November 7, 2011

Kurobara Alice [Chapters 24-25]

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Flashback: While the ground shakes from the earthquake, Reiji is stunned over what he just did. He looked over the dead bodies of his twin and Akane. Then, his hands trembled so much that he drops the rifle. Walking at the hallway, he muttered about calling the police since he killed someone. Feeling lightheaded, Reiji suddenly knelt on the ground and started to cough. “..why.. Fundamentally, there is no need for two people and it should be okay if it is only one person. I also really wanted to be born as Kai! ..if it is like that, then I can always continue to live on, and I can do whatever I want!!! What twins.. If we weren’t divided into two, then things wouldn’t have turned out this way.” Then, the house started to shake hard causing the window glass to break and spray on Reiji. As the house started to crumble, Reiji called out, “..Akane-chan Akane-chan..! –Kai.” End flashback. Reiji tells Kai that he woke up from the pile of corpses and what remains of his memories is what happened during the day[time] of that day. “But you, Kai obviously remembered it all and yet you pretended to be like me, who had lost all of my memories. It must have been quite relaxing for you, this past 80 years.. but, you cannot cover it all up anymore. Kai, for you do to such a thing, is it because you like Akane-chan too much that you truly can no longer endure it? Or is it anyway, I’m going to die soon so you felt that what happens afterwards doesn’t really matter? *Kai looks tense and Reiji looks serious* Don’t pretend to be a good guy anymore, lying deceiver.” Clenching his fist, Kai mutters that he thinks that those two sides are correct answers but both are actually wrong. Trembling and teary-eyed, Kai apologizes to his twin. “..Reiji, what do you want me to do to atone for this sin. For me to still live right now is definitely for atoning my sin towards you. I think God gave this time to me, for me to compensate that debt while I was still human, so..” With a cold look, Reiji asks, “Is that so, then first of all, stop those unsightly tears of yours. Why are you crying? You fundamentally have no right to cry.” Reiji walks past Kai who keeps mumbling his apology to Reiji. Coldly looking at Kai direction, Reiji says, “You should say your apology to Akane-chan for shouldn’t you attain her forgiveness first? ..that’s right, that person is no longer in this world. Then, you already cannot be forgiven by her, for eternity. *scornful smile* It’s really painful, right? [if] your life would be very long.” With that, Reiji leaves Kai by himself.

In his apartment, Kouya is sleeping when the door bell rings. He opens the door and it is Alice. With somewhat dead-looking eyes, Kouya smiles and says that he has always been waiting for her. He tells her that it must be hard for her to continue to stay in that house but then of course, it should be. He apologizes and says that if he didn’t do that, she won’t be able to get away from those guys. Alice interrupts by saying that even if she doesn’t know what he is thinking but that house is actually hers, and the thought of leaving it didn’t cross her mind. Alice smiles and tells him, “I am their queen. I had been chosen and I’m very happy with them. And, that also includes you. They already know of the situation and they’ve indulged me.” Kouya looks surprised and asks what she is saying. Alice says that it must be strange but she thinks that it isn’t that complicated in comparison to what he has been imagining. Kouya is speechless. Alice smiles and says, “But, that isn’t important. I have come to invite you. After hearing your past story, I really empathized with you.. For you to continue staying in this place by yourself, it makes people empathize you more with that bitter experience right? So, if you really want to be with me, don’t you want to go to my house? *Kouya is surprised that he asks, ‘what’* I’m saying I can get you into my harem.” Still looking surprised, Kouya asks if she is thinking that he will go, and why is she saying that to him. “I know. You are deliberately saying those things for me not to think that you are Azusa, right. Why!?” Alice says that it is because he makes people want to treat him kindly, because he looks quite pitiful, and he is very cute. Kouya exclaims that Azusa won’t say that. Alice says that she is saying that he is really her type. Kouya starts screaming that Azusa won’t say those kinds of things. Alice keeps her poise and then asks, “Really? Then, tell me more about that Azusa and I will definitely do my best to act like her. Miss Azusa, she..” Kouya shouts for her to not call Azusa’s name. “I won’t allow.. I won’t allow a person like you to casually call Azusa’s name!! You’re not permitted to call it again. Don’t.. Don’t appear in front of me ever again. I won’t be stained by you again!! Don’t..!” Kouya is surprised that Alice looks unfazed. She smiles and says, “Really. How regrettable. I was fundamentally very happy that I can add another cute child, but forget it, there is also no reason to insist when you don’t want to. Then, this time around, it’s truly ‘sayonara’ [goodbye forever]. *smiles* Take care of yourself.” After Alice leaves, Kouya returns to his apartment. He starts to tremble then he kneels down to cry.
Flashback: Dimitri is walking in a snowy town and heard a detestable sound. In a room, a girl cried out softly to stop..please don’t. The man said that all daughters do this kind of thing, because they are girls, so it is inevitable. “Even if at the start, you’ll resist but slowly, it will..” The girl cried, “Don’t..” then she looked at the side to find someone standing by the door. It is Dimitri. The drunk father asked who he is and how was he able to open the door. There are ants crawling all over the door knob. The father asked if he went to the wrong room for this isn’t his house and doesn’t he understand Japanese. Dimitri said that even if he knows that in the world, there are all sorts of moral ethics and there is no absolute differentiation between good and evil but this kind of thing, even if somewhere in the world, it is something allowed, he absolutely won’t allow it. “It seems that whatever I do with a person like you, it won’t bother my conscience at all.” The father exclaimed what the, what does it have to do with him. “It is my freedom to teach my own daughter whatever things I want to!!” Dimitri said, “You’re not allowed to talk, you trash. Young lady, cover your ears. *covers his ears* Just like this, do it tightly. Do it so that you won’t be able to hear anything. *girl closed her eyes and did as told* ..good girl. –very well then, what happens next is I’ll let you listen, for a trash like you, an exceedingly beautiful sound. *singing* -The kingdom of this world- is become! The kingdom of our Lord!! And of His Christ!! And of His Christ!!!” [<- it is based on Revelations 11:15 in the Bible] After some silence, the father said, “Yes- I offer you, my everything, my noble master.” Dimitri smiled and said, “Is that so. Then quickly jump into the ice cold river. Right now, immediately.” The father went out of the room and said that it will be as he ordered. After the father left, Dimitri muttered to himself that there is no need to offer him that filthy flesh. He looked at the girl and told her that it is okay. But the girl didn’t hear him nor know what happened because she is still closing her eyes.
He went to her and touched her shoulder which startled the girl to open her eyes. Dimitri told the girl that it is already alright. “That guy is no longer here and he also won’t come back ever again because I had already killed him.” The crying girl quickly hugged him tightly. Later on, the girl asked who he is. Dimitri told her that he is a vampire. The girl asked from where he came it from somewhere far. He says that perhaps.. for his house is in Tokyo. Already wearing his coat, the girl looked at him and said that it is actually quite near. Dimitri asked if that is so. She said that because vampires-types should be from Romania or perhaps the United States. Dimitri laughed and said that she really know things and she is right for he did went to Romania and US but right now, he is staying in Japan. He told her that since it is rare for him to be there, so he would occasionally stroll in all sorts of places like this. The girl asked if at one side, he is traveling and at another side, he is killing people. Dimitri looked at her and she looked straight at him. After a pause, Dimitri told her that he had already killed a lot of people and from then on, he controlled himself from killing but today, he did it freely after such a long time. The girl looked down and said is that so. Dimitri asked her if that man is her father. The girl said that it is a man brought in by her mother and told her ‘call him your father’. Dimitri asked about her mother. The girl muttered that perhaps she’ll come home, and perhaps not. Dimitri comforted the crying girl and told her that because of him, from today on, things will be more difficult for her. “I’m sorry.” The girl shook her head and said that she doesn’t want to encounter that again and if she did, it would better for her to just die. Dimitri said that a child shouldn’t say ‘die’-type of words on one’s lips. The girl asked if he is going back to Tokyo. “Bring me along with you! I want to go with you, Vampire-san! And afterwards, I also want to become a vampire..!”
Dimitri smiled and told her that he cannot bring her along. “I’m sorry, but ..there is a condition. If, from today on, you do your best to become an outstanding and mature woman, compare to anyone, then I’ll come back for you. At that time, you can become my bride. And become a vampire with me.” The girl asked if that is true and does he promise it. Dimitri said that he promised as long as she becomes an outstanding woman. The girl asked him what an outstanding and mature woman is like. Dimitri said that he also doesn’t know it clearly and it is something that she needs to think for herself. He told her that she shouldn’t just comply with what he said, but rather, she had to find out for herself, and do her best to become like it. Holding her face, Dimitri says, “I really anticipate as to what kind of lady you would become.” The girl told him to absolutely come back to see her and do not forget his promise. Dimitri said, “I won’t forget. I promise. What is your name?” The girl replied, “Akari.” [That is guesswork name from 燈 which means ‘lamp/light’. There are other ways of calling that name but I decide to choose something that starts with letter ‘A’ just like the other girls before. ^^;] End flashback. Dimitri looks at a two story apartment and thinks that it has already been 20 years and the building has already been rebuilt since it was an old apartment before. Then, a young woman goes out of the second floor room and said to someone that she’ll leave the rest to him/her. Dimitri realizes that it is Akari, now all grown up. Akari glances down and sees Dimitri smiling at her. Then, Dimitri turns around and starts to leave. Akari runs after him and calls out, “Vampire-san!!” Dimitri stops walking and turns around to ask if she is calling him and she must have been mistaken. To his surprise, Akari hugs him and cries. “I remember..! This voice. Those eyes. And, also this black hair. I never forgotten it. You’ve really came!! Really came..!” Dimitri says, “-You really did your best, to become a very outstanding woman. *pats her head* Akari.”
Alice returns to the house and finds it empty. She goes to their cafe and finds Reiji at the kitchen. Then, Alice goes to sit down at the sofa. She looks flustered upon remembering Kouya’s reaction to what she told him. After closing her eyes tight, Reiji asks her what she is doing. “Are you crying?” Alice tells him that she is restraining herself from crying because she fundamentally has no right to cry. Reiji says is that so, and it is such a coincidence that just a while ago, he just had a first hand witness over someone who doesn’t have a right to cry, yet he broke down and cried. Alice is a bit surprised for she thinks that there is something different about Reiji. Reiji asks her what happened. Alice looks away and tells him that she went to see Kouya and made things clear with him that she isn’t Azusa. Reiji says is that so, and did it go smoothly. Alice says that it should because if she didn’t do her best in pretending, afterwards, she will just hurt Kouya again. She mutters that she thinks that she had deceived Kouya well. Reiji says is that so. Alice is puzzled by Reiji’s response that she felt something has changed about him. Alice thanks him for listening to her. She tells him that she has done such a mean thing to him that no matter how she apologized, she cannot be redeemed but she is really, very sorry. After a pause, Reiji asks why she is apologizing to him but then, speaking of that, he knows someone else who needs to apologize to him a lot of times. Looking away, Reiji says, “Forget it, it doesn’t matter.” Alice looks at him. Then, Reiji looks at her to say that if Dimitri comes back, she ought to properly talk with him, and anyway, he will be back soon. Reiji tells her that whenever Dimitri’s heart had been shaken hard[/agitated], he cannot just quietly endure it and let it pass. “So, if only something happens, he would do something. In the end, he only actually just hurts the people around him. *smiles* But, Alice, you like that kind of person, right? *Alice blushes* I don’t criticize your taste because one’s attraction to another person is something that one cannot control. *Alice looks down* I have made pudding, do you want some?” Teary-eyed Alice looks at him, and Reiji hugs her. He tells her that he already had someone whom he had decided to be together until he dies. “She is a very frank and sincere towards me. Even if perhaps it is because she felt that my life is short, that is why she is frank with me, but I felt that if my life was long, what more would it had been. Wasting away a long life, painful times would also increase. Alice, you should quickly let him die. Becoming calm, I will also become more steady.” [<- not sure whom ‘let ‘him’ die’, Reiji is referring to, probably Kyouya?] Kai opens the door and watches the two hugging each other.
Alice narrates that without Dimitri, everyone’s heart felt a sort of quietness for he would always perplexes other people’s hearts. Always treating her like a child who has a temper, not like a woman at all, but it is important for breeding to have this charisma that Dimitri has, and she must think of the vampires’ survival. Also, he told her about this scary ability which he might use one day to ensure the vampires’ survival. “So, for their future, I.. alibi.. Fundamentally, the reason isn’t important.. After this, no matter what happens is okay.. I definitely had unknowingly, already chosen Dimitri. And generally, from the start-- He will definitely come back soon. Until then, I will properly confront him and say it clearly. Tell him that feeling buried deep within my heart, that cannot be explained with words. If like this, then definitely--” Ding dong. Kai opens the door and is surprised to see Dimitri. Still surprised, Kai welcomes Dimitri back. Dimitri smiles and says that he is back so what happened while he isn’t home. Kai is about to explain when Akari, standing behind Dimitri, exclaims, “Amazing!! This house is really stylish! Is this the vampires’ nest?” Kai is dumbfounded. Akari happily asks Dimitri if that guy [Kai] is also a vampire. Dimitri smiles and says that he is. Akari exclaims that it is totally not obvious. She happily holds Kai’s hands and introduces herself as Nakanishi [中西] Akari. Kai hesitantly greets her. Then, Akari spots Reiji. She exclaims that they are so alike, and they are truly twins. She happily holds Reiji’s hand and greets him. Reiji doesn’t quite know how to react. Then, Alice arrives. Akari squeals in delight over how cute she [Alice] is, as if she is a doll. Akari asks if she is also a vampire, and she really has that ‘air’ about her as if she is some proud queen. Dimitri says, “No.. She is.. Speaking of that.. why are you still here?” Alice looks at him in surprise and her lips curl like a cat’s. While knitting her eyebrows, Alice thinks that Dimitri just asked ‘why are you still here’. Shaking in anger and clenching her first, Alice apologizes for still hanging around there. Dimitri starts to look nervous and asks weren’t she suppose to go with Kouya. Irked Alice asks why he jumped into that conclusion when she fundamentally didn’t say that she will be going to Kouya. Nervous Dimitri cannot answer back. Reiji asks as to who this Nakanishi Akari girl is. Akari happily smiles and says, “Dimitri, he proposed to me! *holds the arm of Dimitri who has a frozen smile* I will become a vampire’s bride! Afterwards, this time around, just like he promised, he truly came to bring me to Tokyo into the vampire’s nest!!” Alice stares at Dimitri who nervously looks at the side. The twins are speechless.
Dimitri tells Kai to prepare Akari’s room but Akari says that there is no need for she is going to sleep in his room. Dimitri says no, that..she is still a guest. Clinging on his arm, Akari lovingly says that she isn’t a guest, she is his bride. Nervous Dimitri tells Reiji to prepare some tea and snacks for Akari. Reiji says okay. Dimitri tells Akari to go to that glass room first to drink tea and he will quickly go there, too. Akari happily did as told. Alice watches all this in disbelief then she starts to go upstairs. Dimitri calls out to her and tells her that first of all, he wants to explain things, least she misunderstands. “I didn’t propose to her. It is only because 20 years ago, I’ve saved her.. at that time, I.. I only said, ‘do you want to fill up the vacancy of being my bride’ type of words... Compared to that, what I want to ask is why are you still..” Alice interrupts and says, “Is that so. *haughty look* This time around, I have already realized something very important and that is you are really a 100% loli con. You’re really vicious! You big pervert!!!” Dimitri nervously look at her and denies it. He says that he wants to tell her clearly that he is a man who had already had sex with women who are older than him by 10, 20 and even 30 years old. He defends himself by saying that he only met that girl when she is still a child and he also waited for her to become a mature adult. Alice exclaims back if he thinks that just by hearing his argument, she will look at him at a new light. “How is that possible!? Anyway, don’t I matter? You just let go and do whatever you want? No matter whom you breed with, I would be indifferent. *smiles* Do what you wish♡” Nervous Dimitri just looks on as Alice stomps her way upstairs. Dimitri says out loud as to what’s going on and why did things become like this. “What happened between Alice and Ikushima Kouya? While I was gone, what happened? Who would properly tell me about it.” Kai looks at him and says that a lot of things had happened and honestly speaking, he isn’t in the mood to properly tell him about it. With that, Kai leaves. Dimitri is in disbelief as to what’s wrong with everyone and as the master, isn’t it too cold for them to treat him like that. Meanwhile, Alice slams her door and jumps into her bed. She thinks of herself as an idiot because she is one-sidedly being sincere with that guy. “That guy is unacceptable!! Also, doesn’t want to marry, or become a married couple, he obviously simply wants to breed. Why is it that things just won’t go smoothly? Me and that guy obviously doesn’t have a future!! It already doesn’t matter anymore, whatever happens. I’ll just choose one between Kai and Reiji!!! No matter what, Dimitri is outside the scope [of choice]!!!” Cheshire approaches her and she hugs it tightly. Dimitri goes to the living room to overhear Akari happily praising Reiji’s cooking and will she be eating this kind of food everyday. Reiji just smiles at her when she says that he is amazing. Akari quickly stands up upon seeing Dimitri. She happily says that all of the rooms are very beautiful that she is getting super excited. She asks him if he can tour her around the second floor. Dimitri says okay but before that, there is something he has to.. Akari happily says, “It is really like a dream.. but then, this is no longer a dream. Thank you, Dimitri for making my dream come true. I always believed that without a doubt, it will definitely come true. I’m really very happy..” Then, she kisses Dimitri. Reiji smiles over this while Kai just looks on. Still in bed, Alice hugs her cat.
Scans by 動漫花園S組.

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