October 21, 2011

Stardust★Wink [Chapter 34]

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Cover page: “Who is it, the one whom Anna likes!?” Volume 7 will be out on October 14th. Narration: “Hello, everyone ☆ Having an unrequited love towards [my] childhood friend, I, Koshiro Anna, 15 years old, have just arrive in Hokkaido to participate in the finals of the Photo Koshien!! *Anna winks, sticks out tongue and flashes v-sign* Hinata, my childhood friend, told me that this time in the final competition, he will tell me his answer to my confession, but.. *Mari comes in between them and says, ‘A-ra..why is Koshiro-chan here-?’* Every time, always, at this point, Kobayashi Mari-sensei will come into the scene. She is obvious a teacher and yet, she would do those kind of things to Hinata, *remembers Mari kissing Hinata and Mari explaining to Anna and Sou before regarding her actions* Ah, those stuff about this person.. Every time I see this person, towards her, I would always feel...” Inside the villa, Mari happily exclaims that no wonder it is a place that can be used by 8 people, it is so spacious. “Won’t it be lucky if there are only four people from one school who can use this small house, Tokura-kun.” Hinata tells her that it is no big deal to him. Looking ill, Anna is hiding behind Nanoka’s back while looking at Hinata and the others. She thinks that it is really bad for she wanted to talk with Hinata but that woman is always nearby. “Physiologically[?], I cannot stand being totally close with that person. Speaking of that, sensei’s body is touching him too much!! Don’t always stick around him!” While Aya and Nanoka are looking at cowering Anna, Chiaki informs them that the advisers will be staying at the first floor’s bedrooms and everyone else will be staying on the second floor. “After leaving your things inside, we will quickly be going out again!!” At the second floor, Nanoka happily points out to Aya that there is a balcony there. Anna is looking at Hinata’s group when she overhears the long dark color haired girl asking Hinata if he will be okay since he is the only boy there. While Hinata goes, ‘Ah..’, the short light color haired girl says that it is alright. “For it also seems that Tokura-kun is the type who doesn’t have sexual desire [/lust].” Aya and Nanoka are nervously surprised over that while Anna is nervously blushing really red over what kind of extreme [/serious] conversation is that. “But, that’s right, I only purely think that I’m very happy to be together with Hinata but.. being the only guy can be comparatively hard..”

Dark haired girl exclaims to the other what she is saying. The light haired girl asks if there is [/does Hinata have it]. Gloomy looking Hinata just keeps quiet. The light haired girl sighs and tells him, “I’m just joking. Don’t take it seriously, first year student.” The other girl angrily scolds the other. Then, the girl says, “But, I’m saying the truth. He himself understands [/knows] it the most. Kind of ‘if he is going to mess around with some disastrous thing, it will become very bad.’” Anna is puzzled by that comment but Chiaki already calls out to them that they don’t have time to chat because after eating dinner, they have an icebreaker activity. Anna is surprised for it is already time. Soon, it is night. In the bus, sleepy Hinata is sitting at the near front seat while Anna is sitting at the backmost seat. Aghast, she wonders what to do for it is quite rare for her to be this close to Hinata and yet, she totally cannot talk with him. “Speaking of that, will there really be a time when the two of us can be alone together!? Looking at this booklet, the itinerary is also quite intensive.. and I obviously still have an agreement with Sou.. I’m starting to feel quite uneasy!!” Inside a huge building, wherein everyone is walking around, Anna hears someone calling out to her. She turns around to see Hinata gesturing for her to come to her while also gesturing for her to be quiet. Teary-eyed Anna holds her arms open and calls out to him. Hinata tells her that following up what they had talked about before. Surprised Anna asks if they are going to talk about it there. While telling her to be quiet, Hinata tells her no, for how can they talk in front of, so many people. “The itinerary at noon is already full, that we can only see each other secretly at night. *whispers* So, I’ve come to talk it over with you. *Anna freaks out for it is ‘night’ and ‘secretly’* Won’t there be an icebreaker activity and opening ceremony tonight and tomorrow night? So, I think that it is better to come out during these two nights before the competition formally starts. *Anna exclaims that today is okay* Even if I’ve said at night, but it is only between the time to take a bath and when the lights are out. *Anna exclaims that she will quickly take a bath* About taking a bath, it will at a nearby hotel and walking from the villa [where they are staying], would take around 10 minutes. Then, after taking a bath, I’ll wait for you outside the hotel.” Anna is tense for finally, she can hear out Hinata’s follow-up words. “The reply to the confession..”
Then, at the side, Mari is asking the two other girls where Hinata is. They answer that they don’t know. Seeing them, Hinata says that this is bad for they had noticed [that he is gone]. “I should quickly leave.” Holding up her hand, Anna exclaims for him to wait. “Hinata, I still have something that I wanted to say!! Sou asked me to. This will be quick!!” Hinata is surprised that he asks, “Huh, Sou?” Anna asks, “Hinata, you believe in Sou, right!?” Hinata comments that is like the line of some church persuading people = ‘Do you believe in God?’. Anna continues, “Sou said ‘Hinata doesn’t believe what I’ve said’ but Hinata, you don’t think that way, right!?” Hinata says, “No..sorry, I really don’t understand what you are talking about. *surprise* Speaking of that, Anna, were you talking with Sou lately? Did the two of you reconcile?” Flustered Anna tells him that even if they haven’t reconciled and right now, she cannot talk with Sou, is because they are to ‘temporarily keep distance [from each other]’. “But, this ‘temporarily’ is too vague so I’ve asked Sou, to concretely tell me when that is and, afterwards..” She is surprised when Hinata holds up his hand and says, “Okay, stop. *nervous* ..from what you’ve just said, you’ve really talked with Sou, right? *Puzzled Anna says, yes.* Anna directly [talked] with Sou? *Anna says, yes* Like, ‘Up to when is this keep distance from each other’?” Anna replies, “Yes, and afterwards, he kind of said, ‘The fastest way is to make Hinata believe what I’ve said’--..” Hinata looks totally shocked. Hinata mutters, “--can believe”. Anna asks, huh? Looking really dark, Hinata looks away and says, “Really cannot believe.” Anna looks aghast and tense. After a long pause, Anna says, “Hinata.. are you angry?” Hinata replies, “..sure enough, I still do not want to talk about the follow-up of that topic.” This surprises Anna. To her surprise, Hinata turns away to leave. Anna calls out to him and tells him to wait but she freezes upon seeing Mari calling out to Hinata. Mari touches Hinata’s left shoulder and says, “Geez- you are at this kind of place. Didn’t I tell you that the ice breaker activity is going to start soon--?” Hinata hits Mari’s hand off him and says, “Sorry, [but] don’t always touch me like this.” This made Anna really aghast and tense. “Without a doubt, Hinata has blown his top.. And then, even if I know he is angry, but I still do not know as to why he is angry. *sweatdrop* Why--!?”
In the villa, the advisers had gathered everyone together to give them a briefing about tomorrow’s activities. Chiaki asks if everyone had already taken a bath. “We will have breakfast at 7am but temporarily, we won’t be coming back here so everyone ought to prepare their things. And, afterwards, we are going to ride the bus to the meeting place, and then--..” While everyone is listening and looking at their booklets, Anna sadly looks at Hinata’s direction. At night, Anna is lying on a futon along with the rest of the girls [including the ones in Hinata’s group, it seems]. Anna cannot sleep. “From then on, not even once, did I have eye contact with Hinata. Why do I feel that this is the first time for Hinata to be this angry.. *nervous smile and teary-eyed while holding her blanket tight* And, if I were to ask him I don’t know what he is angry about, it seems that I will be thoroughly be more hated by him.. *anxious and closes her eyes* What to do.. I won’t want this. When [he’s] obviously so near--” Hinata dreams of the past. Flashback: During elementary, the school bell is ringing. Hinata is putting his things and textbook in his bag. Then one of his classmates exclaimed to the others that they’ll go play battle [/trading] cards at his house. A couple of the boys shouted that they want to go, too. Someone exclaimed that they also call Yuuta [裕太]. “Ah, also Hinata, should we call him [to join us]?” This made Hinata glance at their direction. One of the boys said, “Ah- don’t. That guy totally won’t talk. He’s boring to death. If it’s Yuuta then, it’s okay.” The other boy said, okay, then they’ll meet up at his house. Hinata looked somewhat sad about that. Then, there is a sound of footsteps running towards him. A dark haired boy [Sou] suddenly pushed him from behind and called out, “Hinata! Hahaha, I’m sorry, were you startled? Ah-- although it is deliberate. *Speechless, surprised Hinata looked at him.* Let’s quickly go home- I’ve borrowed a new game from Mashiro!! *smiled* Hinata, do you want to play it together [with me]?” End flashback.
Hinata hears someone calling, “..nata.” Hinata opens his eyes to see Anna sadly looking at him and calling his name again. Then, Hinata’s eyes open wide. Startled, he quickly backs away. [And, I think he just/almost hit his head on the wall because he is sleeping at the corner of the room.] Anna apologizes to him for noisily waking him up. Still looking surprised, Hinata says, “No.. Ah..what is it..” He stops talking upon seeing Anna looking really sad. At the forest area and the moon is peeking out some clouds, Anna says, “I’m really sorry that at this time.. but, I also cannot stay like that..” Hinata smiles and tells her that going there is quite good. “I also want to apologize to you, Anna.” Somewhat flustered, Anna slightly bows her head and says, “There’s no need to apologize. It is also okay. If you do not to want to talk about that topic, then forget about it. *Hinata looks surprised* But, I would want you to tell me as to why you are angry.. *teary-eyed* I’ll completely change the no good areas. If you also do not want to tell me..” Anna is surprised when Hinata suddenly hugs her. He tells her, “Do not cry anymore, please. Actually, I fundamentally have no right to be angry. I’ve made you perplexed again and made you cry when I’ve obviously had come to an awareness [/understanding].” Anna pulls away and looks at him. She asks him, “Awareness is..?” Hinata looks at her and remembers the time when the younger him was playing a game console with Sou. Flashback: Sou is concentrating in his game. Hinata glanced at him. Sou noticed this. This surprised Hinata and made him slightly nervous. Sou then happily shows a huge smile at him. End flashback. Looking sad, Hinata mutters, “Awareness of betrayal.” He then holds Anna’s hand and kisses surprised Anna on the lips. After the kiss, Hinata says, “About this, I’ve always wanted to say it out, that I also like you, Anna.”
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