November 14, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 53]

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Yukito deeply kisses Kotori. She thinks that something is going to happen. After the [French?] kiss, the two look at each other. Then, Yukito tells her not to entice him for he won’t be able to control himself. “Speaking of that, we are in school, but, you took the initiative to kiss me, and I’m quite happy about that.. *Kotori blushes* Ah, let’s hurry! The noon break will soon be over, right?” Kotori exclaims yes. With a ‘sure look’, Yukito smiles at her again. This made Kotori look surprised. Blushing, she touches her lips and thinks that just now..that is.. At some place in school, they are eating their bomb onigiri. Remembering the kiss, Kotori thinks that she couldn’t taste what she’s eating. While eating, Yukito is thinking about what now, should he still do it. “Deep kiss! The first one! Is this kind of feeling, huh? Should it be this kind of feeling? Even if it is like this, does it mean that right now, it is okay? If I do it accordingly.. maybe, there’s no need to wait for it after the end of the cultural festival. And, Kotori is quite proactive!” The two look at each other again. Then, Kotori looks away for it reminds her of that ‘sure look’ that Yukito has a while ago. She glances at him while he takes a bite. Then, she finds herself blushing really red. Yukito touches her lower lip and says that there is a rice grain there. He takes it up with his finger and eats it. This surprises and made Kotori blush. She thinks that is embarrassing to death, even if she doesn’t know why it is embarrassing to death. In the classroom, everyone is busy preparing some horror decors. Someone asks if it is too frightening for the customers. A guy says that it is a bit. Yukito then tells Abe that he is putting a board at the side. Kotori glances at him while he is working. She is puzzled over what’s going on because from a while ago, Yukito is glittering and sparkling. “Before, I always thought of him as ero [lewd] but then, for him to eat a rice grain, off my face is quite common in shoujo manga. What am I to do? I’m always feeling quite perplexed.” Blushing, she carelessly hits her finger, instead of the nail, with her hammer. After Kotori screamed ouch, Yukito tells her that in this situation, a guy should be doing this kind of thing. When he takes the hammer from her, their hands slightly touch and Kotori quickly pulls her hand away. This made Yukito ask what’s up. Flustered Kotori apologizes and says that she is just startled that he suddenly took it. Yukito tells her to forget it and give her the nails. She drops the nails on his open hand. Yukito tells her not to give it to him like that or else, it falls on the floor. Flustered Kotori apologizes.

While Yukito goes to hammer some nails, Kotori pouts and thinks that she has this strange feeling whenever they touch. Then, she finds herself staring at Yukito’s lips where he put the nails. She slaps her face and tells herself not to think too much about it. “The kiss a while ago felt very special, when did it become like that? How could he suddenly become very mature? *sparkling Yukito* Geez, it is so sudden.. ..I.. am put in such a difficult situation just because of that kiss and I’m not talking about H yet.. Isn’t that something much deeper than that kiss.. Would I be able to take that? Won’t Yukito be disappointed? Generally, I think he would be disappointed whether we do it or not. But..” Her thoughts are interrupted when Yukito asks her about getting something to eat on the way home because he is hungry. Feeling a bit tense about the possibility of being alone with him, Kotori hesitantly agrees. They were interrupted when Abe jumps on Yukito’s back and exclaims if he heard about it. Yukito angrily tells him to get off him. Abe squeals and says that he is scared that he couldn’t go to the toilet alone. Yukito shouts that is disgusting and get off him. Abe happily insists that he is scared. After getting off Yukito, Abe tells him that he is scared of a ghost. Yukito says that he must be just mistaken. While Kotori is thinking that the topic has changed, her other classmates confirm that they had heard and seen this ghost. Abe says that it is a ghost that has three horns and black wings. Kotori looks surprised by that. Abe continues to say that it is a ghost in a white yukata and her hairstyle is like of some arrogant girl. Another guy says that ghost is carrying something long and slender. Abe says that could be a tentacle used to suck blood. Aghast Kotori thinks that should it be a whip and it seems that this kind of situation is quite familiar [/has happened before]. Yukito asks them if there is really such a ghost. Harada exclaims that she has seen that ghost with her own eyes and surely, it is jealous of her maid outfit that is why it came out. “It must be some female student ghost who died during cultural festival!” Everyone sheepishly smiles over what Harada said. Then, something drops. It is a wood plank and it made everyone go back to work so that they can finish quickly [and go home]. Yukito comments that Kotori is so quiet about the ghost. Thinking that it is because that ghost is her, Kotori just lamely says ya. It turns out that Yukito is imagining Kotori being scared and asking him to hug her, and he would hug her and says that it cannot be helped. Blushing Yukito thinks that he’ll just forget about that, and go back to work. Kotori freaks out when Harada suddenly calls out to her. Giving her a key, Harada tells Kotori that she wants her to be the last one to lock up the room after they are done. “Then, bring that key to the faculty’s room. *Kotori tries to timidly protest* Since you are not afraid, it should be no problem for you, right? *smiles* Remember to close the windows, too! I’ll leave it up to you ♡” Kotori tries to call her back but Harada is already walking away. Then, Kotori is surprised to see Yukito talking together with Natsume. Pointing to the side, outside of the room, Yukito tells Natsume that they go there.
Outside, at the corner of the corridor, Natsume tells Yukito that color [of his hair] won’t do at all. “If you want to become like Hikaru, you have to dye it like this. *holds a magazine with a poster for Doki Memo* You should also properly research about it. I’m going to lend this to you so don’t get it dirty.” Yukito says that he thinks that his hair is fine since it is comparatively the same. Natsume darkly asks him if he wants to do it or not. “If you want to do it, then do it with all your best.” This made Yukito says that he wants to, of course, he does. Holding a bag, Natsume says that she brought this Doki Memo’s outfit. “Try it when you get home. If it doesn’t fit, tell me about it. The shoes and the bag are also inside.” This made Yukito comment that she really prepared it thoroughly and she really likes this game. Kotori looks at them from the corner and wonders what they are talking about. “But, they look very happy. Yukito can actually laugh like that? What was it like when he was with me..” Touching Yukito’s hair, Natsume tells him to also cut it a bit and let the corner fringes[/bangs] a bit longer. They were surprised when Kotori exclaims in surprise. Kotori timidly apologizes for interrupting their conversation, but she has something to tell Yukito. Pushing the bag to Yukito, Natsume says that she’ll leave everything to him. “I believe in you, so you better do your best, okay?” Natsume waves goodbye and leaves. Kotori apologizes to Yukito for it seems like she is eavesdropping on him. Yukito says no, he doesn’t mind it. “Ah~ in order for you not to misunderstand things, let me say something first.. There is nothing between me and Ibuki. I’m only lending some things from her..” Kotori asks is that so. Flustered Yukito says yes. Kotori gloomily says is that so, that’s good. Yukito wonders if it is still about Natsume that is why Kotori wanted to tell him something, and right now, she is having that gloomy expression. Kotori says, “About that.. I feel that.. I might not be able to have H with you, Yukito.. *surprised Yukito goes ‘huh’* I don’t have the confidence.. Today, that kiss.. I was quite shocked by it.. and I unexpectedly felt that you have become mature. Moreover, I saw you, together with Natsume, and it made me lose my self-confidence.. I have no way of naturally touching you.. only with that kiss, it makes me totally at a loss.. I thought that Yukito is more compatible with Natsume, someone who is mature like that..”
Tense Yukito says, “No.. Nononono.. Wait.. wait a minute. I object! That way, I’ll be very perplexed. *holding Kotori’s shoulder* You- are making some sort of mistake, right? You are quite strange like this. It is also because you don’t understand. *Kotori says that he is hurting her so he lets go* Ah! Sorry about that.. *blush* should I do it? I also do not know. It is like what happened just now. I’m not quite sure, how much strength to use.. Because you are so petite and delicate.. I also do not know how much strength I should use to hug you. Even if that is so, I still want to hug you, want to kiss you.. That.. *scratch head* Honestly speaking, I’m always thinking of how to make our relationship become better! And, worry, just like that kiss this noon, of whether or not, you’ll refuse it. I’m also quite distressed about it, and it is only because it concerns you. I also have not become mature.. with only just one look, one will know right? Then, you’re saying something that it would be better if it is with some mature girl, what’s up with that? It is because the other party is you, that is why I’m willing to do this. This little bit.. you should definitely understand it! *holding Kotori’s shoulders* You should understand me..” Kotori holds his hand and says, “..Yes. I’m sorry.. *smiles* Thank you..” They look at each other’s eyes. Kotori timidly tells him that until then, she might be a bit nervous and she doesn’t know if she can or cannot do it, but she will do her best. Clenching his fist, Yukito says that he will also do his best. Then, he hugs Kotori and thinks, “Ah-- she's so cute! See, I like this kind of frank and pure [/simple] type of cute. Remember that--” Kotori says that is too tight but Yukito pretends not to hear her. Soon, the two Kaji-s are smiling and laughing. Towards Natsume who is peeking at the two from the corner, someone suddenly says that it’s good that things went smoothly. Natsume turns around and says that it is Abe. Abe comments that like him, she is also worried about those two. Natsume didn’t answer because her expression suddenly looks aghast. Smiling Abe asks him what happened to her. He didn’t notice that there is a shadowy figure behind him who calls out, “Hey--”
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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