October 21, 2011

Ojousama wa Oyomesama [Chapter 87]

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In the living room with young Miju, flustered young Himeno calls out to young Yuuga and says, “Yuuga, you should say out, the things that you are thinking [/feeling] inside.” Yuuga asks, what. Angry Himeno exclaims for him to look at that kind of attitude. “It is because you are like that, it makes other people misunderstand! If you say out what you are thinking inside, people wouldn’t always talk behind your back this past six years..” Yuuga just looks at him. Miju calls Himeno stupid for if Yuuga did that, then he wouldn’t be Yuuga. Himeno asks her what she is talking about, for if Yuuga is more like him, who says out what one is thinking, then Yuuga would have a good relationship with everyone. Irritated Yuuga tells Himeno that just now, he is quite annoying. This shocks Himeno, and made Miju giggle. Narration: “Grade 5 Takatou Yuuga’s autumn. Not an expert in interpersonal relationship. Doesn’t trust anyone.” While Himeno is angrily shouting at him, Yuuga wonders why he has to have a good relationship with everyone, and even if he is to get along with other people, it is tiresome [/boring]. In school, Yuuga passes by Himeno who happily greets his friends and thinks that Himeno can really do that. Narration: “First year junior high Takatou Yuuga’s spring. He grew up to be quite tall and unexpectedly become very popular with girls. Towards girls, he is fairly awkward.” At the hallway, one of the girls points towards Yuuga and says that he looks quite handsome. Another girl says that during elementary, she was a bit scared of him but right now, he is so cool. Then, they say that Yuuga is looking at their direction. Looking aghast, Yuuga thinks that it is so annoying and who is looking at them. At home, Himeno gushes that girls are so cute. Looking dark and surprised, Yuuga asks what’s cute about them. Himeno happily says that they are quite cordial ♡, slender ♡, have white skin ♡, have a voice that is nice to listen to ♡, looks quite delicate ♡♡. “Ah-- I really want to have a girlfriend! It’s really good to be in junior high!” Yuuga wonders what Himeno is talking about. Miju asks Himeno, “Wha..what.. Could it be that you have someone you like?” Himeno blushes and happily giggles. Miju asks him who it is but Himeno says that it is a secret. While Yuuga looks at him, Himeno tells him not to dislike inconvenience, and communicate more with the girls, and most probably, he would find a good girl. Yuuga wonders what that is..and fundamentally speaking, Himeno won’t say something that’s worthwhile, but he looks considerably happy. In school, Yuuga looks at Himeno who happily greets a couple of girls, and he has such a happy expression.

A girl tells Yuuga that she fell in love with him at first sight so would he want to go steady with her. Thinking that it would also be troublesome to reject, Yuuga pauses and says okay. Narration: “First year junior high Takatou Yuuga’s autumn. He has a girlfriend. But..” The girl asks him where he would bring her out on Sunday, and can she take pictures to show off to her friends. She also asks him if it will be a solo or a double date. Yuuga looks aghast and thinks that it is troublesome to death that he couldn’t even interrupt and say something. To the girl’s anger, Yuuga says that he cannot stand it anymore. Then, Yuuga goes to have more girlfriends = Girl 1 says that since they break up, how about going steady with her, Girl 2 says that if he thinks they are suitable.., Girl 3 happily calls out his name, and Girl 4 says that it is okay even if Yuuga doesn’t quite like her, let’s go steady. Remembering Himeno telling him to communicate more with the girls, Yuuga thinks that Himeno is quite cheeky to say that. “I had already gone steady with so many girls but there is not even one, whom I can talk [/get along] with, and it seems that for the other party, regardless of what I am, is also quite okay [for them].” His current girlfriend calls out to him and asks where they are going this Saturday. Yuuga looks at her then turns away. This irritated the girlfriend, that she asks why he always snubs [/look away] her. “Are you treating me like a fool? Hey, you! You really judge people by appearances! *sobs*” Yuuga is unfazed as he thinks, “Judge people by appearance? Speaking of that, you people, judge others by appearance, that is why you come close to me.” At Yuuga’s bedroom, Himeno is holding a handheld game console. He happily calls out to Yuuga that they go and play together. Yuuga angrily glares at him. Sweatdropping, Himeno asks him what that expression is about, and isn’t it good to play with him because he [Yuuga] always wins anyway. Yuuga angrily shouts for him to shut up, and fundamentally, it is his fault.. Himeno looks at him in surprise and Yuuga suddenly stops talking [as if realizing what he is saying]. Then, Yuuga turns around. This irritates Himeno that he quickly goes in front of Yuuga who asks him what.. Himeno shouts at him that he cannot be like that. “When you are talking with someone, you should not avoid looking at the other person’s eyes! If you’re like that, you’ll only make other people think that you are very impatient [/annoyed with them]! You can say what you want to say, I will listen attentively!” To Himeno’s surprise, Yuuga turns away again. Himeno shouts that he just told him not to be like that. Yuuga answers back that he [Himeno] is irritating and he doesn’t have anything to tell him. Yuuga wonders if it is like that, he isn’t being impatient with them, but is only a habit.
Narration: “Second year junior high Takatou Yuuga’s winter. I have come to understand myself a little. What I need is someone.” Yuuga had apologized to a girl [probably rejecting her confession]. Then, Yuuga listens to Himeno who happily tells him that girl is also very interested in him and she is super cute. Yuuga thinks that Himeno is still thinking of some girl. “Amazing-- is it the same girl? What does it feel like to be in love with someone?” Then, a plain looking girl [Rina] tells Yuuga that she has always been paying attention to him and he has been quite kind to her. “Of..of course, I didn’t even think of going steady with you, *blushing really red* I only want to tell you..” Narration: “If it is this girl.. and, this is how third year junior high Yuuga’s spring started..” Yuuga is walking together with Rina who is happily chatting with him. Rina tells him that she is quite worried what kind of birthday gift she is going to give to Kana [卡娜]. After saying, ‘ah..’, Yuuga turns away from her, then he realizes that it is his bad habit. He quickly looks at Rina again to apologize but Rina was the one apologizing for asking him when he doesn’t know who Kana is. Yuuga smiles and giggles when Rina is about to tell him about Kana. This made Rina asks why he is smiling. Yuuga says that it is nothing. This puzzles Rina. Yuuga thinks that it seems this ‘illness’ of his can be cured. Later on, in the classroom, Yuuga looks under his table and realizes that he forgot to bring his dictionary. He decides to go and borrow it from someone. At the door of another classroom, he sees Himeno happily talking with Rina. Yuuga is surprised at that happy expression on Himeno. He suddenly remembers Himeno telling them before about a certain girl who is very cordial, slender, white skin, and hinting that he likes someone. Then, in his bedroom, Yuuga remembers Himeno’s advice to him on not to dislike inconvenience, and communicate with them to find a good girl. He also remembers Rina telling him that she is always looking at him and he is very kind to her. Later on, by the school gate, Rina asks Yuuga what’s up for he looks listless. Yuuga looks flustered when he looks up to see Himeno looking sad and serious at him. Yuuga remembers young Himeno telling him to say out what’s in his heart. Narration: “I’ve always.. won’t say anything. Could not say anything. Won’t listen to anything. It doesn’t matter to me even if I hurt someone, but.. But--” He remembers smiling Himeno telling him that he’ll attentively listen [to him]. Yuuga then says, “Rina. I’m sorry, let’s break up.” Narration: “Third year junior high’s winter, I knew the feeling of pain.” End flashback.
Yuuga is lost in thought that Towako asks him what the matter is. Yuuga says that he remembered some things from the past. Towako asks what it is. While saying ‘ah..’, Yuuga turns away from her. This surprises Yuuga for he did it again when he wanted to change that [habit]. He turns to look at pouting Towako who looks flustered and irritated. Thinking that Towako is angry, Yuuga nervously tries to explain that just now.. Towako tells him that it is his habit to look away from someone’s eyes. Yuuga looks surprised and asks if she knew, and it turns out that he hasn’t changed it. Towako angrily says, of course [she knows]. Yuuga tells her that he isn’t being impatient.. Puzzled Towako tells him, “You’re thinking of things, right! I know that!” Slightly blushing Yuuga is speechless then asks is that so. Turning away from him, Towako angrily exclaims, “What! You were definitely thinking of Rina! Ya, she’s really cute!” Sweatdropping Yuuga says is that so. Then, he smiles and hugs Towako. Narration: “Third year high school Takatou Yuuga’s autumn. In the middle of pampering his wife.”  Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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