November 14, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 51]

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Takemoto and others are shock after Sumi told them to help her in getting the company back to Soichiroh. To her delight, they agreed to it. At home, she tells Komai that from today on, she will go to all the parties that she has been invited to. This surprises Komai. Then, Sumi would dignifiedly go to parties and introduce herself as someone from Ijuin. At a party, Hidejirou recognizes her and tells her that since the time they’ve met, his shogi skills had already increased. Sumi happily says is that so, then how about they play a game. Hidejirou is happy to hear this. Before he leaves to prepare get the shogi board, Sumi says that isn’t it very boring if they just played. With a confident look, she tells him that if she wins, she wants to have the final say regarding setting a business contract. Meanwhile, Soichiroh is carrying a heavy load with the others in the street. His boss complains about them being slow. Then, Soichiroh notices a beard man talking with a storeowner but the storeowner doesn’t understand what he is saying. The beard man is holding a container and exclaiming about something. The storeowner starts to shout for him not to touch him. To one of the co-workers’ surprise, Soichiroh apologizes and leaves them. Soichiroh calls the beard man in English and asks if he needs help. The storeowner is freaking out because he doesn’t understand what Soichiroh and the beard man are talking about. Soichiroh tells the storeowner that this customer wants to put up some arrangement with the store regarding a product, red tea from England, which he is importing. The boss complains over what Soichiroh is doing while his co-workers are surprised that he can talk in a foreign language. While the storeowner seems interested in the red tea, beard man happily thanks Soichiroh for it went smoothly. The beard man tries to asking for his name but Soichiroh was already pulled away by the boss to get back to work. At the office, Takemoto and others are very busy when Sumi enters in to tell them the good news of getting an [purchase] order from Hidejirou’s company. They were surprised that they clinched another contract from a big company. When Sumi asked if the people aren’t enough, Natsuki enters the room and tells them to be careful and not sully Ashida Products’ reputation. Takemoto and others mutter that he is too opinionated when he has been demoted. To their surprise, Natsuki offers to help them. Sumi happily thanks him.

At home, Sumi removes the heart ring and puts on Soichiroh’s ring. She smiles over it and hopes to see Soichiroh. To her surprise, Nozomu suddenly knocks on the door and asks if he can enter. This cases Sumi to panic. While removing the ring, Sumi says that right now, she.. Suddenly, she screams because she had dropped the ring. This made Nozomu come in and ask if she is okay. Sumi is freaking out because the ring falls near Nozomu’s feet. Relieved that Nozomu didn’t notice it, flustered Sumi says that it is nothing. Then, Nozomu sees his ring on the table. He asks her why she isn’t wearing it. Sumi quickly says that when changing clothes, it might get entangled so she removed it. Putting it on, she assures him that she is okay. Nozomu tells her that this weekend, he has a meeting at Hakone and does she want to join him. Sumi says yes. Smiling Nozomu is glad to hear that. Just when he is about to leave, Nozomu bids her good night and stops by at the door to darkly glare at the ring on the floor. Sumi calls out to him [if there is a problem] but smiling Nozomu says that it is nothing, and good night. When he goes out of the room, Nozomu loses the smile on his face again and walks away. Nozomu, Sumi and Komai have arrived in Hakone. They went to a hotel where the meeting will be held. Nozomu greets the beard man in English, and introduces Sumi as his wife. The beard man tells them that today, he brought an interpreter. To their surprise, it is none other than Soichiroh. Beard guy says that he had recently employed this business-minded young man. Sumi is delighted to see Soichiroh. Soichiroh smiles back at her. Nozomu notices all of this and he is very displeased. During dinner, after a toast, Sumi is happily looking at Soichiroh, and Nozomu is keeping a close eye on her. When he gulps up all the wine in his glass, beard guy exclaims that Nozomu can drink a lot. He starts pouring Nozomu another drink, and again, Nozomu drinks it all up in one go. Soichiroh looks a bit worried. After a lot of wine and beard guy having fun over this, Nozomu seems to have passed out. Soichiroh helps carry unconscious Nozomu to the room. Sumi comments that she didn’t imagine that Nozomu would drink a lot. Soichiroh asks if she is saying in the same room. Sumi says no, she is staying at some other room. Sumi then tells him that she is happy for she unexpectedly was able to see him there. Soichiroh says that it the same with him. Sumi takes out another necklace, aside from the pearl one, and shows him that she is always carrying his ring, and this way, it seems that they are always together. Soichiroh smiles over this. They were surprise when Nozomu groans. Soon, they bid each other goodbye. Since Nozomu groans again, Sumi goes to her to put a blanket on him. To her surprise, Nozomu suddenly grabs her hand and pushes her down on the bed. Nozomu tells her not to bring along some trash. He grabs her necklace with Soichiroh’s ring and says that anything that has been thrown away is trash. He pulls the necklace to break it off. Then, he starts forcing himself on her. Sumi exclaims that didn’t he said that he won’t touch her until he divorces Miu. Licking her neck, Nozomu tells her that thing no longer matters. “You are mine!”
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