –-for me, to not know when and for whatever reason you would hate coming here and just run out.. at least, I would want to treat you nicely up to my utmost ability. *Yuulin wonders if it is because he felt uneasy that is why he is pampering her.* Yuulin, for you to like to blush.. actually, you felt very afraid, right, so there’s no need for you to force yourself to see the Wolf King--..” Yuulin tells him, “—even if His Majesty isn’t this kind [to me], nor didn’t pamper me too much.. even if I’m very afraid, I’m also well-aware of doing my best to strive hard. A professional temporary bride refers to no matter when, she won’t make you feel lonely, and an amazing [/elegant]-type of Queen. In the process of this, I plan on becoming a capable and reliable woman so, Your Majesty, there’s no need to be concerned and it is okay [for you] to just work at ease!” Reishou looks at her and says that she is already amazing. Aghast, Yuulin says that he is attacking her enthusiasm. Narration: “And in the end, let me say that my ‘Queen acting’ has become like this..” At a gazebo, Reishou says, “—My Queen’s graceful understanding can really make one feel perplexed. I obviously wanted to make your wish come true.. But, alas, your feelings and thoughts have already filled up my heart.. What you’ve said is so cute..” Thinking that this is so embarrassing, Yuulin snuggles to him and says, “Your Majesty..” The waiting ladies are quite happy that their relationship is always harmonious. Narration: “—attaining His Majesty’s understanding, I’m currently striving my best and things are going smoothly.. Also, the time His Majesty visits me has also returned to normal. *Puppy Reishou whimpers*” While talking and laughing with Reishou, Yuulin thinks that first, she has to do it step by step to have real progress. “And, then, I’ll also attain a superior acting skill that won’t lose to His Majesty..! *glances at Reishou* ..If I were to act carelessly towards His Wolf Majesty, it would be good *blushes* ..if he would just think of it as a part of ‘acting as a Queen’.” Narration: “Today, at the harem, there’s that everyday scene.” Reishou slightly touches Yuulin’s face with the back of his hand and says, “—I obviously wanted to treasure you, but you are too cute that occasionally I would want to take you out to some other place. really a Queen who can give me a headache [in a good way].” Blushing Yuulin says, “Re..really, Your Majesty..” There is a note pointing to Yuulin, saying that for such a long time, she couldn’t keep up. Narration: “—The Wolf King and his Queen’s acting ..quietly scatters out fireworks.”
Scans by 狼陛下汉化组


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