November 28, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapters 88-91]

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The next morning, Yuuga yawns really loudly that Towako comments if he is still very tried. She tells him that she has already worn her uniform. Putting his head on hers, Yuuga says yes, for last night he worked quite hard. This made Towako blush. She says that she already told him that she doesn’t want anymore. Yuuga replies that in the end, she still went along with him. Blushing Towako couldn’t answer back. She thinks that yesterday she was obviously furious at Yuuga who is always worried about Rina and she was held captive by Yuuga [using lovey dovey] but.. She touches his face and says that he has moustache stubble. He tells her that he forgot to shave it and stop touching it because it is ticklish. She kisses him on the cheek and says that it is quite prickly. Yuuga says then, let’s do this. He kisses her on the lips. As they hold each other and kiss, Towako has decided to believe in this kindness. After the kiss, Towako kisses his cheek again and tells him not to let his moustache grow. After thinking a while, Yuuga asks if she hates guys with a moustache. Towako says that it isn’t so because her father has one and he looks quite manly with it. Yuuga asks if she means that he doesn’t suit to have a moustache. After imagining how he would look like with it, Towako holds up a razor and insists that Yuuga shave that stubble off because she opposes over Yuuga looking like some dirty old man, like some singer-dancer with sunglasses, or like Mona Lisa with a mask. Aghast Yuuga says that he knows already so be careful with that razor. While carrying both a razor and an electric razor, Towako exclaims that Yuuga’s current face is already the best. Yuuga looks surprised and says, what, that is... Towako who is now holding a pair of tweezers is surprised by Yuuga’s reaction especially since he looked flustered and displeased. She tries to call out to him but Yuuga is already walking away. He tells her that it is nothing for from the start, he knew that she just chose him to be her marriage partner from a photograph. Towako is puzzled when Yuuga exclaims that right now, there is no need to emphasis that point again. In school, pouting Towako thinks that she should be the one who is angry and yet it was Yuuga who suddenly became angry. “Yes, I like Yuuga’s face! So, what’s wrong with that?! *remembers Rina saying that Yuuga is a guy who chooses based on appearance* Relatively, Yuuga also hates people who judge him based on his appearance. Since on the first time we met, he said that girls only look at the appearance. It is possible that those two are intertwined [/had a misunderstanding] because of that. If it is true—then, Rina won’t have to do that thing.. *remembers Rina wanting revenge* But, what am I to do.. But first, I must know the main cause.” Himeno passes by Towako at the corridor and asks her what she is thinking. Towako looks at him and exclaims that there is something she wants to talk with him.

Outside of school, Yuuga gets a message from Towako telling him that she will be buying something with Himeno so he should go home first. Yuuga asks what is with that when he wanted to apologize to her. Then, smiling Rina appears and asks him if he is going home. In an empty classroom, Towako asks Himeno about the reason why those two broke up. Himeno teases her that didn’t she told him before that she will wait for Yuuga to tell her. Towako protests that it seems Yuuga is always concerned about Rina and if there is some sort of misunderstanding, she would want the two of them to settle it out. To her surprise, Himeno tells her that it is because of him. He explains that Yuuga starts to become really bothered that the person he likes is Rina and it seems that Yuuga said some cruel things to Rina. “But, I won’t be a bit happy about that. If the other party is Yuuga, I can accept it.. But, if he hurts Rina again this time, I absolutely won’t forgive him!” Towako realizes that Himeno still likes Rina. Looking determined, Towako says, “Himeno-kun, Rina-chan still doesn’t know that the reason for the break up is you, right? *Himeno says yes.* Then, tell everything, all of it to Rina-chan! *holds his hands; Himeno tries to protest* Rina-chan always thought that it is because of some problem with her that is why she was dumped, and Yuuga is always feeling guilty about it. The one who can save those two is only you, Himeno-kun!” Himeno’s eyes sparkle for the only one who can save them is him. Blushing Himeno says, “..ah, but.. but that means, I would have to confess to Rina, right? *runs away* Ah! Let me think about it--!!” Towako sweatdrops over how fast Himeno ran away. Towako wonders what now, what can she do for Yuuga and Rina, because if she can’t resolve that misunderstanding.. She thinks that she can tell Rina about it but it would seem wrong if she say it first than Himeno. To Towako’s surprise, sparkling Ritsuki appears and says that it seems that she has some trouble, so does she want him to help her. Quickly moving away from him, Towako exclaims that she doesn’t need his help. Ritsuki asks is that so, for that girl [Rina] is going to come and become an obstruction. Towako is surprised. She exclaims what he meant by that, and could it be that he and Kyousuke are behind this. Towako shouts what are they up to this time around, and are they using Rina. Ritsuki asks if she wants to know. Towako thinks that there must be some plot, and if it is true, Yuuga is in danger right now. Towako tries to go out of the room but Ritsuki stops her from getting out by holding the door. He asks her, “You want to save that guy, right? Then.. don’t run away from my side!!” Towako looks flustered by this.
Rina says, “Hey, about that, Yuuga-kun. That ‘Ugly Duckling’, which is fundamentally, a very beautiful swan story. What does it think knowing that it is truly a swan? It isn’t its fault that it is a bit ugly, and everyone bullied it. But, after becoming beautiful, everyone would praise it. Isn’t it quite unfair? Based on that, am I the only one who thought that way?” In a clinic, Yuuga is strapped down on the bed. Yuuga angrily asks what’s the meaning of this, and what is Rina doing. Standing with the plastic surgeon, Rina giggles and says, “Do not be nervous ♡ I’m just going to make you experience the feeling of an ugly duckling ♡” This shocks Yuuga. Meanwhile, Towako is tense over what Ritsuki is thinking for him to say that she is not to run away from him. Then, Ritsuki angrily pinches Towako’s face and says that it is because of this that is why he is angry, she always looked very afraid whenever she sees him. Towako protests that it is because he had imprisoned her. Ritsuki exclaims for her not to mention that for it is already in the past. Towako sweatdrops and says, what.. Ritsuki says that didn’t he already apologize for it. Towako doesn’t look quite convinced. Ritsuki says that with that kind of attitude, she didn’t even think about his feelings [for her]. Towako is surprised when Ritsuki looks flustered. She wonders what’s with that reaction, as if she is the one who’s at fault. She says, “Compare to that, you should first tell me what Rina-chan is up to!” Flustered Ritsuki angrily exclaims, “Compared to that?!” Ritsuki pouts over it and says, “Okay, let’s touch a bit, if you don’t hate it, then I will tell you what that girl is thinking!” Towako protests that this, and that are two different things. Pouting, Ritsuki says that if she doesn’t want to, he won’t let her leave this place. Wondering what’s up with this person, Towako comments that he is like a small child. Holding up her pointing finger to him, Towako says that she would only let him touch her finger. Ritsuki asks finger? Wondering if Ritsuki is angry, Towako says yes. Doggie Ritsuki says, “What, are you treating me for a fool? How can that be okay. I’m not one bit happy. *wagging tail* not one bit.”
Starting to withdraw her finger, Towako says okay. Ritsuki quickly grabs her finger, and then holds her hand. Towako remembers his love confession. Towako looks flustered and sad. She takes off her other fingers and just let him hold a finger. She says, “..Ritsuki. I cannot answer your feelings..I’m sorry. Let me go to Yuuga’s side.” Ritsuki looks sad as Towako takes her finger from him. She apologizes and starts to go out of the room. Looking away, Ritsuki tells her that girl has come to see Yuuga today. Towako turns to him and asks why Rina would go see Yuuga. Still looking away, Ritsuki says that he isn’t really sure but it seems she had kidnapped Yuuga. Towako tells him that he should have said so early on..but she stops midway for Ritsuki is telling her even if he is an ‘enemy’. Towako thanks him. Ritsuki says that she is very troublesome, and if she doesn’t hurry, Yuuga’s face will change. Towako thinks of sparkling Yuuga’s face and wonders what Ritsuki meant. She runs off, leaving dejected Ritsuki behind. At the doctor’s clinic, Yuuga is holding a mirror to his face and exclaims what the heck this is. “Who is this!? Is it me!? Is it really me!? *aghast* What trick did you put in the mirror!?” Rina asks what it felt for him, who is always the swan to suddenly become the ugly duckling. Yuuga asks her what she did this. Rina says that it is revenge and why don’t he test it with that kind of face. “People’s attitude would have a huge change. There is nothing more wretched and miserable than this. This is how it has been with me in the past. When Towako sees this, she will also definitely leave you! *Yuuga remembers Towako saying that the current Yuuga look is the best* For Yuuga’s appearance to change, it will definitely be a blow to her. *comment pricks Yuuga* And she will ruthlessly dump you. *comment stabs Yuuga*” Yuuga starts to become nervous and imagines Towako having a tantrum over this. Yuuga tells Rina that Towako will definitely hate this face, and she will definitely be shock by this. “But, she will not leave me just because of this. She isn’t that kind of person who only looks at the outward appearance and be indifferent to what’s inside. *Rina looks surprised* But, this is still quite troublesome! How am I going to go in the house? *sweatdrop* It will also affect my life.” Flustered, Rina says, “What, but I.. even if it is like this, quickly call her here--”
On cue, Towako, together with Tsubaki, comes in and shouts for Yuuga. Rina is surprised and asks how they knew where they are. Tsubaki says that they have investigated it. Yuuga is really tense when Towako keeps on calling out to Yuuga, as to where he is. Towako grabs Rina and asks her where she is hiding Yuuga. Pointing to the guy at the side, Rina tells her that is Yuuga. Towako is shock to see a guy with slit eyes, fat nose and thick fish lips. Yuuga is shock when Towako exclaims who this is. Rina says who, of course, it is Yuuga. Tsubaki affirms it by saying that he is wearing the same clothes as Yuuga. Towako couldn’t believe that this ugly guy is her sparkling perfectly beautiful Yuuga. Yuuga calls out her name and Towako starts to cry for with that kind of face, it is totally still that same sexy voice. Trembling, Towako asks what’s going on, how it became like this, is this for real. Somewhat tense, Rina says, “See, it is like that! She also only looks at Yuuga’s face. Idiot! Everyone chooses people based on appearance. Do you understand, Yuuga-kun!? Just on appearance, you will feel the pain of being rejected by others--” This surprise Towako then she starts trembling in anger. She asks if it is only because of Rina’s own reason that she did this to Yuuga. Going in medusa mode, Towako angrily shouts that she cannot forgive her. Rina looks tense-surprised while Yuuga thinks that it [medusa mode] has appeared. Towako shouts if Rina knows what she is doing. “That is Yuuga’s face. That is a face that is close related to this manga! If it wasn’t for that face, then this manga wouldn’t have existed! Do you understand!” Yuuga looks shock by this. Rina answers back, “You..what are you talking about! You really put importance to that face! How disappointing! Yuuga-kun is already like that, so simply break up with him!” Yuuga is shock again. Gesturing to Yuuga, Towako exclaims, “What are you talking about, it’s impossible for us to break up! Even if he is like this, he is also still my husband!” Yuuga blushes over this and Rina is stunned by that answer. Touched Yuuga calls out Towako’s name but his happiness is short-lived when Towako holds his face and exclaims, “Yuuga! Let’s go back home, and think of a way to restore your face! There is definitely a way, relax.” Yuuga angrily shouts that she is still concerned about the face. Rina looks really flustered by this. After they left, the doctor comes out and asks where Yuuga is. Rina says that he already left. Holding a bottle, the doctor says that it wasn’t thoroughly finished yet, and that special make-up would last only for a day.
On the street, Towako tearfully asks Tsubaki if they can return Yuuga’s face back to normal. Tsubaki says that it is hard to say for even if it is plastic surgery, it is hard to perfectly return it to what it was. Hugging Yuuga, Towako cries and says that she doesn’t want that, Yuuga has to change back. Aghast Yuuga tells her, hey you.. The phone starts to ring, and Rina answers her cellphone. Looking at the couple, Kyousuke says that Rina is really taking her time for wasn’t the couple’s relationship still the same as before. “You should know, right. If you were to fail again--” Rina looks tense. At the Gokurakuin residence, Tokiko holds Towako and angrily shouts to her as to who that guy is, is she having an extramarital affair, they won’t let him in. Towako calls out for Yuuga and for her father that it isn’t like that. Nobu is pushing Yuuga away. Later on, normal looking Yuuga finishes eating dinner. He brushes his teeth and says that he is going to take a bath. He stops then turns to look at Towako and Tokiko. She shouts that he felt uneasy with them always staring at him. The mother-daughter combo says that it is because compared to what he just looked like, Yuuga now looks quite captivating. They thank the Heavens for this bshounen [beautiful young guy]. Nobu looks aghast by this. Towako is really relieved for she was worried of the possibility that Yuuga won’t return to normal, but thankfully, it is just a special make-up. There is a scene of Towako lifting up the ugly ‘mask’ from Yuuga to reveal his true face inside. [<- Yuuga said it hurts when she did that so, they must have glued in on his face] Yuuga doesn’t look quite happy about this. He mutters that it is troublesome and they are a group who looks at outward appearance. He got angrier when the mother-daughter combo exclaims that he looks cuter if he is angry. Yuuga angrily left with a huff. Towako calls for Yuuga to wait. She bids her parents a good night. Then, Tokiko tells her husband that for Ritsuki to do such a method, they should be on their guard or else.. Outside the compound, heading for their own house, Towako calls for Yuuga to wait, and not to be difficult with, even if it is cute. She asks him if he didn’t feel that it is good that he is back to normal. Yuuga angrily says yes, and this time around, thanks to her, it is a problem of her always paying attention to his looks. He exclaims if he always has that kind of [ugly] face, she would always be hostile with him. This displeases Towako.
She asks if he really thinks that way. To Yuuga’s shock, Towako calls him an idiot. Towako admits that it is her bad for always mentioning about his face but, his face is her ideal, that she doesn’t want it to have any changes. Blushing Yuuga couldn’t refute that. Towako says, “But I’ve also said, right? You and I won’t part, and I also won’t stop being faithful to you. I’ve already promised this, I will stay by your side throughout my life. *the two looks flustered at each other* If your face is always like that [ugly], I will make you go have plastic surgery!” Yuuga gets angry then he blushes a bit. He pulls her obi [belt]. She tells him to stop for it will loosen, and why he is taking the obi’s ‘pad’. Then, Yuuga blindfolds her. Yuuga asks if she cannot see anything. Towako says of course, she cannot see anything, and what is he up to.. Yuuga kisses her. This made Towako blush for it was sudden. Yuuga says that it is very good that she can’t see anything. She asks again what he is up to. Leaning close to her, Yuuga says, “Like this, it has nothing to do with the face, right? Even if you cannot see, I will satisfy you like before!” This surprises blushing Towako. She tries to tell him to wait but then, she has no way of refusing him. She then felt Yuuga’s touch. She thinks, “Even if I can’t see, I also know, these fingers that are touching me. The interval between kisses, *groans* Bulging shoulders, rubbing against my legs. All of it.. *partially sees Yuuga from her blindfold* is this person’s, my most beloved one. Geez, Yuuga! *hugs him* I absolutely cannot part away from you--..” Afterwards, Yuuga asks out loud why Rina didn’t give him a plastic surgery and an average person won’t do this kind of method and pass it off as a joke. “If she really hated me, in that kind of situation, she totally could have gotten me a plastic surgery. Towako says that Ritsuki and others could have threatened Rina. Yuuga exclaims if Ritsuki is related, then Towako had talked with Ritsuki. Towako asks him what’s with that, he also talked with Rina. Yuuga is flustered over those guys getting Rina involved in this. Towako calls out to him. Yuuga asks what is it, and why she didn’t tell him earlier. She tells him to go see Rina. This surprises Yuuga. Towako exclaims that even if she really doesn’t want to, but she believes in him. “Don’t you have something to tell her!! But, bring along an escort! We don’t know what she might do to you again!” Yuuga smiles over this and hugs her. “Thank you! Let’s do it again!” With lots of hearts, Towako thinks that for Yuuga not to have that kind of expression again, she’ll--
At a restaurant, Rina looks at an email from Yuuga asking if they can meet today at 17 o’ clock. Then, she remembers Kyousuke giving her four tablets in a blister pack which she is going to put in Yuuga’s food/drink. Flashback: Rina asked what that medicine is but Kyousuke told her that it is just some medicine and she doesn’t need to know too much. “Don’t worry, no one will follow [/implicate] you. That is..if you fail again, I’m going to give your old pictures to your current friends.” End flashback. Rina is startled when Yuuga calls out her name. Yuuga apologizes for making her wait long. Then, they quietly sit beside each other. Then, Yuuga says, “I’m sorry. *Rina is surprised that she says, huh.* Even if I apologize right now, it is also too late. But I..” Rina stands up and exclaims what that means. “Why are you apologizing to me!? I did that to you..” Yuuga says that so, it is because he.. Flustered Rina shouts for him to shut up. “Even if you apologize, it is of no use! It also won’t change that time.. those pained feelings of mine!” Bows to her, Yuuga says, “Yes! So, I’m sorry!” This surprises flustered Rina. While the other customers are wondering out loud what’s going on. Rina is trying to ask Yuuga what he is doing. Yuuga looks up to her and says, “But, there is something I want to say! It seems that you’ve always had misunderstood about something.. I felt that the you during junior high, regardless of inside [character] or outside appearance, everything is very cute!” This surprises Rina. She clenches her first and says, “Wh..what! This..this words.. I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely do not believe it! *dizzy, blushing and in totally denial* Fe..feel..feels that I’m..a cuuuute person, that is impossible..” While Yuuga seems to be a bit of a loss over Rina’s reaction, Himeno arrives in full groom outfit with a huge flower bouquet. =P He shouts, “Rina!” This surprises the two that they ask out loud how Himeno knew that they are there and what’s with that preposterous outfit. Himeno exclaims, “Rina! I..I.. from the time we were in junior high, *Rina blushes really red* I’ve always, always, always.. *holds bouquet to her* really like you, Rina!!!” This is totally too much for Rina to take and believe, that she faints. While the two guys fuss over her, Towako hopes that Yuuga and the others will settle their problem, and she— At Yachiougi residence, a maid asks Towako what business does she have with this house. Formally dressed up, Towako says that she wants to see Kyousuke.
Outside the street, Himeno calls out for Rina to wait, and why is she angry. “I’m sorry for suddenly saying that to you but I’m serious about it! Because during junior high, you were Yuuga’s girlfriend that I couldn’t say it. I’ve always, always..” Rina shouts that he is annoying. “What’s up with that! Since a while ago, you’re like that! Being in front of so many people, it’s embarrassing to death! Even if you look handsome in that. For you to be like this, you and Yuuga are only deceiving me! I absolutely, absolutely, absolutely do not believe you! *in total denial* It’s impossible for someone to like a person like me!” Himeno says, “Making you think that way, is all Yuuga’s fault. But, it is also my fault. *Rina asks what* I know! I only have to say the things that I like about you, then you’ll believe me! First of all- your smile is really cute. *Rina tells him to wait for a lot of people are watching* You are very considerate and agile. To people who were defeated [/failed], you won’t criticize but on contrary, you would encourage them. Ah, but if you were the one who made the mistake, you will be depressed for around two days. During cleaning time before, because you are striving too hard, you spilled the water all over the place. You were very gloomy over it but afterwards, you still strive hard to do your best in cleaning things up.” Sweatdropping Rina angrily shouts for him to wait for that is her awkward incident and is he treating her like a fool. This made Himeno sweatdrop and asks is that so. “But, those are the things that I like about you.” Rina remembers Himeno says that it is okay for him to help her clean up even if she told him that he doesn’t need to help her for this is her problem. Himeno continues, “And also, you unexpectedly eager to excel. And very righteous. Strong compared to what I’ve imagined.” Rina turns around and tells him stop talking. Himeno protests that there are still a lot of things and he can tell her a hundred reasons. Rina says, “Don’t say anymore! I already know. *blushing really red* Thank you.” This made Himeno blushes. He then asks for her email address and he will give his email to her. From the corner, Yuuga smiles over the two as they walk away.
Narration: “—Yuuga. Don’t always criticize yourself-- for blaming oneself isn’t good. The one who forced Rina-chan to do this kind of thing-- is this person.” Kyousuke arrives to where Towako is waiting for him. Towako takes out a bank passbook and signature seal from her purse. She tells him that she came to negotiate using two trillion yen in exchange. “This is all of the fixed assets and money that I have which are deposited in this account. This is all the things that I can give you.. This will already cut down in half the Gokurakuin’s economic strength. The other half belongs to her parents. Didn’t you want to control the whole economy! Then, don’t play with irrelevant people’s hearts.” Pointing at the bank passbook, Kyousuke says that she still doesn’t understand what he means. “To agitate the economy, it isn’t only with money. There is also connections and background. So what I’m saying is-- what we want is the ‘name’ of the Gokurakuin family. Irrelevant? My target is only those people who have a relation to the Gokurakuin family! If [you] do not want [them] to be attacked [by us], submissively give us the Gokurakuin name and we would let them off!” Towako looks surprised for he wants her to just yield to him before he let the others off. She remembers her parents. Kyousuke asks her what now, currently, she can still.. Seething in anger, Towako mutters that he is really an idiot who doesn’t understand feelings. While Kyousuke sweatdrops over being called an idiot, Towako exclaims, “Yes! You are a super huge idiot! *stands up* Ah! This is totally infuriating! Negotiating with a person like you is really of minimal value! I’m going home!” Kyousuke asks if she can have that kind of attitude when she will be heading to ruin. Glaring at him, Towako says, “..Bring it on. It is as if you can change the country. But, you cannot make each and every person to listen to you. A person cannot be coerced using one’s name, and it is through the use of heart to move one’s feelings. You want to ruin us? You also belittle us too much! I’m going! Goodbye!” Kyousuke continues to sit still before Ritsuki, who is listening from behind the room, burst into laughter. Ritsuki exclaims that girl is amazing for she is quite aggressive [/arrogant] even in this kind of situation. “She even called you an idiot. Ha..amazing! No wonder it’s Towako!”
Kyousuke tells him not to laugh. Ritsuki stops but still wants to say something. Kyousuke says that it is absurd to use the heart to move feelings. “Right, Ritsuki. We live in order to actualize that plan. *Ritsuki glances at him* Gokurakuin Towako.. *grits teeth in anger* I’ll let you know how terrifying [/great] I am!” In their room, Yuuga is surprised over a box of yatsuhashi [Japanese confectionery], cake, dried tofu, cake, tea and Japanese doll. Towako happily tells him that those are souvenirs. Yuuga asks if she went to Kyoto. Holding a yatsuhashi, Yuuga comments that it is black [made from black bean powder. Source: wiki.] Yuuga tastes it and says that it is delicious. Towako asks if he reconciled with Rina. Yuuga says that he did. He smiles and tells her, “It is already alright. Thank you.” Towako is a bit relieved but still worried that Kyousuke is targeting anyone who is related to her family, and if she doesn’t want them to be attacked.. Towako tells Yuuga, “Yuuga, I’m a person of ‘Gokurakuin’. You and I are not in one [same] world.” Yuuga gets angry and says what she is talking about. “Did you forget? *twirls his finger on her forehead* Did you forget how we met? Have you forgotten how much I resisted at that time!? *Towako apologizes and says that it hurts* But.. *thinking* if it isn’t because of ‘Gokurakuin’, we wouldn’t have married right now.” Towako angrily exclaims what he meant by that. Yuuga says that if there is no Gokurakuin family rule, they wouldn’t have married so early. “But, no matter what is your surname, it is the same. *holds her hand and points to her wedding ring* In the end, it will become like this.” Yuuga smiles at her and she thinks, “If I am simply me and Yuuga is simply Yuuga, we will definitely--” Towako happily hugs him that Yuuga asks what it is, since it is quite sudden. Towako says that it is nothing. Narration: “[I/we] won’t lose. [I/we] definitely can stand up and go forward. No matter what happens--” The next day, Tsubaki wakes up Towako and Yuuga by exclaiming that something bad has happened. Towako asks Tsubaki what it is. Tsubaki tells her that she just heard news from the main house that ‘All of Gokurakuin’s house has been mortgaged’ so that means, right now, they must quickly evacuate the premises. The couple is surprised by this.
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.