October 21, 2011

Mei-chan no Shitsuji [Chapter 111]

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Looking at Shinobu who is carrying sleeping Shiori, Mei wonders, “World’s no. 1 ojousama..?” Rihito just looks serious. Shinobu tells them that afterwards, he introduced the two butlers to Kintarou-sama, and they already know the rest of the story. “Kintarou-sama.. apparently also think that it is interesting.. No matter what it is, he can take pleasure in it.. I really admire that side of him.” Mei asks Shinobu why those two guys would go to her grandpa. To her surprise, Shinobu says, “It’s to enable them to see you, Mei-ojousama. *glances at seriously dark Rihito* This is comparatively interesting..right?” Mei tells him to wait for why are those two looking for the world’s number 1 ojousama. “What is their goal? And also, who they really are..!?” Shinobu smiles and replies, “This.. you should go ask them yourself. Right now, they are your butlers.” This made Mei scowl. Rihito suddenly realize something. He then asks Shinobu if the ship is.. Shinobu asks if he only notice it now. Rihito holds Mei’s hand and tells her that they should quickly leave. Surprised Mei tells him to wait. Shinobu tells her, “Then, Mei-ojousama, I hope that God will give his blessing for us to meet again.” Mei smiles and tells him that he doesn’t believe in God. Shinobu smiles and says, “Then, may Miss Lucia bless us then.” Mei smiles and says that if it is like that, then it will come true. “Goodbye, Shinobu.” Shinobu says, “Okay, and be with this Fake Butler [when we meet].” Dark Rihito tells him, “I decline.” With Shinobu still smiling, the two left the room. Narration: “Praying for your happiness--”

At the hallway, Mei asks Rihito what is it for this is too sudden. He tells her that the ship is already sailing. Mei is surprised by this because she didn’t notice it. Rihito says that they weren’t able to detect it because Shinobu diverted their attention. Rihito opens the door to the deck. Mei is surprised that they are already out in the sea. Looking at the pier, Mei mutters in disbelief that they are already far away from the shore. Rihito tells her that from this distance, there is still time. “I’ll go find a lifeboat.” Just when Rihito is leaving, Mei calls out for him to wait. He turns to her and calls her name. He sees her looking serious. Mei tells him that just now, she talked with Shiori about the subject of love. When Rihito is telling her that they’ll talk about it later on, Mei interrupts and insists that she wants to let him know about it right now. Rihito no longer objects. Mei says, “Shiori-ojousama.. said that in this world, without Rihito-san, she doesn’t need any other thing.. If Rihito-san was to disappear.. she would want to disappear with him.. But I.. *Rihito looks surprised* I’m not like that.. Rihito-san is very important. People apart from Rihito-san are also important. If.. If in some time, Rihito-san.. is no longer around. I will also.. tenaciously live on.. *Rihito smiles* ..you’re smiling.. *Rihito sweatdrops and apologizes for being rude* This is what.. I’ve decided upon thinking of it for a long time..! Perhaps, compared to me, Shiori-ojousama, she.. loves you more deeply, Rihito-san... *pause; Rihito looks serious and closed eyes Mei looks flustered* ..even if it is like this.. *looks at Rihito* Towards this kind of selfish me, do you still wish to stay at my side?” This question surprises Rihito then he smiles. He tells her that things have already reached up to this point so what is she asking this for.
While flustered Mei is saying something inaudible, Rihito thinks, “But, regrettably.. *Mei sneezes* I’m more persistent than Shiori-ojousama. For me, aside from Mei-ojousama, I don’t need anything else. If Mei-ojousama isn’t in this world, even if it ends and falls [into pieces], I also don’t care.. *puts his coat on Mei* But.. *Mei smiles at him* in this way, I’m attracted by your amazing tenacious nature.” Then, Mei hears the sound of a helicopter. Mei looks up and says, that is.. Rihito just seriously looks at it. Mei realizes that the helicopter is going to land on the ship. After the helicopter landed, Mei wonders who it is. Her eyes look surprised for it is Kento, together with the two young butlers.  Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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