November 28, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Chapter 66]

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Three Miyabigaoka idiots..I mean three childhood friends composed of siblings Kaon and Tomu [older], and glasses guy [一太郎 can be Ichitarou o Kazutarou so I’ll temporarily call him glasses guy until I know which is which from the English scanlation] try to befriend Usui by asking him his interests. Usui just yawns at them and didn’t answer. This infuriates Kaon. Later in the car, Kaon continues to vent her frustration with Usui’s lame reaction when they have to become his friends. For Tora, Usui is an important ‘guest’ and they have to be his friends for him to quickly blend in the school. They are doing this to get into the good graces of Tora as the heir of Igarashi. When Kaon asks of glasses guy’s opinion, he writes his answer as ‘what about it’. While Kaon fuss about this, glasses guy says that they have almost arrived. They enter the maid cafe to be greeted by Japan’s Taisho era costume clad waitresses. They ask each other if they got in the wrong place because it is suppose to be a maid cafe. Just when glasses guy is typing his answer, Kaon tells him that he can say it normally for that is too much of a hassle. Then, glasses guy starts talking nonstop about the maid cafe and about some days, they are dressed differently. Kaon slaps him to stop since she can’t take it anymore. It seems that they made glasses guy write his replies on the computer tablet because they can’t stand him when he talking nonstop ever since they were kids. Later on, Satsuki informs Misaki that those Miyabigaoka kids are asking for her but she can refuse if she doesn’t to. Misaki says no, for she won’t run away from this. Kaon starts to taunt Misaki about giving off a feeling as a ‘servant’. They tell her that they are asking what Usui is like because they want to be his friend. Misaki realizes that these are the ones on the phone before. Misaki tells them that as a servant, she cannot just recklessly say things casually and she will only tell them things that she is really sure of. “IN THIS PLACE, that mister is a gentleman with manners. An outstanding master.” Satsuki and Honoka are pleased with her answer. Kaon comments that it is a huge difference with what Misaki called Usui before ‘pervert space alien’ so is this how it is with this maid game. While Kaon tries to taunt her of being ashamed of doing this kind of maid thing, Misaki ignores her and just ask them what they would want for drinks and to eat since they have a special for today. Infuriated Kaon shouts if she isn’t listening. To her shock, her male companions have already ordered. They pacify her to try such things out occasionally even as Kaon protests that it won’t suit her taste. Tomu says that he also can’t stand it if this continues on, and for him, Usui is amazing to always play this kind of game. He must be patient and kind. Glasses guy asks if Usui likes Misaki that much. Tomu says that it is possible though it is actually pitiful for it could be that Usui doesn’t have friends that he can only go to that place. Kaon says that it cannot be helped that until now, Usui is staying in a place that doesn’t suit his status. She declares that they will properly become Usui’s friends and they will first help him celebrate his birthday. Speechless Misaki just lamely looks at them.

Kaon tells Misaki that she suggests that Misaki quit this job, or perhaps break up with Usui so that they won’t be doing this kind of thing. They were interrupted by Usui, wearing a navy uniform, that it will be very troublesome if they deprive him of his joy. The two guys wonder if the report is true that Usui is also working in that place since he is wearing a costume. Kaon is shock that rumor is true. Usui tells them that fundamentally, it a secret. Kaon asks if he isn’t ashamed of cosplay. Usui says that it is quite fun, and isn’t she ashamed for carrying around a huge teddy bear. This infuriates Kaon that she shouts that this is her father’s first gift and it is important for her. Tomu quickly puts his headphones on her to pacify Kaon’s outbursts with some anime music. Misaki nudges Usui about this that Usui apologizes. Tomu says that it is okay for it is mutual. Tomu says that he wants to ask again if it is serious. When puzzled Misaki is asking which is it, Usui says that seriously, cosplaying is fun. Misaki wonders if that was really the question. Usui says that since they don’t seem to believe him, how about they play a game. Soon, they are playing a maid based karuta game. [The basic idea of any karuta game is to be able to quickly determine which card out of an array of cards is required and then to grab the card before it is grabbed by an opponent. Source: Wiki] The cards are drawn by Ikuto. Of course, the Miyabigaoka guys are losing. As Kaon removes the headphones, Usui tells them that he isn’t there because this is the ‘only place’ but rather, this is a ‘very good place’. Misaki says, “Planning to simply become friends with Usui, is really quite reckless, Master-sama.” Irked Kaon says those are such arrogant words, and wait until she loses, before she say that. Later on, the Miyabigaoka trio lost the game. Kaon is irritated that the two guys have to rub it in what she said earlier. It seems that the siblings are in a toy company and Kaon hesitates to admit that she had fun. Then, they got a call from Maki. Soon, it is time to go and Satsuki happily thanks Usui. While getting ready to change clothes, Misaki says that she finds it unexpectedly for her to face off early with them. She comments that it seems that there are all sorts of people in Miyabigaoka. Usui asks if she was worried. Misaki admits that she is but now, she is somewhat at ease for she had also properly seen and talked with them. Usui blushes then suddenly gives Misaki a kiss. Usui says that she really said some cute words, was she totally unaware of it. Blushing Misaki tells him that she only said it in an ordinary way. Usui asks, really. Misaki asks what’s funny and say it if he has something he wants to say. Holding her hand, Usui says, “Aside from being with you, Ayuzawa, there is no other thing that is scheduled on my birthday. Relax, okay?” This made Misaki embarrassed that she exclaims why he is saying that all of a sudden. He teases her about being uneasy over preparing to celebrate his birthday but no worries, he plans to make only her as the one who’ll help him celebrate it. Then, last scene is Maki looking out the window. Flower petals on the table and one falls down. Then, three idiots get one dessert coupon for all those drawings on the karuta cards. Next chapter will be on Jan 24th.
Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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