November 1, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 36]

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Young sleeping Quess is in the coffin. Crying Yocteau says, “Please.. definitely, get the Rose Princess. Get your love into your hand –and then, you’ll be able to attain happiness.” Punishment 36: Thanatos [<- the god or daimon of non-violent death. Source:] Present time: Yocteau says that this is the ‘love’ that he had always been searching for. Narration: “Fighting against Quess until losing up all one’s strength, I had the devil’s ‘curse’ on my left eye, and soon afterwards, this physical body of mine will be destroyed. But, the ‘curse’ had already gradually eroded the right eye. The decayed physical body can once again regenerate, even if the final form isn’t ‘human-shaped’ anymore. And this also continued. Unceasing regeneration.. Continuous reconstruction.. *Yocteau is becoming a grotesque monster* In the end, the consciousness of ‘being human’ is also lost. What remains is one’s unending desire for destruction and hunger. *Monster Yocteau says that he wants..but what* As if missing something.. That’s right, first, *Monster Yocteau told Shiden to give him his left eye* I had attained the demon hunter’s left eye but I hunger for more.” Monster Yocteau muttered, “Not enough.. I want..” He wondered if he had taken more parts, would he become ‘human’ again. Then, he is surprised to see someone standing on the roof of a house and says, “..You.. are someone who has a relation with the ‘Rose Contract’—right?” It is Schwartz. Schwartz asked, “Do you.. want to make your wish come true?”

Monster Yocteau wondered about this wish. And this man who calls himself as ‘master [/god] of creation’, he made monster Yocteau a human body. After going out of the liquid whatever container, Yocteau thought that he finally became ‘human’ again. Schwartz asked how it is. “I think your memories ought to also come back--.. Right now—what is your ‘wish’?” Yocteau said ‘Rose contract’. “Ah.. Rose.. So many contradictions..!! I absolutely cannot forgive the Rose Contract that had given me all sorts of pain to me. I absolutely cannot forgive this world..!” Narration: “This unending hunger. To stop it-- This scratching hunger.. I only have to plunder something and it will be okay. Blood. Power. Or perhaps..” End flashback. Crying Yocteau says that no matter what it is, it is always wrong. “ the end.. I didn’t imagine that things will turn out this way, I still have an attachment to this world. Seeking you out, my sibling, *touches Mutsuki’s face* it is this reason. (Lost memory. Lost tears) This feeling.. is true ‘love’- (That hunger is loneliness. Being all alone and won’t die, I’m terribly lonely. Even if right now, this hunger is causing disturbance within me, but this love can gradually calm it down.) Mutsuki, you.. I.. *shouting in pain as he holds his head. Mutsuki calls out his name. Skeleton tentacle-type things are stretching out to attack Mutsuki* Ah..Quess.. I beg.. of you.. kill me.. this time, definitely with your own hands.. (I’ve always been waiting for this) *Mutsuki looks surprised* Quick..! While I’m still have my own consciousness.. (I’m been taken hold by this ‘cursed’ eye again) Please.. I don’t want to return once again.. to that unending lonely darkness. Quess..!” Mutsuki remembers Anis telling him before that she won’t let him experience that same kind of pain again. This made Mutsuki think, that is right, this isn’t a string that is used for running through and ripping apart but used as a connection.
Grabbing his string, Mutsuki exclaims, “(Right now, give me.. strength) Anis..!” Some strings seem to reach the building and Anis hears Mutsuki calling her. Smiling Yakoh holds on to Anis then says, “Let’s go..!!” Then, the brothers notice some petals and a fragrance. Mutsuki tells his brother, “Yocteau.. I’ve already attain it. (Get the Rose Princess and your love into your hand. Only within my heart, this kind of feeling exists) *Yocteau sees the thorny stem and rose petals flying all around, then Anis behind Mutsuki.* (That is love--.. Black Rose Second Awakening.) *Yocteau’s bony tentacles shatter. Mutsuki holds Yocteau’s head with his hand* Yocteau.. I will be with you, together.” Mutsuki hugs his brother. Yocteau happily cries and says, “Thank you.” Mutsuki touches his face with the hand that he touched Yocteau. While his right eye bleeds blood, he mutters, “Sleep deep within me.. fragile and kind, but my one and only brother” Then, back at the building, Anis mutters, “Mutsuki.. Gray Rose..” Yakoh asks if she is alright and she shouldn’t force herself if she isn’t. Anis says that she is okay. “Thank you, it’s really fortunate that we have your power to help--” They were surprised when someone comes out towards them. It is Schwartz who says, “ have come, Anis..” Anis looks surprised at her father. Waving and using his power on Yakoh, Schwartz says, “ can go back.” To Anis’ surprise, Yakoh disappears. She exclaims what he did to him. Schwartz says that his duty is already over. “And, I want the two of us to be alone, Anis.” Anis looks surprised over the silver rose petals flying all over the place. Then, she sees a silver rose on her father’s chest as his coat flies away. With wide eyes, Anis asks, “How can it be? Could it be.. papa, you’re the Fake Silver Rose..”
Scans by AMH字幕組.

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