November 22, 2011

Skip Beat! [Chapter 183]

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Kyouko looks gloomily over the disconnected telephone conversation. Remembering that Yashiro said that he just got out of the bath, Kyouko realizes that he had accidentally held the phone with his bare hands and 10 seconds had passed. After thinking of who else she can consult about this and someone who knows about Ren, she decides to call Lory. Lory is startled by the call since he seems to be reading novel on the phone. Seeing that it is Kyouko, Lory mutters that in the end, it came. After greeting good morning and sorry for calling at this time pleasantries, Lory asks if something urgent happened regarding Ren. Kyouko says that nothing has happened yet but Ren is acting weird that she cannot explain clearly. It is like being extremely anxious that he is staring off by himself, and he has this ‘disappear like air’ type of expression. Like grabbing straw to save himself. Straw refers to her when he slept while hugging her. She tells him that something felt wrong ever since he started to act as Cain and now, it seems like she isn’t mistaken about it, and she is becoming uneasy over it. To her surprise, Lory says that she isn’t mistaken about it. She asks if he knows about it. Lory says yes, and he cannot say that he doesn’t have any inkling about it. For him to tell her, she would need Ren’s permission. Kyouko says that if he says that, then she can’t ask in detail. Lory tells her that detail won’t do but he can say it in a general sense. Right now, Ren is afraid and he is fighting a battle with himself. Kyouko remembers Ren eating the yucky food before. Lory says that Ren wants to duel with HIM and even if he [Lory] feels that it isn’t some important thing that can be resolved with ‘win’ or ‘lose’, but Ren really hates THAT GUY. Kyouko asks who THIS GUY is. Lory says that it is HIMSELF. Kyouko is confused as she thinks that Lory is talking strange as if it is someone else. Lory says that even if Ren cannot understand that not all things must have a winner, and a tie is also okay but if he lost, it will be really bad. So in order for Ren to defeat himself, Kyouko is at Ren’s side to support him.

This shocks Kyouko that she exclaims if this is the reason why she is there. Lory says of course, that is why it has been arranged from the start for her to be at Ren’s side. “So, you properly complete your guardian mission.” Kyouko looks aghast and says so it turns out not to be about Ren’s food management. Lory says that Ren can be stubborn so that is the only way to resolve it. Lory sighs and admits that he is always worried that bad things will become like that and even if Ren is strong, but in certain things he is quite meticulous. Kyouko says that even if he said that she should properly do this mission, but she doesn’t know what she should do. To her shock, Lory says that she doesn’t have to do anything. He tells her to just use Setsu speech and action to express what she is thinking, and that way, Ren can overcome that wall. Kyouko asks if it is really only that. Lory says that is true, or perhaps, he ought to say that she shouldn’t do other extra things if she is thinking of [/considering] Ren. Kyouko looks surprised and says that she understands and she will believe in Ren. Lory says that it is good for her to do that and are there any other troublesome things regarding some questionable actions. Kyouko says about the questionable.. Lory listens with anticipation but Kyouko just talks about Ren’s hair tips being curly and is it because of the soft quality of his hair. Totally bored by that, Lory tells her to just get Ren to tidy his hair up while sleeping. After hanging up, Lory complains about Ren still not combing his hair properly. He thinks that Kyouko even has time to be perplexed over nonsense things and it seems that she is already totally idle to the point of being anxious. He expects Ren to be logical and strong while staying in Unite States since he was having one girlfriend after another. Or, could it be that after coming to Japan, he had been living a self-restraint life for so long that he forgot about that male ability. Lory curses that his forceful cure plan for Kyouko, isn’t progressing by a hairline and why is it that he had put her in his [Ren] side. Isn’t it to establish a scope wherein they can mutually touch each other, and to cause an attack on Kyouko’s illness with the opposite sex.
Meanwhile, Kyouko is blushing really red. She is relieved that she was able to smoothly deceive Lory because when he mentioned ‘questionable action’, she immediately thought of the sleeping together in bed thing. That is something she cannot easily talk about. She has managed to act about it being the hair problem but in her heart, she is thinking of something else. Praying pose, Kyouko is really happy that she learned acting and now, she can change her tone of voice. She is glad that as a believer of Ren, she didn’t create a humiliating [/lose face] outcome. Remembering Lory’s advice to use Setsu’s speech and actions to express what she thinks, Kyouko thinks that she doesn’t quite understand the situation nor know how much she can do but in short, she should act first even if right now, she isn’t very mature but in order not to lose face during self-proclaimed ‘acting’ time, she will only have to put in everything and do what she can do. At the set, an actress is crying in fright to Murasame. He comforts her by saying that he is the hero and he will protect her. And THAT isn’t some shinigami [death god] or zombie, but a living human being. The actress says that even if he says that but..too scary. Murasame looks at Cain who is talking with the director. He says that yesterday that guy looks like a person and that is something he cannot deny. Cain is now wearing make-up with wound-slashes all over his body. Then, Murasame bends down and up, looking for someone. Then he thinks that ‘she’ is not around. When Cain looks at them, the actress freaks out and Murasame cringes that he tells himself not to be afraid. He tries to convince himself that Cain is flesh and blood like him. He would rather have his blood spraying all over the place rather than to run away. Later on, Kyouko wakes up and is startled that she has fallen asleep. She is shock that it is almost 12 noon already and she had left Ren alone for three hours. She remembers that putting on the special make up needs around 2 hours. Since he isn’t at the lounge to eat lunch, they must be still be filming. Even if she is internally freaking out, Kyouko still makes herself walk calmly like a model which is how Setsuka would be. She heads to Stage D where everyone should be since it is where they filmed yesterday. What she sees is carnage..with everyone having horrified expressions. Two guys are beaten up on the floor. Since one of them has belt thing, I think they are staff members. The director and other staff are also freaking out. On top of a huge block, BJ is strangling Murasame who is struggling to free himself. Kyouko wonders what is this..!! NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE ON JAN. 4!! TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE SERIES in the next issue ^^
Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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