November 28, 2011

Vampire Knight [Chapter 77]

Originally posted @ on November 21, 2011

Title: Yuuki and Sara. In the past, young Kaname, together with Takuma, were tricked again about Yuuki being injured by Kaien into going to some winter snow resort. Just when Takuma is saying if it is some sort of test, he mentions about the twins outside the window. Kaname saw the Kiriyuu twins with Kaien. Kaname looked surprised that there were twins born from the vampire hunter’s descendants. And in that instant, all of Kaname’s plan started from there. End flashback. Sara asks Yuuki if she will be her comrade if she tells him what bad thing that Kaname is covering up. Takuma has managed to snap out of it and tells Yuuki to leave first for it is scary if blood flows in this place. Sara calls his name that Takuma quickly apologizes. Yuuki assures him that a fight won’t happen but then, she won’t ignore this. Yuuki tells Sara that right now, Kaname is actually doing an unforgivable thing and even if it is making things hard for her [Yuuki], but it seems that Sara is afraid and she is the next target, according to Kaname. Clencing her first, she says that she won’t let Kaname do what he pleases no matter what Kaname’s secret is. Sara asks if she will protect her. Yuuki says, yes, she will, as dorm head, as long as Sara stays put within the room. After going out, Hanabusa is relieved that Yuuki came out in one piece and did the conversation went well. Yuuki admits to him that from the start, she totally does not trust Sara. Hanabasua tells her that the ones inside might overhear her. Yuuki says that is okay, for the first time she saw Sara [in that party before], she already do not quite like her. She wonders what Kaname’s secret is. Somewhere else, the class president [glasses guy] wants to go to the night dorm and Yori accompanies him. She thinks that his memory about the Night class should also have been erased. He asks her why she is coming with him. Yori says that she is also going to see her friend. She tells him that Zero is also quite well known there and the information about it isn’t leaked out. Class president says that speaking of Zero, he saw him early in the morning with a long haired girl in a white uniform by the forest. His heart hurt as if it is his first love. Yori realizes that he remembered Ruka.

Then, class president sees a couple of guys taking blister packed drugs. He is asking about a long haired girl in the night class but Yori already pulling him away because of a bad feeling about those guys who are looking darkly at them. They look back again to see Yuuki and Zero facing the two guys. The guys tell dorm head to leave. Yuuki tells Zero to not meddle for this is her job. Zero tells her to deal with it quickly. She looks at him then, quickly goes to the guy about wanting to chase those two when it is against the rules. She reprimands them while taking away their drugs. She asks if the tablets are the reason for them to forget all of the things they shouldn’t do. The two vampires start to charge at her to get the tablet back but she tosses them to Zero. They bit Yuuki’s arms. Yuuki tells Zero not to do anything since Zero is already pointing his gun at one of the two vampires. She tells the two guys to calm down, go back to their original self and remember the reason for coming to this school. They look surprise then bow down to her. They wonder what they were doing and they will accept whatever punishment for it. Yuuki is surprised that they are acting normal, and is it because of her blood. Yuuki tells them that it is okay for she knows it isn’t their fault and since it is still day, they should return to their rooms. Then, she notices a spider on the guy’s shoulder. She holds it on her finger and it disappears. Yuuki knows that it is Sara. Yuuki thanks Zero for a while ago. When she walks closer to him, Zero seems to back away. Irritated he tells her not to come close to him. While Yuuki holds her bleeding arm, Zero walks away. They didn’t notice another spider is watching them from a tree. While holding her ‘pet’ [Hanadagi’s servant] on a chain leash, Sara laughs about those two being funny. Leaning on her pet, Sara says that if she slightly stir things up, she doesn’t know which direction it will go, that is worthy of looking at. Pet angrily asks if it is like this again, like what she did with her master, planning to suddenly attack anyone who unfortunately got trapped [<- like an insect on a spider’s web =P]. Sara tells her that she likes to make undesirable things into everything one could wish for, just like her. [<- yucky insect into food, like a spider? =P] Zero arrives in front of the room and tells Hanabusa that he’ll replace him in guarding the pureblood inside. Sara goes to the door and greets Zero ‘good work’ on his guarding duty. “I have something that I haven’t told Yuuki.” She whispers to Zero then Zero looks troubled..then seems to partially smile. [<- A smile in disbelief over hearing something.] Meanwhile, Yuuki is holding a meeting. While Rima notices that Yuuki has her Perfect armband, Yuuki tells everyone about an inspection throughout the dorm, and if they do not want everything to be look into, they are to bring out all of the [new] tablets that they have. She warns that even if they hide it, she will definitely find it.
Scans by 玖玖爱枢汉化.

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