November 22, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapters 37-38]

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Punishment 37: Secret Garden Shocked Anis asks why her father wants the power of a Fake Knight. Schwartz asks if it is strange, (relentlessly researching about the ‘Rose Contract’ and finally attaining the power of a Fake Knight). He tells her that he wants to be like the other Knights, even if it is ‘Fake’, he still wants to be a Rose Knight. “And it is because there is a wish that I want to come true--” Flashback: At a tall high building, there are some scientists talking about some moving of the karma axis of the material to correspond with the red password, and then, they can fully decipher the ‘fate’ lithograph. One of the scientists asked if he isn’t going to talk about this topic with that young excellent disciple of his. The other one said that it is too early for him [young Schwartz?]. Later on, when he is older, Schwartz was told by his colleague that at his age, he manages to make a cyborg. Schwartz narrates that from the very start, he has been acknowledged for his strength/ability as the ‘Association’s research member. From a science point of view, at that time, for him, indulging into research about the disappearance of magic and ‘Rose Contract’ is just one of many researches. One day, he was reading a lot of materials underneath a tree when he notices that there is the rustling of leaves above him. Then, a girl fell down while shouting for him to move. After the girl fell on top of him, Schwartz said that even if she told him to move, he.. To his surprise, the girl said that she has decided to be in love [/go steady] with him. She lives in one of the places within the territory of the Association from some Rose Knight clan. As the two are standing up, the girl said that Schwartz is her type for the others are old geezers. After saying that she is praising him too much, Schwartz asked why she is doing this. The girl said that it is just an ‘instant thought’ of wanting to resist fate because the child she will give birth to will be the ‘Rose Princess’. She has been betrothed with a ‘Rose Knight’, and according to ‘fate calculations’, she will be the ‘holy mother’. Things didn’t turn out well between them at first because it was something she just decided on. She is bound to such a narrow world so she is curious about things, And he, cannot expand himself except through research. Soon, the two of them have fallen in love.

And, even if it is like that, in the end, he was forced to part with her because he isn’t a ‘Rose Knight’. Flustered Schwartz can only look on helplessly as the scientists took the resisting girl away. For him to be helpless in the face of ‘fate’, he concentrated on research in the hopes of forgetting everything but he couldn’t forget. Day passed by with him wondering if things would turn out differently and she can be with him if he had been a ‘Rose Knight’. Then, one day, she appeared before him, carrying a baby. She said that she knows that it is cruel to ask him about it but please free this child from ‘fate’. That was the first time he saw she cried. From then, he took up the child and escaped from society – away from people’s attention and taking refuge in the darkness. And every time he saw roses, he was afraid that it is the Association’s chasers. He, who is bringing up this little girl, grew more and more afraid that they are living a secluded life. Then, one day, while she is reading her books, young Anis asked her father why she doesn’t have friends. Schwartz hugged her and apologized. He had realized that he is making Anis live in the same circumstance as her mother. While having her in his embrace, he still wasn’t able to find a way to resist ‘fate’. He wondered what she would do – resist or accept it, but no matter what, everything is her decision. Schwartz gave Anis a rose chocker as a protective charm. He warned her that if she lost it, it will be quite terrifying wherein there will be a punishment for it. He thought that the humans ate the forbidden fruit, and as punishment, they were banished into the present world. Even if this was said in the ancient Bible, and in case that punishment would descend on his beloved daughter, even if it is a thorny and painful path, and even if she and her comrades become stronger, the only thing that he can do is to destroy her bonds to that thing. For her, he won’t hesitate even if this world has fallen into chaos. End flashback. Teary-eyed Anis asks if it is really for her that he wants to destroy the ‘Rose Contract’, but she.. Anis felt all sorts of emotions after hearing about her mother, and her father’s ‘true words’. Schwartz says that is right, he got the ‘Fake’ power but the wish he wanted to come true is now just something he doesn’t want to let go. “Anis.. the one protecting you is no longer me--” To Anis’ surprise, Schwartz disappears. She is surprised when Haruto, carrying Seiran on his shoulder, says that it is a 3D image. While Anis is surprised by that, Seiran quickly gets away from Haruto and says that he already told him that he is okay. Anis exclaims how they got here. Pointing to the side, they say that it is on the elevator, which just opened with Kaede and Mutsuki in it. Anis falls on the floor and groans for she climbed up the stairs to get there. Kaede quickly exclaims if she is alright. Anis says that she just feels weak on the feet but now, she is at ease *smiles* that everyone is alright. She asks about Tenjoh and they tell her that Tenjoh is waiting for Ninufa to bring him some good clothes.

Anis asks Haruto about the 3D image. Haruto tells her that Schwartz had prepared it because he anticipated that Anis will go there. The real Schwartz had already been taken away by the Association. When Ella disappeared, they got in, through a flaw of the barrier/kekkai. Towards anyone responsible for maliciously using the research knowledge of the ‘Rose Contract’ outside of the Association will undergo its judgment. Even so, the Association wants Schwartz’s brain. On the surface it is called meting punishment, but they plan to shut him in the research institute and of course, through an inhuman method. Haruto says that he wants to tell all that to Anis and if she wants to directly negotiate with the Association but because this person [Seiran] suddenly came out.. Embarrassed Seiran exclaims that it is because he didn’t explain it early on. Anis exclaims that they should go right now, for she wasn’t able to express her displeasure to her father and there are still a lot of things that she wants to ask him. Hitting his fist into his palm, Kaede says okay so where is this Association located. Seiran says that Itsushi didn’t mention about this Association to them. Looking thoughtful, Mutsuki says that Tenjoh knows. Anis is surprised by this. Seiran says that the Association is the institution[?] in charge of the ‘Rose Contract’, and good or bad, they stand at the same side so how come it is only Tenjoh [knowing it?]. Haruto tells Mutsuki that it would be okay if he said it earlier or could it be that he [Mutsuki] also underwent a lot of hardships just like Anis’ mother. This surprises Anis that she wonders, could it be.. Haruto says that the Association is the White Knight’s Tenkyoku Church’s higher-ups/superiors organization. Anis seems surprised by this as she mutters that based on what her father just said.. Haruto says that is right, Anis’ mother belongs to the Tenjoh clan and she was married to the past generation’s White Knight of the same clan. For nearly two hundred years, the White Rose’s clan repeatedly intermarry among close relatives. As a Knight and at the same time as the ‘Dominion’s later generation/offspring, they are attempting to seize the ‘Rose Contract’ into their hands. Anis says, “Wait.. wait a minute.. (this means to say.. Could it be.. it couldn’t be.. that it means I and Tenjoh senpai has a blood relation--!?)” While Anis cringes over that thought, Haruto laments that just like before, her reaction is different from what he imagined of her being angry. Seiran protests that Tenjoh is their comrade. Haruto asks how come he didn’t come back until now. Seiran insists that he is just slow. Mutsuki disagrees for he is afraid that Tenjoh won’t come back.

And, that night ended so they knew that the barrier is gone. The people on the streets wake up and it seems that nothing has happened. What was left are Ella’s scythe and the Arcana cards which Ella asked Haruto to give to Anis if she dies. Later on, Ninufa and Itsushi welcome them back. Even if Yakoh has smoothly woken up but Idel had used up all his strength, hence he is ‘sleeping’. Yakoh says that it is okay for this time around, he will make Idel wake up. Even if Anis isn’t too happy over the outcome, Yakoh thanks her for her help. And despite all that, Tenjoh still didn’t come back. At school, Anis wonders out loud if Tenjoh didn’t go to school. Then, Kaede notices some girls and calls out to them. After some talk, Kaede tells Anis that Tenjoh didn’t come to school. After the girls left, Anis asks who they were. Kaede says that before those girls asked him to give love letters to Tenjoh, saying that he is always with Tenjoh. Scratching his head, Kaede asks if he is always with Tenjoh. Anis comments that it is true for they are always acting together. “..yes, always together. *clench fist* So, I believe in him. We are going to find [/see] Tenjoh-senpai..!” Gloomy Kaede says, “That’s right..let’s go to where BROTHER is.” Flustered Anis shouts that he isn’t allowed to say that. At Tenjoh residence, sitting on a gothic type chair with Mutsuki standing at the side, Tenjoh says that finally the Apocalypse is open. “Come- to my side, Rose Princess.” Narration: Tenjoh is a senpai in her school. A representative of Tenkyoku Church, and also her White Knight. And until recently, he has a blood relation with her, as well as the Association. Punishment 38: Captured in a Rose-colored Maze Anis, Kaede and Seiran arrive at the side wall of the Tenjoh residence where all of the riddle [/elusive matters] is. Kaede lamely asks that it is within. Flustered Anis exclaims that last time, they weren’t able to get in [properly]. Kaede says that she fundamentally doesn’t ‘believe’ [in Tenjoh] so are they going to climb in. Anis tries to protest that this is Tenjoh-senpai.. Then, Seiran says that he believes in Tenjoh. There is a huge blast which caused a hole in the wall. Seiran says but, it is faster if they go through this way. Anis and Kaede sweatdrop over this for without noticing anything, Seiran had already made a hole with explosives.

Walking inside a forest, Kaede grumpily asks if they are going through here again. Seiran tells them that this time around, he brought a stronger compass. Looking at the dense forest, Anis compares it to Tenjoh’s heart then hopes that his heart doesn’t have human eating plants like the one that just ate Seiran’s compass. After three hours, Anis comments that they are passing through the same path since they had seen that same compass-eating plant. After six hours, Kaede is already dizzy that he says that he is seeing his afterimage. Anis tells him to pull himself together a bit. After 12 hours, they are now officially lost. Kaede asks if this is really a courtyard or some extra dimensional.. Then, Seiran apologizes to Anis that he is already.. He starts to fall down on the ground. Anis is worried about him but Seiran says that when it is 9pm, he has to sleep. Flustered Anis thinks that he is such a good child. Anis tries to wake him up to no avail. Kaede says that it is inevitable that they sleep outdoors. Anis freaks out over this. Anis calls him stupid for what he is saying when they didn’t prepare anything. Kaede says that they don’t know what is lying ahead of them so it is better to conserve their energy. Anis continues to protest that there is nothing to sleep on. Kaede takes off his coat and puts it on the ground. He tells her to sleep over that. While Anis couldn’t believe that, Kaede lies down on his coat and tells her that if not, how about sleeping on top of him. =P This made Anis blush really red. Kaede tells her it is okay, he doesn’t mind. Anis exclaims if he is joking. She thinks that this is obvious Kaede, yet he is acting quite natural. Kaede says that he is serious but Anis still couldn’t believe it. She decides to let it go and just go to sleep. Facing away from him, Anis sleeps on top of Kaede’s coat. Anis blushes and wonders if she is the only one who is thinking [/bothered] about it. Later on, Kaede asks if she is sleeping. Irritated, Anis mentally asks how she could sleep so quickly. While he calls her name, Anis closes her eyes and mentally tells stupid Kaede to stop calling her name repeatedly. She is surprised when Kaede mentions that they’ve kissed. This made Anis blush. He sits up and asks if he can be complacent. Anis says that is because of a forced situation. Kaede says that even if it is like that. He leans on top of her and says, that he couldn’t stop himself. He gently pulls Anis towards him and is about to kiss her but Anis pushes him away and says no, right now, she doesn’t want to do this kind of thing. She tells him that until now, she had met a lot of people with pained feelings, Rose Knights and Rose Princess.. Kaede tries to protest that even before that, towards her, he.. [<- confession] Blushing Anis says, “Kaede! Please.. (because I also--..)” Kaede quietly looks at her and says okay, temporarily he would be her Rose Knight. Anis mutters his name. She thinks that after all of this ends, she..

Someone then says, “Tsk.. For the FOOD TO BE PLACED IN FRONT OF YOU, has it made you impatient, Doggy?” Kaede looks up the tree to see grumpy Mutsuki who lashes out his strings on Kaede [<- deliberately missing]. Mutsuki jumps down and says that [Kaede is] placing the ‘Knight’ aside and just thinking of himself. To Anis’ surprise, Mutsuki grabs her leg and pulls off her sock. Holding her calf, Mutsuki says that her feet really hurt, and luckily she is still able to endure walking. Kaede is surprise about this. Putting his face on her shin, Mutsuki says, “Really pitiful.. My Rose Princess.” Then, he kisses her foot. This made Anis blush and wince in pain while calling out Mutsuki’s name. Filled with killer chi, Kaede tries to punch Mutsuki but Mutsuki manages to evade it. Mutsuki asks what is with that attitude, and thanks to him for specially going there, he’ll replace the no good dog in leading the way. To Kaede’s irritation, Anis is puppy-eyed and gushes, “Ahahah...Mutsuuuuki..” While Anis goes to wake up Seiran that they are going, Kaede asks Mutsuki why he can be relaxed like this. The two look at each other then Mutsuki says, “I’m a Knight. And, compared to you, I have WAITED FOR SUCH A LONG TIME. *smiles* I’m waiting for the optimal opportunity to snatch [her] away.” Slightly tense Kaede smiles back and curses. While Kaede is carrying sleeping Seiran, Anis asks Mutsuki where they are going. He tells them that they are going to what is commonly known as ‘Lisa’s Coffin’ where the innermost Tenjoh research facilities are located. Surprised Anis wonders if it is that secret door. She asks if they go there, would they be able to find her father. Mutsuki says no, the one inside is Tenjoh and she can ask him directly about the Association that took away Schwartz. “I think the he [Tenjoh] himself is the one who is genuinely being imprisoned. *This surprises Anis* Anis..Can you save Mitsuru?” This makes Anis wonder if Tenjoh is the same as the others whom they have saved from the darkness within their hearts. Then, someone says that they are truly a bit too naive. Chains start to come out from the ground and envelop the Knights. Wearing priestly clothes, Tenjoh descends down in between the stone pillars that have chained up the other Knights. Kaede exclaims that weren’t he [Tenjoh] their comrade. Tenjoh says, “Comrades.. that kind of thing doesn’t exist.” Anis shouts Tenjoh’s name and goes to him. Tenjoh says, “Rose Knight- is useless. I’ve come to get you, Rose Princess.” Tenjoh grabs Anis wrist and using his power, he made Anis fall asleep. While holding sleeping Anis, Tenjoh says, “Come-- with me to the god’s kingdom concluding blood marriage.” Blurb: “Finally into the climax!! Tenjoh Mitsuru is friend or foe..”

Scans by AMH字幕組.

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