November 14, 2011

Black Bird [Chapter 59]

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Narration: “The two of us happily living together. All of it is only a dream[land] and nothing more.” While Misao watches the house burning, Zenki tells her that it is the Nue, the remnants of that tribe which Shou eliminated, and the house has suddenly started to burn. Trembling Misao comments that is a strong group that injured the ‘old guy’ [iirc, Kyo’s father]. Buzen says that they are coming for revenge even if it is Shou who was the one who did it. He guesses that probably for the Nue, all Tengu are the same [and responsible]. Buzen exclaims that they were the ones who incited this fight from the start, and they just blindly hate the head [Kyo]. Then, Misao asks them where Kyo is. Not seeing him around, she starts to feel ill that she asks again where he is. To her shock, Zenki tells her that Kyo is in the [burning] house. Buzen says that they were in the courtyard when it suddenly burned ablaze. Zenki says that he isn’t sure about Kyo, and Sagami & co. [situation]. Misao suddenly remembers Kyo telling her that she is important to him, they will go next year to the beach with the child, and that dream of Kyo hugging her child. Teary-eyed, Misao starts to run towards the house but Zenki quickly stops her to not do anything foolish. After he told her to be calm, Misao tells him that it is very strange for she didn’t felt that the house is burning when she got out of her house. This surprises both Buzen and Zenki. She also tells them that she looked out from her window and thought that the weather is nice, and there was no fire. Zenki asks why they can hear the sound of fire and this heat. They realize that it is an illusion. Buzen comments about their fight with the Nue before, wherein upon meeting them, they have this overwhelming losing illusion-kind of feeling and maybe that is their ability. Zenki says that if it is an illusion, then he can fight.

Just when he is saying about immediately going in the house, Misao is already charging in. Her arms start to have burnt marks and she felt really hot inside. Continuing to think that this is just an illusion, she starts to cough because she is having a hard time breathing. Looking determined, she doesn’t want their future to become nothing. Then, a masked man [Nue] jumps in front of her. The man says that she is the ‘immortal fruit’, and if he can grab her, they can still.. Misao says no. Then, a force suddenly pushes the Nue away. She wonders if she did that..then she remembers that it is the child within her, who is protecting her. The Nue trembles and asks if she is with child. Then, furious Kyo slashes the Nue with his katana. Kyo’s lip and right forehead are bleeding. Kyo grabs her injured arm and exclaims what she is doing, that she got burnt severely. Misao tells him that it is just an illusion, and even if it hurts, it is okay..just like this house.. A couple of Nue charges at them but Sagami and Houki immediately finish them off. Houki says that they have to stop the enemies’ movements to make the illusion disappear. Everyone starts attacking the Nues and stop the ones from escaping. Seeing that Misao is trembling, Kyo holds her hand and assures her that it is okay, he won’t die first, leaving her and the child alone. Misao starts crying that she thought she won’t be able to see him again. Kyo notices that her wounds starts to disappear. While Misao cries that she is really scared, Kyo hugs her and says that she is too reckless. Afterwards, Sagami reports that there are 10 Nue who invaded the house. Two were killed, and unfortunately, the rest escaped. They have one live captive. Zenki says that until the end, this Nue captive doesn’t know when to give up and he won’t ask for forgiveness either. The Nue says that it is already over for even if they want to continue their clan, there is single woman left. Aside from taking the immortal fruit for them to reproduce, the Nue clan has no way of reviving.
He laments that if the immortal fruit gives birth, then, their last ray of hope is gone. Kyo asks what he meant by that, why is it hopeless if Misao has conceived. The Nue says that Kyo is always calling the immortal fruit, Misao. Then the Nue realizes something. He says that he heard news that the Tengu head sincerely loves the immortal fruit. He starts to laugh that it is actually true. Kyo is surprised when the Nue kept on laughing over a rumor which turned out to be true, and this is really great. Zenki quickly pushes the man down and asks what’s strange about that. Everyone feels uneasy when the Nue kept on laughing nonstop. To everyone’s surprise, the Nue says that they didn’t know the ending of the ‘Immortal Fruit Records’. The Nue continues to say that it is already impossible for their clan to revive but this thing really makes him feel a bit better. “Let me tell you. The moment that she gives birth to your child, your beloved immortal fruit would not be able to see the face of the child because she would have already died. Hahaha” Everyone is stunned. Sagami says that he is lying and it is meaningless to rattle them up. The Nue happily says that is true, it is meaningless so he isn’t lying. “If you don’t believe me, then go confirm it with the Kitsune. Even if you don’t believe me, it also doesn’t matter. *Kyo still looks stunned and someone is saying, ‘One day, you will regret'* Just be like this and wait for a few months, what’s left would only be the remains of the immortal fruit, whose strength [/energy] has been sucked dry by the child. Shout out and live long. This way, the Tengu will attain prosperity. And it will be in exchange for the life of your beloved girl! Ha ha ha” Narration: “Even in a happy dream[land], one also cannot have excessive hope.”
Scans by 水银工作室.

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