October 28, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Chapter 65]

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The three idiots are crying as to why all of them are in section 6. They beg the teacher to please transfer them to section 1 where Misaki is in. Hinata is teary-eyed because he is in section 5 when he also wants to be in section 1. His four friends ask him why he is complaining when at least all of them are together, so does it mean that they weren’t valuable to him. Hinata says no, of course he is happy because they give him snacks. They lament that perhaps they shouldn’t be friends. Hinata says that he is kidding, he is really happy, though this and that are two different things. As Hinata goes away for a while, the foursome can empathize with him for doing his best to stay with Misaki. Sakura is disappointed that she is in section 3 with Shizuko again. Her complaint irritates Shizuko. Yukimura is in section 2. He remembers asking Misaki about the school opening so he goes to her class but all the others had beat him to it. Just when they are calling out to Misaki, they freeze upon seeing Usui already there. He is wearing Miyabigaoka uniform. Usui asks them what they want from ‘his Ayuzawa’. This made Misaki hit him on the head since he is a student from another school and yet he would casually go there. Usui says that she is mean when it isn’t easy to go there and see her. Misaki insists he has no business there anyway. Usui tells her that he wants to see her but Misaki says he is annoying, just go out. Usui depressingly says that isn’t the way one should talk to one’s boyfriend. Sakura helps him by saying that Misaki is lucky for Usui loves her very much, so don’t be cold. Hinata asks isn’t he skipping class. Usui says that it is okay for the opening ceremony is tomorrow. The trio asks why he is wearing his uniform, is he cosplaying. Usui says that he wants to feel like a transfer student. They tell him to just wear Seika uniform in Miyabigaoka. Everyone is shock when a girl comes in and calls Misaki ‘older sister’. Suzuna tells her sister that she forgot her bento. Misaki says that she already got hers. Suzuna informs her that she forgot to bring the cherry pie. It seems that she won a lot of cherries so Misaki ought to do her best to eat it all. While they were arguing over cherries, Hinata interrupts that he didn’t know that Suzuna will be going to Seika. Suzuna just says if she didn’t tell him. As the others were muttering about Misaki’s younger sister, the three idiots are drooling over her. ^^;

Hinata asks why Suzuna decided to go there. She smiles and says she just thinks that a family should be together. This remark somewhat surprises Usui. Suzuna says that aside from that moving reason of a capable younger sister, it is to save tuition fees. While the two sisters argue again, the others are muttering that the two sisters are really different from each other. Soon, Misaki kicks both Usui and Suzuna out of her classroom. Usui gloomily mutters that he has been ignored. Suzuna giggles and tells him [Misaki’s husband] that is Misaki’s way of concealing her shyness. Then, Suzuna calls out to Hinata and also gives him a cherry pie. As she leaves with Usui, Suzuna tells him that she made a lot so she’s giving some to him. Hinata and others are surprised that they ask if Suzuna is a magician for where she took that pie out from. At Miyabigaoka school, Tora tells someone on the phone that it is going according to plan. The other party turns out to be Gerard who says that is good, and good work to him. He also says that it might cause trouble to him, Tiger-kun but he’ll leave his younger brother to him. [Tora = tiger in Japanese] Dark-looking Tora says that name is quite ruthless but Gerard tells him not to be modest. Tora asks about wanting to speak in Kansai dialect and Gerard says that he likes that. Gerard asks how much the struggle is. Tora says a little bit. Gerard is totally delighted. And, it seems that he wants Cedric to immitate what Tora said. ^^; and it means ‘nothing much’. After the phone call, Maki asks Tora about whether or not making Gerard lower his vigilance. Dark Tora says that those two brothers are the same, they are an eyesore. On the second day, Koganei is boasting about growing .5 millimeter in height. ^^; He exclaims about being able to defeat Usui now but unfortunately, they don’t have an opportunity to see each other.. He stops midway when Usui passes by him at the hallway. He follows Usui to 3-A where his 3A classmates welcomes Usui. While Koganei is expressing his shock that Usui is there, the others assume that he is Usui’s friend, when the president asked them to get along with him because Usui doesn’t have friends. Koganei is freaking out that the elite group of students is planning to make Usui as their friend, that he wonders who Usui really is.
Usui’s phone rings and it is Misaki who shouts ‘pervert alien’ as to what he is planning and going in her classroom without authorization. It seems that Misaki is shouting too loudly that the others can hear their conversation. Usui asks why she is angry but Misaki shouts for him to quit acting innocent for he drew himself with roses on her table with the words ‘Ayuzawa life’. Usui laughs and asks if she is happy but Misaki insists that she is angry. Usui says that is regrettable but he is very happy since so early in the morning, he was able to talk with her, and right now, her face ought to be really red. Blushing Misaki tells him to shut up. Girl with teddy bear says that is really sappy [/corny] that it’s unbearably passionate [<- being sacrcastic?]. Since the girl is calling Misaki’s name, Misaki asks who it is. Usui says that it is his classmate. Since the girl wants to talk with Misaki, Misaki tells Usui to let the girl take the call. On the phone, the girl asks if this is the ‘maid’ and isn’t it nice that she is loved and protected by the master. Misaki looks serious. The girl continues to say that it is regrettable and anyway, right now is really fine, and it is unavoidable to feel the pain of separation. Misaki asks her what she meant by that. The girl says that she is Usui’s fiancee and in the end, the one who will be bounded with him is her. The other guy is trembling at how amazing the girl is with that very low kind of joke. The girl tries to ‘shh’ the guy. [Ah, just wait for the English scanlation for their names. ^^;] Misaki calls her miserable to be forced to get engaged with that pervert alien and she [girl] is really pitiful. They were surprised when Misaki starts to say all sorts of bad things about Usui. Just when the girl is trying to tell Usui that Misaki is talking ill about him, Usui just smiles. Misaki ends her speech with, “And, that guy, Usui Takumi is my man. *The girl puts Misaki on speaker mode.* Whether he transferred school or [got] separated [from me], no matter what obstructs us, I believe that he will definitely come back. And, I don’t have any plans on handing over Usui. And if despite that, you still want to fight, then, the only thing I have to do is fight back with all my strength!” Usui proudly smiles over this. The girl seems to have closed the phone and says that is really good, it really makes her [/them] delighted and very excited over this arrogant declaration of war. The last scene is of Tora with Maki. Blurb: Misaki won’t lose [to them]!!
Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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