November 22, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 52]

Originally posted @ on November 17, 2011

Cover page: “Sumi and Soichiroh finally--!! This arm will absolutely not let you go again” After saying that Sumi is his, Nozomu forces himself on her again. Sumi screams no. As Nozomu starts to pull down her blouse, Sumi continues to scream. She thinks that Nozomu is really serious. She struggles to get away by crawling up the bed and reaches for the table lamp at the side. When she manages to grab it, Sumi quickly slams the lamp on Nozomu’s head. Nozomu is visibly stunned by what Sumi did that he mutters her name. Sumi seems to be surprised by what she just did. She quickly uses this opportunity to escape. She runs towards the door and glances back. She sees Nozomu walking towards her. Sumi frantically opens the door and rushes out. With a serious look, Nozomu still calmly walks after her. Frantic and teary-eyed, Sumi runs downstairs. Then, coming out of his room, Soichiroh sees her and asks what happened. Sumi looks at him in surprise, then she hears Nozomu’s footsteps behind her. Sumi quickly rushes in his room and closes the door. Nozomu is still walking calmly and passes by the room. While Sumi looks really scared, Soichiroh continues to ask Sumi what happened. Then, he notices that her blouse is partially pulled down. He asks if it is Nozomu. Sumi quickly hugs him and says that she already couldn’t escape from Nozomu. She looks at him to say, “So please..right now, here..please take me..”

Soon, the two are removing each other’s clothes while kissing. They lie down on bed and continue to kiss. Nozomu is starting to lose his cool when he couldn’t find Sumi. He starts shouting Sumi’s name. A hotel attendant asks him what had happened. Nozomu tells him that he is looking for his wife, Sumi so can he get all the doors of the place opened up for him. The attendant says that it is hard to do that. The manager [I think] bows and apologizes to him for even if it is his [Nozomu] orders, it is very difficult for them to comply with that. They look tense when Nozomu just says is that so. Then, Nozomu continues to walk away. The couple is now naked and starts to make love. Nozomu walks down the basement and takes an ax. In Soichiroh’s room, there are groans and Soichiroh says that he loves her. Angry looking Nozomu starts to walk at the corridor and knocks at a closed door room. He calls out for Sumi to please not make him angry. Then, the other occupants/guests of the hotel go out of the room to see what the commotion is about. They were shock to see furious Nozomu starts to chop down a door. He opens the door through the hole he made, but that room is empty. He turns around and the other occupants quickly close their door. Someone shouts for someone to call the police. While Nozomu is walking and calling for Sumi, the couple is now in the climax. With an angry glare, Nozomu stops at a door and wonders if it is there. Then, he holds up his ax to chop the door down.
Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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