November 22, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 62]

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Chizuru asks Shouta if he knew that Ryu thinks of her that way. Shouta says no, he just felt that it is like that. He tells her that Ryu is very hard to understand for the people around them, except for Chizuru who is important to him, and he says what he felt to her. Chizuru admits that it is the same with her. Then, Sawako and Ayane arrive. It turns out that it was Shouta who informed them of Chizuru’s whereabouts. Shouta takes his leave and Sawako thanks him. After he left, Chizuru’s friends ask her why she is at the seaside when she is supposed to be sick. Chizuru confesses that she skipped school because she doesn’t want to see Ryu. Ayane asks if Ryu said something to her. Chizuru says no, but until yesterday, they were acting normally like before. Sawako says that it isn’t normally like before because Chizuru doesn’t want to see Ryu. Sawako thinks that because it [relationship] is very special, so it cannot be ‘just nothing’. Chizuru tearfully says that it cannot be just like before wherein she goes to his house to eat ramen, the two of them playing together, talking nonsense things, or go to the hatsumode together, for they can no longer be ‘sister-younger brother’ anymore. Ayane asks Chizuru if Ryu knows about what she is thinking. She says that he definitely does. Ayane insists if it is truly so, that Ryu understands what she is thinking, and she knows/understands everything that Ryu is thinking. Then, Chizuru thinks that she gradually realize that Ryu is growing taller than her..and at this stage, there are a lot of things that she doesn’t understand. Flashback: C[hizuru] mom is screaming her head off because Chizuru and Ryu are writing on the floor with marker pens. R[yu] mom arrived with a tray of onigiri. As the kids happily devour the onigiri, C mom apologized and said that she will compensate her but R mom said that there is no need, and if Chizuru marries into her family, she would be part of the family. R mom asked Chizuru about this, and said that she can eat lots of onigiri. Chizuru said yes, and happily greeted Tooru when he came home. Ryu continued to eat onigiri. =P

Soon, they are in the elementary. C mom happily commented that they have grown up. R mom said that it is good that they are in the same section. C mom exclaimed for her not to destroy things. Chizuru said yes, and later on, she wrecked a window after hitting a baseball into it. Then, someone bumped into Chizuru and she ended up with scrapped knees. She beat up the other kid. At home, C mom lamented over this and wondered how many times she would apologize for Chizuru. R mom said that she is quite energetic. C mom asked about Ryu. R mom said that he looked very happy. Ryu came home and started to eat onigiri. R mom asked him about school and Ryu replied that it is very interesting. R mom said that Ryu could have been misunderstood because everything is okay with him, and he doesn’t talk much. She didn’t know what he is thinking. The mothers were surprised when Chizuru suddenly shouted and said that Ryu isn’t like that. One day, during some school picnic, Ryu going to happily much on his onigiri when a girl bumped into him. The onigiri fell on the grass. The girl apologized when some airhead kid exclaimed about having a banana, and stepped on Ryu’s onigiri. Ryu is expressionless while the girl kept on apologizing to him. Ryu suddenly stood up and left. This made the girl cry that she apologized to Ryu and he wouldn’t listen, and she made Ryu angry. Chizuru explained that it isn’t like that. Ryu didn’t hear her apologize because Ryu was too shock that his favorite onigiri has been stepped on. Chizuru thought that Ryu isn’t angry, and she always thought that ‘he could have been more angry’ but his temperament is just really good. Chizuru made some sushi from Ryu’s side dishes. Ryu ate it and thanked her. She thought that he likes it. At home, while bringing her a glass of drink, R mom said that is true but it is good that Ryu has Chizuru who understands him.
In spring, Ryu is wearing a baseball uniform. Chizuru praised him that it suits him. Ryu says ya, and slightly blushes. Chizuru thought that he is very happy. After playing a baseball game, Ryu made a friend [I think that is Shouta]. Chizuru passed by and happily look at Ryu. Soon, it is tanabata festival. Chizuru asked him what he would write as his wish. He said to be good in playing baseball. When he asked about hers, Chizuru exclaimed that if it is said out loud, it won’t come true. This made Ryu froze =P Then, Tooru arrived and Chizuru happily went to him. Tooru asked what she wrote but she said that it is a secret. After they hanged up tanzaku, where they wrote their wishes, on a bamboo tree, Ryu looked up and saw that Chizuru’s wish is to marry Tooru. On the way home from school, Chizuru is happily telling Ryu how clever Tooru is that he split up the meat bun and bean bun so they can have half of each. Chizuru wanted to do this with Ryu but Ryu wanted to buy onigiri. =P Chizuru exclaimed that his mom makes the world’s best onigiri so they go home and eat that. Then, they passed by Tooru who came out of a convenient store. Just when Chizuru is going to greet him, Tooru’s girlfriend came out. Tooru split the buns with her and they held hands. Chizuru looked depressed so Ryu quickly grab her hand tight and they ran off. Chizuru tried to ask Ryu about splitting the buns and the way they held hands but he kept telling her not to talk about it. Then, Chizuru burst into tears. That day, they came home late and were fiercely reprimanded but.. R mom told them to eat first. While the two happily ate them, Chizuru thought that she is so hungry that she felt like crying and afterwards, she didn’t cry anymore. Soon, it is a snowy day. R mom shouted to Ryu that it is time to go to school, and praised Chizuru [for being there already]. R mom said that JR has stopped so there is no school for high school and Tooru went back to sleep. Chizuru complained about that. R mom said that it would be good if there is also no school for elementary, and even if she would want to send them off in a car, but her husband had already left. Totally covered, Ryu said that they are leaving. R mom called out to Chizuru and fixed her scarf. She said that is okay and laughed at how cute the two of them looked. Ryu complained over how difficult this is but R mom told him to bear with it. Outside the door, R mom told them not to run and upon their return, there are onigiri waiting for them. The two were holding hands. R mom exclaimed for Ryu to hold Chizuru tightly. As they look back to her, Ryu said okay. R mom happily waved them goodbye..and that is the last time Chizuru[/they] ever saw of her.
Scans by 君届同好会

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