November 22, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss [Chapter 49]

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K[azuma’s] father asks Sasa about the data regarding Kazuma’s social interactions for didn’t he investigate on Kazuma before, and surely, he [Sasa] is still continuing that. Sasa says that is true and why he wants it all of a sudden. K father says that it is because he is a bit interested. Later in school, at the corridor, Fumino tells Kazuma that she won’t be going into a short term college but would take the exam into a four year system university. She timidly asks if she can because even if she wants to fully use the remainder of their parents’ money for Teppei, but right now, she has this kind of thought. Kazuma says that it is okay because he believes that investing in the future is very important. He commends her that since summer, she has been keeping her grades up and she should continue that. Fumino is delighted to hear that. Then, Kazuma asks if she had found something concrete that she would want to do as a profession. This made Fumino blush really red. She then says, “That.. being an ‘English teacher’, does it suit me?” This made Kazuma blush, too. Then, Fumino’s friends ask if Fumino confessed. Kazuma lied that she did while Fumino exclaims that she only said about wanting to become a teacher. Kazuma gives her a form and tells her that if she really has that intention, then she should formally mention it in the application. Then, he whispers to her, “Let’s talk about the concrete details later on.” While Fumino feels faint over that, Kazuma goes to talk with someone else. Later on, Fumino walks home with Teppei. Reading a magazine, Fumino thinks that the entrance exams to the university is very near, and finally, she has a concrete idea on what to do afterwards. While she is wondering if she can go national or public [university], they were met by Sasa. As Teppei happily goes to him to be carried up, Sasa tells Fumino that it is okay for Teppei to do that, and it has been a long time. Fumino tells him that Kazuma will be coming home late. Fumino is surprised when Sasa mentioned that she met with Kazuma’s father a few days ago. Fumino looks down and remembers when K father coldly said that he doesn’t know Kazuma, his own son. Sasa mentions that Kazuma was there at that time so things had become problematic. To her surprise, Sasa tells her that K father knows about their relationship and that they are living together. “His father wants to straightforwardly talk with you and afterwards, decide on the aftermath. This coming weekend, please you come to Ojiro residence.” Fumino is freaking out for it seems scary.

At home, Kazuma comes home in a good mood that he even bought a cake. Teppei happily welcomes him. Fumino is still studying yet her mind is on what happened earlier. She had already agreed to it but wonders if she can keep it a secret from Kazuma just like what Sasa told her. Kazuma happily hugs her from behind and asks if she is really going to be a teacher. Fumino tensely says that if she becomes a teacher. Kazuma assures her that she will be and he is really happy about it. “Thank you! Fumino! really great that I’ve become a teacher.” Fumino blushes over this. Later on, they ate the cake. While taking a bath with Teppei, Fumino wonders if K father meant about exposing the marriage as ‘the aftermath’ but she definitely doesn’t want Kazuma to quit his job. After they took a bath, Kazuma tells Fumino that her cellphone is ringing. It is Meg who invites her to come to her [Ojiro] house this weekend, and she heard all about it from Sasa. While Kazuma is blow-drying Teppei’s hair, Meg says that it is because Fumino couldn’t lie, so with this, it would be okay for Fumino to say that she is going there. Fumino thanks her. Meg says no, it is her fault that they accidentally met with K father. She apologizes for it and Fumino says that it is okay. Fumino becomes determined to go on with this for it has meaning that he told her that he wants to see her. Fumino thinks that there is still something that she can do. Fumino informs Kazuma about this. He immediately becomes dark and angrily asks why, when they can do it in ‘OUR’ house. Thinking that he is really angry, Fumino mentions over his change of tone. Kazuma apologizes over this, and then he glomps Fumino. He shouts for her not to go near Ojiro residence, and that unpleasant experience before, had made her feel really down. Still in his embrace, Fumino tells him to listen to her. Then, she asks what it like was for him before whenever he meets up with his father. She timidly says that if he doesn’t want to tell her, it is okay. Kazuma says that he doesn’t have much that impression on it for there were four years when they didn’t live together but..there is a distance between that man and him. Flashback: K father asked Kazuma if he is doing well. Kazuma said yes. K father told him not to cause trouble with the people around him. Kazuma said yes again. End Flashback.
Kazuma admits that he is scared of his father’s cold glare that is looking down on him so, he would only look up to his father’s necktie. “And in some unknown time, there is now a wide gap between us.. No one has pulled close that distance, and gradually it became a river that could not be surpassed.” Fumino hugs Kazuma tight. Kazuma says, “It is alright, I don’t feel lonely anymore. Right now.. *hugs Fumino tighter* it will pain me more if I were to part with you..” Fumino thinks, “We won’t part, absolutely not part. I don’t want to part with sensei.” On the weekend, Kazuma looks dispirited that Fumino still wants to go when he told her not to. Fumino tensely tells him that they are only going to study. Pouting, Kazuma says that if he doesn’t have work today, he would have taught them at home. Kazuma apologizes to Ryuu for making him take care of Teppei and the house. Ryuu and Teppei happily greet ‘gambatte’ to them. Flustered Fumino looks at Kazuma. Then, she pulls down his scarf and kisses him on the cheek. While the two onlookers are surprised by this, Fumino blushes and apologizes for doing it suddenly. Still surprised, Kazuma says that it is okay. Fumino bids them goodbye and left. Looking puzzled, Kazuma touches his cheek. Ryuu is envious of him. Narration: “The sensei who changed my life and gave me happiness, this time around.. I will protect you--” Following the directions on a paper, Fumino finds the house and Sasa is waiting for her outside. While walking inside and being surprised at how big the garden is, and how long the corridor is, Fumino thinks that this is the place where Kazuma was born and grew up. Then, Shoma who just woke up calls out to Sasa and asks him if he bought new hair gel because he already used up the one he is using. Just when Sasa is telling him that it is in the second drawer, Shoma is shock that Fumino is there. Fumino tells him that she was called there by his father. After telling Shoma where the gel is again, Sasa continues to lead Fumino to where K father is. Meg timidly tells Shoma that his father knows about the marriage, and she is afraid about what will happen to Fumino and Kazuma.
In front of a room, Sasa calls out to Touma and informs him that Fumino is now here. Fumino tells herself not to be afraid because it is Kazuma’s father. After entering the room, K father welcomes Fumino and says that she is really shameless to go there, the girl who’ll sink the Ojiro reputation into crisis. “Right now, please immediately leave him.” Thinking that K father has that icy glare and scary voice, Fumino says, “..I don’t want to.” K father asks what she said. Fumino angrily screams, “I Don’t Want To! *bows* I know that what I’m saying is quite willful! No matter what, I will put in all my strength for others not to know about it and just quietly live on. Please help us protect this secret together! Papa! (it’s only for a very short period of time) There are only three months left.. and we won’t have a relationship of being ‘teacher-student’, (very short) after that time, we would only be a ‘married couple’!” K father replies, “Ha? ‘Married couple’? *stands in front of Fumino* Very regretfully, I cannot accept that. *Fumino surprised* And, if you don’t do things in accordance to what I’ve said, you cannot go back. You should have prepared for yourself upon coming here, right, ‘Kazuma’s bride’?” Soon, it is dark, Kazuma arrives at the apartment. He is puzzled why he couldn’t contact both Fumino and Meg on the phone. He wonders if they are concentrating on their studies. Then, he is shock to see Sasa in front of his house. Ryuu has given Sasa Fumino’s uniform and other school stuff. Kazuma rushes to him and asks why he is there. To Kazuma’s surprise, Sasa just gives him a cellphone. Kazuma answers it and asks Fumino if something happened. Fumino apologizes for his father said that if she returns to him, he would tell the school about their relationship. Kazuma becomes tense for it has finally arrived..
Kazuma tells her that he will go there right now but Fumino shouts for him not to. “Even if you’ve come, you also won’t be able to calm down and properly talk! I will properly convince papa while I’m here at the Ojiro residence! I will tell him how excellent you are!” Narration: “The darkness in front will disappear with your radiance.” While Kazuma returns the cellphone, Sasa asks if he understands. Kazuma says yes, and even if she said that, she won’t listen.. Then, determined Teppei, carrying a huge backpack, stomps out and clings on Sasa’s leg. Sasa asks if he wants to come along. Teppei exclaims yes. Kazuma tells Teppei to protect Fumino in his place. Teppei answers, roger. After bidding Teppei goodbye, Kazuma looks sad. Narration: “So..I will also bravely face the darkness, no matter what the cost is waiting for me..” At the Ojiro residence, Fumino tells Shoma that she has just finished taking a bath. Blushing Shoma wonders if this is called ‘living under one roof’. Scans by

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