October 28, 2011

Vampire Knight [Chapter 76]

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Senri asks smiling Takuma if he is going to give that blister pack of pills to him. Takuma says yes, and he also drank it already. He comments that the taste is quite good and didn’t Senri complain before that the pills didn’t taste good. Senri says ya, and if Takuma is going to give it to him. Just when he is about to get it, Takuma holds up the blister pack. Senri angrily asks what’s up with him. He notices that Takuma is trembling. Takuma tells Senri that it is dangerous. While stopping himself from giving it to Senri, Takuma leaves and says that it is dangerous so don’t get close to him. Senri laments that Takuma is acting weird since yesterday since Takuma would want to give him the pills then later on, he would say no. Senri mentions this to Rima and he thinks that Sara is controlling half of Takuma’s consciousness. Rima asks if Takuma didn’t tell him about wanting to help someone in spying, that is why he is staying with Sara. Senri says, ah [/ya]. Rima takes out a blister pack and asks Senri if that is the pills he is talking about. She tells him that she got it from her roommate. Senri says that it is the same one. To her surprise, Senri pops the pills into his mouth. He comments that the taste is indeed good but what is that taste. Rima laments over how Senri tends to be negligent over himself just because he is a vampire. He thanks her for the concern. Kaito returns to the association. Yagari asks him about those two [Y&Z] Kaito says, who knows, what now but it’s really fickle, if those two’s relationship is good, then their feelings can be taken advantage of. Yagari says that this is in case, something happens, and Yuuki can become an insurance since she listens [to them]. Scarred hunter says that it will be good if Yuuki can pull into their side since she is a pureblood who can use a hunter weapon without hindrance..though they don’t know why. Their conversation is interrupted when the door opens. It is Kaien carrying unconscious Toma on his shoulder. While everyone is looking at him, Kaien sheepishly says that he is back though he brought back a pureblood souvenir. Yagari just looks serious at him. In the school, Yuuki is thinking of Zero who told her that she is called by the association head. Maria passes by to Yuuki to comment that Zero’s complexion doesn’t look good from before, and even more, now. She says that it will be nice if she can help [Zero]. Yuuki just looks at Maria. Then, Sara comes in the classroom. Yuuki notices that most of the other vampires are bowing to her and calling her ‘Sara-sama’. Sara asks her what’s with Yuuki’s expression of ‘something strange is going on’. Rima worriedly looks at Senri.

Later on, probably after school, Hanabusa puts the bottle of pills on the floor together with a blister pack of the pills. He tells Yuuki, Senri and Rima that Kain told him to investigate it, and it seems that the ones in the blister pack and in the bottle are the same pills. Yuuki tells them that Takuma told her about the new pills and she thinks that he is referring to these ones, which Sara asked to change. Yuuki tells Hanabusa to tell him the results of his investigation over the pills. And, base on the results, they would need a report, even if the unwillingly, with the association.. Back at the association, Yagari is reprimanding Kaien as to what he is doing to bring back that pureblood. Kaien says that he cannot just wait and let him die, and this is the safest place for him to escape from Kaname. Kaien says that Kaname also mentioned about Sara so whether it is true or not, he wants to tell Sara to protect herself. Yagari calls him an idiot and punches him. Kaien asks what it is. Yagari says that he cannot endure it anymore and is he sincere with what he is saying. Grabbing Kaien’s collar, Yagari tells him that it is okay for him to just leave it without a care and let those vampires kill each other. Kaien asks if he is holding a grudge regarding the past incident. Yagari says that isn’t the problem here, for if pureblood has that ‘intention’, does he know what they are capable of. They can become a tyrant of not only vampires but also all of humans. Some people are walking around together and Sara is watching out from a window. Then, Yuuki gets the results from Hanabusa, then she drops the envelope that has the pills. Zero passes by the building outside and finds Senri taking out a pill from the blister pack. Since Zero is staring at him, Senri asks Zero what it is. Zero just asks about the dorm head. Senri says who knows for he didn’t see her during break time. Zero looks up and notices the other vampires holding the blister pack of pills. Outside the building, Zero tells Yuuki that she is called by the association head so why isn’t she paying attention. Yuuki says that she has important things to attend to. Zero says that he is going to pass a message from Kaname that was left to the association head. ‘Ouri and Hanadagi had fallen into my hand, and the next one is Sara.’ Yuuki mutters that she had enough of keeping up[?] with that person’s willfulness. Scowling, she asks if that is what Kaname want her to think. Yuuki thanks Zero for passing the word to her. At least [she] knowing about her situation and Kaname has still not forgotten [and] perhaps, she is his chess piece. So, from today on, if she’s a chess piece, then she’ll be one..doing whatever she wishes to do from that place he has set up for her. And, in Kaname’s hand, she’ll go one step, two steps or three steps wherever, and afterwards, she will be able to see him again. Just when Yuuki is walking away, Zero grabs her arm. =P This made Yuuki look at him in surprise [or in pain/about to cry] before forcing a smile and asking him, what it is. Zero lets her go.
Kaname remembers Yuuki telling him about her desire to start all over again. Dream: Rido is holding Yuuki while covering her eyes. He tells Kaname that in the end, she is a flower that bloomed only for him but one day, it will be engulfed and wither away. He asks if it is okay for him to do this. Rido kills dream Yuuki. Kaname says that Rido really barely gathered up the filthy pieces of his [Kaname] existence. Kaname tells Rido that he knows, so do not ask the same question again for Rido is him [Kaname]. Rido seems to smile and disappears. Kaname holds the dress then bends down to lick [/kiss] dream Yuuki’s blood on the floor. End Dream. Lying on the sofa, Kaname is awakened by Seiren who tells him that she woke him up because it seems that he is having a bad dream. She tells him that there are still a lot of things, that should be done, are waiting for him afterwards. At school, Yuuki informs Sara about the research that Hanabusa did regarding the new blood pills, and something that shouldn’t be added, is in it..some cultivated pureblood type of blood. Sara says ya, and it increased the children who like it [pills]. Then, it seems that there is a noise inside a cabinet, made by a woman inside. Yuuki asks whose it is since it isn’t hers. To Yuuki’ susprise, Sara admits that it is hers. Yuuki reminds Sara how dangerous the blood that flows in their body. To her surprise again, Takuma stands in front of Yuuki to shield Sara and not let Yuuki get near her. Sara tells her that born with this blood that gives power, don’t she think that there is no difference with not using it to one’s advantage and just allowing it to dry up. She asks Yuuki can’t she use it for her own, since she is not letting others take advantage of using it. Clutching the blister pack, Yuuki says that is right, she cannot allow that. Pureblood does according to one’s own wish, and forcing the others to act towards an undesired outcome, she will stop her [Sara]. Then, there is a scene of Hanadagi’s servant who seems to be drugged [<- I think she is the one in the cabinet] What Yuuki said made Sara laugh. Sara asks if Yuuki is talking about Kaname. She also asks Yuuki what she will do if she knew everything.
Scans by 玖玖爱枢汉化.

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