November 1, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 52]

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Natsume tells Yukito that she has something to tell him. Yukito looks surprised and says, “You.. Could it be.. (This.. this girl.. Could it be that she knows about my and Kotori’s plan to have our first H? *Yukito imagines Natsume saying, ‘Hey you, just wait for another 100 years, and just be a virgin throughout your life’* So, she called me out to say that?) Ga.. game..?” Natsume asks what it is. Yukito starts muttering that isn’t she a fan of fighting games. “And, you’re going to make fun of my first H. Do you disapprove of me this much? Is this some sort of curse on me? That throughout my life, I can’t..” Natsume flips her hair and says that she doesn’t know what he is mumbling about. She tells him that even if she isn’t sure of it but it is quite true that she likes the ‘Fighting Leader, Dominate the World*’ game is quite true. [*I revised the name from before to make it sound nicer ^^;] Yukito exclaims so it’s that. Natsume says, “To make a long story short, please pass this message to your ‘everyday, worrying about the supermarket discount’ brother-- if he thinks that he will be number 1 no matter when, then he is making a huge extraordinary mistake.. *Yukito looks surprised* Hmph! *looks pleased with herself*” Yukito quietly looks at her and asks, “” To his surprise, Natsume turns around and says, “And that’s all there is to it. So, please tell him. Bye! Ah- that felt good.” Yukito calls out for her to wait. “How did you know my brother--” Yukito remembers Masaya telling him earlier about wanting to have revenge on this first or second year girl in his school who is very beautiful, on the same route as they go home, and like a little devil of a girl with fluffy and curly hair. Pointing at Natsume, Yukito exclaims that it was her. Natsume asks what he meant by that. At one of the lab/preparatory rooms, Kotori mutters, “ should be like this, right. *with black wings* It looks a bit scary..right? Then, just put on some makeup and it will be okay.. But, this is disguising as a ghost, it is like this right, even if the yukata is very beautiful.. *with candles that are hold up with a head band, on her head, whip, and skull* Cha-chang ♬ *pulls whip and smiles + pose* Hellish kind of punishment~~ Are you ready? *pouts and groans* What am I doing.. *shaking head by the window* It feels as if I turned into someone else.. *looks out the window* Huh? That is.. *sees two people below* Yukito and Natsume? For the two of them to get along harmoniously like that is quite rare.. What are they talking about.. It seems that they are arguing about something..”

Kotori’s imagination (/probably what they are saying based on actions): Holding some wads of money, Yukito says, “Big sis, about the thing today, just forget it.” Natsume replies, “Ha? I used up a lot of money so how can I just let it go.” Apologetic with a wink, Yukito says, “Please! Next time, I’ll definitely help big sis to find a good guy that you like. (Twice the money)” Folded arms, Natsume answers, “It’s really inevitable! This time around, I’ll let it pass.” End imagination. Kotori thinks that there is definitely some reason. She is surprised when Yukito suddenly holds on to Natsume’s shoulder. Kotori thinks, “Wha? Wait.. what’s going on!? What could have happened!? Why are those two.. Could it be..! No, no way, with just the two of them, it won’t be that thing..” She silently watches them. Below, Yukito says, “No, about this thing, you ought to tell it straight to my brother. If I go tell him, I definitely will become his punching bag.” Natsume answers back that she doesn’t want to be associated with his otaku brother. Yukito retorts that he also doesn’t want to, and it is only a game yet they will go as far as this in hating each other. Natsume exclaims that it isn’t just some game that is played and then it is over because this is a serious way of becoming the champion of the world. Yukito says, “What! For that, I’ll become a punching bag for you guys! *sighs* How come the people around me, are all game otakus.” Natsume tells him not to belittle game otakus for sooner or later, game otakus will make him cry. Yukito says, “Wha.. right now, I already feel like crying..” Yukito touches his fringe[/bangs] and looks up to see a shadow of a two ponytailed girl with wings and candles, holding a skull. This made Yukito scream in fright that Natsume asks what is it. Yukito says that it is nothing. Then, the room where the shadow was looking out is empty. “..Was I just mistaken? It seems that I had seen some kind of mysterious human shadow.. Ah.. forget it, maybe I’m very tired..” Natsume comments that he is like an old geezer. He tells her to shut up. “That’s right, Ibuki, I’ll help you pass that message to my brother. In exchange, you’ll also help me.” Natsume looks away and says that she won’t do it if it is about betraying Kotori. Flustered, Yukito exclaims, “Not that, it’s that ‘Doki Memo’ Ah.. That.. game, I want to ask you to teach me..” Natsume looks at him and asks, “Ah.. you also became a fan of that game?” Yukito protests that it isn’t so, and who’ll be a fan of that game. He shouts that he wants to pleasantly surprise Kotori. This made Natsume smile while blushing Yukito looks timid. Bowing down, Yukito says, “..also, I’ll conveniently tell you.. *looks at Natsume* I.. and Kotori will be having H.” Natsume looks at Yukito who looks down again. Natsume says, “Even if your face is red and telling me this..” Aghast Yukito exclaims for her not to treat it like nothing and just rebuff him like that, when he’s already very embarrassed about this.
Natsume tells him that is something between the two of them so why he is telling her about it. Yukito says, “No, because, your relationship with each other is quite good.. And I would also be able to consult you about many things.. I think, that it is because you are around, that until now, if there is a crisis, we were able to safely pass through it. I’m not an expert in conveying things, but I want to tell you, I’m not doing that thing with Kotori with casual feelings. And, I also want to attain your approval..” Natsume smiles and asks that if she didn’t approve, won’t they do it. This made Yukito look dark and speechless. Natsume says, “Never mind that, I don’t oppose. If it is Kotori’s choice, then I will support her. Perhaps, I fundamentally really wanted to support her to do that?” Relieved Yukito says is that so. Sparkling and happy, Yukito says, “Ah- Ibuki, even if you look scary, but actually, you’re very fair and reasonable~~” With a scary look, Natsume tells him, “But.. the premise is you won’t do anything to make her cry, okay?” Yukito’s smile freezes and he says, “..understood..” At the hallway by the shoe lockers, Harada looks at the mirror. She smiles and compliments herself that she looks perfect as a maid. Her friend teases her that she keeps walking around the hallway because she hopes that others would see her like that. Blushing Harada denies it and her friend has to tell her that she is opening her legs too wide. Harada dreamily says that she wants only Kaworu-sama to see her like this. Then, gloomy Kotori passes by. Harada sees her shadow figure in the mirror that she quickly turns around but no one is there. This made her friend asks her what it is. Aghast, Harada says that she saw something strange on the mirror. Her friend asks her if she is joking for no one is there. She tells her not to scary her and Harada wonders out loud what it was. While still walking, Kotori wonders, “How.. come Yukito and Natsume are together.. Could it be that Yukito is two-timing? *pouts* Wha..what am I thinking. Yukito won’t do such a thing. Natsume also won’t! Ah, but, Natsume is a bishoujo [beautiful girl], and I’m still not quite clear about that thing before with Yukito and Matsushima-chan.. –ah! This direction of this kind of thinking is going strange. ..ah.. Hair.. the reason for Yukito to dye his hair back to the original brown, could it be.. *remembers Yukito telling her that right now, he can’t tell her* Am.. I going to be dumped? Going to be dumped!?” In class, Kotori is lost in thought as someone is talking. Then, she snaps out of it when Yukito, sitting behind her, pulls her hair and says, “Hey!” He asks her about eating together during lunch and why is she staring off for. Kotori just says okay. While walking at the hallway, Yukito asks where will they eat today, at the old place or in the innermost courtya-- He is surprised when Kotori suddenly hugs him from behind. Then, she pulls his jacket and gives him a kiss. This totally surprises Yukito. Then, Kotori looks surprised at surprised Yukito. She quickly lets go. Blushing, she tries to explain but Yukito suddenly hugs her and says that he soon cannot endure it anymore. This surprises Kotori that she tensely calls out his name. Yukito is already leaning towards her that she tries to tell him, ‘No! That.. wait..’ Yukito kisses her deeply. This makes Kotori go, “!? Is something going to happen!?”
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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