November 14, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 35]

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Cover page: “Kissed by Hinata, Anna will..!? Triangle relationship’s progress is..!?” Anna looks surprised after Hinata told her that he always wanted to say it out, that he also likes her. Anna goes, “ is what you’re saying true?” This surprises Hinata that he asks what that means. Waving her hand, Anna says that it is because she hasn’t heard about this. Hinata tells her that it is because this is the first time that he said it. Anna exclaims that he still has that thing with sensei [Mari]. He tells her that he already said that ‘the person I like isn’t sensei’. Confused Anna shouts, “But you and sensei kissed!!” Looking dark, Hinata asks is she going to talk about that now. Flustered Anna says that this cannot be, that vague, unclear hoodwink past. “I have no way of accepting some ‘cheering up miracle drug’ type of stuff!!” Looking down, Hinata tells her that he doesn’t have that kind of special feelings with Mari. Flashback: Anna told surprised Hinata that Sou had confessed to her and they are going steady. Flashback 2: Mari telling Hinata that he looks down, and did he know that there is a magic that can cheer him up. Hinata says, “If I can like someone else other than you, Anna, it doesn’t matter whoever the other party is. But, in the end, I’m unexpectedly stubborn, no matter what, I still felt that you are better [than the rest].” Anna exclaims, “I also like you, Hinata!!” As they held hands, Anna tells herself not to mind about that thing with Mari. “I like Hinata. Hinata said he also likes me. This is enough. Unexpectedly, I can welcome the day for this to come [true].” In front of the villa, Hinata tells Anna to go in first since it might not be good if they go in together. “It is best that there is some time in between, before we go in.” Blushing Anna goes in and thinks that it is quite strange, for it is obviously not their first time to hold hands, and yet her heart is beating quite fast. While Hinata looks away, Anna continues to think that she won’t be able to sleep tonight. The next day, Chiaki happily exclaims that if they are already prepared, it is time for them to head out. While Nanoka is telling Aya that she felt embarrassed by their t-shirt, Anna thinks that as expected, she didn’t get to sleep last night. She wonders if Hinata get to sleep last night and very soon, they will come back. She notices that Hinata and his other members only dyed their t-shirt, and nothing is written on it.

She suddenly remembers something. She calls out to Hinata and shows him her t-shirt. Hinata says that it is amazing that her classmates wrote supporting words when the number of t-shirts given, corresponds with the days of the competition. Anna says that the whole class wrote on them as well as Sou. “But, Sou said he is writing for you. He said, ‘Show it to Hinata’.. Ah, it’s this one.. this one.. *On the t-shirt, Sou has written, “8/18. I’m working.”* Hinata, do you know what it means? I totally felt that it isn’t some supporting.. *sees Hinata looking really glum and tense* Hinata?” Hinata thanks her for showing it to him. He tells her that they are leaving so she better keep her shirt well. Anna is totally puzzled over Hinata’s reaction and could it be that Hinata also doesn’t know what it meant. At the bus, Anna wonders out loud as to what’s with Aug 18th. Her friends help her think. Then, Aya says that this year’s fireworks display will be on Aug. 18th. Anna suddenly exclaims, “That’s it!!” Nanoka asks her what’s up all of a sudden. Anna explains that it is Sou’s supporting words, and he will be at work during the fireworks display. She tells them that every year, the three of them would go there to watch it together. She says that she doesn’t quite understand it since Sou’s parttime job doesn’t really matter. Aya giggles and says that is really like Sou’s style. “It might be not too easily understood but it definitely means to say, ‘This year, Hinata-kun and Anna-chan, the two of you, go watch the fireworks display together.’ *Anna looks surprised by this* Speaking of that, Anna-chan, yesterday, you and Hinata-kun sneaked out. I saw you guys~” Nanoka exclaims is that so. Nanoka happily asks if things went very smoothly. Anna is embarrassed as Aya congratulates her. After the conclusion of the xth Photo Koshien’s opening ceremony, Anna calls out to Hinata and tries to say something. She thinks that Hinata definitely understood Sou’s message about the ‘two of you, go watch the fireworks display together’, and she can read Hinata’s expression of absolutely not being happy about the two of them [together at the fireworks display?].
To her surprise, Hinata tells Anna that this year’s fireworks display, the two of them are going to watch them because Sou said that he has work. Anna tries to object but Hinata says that it cannot be helped for she and Sou are currently ‘keeping distance from each other’. Anna thinks is that so and no matter what, this year.. She is surprised when Hinata continues to say, “Or rather than ‘Anna’, I think Sou do not want to see me anymore.” Anna asks him if he is serious with what he said. Hinata didn’t reply. Anna feels like crying that she suddenly shouts, “Hinata, you’re such a fool, big idiot!! Natural Perm [curly hair]!!” Hinata looks surprised over being called ‘natural perm’. Anna is already running off. “Hate. I hate this. ‘awareness of betrayal’. Does it mean this? Even if my feelings with Hinata are mutual, right now, he cannot totally be happy. It is obvious that Hinata himself has been feeling that way. Why would he say that..” There is a scene of Hinata looking sad. At the street, Chiaki tells the girls that it is finally starting, Photo Koshien’s first stage. “The topic is ‘Encounter’. Has everyone thought properly of what style in photography you are going to use?” While Anna is looking glum, Aya says that since the topic is ‘encounter’, then she thinks that they should be taking pictures of people. Nanoka happily exclaims that no wonder it’s Aya [for thinking that]. When they ask her about her opinion, Anna snaps out of it and says, ‘ha’. Aghast Chiaki that her response shouldn’t be ‘ha’ and the competition is already starting. This shocks Anna and made her look aghast. Pointing at Anna, Nanoka tells her to concentrate a bit. Anna apologizes and mutters that it is more correct to say that she is the fool and big idiot. While Aya thinks that Nanoka could actually say that, Nanoka continues to tell Anna that they are already at this stage and why is she suddenly distressed about something. “It is starting, understand!?” Narration/Aya/Nanoka: “It’s impossible for all 3 of them to have a happy blissful ending!!” In a classroom, some students are happily saying that it is a camera, so take their picture. Long haired senpai is playing with the kids while the short haired senpai is holding up her camera in order for the kids not to grab it. Some kids are looking at Hinata checking his camera. Then, Hinata notices a sad-looking boy, alone by himself, looking at him, before looking at his book. Narration/Aya: “Even if both Hinata-kun and Nagase-kun likes Anna, there is only one Anna.” Hinata takes a picture of the boy holding his notebook, and the boy reminds him of his younger self.
Later on, it is the start of the public examination meeting and, Hinata’s group is first called onstage. As they head in front, some students are muttering that this will be broadcast on the internet. In a dark room, Sou is watching it on his computer. Then, Hinata’s senpai gives him the microphone. Hinata starts to speak, “The first stage’s topic is ‘Encounter’. We are in this town’s childcare center. And I encountered a small boy. Among the other lively kids, who want their pictures taken, there is a child who couldn’t blend in with the others, and just watches them from afar. But, one of the children notices this and pulled the hand of the boy to join the others. *Young Sou pulled young Hinata’s hand. Then, Sou called on the others that they are joining them.* In the end, this boy showed a smile.” Remembering Aya[?] saying that even if both Hinata and Sou likes her, Anna thinks, “..wrong. Right now, I am not in their eyes[sight]..” Hinata continues to say, “For the boy who pulled the other boy’s hand, this isn’t a big deal *Young Hinata smiling with young Sou* but for the boy who cannot blend in with others, encountering this boy is a very important and very precious thing.” Anna thinks, “The one that they are looking at, is..” When the announcer is saying that they are now going to look at the work of Hinata’s group, Anna suddenly stands up and holds up her hand to say, “I have an objection. *Hinata, and Anna’s groupmates look at Anna in shock* I think that is a very important thing. I also think that for the boy who pulled the other boy’s hand, it also, definitely made him happy to see that other boy smiling. The degree of it being precious [for that boy] won’t lose to that [other] boy!!!” While Chiaki and other faculty are surprised, Nanoka is already pulling Anna to sit down. Anna thinks, “Unexpectedly saying that Sou doesn’t want to see him [Hinata] again, how can such a thing be possible. Because I clearly knows it. Believe it, Hinata. *Hinata looks at Anna* Believe.” Hinata looks very touched by what she said.
That night, on a bench by the forest, Anna is looking aghast and tense. Hinata says that there are times, she is really amazing. Anna timidly apologizes for the inconvenience. Hinata says that it is okay with him but it would be good if they didn’t deduct points from Anna’s [high school] group. Anna gloomily says that is true. Taking out his cellphone, Hinata asks her if he can call Sou. Surprised Anna exclaims ya, yes. The phone rings and Sou answers it. Hinata asks if it is Sou. Sou greets Hinata a good job. “I just saw the public broadcast. The era of live broadcast in the internet is really amazing.” Hinata comments that he saw it. Sou says that it is super funny, the mood was, with everyone having that dumbfounded look. Hinata says, “There is something I want to say that I always wasn’t able to tell you, Sou. I like Anna.” Anna looks surprised by this. Sou answers, “......Eh- But then, isn’t it really late to say it? Saying it only now.” Hinata pauses and sweatdrops. He apologizes. Sou says, “Ah- I also know that it isn’t easy to say it. Sorry about that- Making you feel apprehensive with me.” Holding his head, Hinata says, “, I only do not want to be hated by you.” Flashback: While playing a console game, young Hinata asked Sou if playing with him is boring. Sou replied, “Ha? What do you mean by that? I think that playing with you, Hinata, is the most fun of all.” End flashback. Still sitting in front of the computer, Sou answers, “..Hinata, I’m not blaming you, nor do I feel that you have betrayed me. *A tear falls down Hinata’s cheek* It isn’t possible for me to hate you.” Hinata replies, “..ya, thank you for saying that.” Anna looks at Hinata and thinks that she couldn’t hear it very clearly what the two are talking about. She decides to let it go even if she doesn’t quite know the two’s conversation. While Anna is smiling, a familiar woman silhouette is approaching the two. Anna is surprised when Mari bends down to her ear and says, “Koshiro-chan?” Hinata looks surprised to see Mari at the corner of his eye. As the moon is peeking out of the clouds, Mari, who isn’t smiling like before, asks, “What are you doing here? You and Tokura-kun, the two of you.”
Scans by all★wink汉化组.

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