November 22, 2011

The One [Chapter 83]

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Inside the house, the landlord says that it is good that she came for he didn’t know what to do with that stuff. To Lele’s surprise, he admits that if it weren’t for his grandfather’s request, he would have already thrown those things into the garbage can. Taking the box, the landlord says that his grandfather treated those three [mother and twins] really well. Then, to Lele’s irritation, the landlord asks for proof that she is the twins’ friend since he cannot just hand it out to anyone. Showing the landlord a picture of her and sleeping Eros holding hands in bed in her cellphone, Lele exclaims that she is Eros’ fiancee. =P To her surprise, the landlord says that he changes his mind. It turns out that the landlord has a grudge with the twins because they were always the center of attraction of his grandfather and female neighbors. To Lele’s shock, the landlord wants her to sleep with him for one night, in exchange for the stuff that Eros’ mother had left, and after all, he kept it all these years. He calls it as something that the twins ‘owes’ him. Luckily, Eros came. He calls the landlord, Joe and says that if he ‘ate’ Lele, he would get indigestion. He says that he will take his mother’s stuff himself and sorry about the ‘owe’ before, which he doesn’t remember. Lele quickly punches Joe and hides behind Eros, calling Joe, a pervert. Joe got angry of being accused as a pervert. He starts saying that Lele shouldn’t pretend and she should be honored that he is interested in her. He accuses Lele of doing some dirty stuff in order to go on the world stage since she is just some smalltime oriental model. Since she is fooling around with the twins, he knew that she isn’t serious about that stuff [slepping together]. This surprises Lele but she asks him what he is talking about. The landlord tells her to not to act that she doesn’t know anything regarding Angus’s rotten reputation within the modeling world, and lately, he is in a relationship with some shipping king, which is shameful and disgusting. To the two’s surprise, Joe says that her ‘low-profile, mysterious, talented’ director fiance, tried to seduce someone’s husband at the age of 14. He says that Miranda is really pitiful for taking Eros in because he betrayed her. Even if not many people knew about it, the news had reached him. Joe comments that the brothers are really ‘talented’.

Then, Joe starts to talk about Gloria that if she only have half of the twins’ strength then she wouldn’t have become poor after being abandoned by that guy, she fooled around with. Then, at such a young age, she is admitted to that mental hospital and in the end, committed suicide. Joe snorts and says that Gloria is a filthy, miserable, stupid woman. Joe freaks out when Eros grabs his collar. Eros sarcastically tells him that he is overwhelmed by the ‘concern’ Joe has for his family. He has been wondering what this thing that he ‘owes’ Joe and finally he realizes what it is this. To Joe’s surprise, Eros punches him. Then, Eros takes the box and pulls Lele to go with him. Lele is nervous because Eros is furious and definitely, it was Leo who told him about it. In the apartment, Eros throws Lele into the sofa and angrily shouts why she is meddling and who told her to do that. To his surprise, Lele takes the box and tells him to open and look inside. She asks him why he didn’t treasure it when it is the only things remaining for him to reminiscence his mother. She says that he obviously misses his mother that he would call her in his sleep. She asks again why he would give up on these important things. Flustered, Eros denies it by saying who said he considers those things important since that mother doesn’t recognize him as her son, because she ran away from pain, and had become crazy. He exclaims that he has been abandoned earlier on, within her memory, just like that guy whom he should call ‘father’. “So, why should I reminisce, a mother like that?” Eros slaps away the box and its contents spill on the floor. Lele is surprised by this. As Eros left with a huff, Lele starts to pick up the things, starting with a framed painting of Gloria. Lele recognizes it as the one that Stanley painted. Noticing the blood stains that cannot be wiped off from the painting, Lele thinks that Gloria is really beautiful..why..
Then, the back cover of the picture frame loosens. To Lele’s surprise there is a letter falling out of it. She reads the letter and looks surprised. In the bedroom, Eros is sitting on the floor and puffing a cigarette. Holding the letter to him, Lele asks him if he is really such a coward, worried about being abandoned, and afraid of being forgotten. “Are you someone who really doesn’t have much self-confidence? That mother who loved you unconditionally, ever since you were born.. you suddenly do not have even a little bit of trust towards her! Seeing you like this.. she must be crying day and night in heaven! You didn’t even give her a bit of opportunity to explain and you just sealed up yourself to lick your wounds... the you being like this, is really such a selfish, pitiful idiot!! This.. is a letter hidden within the painting. It’s hers...written for you.” This surprise Eros, and he starts to read it: “Yin, my beloved child.. *writing letter* How long has it been, when I wasn’t able to properly look at you? *looks out the window* It has been a long time when my consciousness and my heart are filled with hatred and hopelessness! In order to escape from this pain, I chose to not hear anything, nor see anything. Just live in some dark corner.. *goes to the toilet and looks at herself on the mirror* But sadness won’t stop wearing me away! *touches face and takes a razor* Occasionally, I would wake up from the darkness~ But, I have realized that I have committed a scary mistake! I have let the hatred cover up my eyes, and I wasn’t able to see the one, who is always accompanying me, at my side, in spite of everything! *Young Eros walking his mother out.* I cannot forgive myself for this sin. *lying on the bed and puts the letter inside the picture frame of the picture* Sorry! I’m sorry! My child.. Mama really loves.. truly love you~ Please forgive me for not being able to prevail over my weakness! *takes razor blade and slits her wrist* My Yin.. *Flustered Eros is trembling and teary-eyed* My Yin.. please forgive me.. *dies on a blood-stained bed with the painting* Forgive me, and forget about me--!!” Eros’ tear falls on the letter. He crumples it and repeatedly asks ‘why’ and why she treated him like this. Crying Lele just watches him vent out his sadness.
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