October 28, 2011

Skip Beat! [Chapter 181]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 20, 2011

Kyouko couldn’t sleep so she has been counting fairies. She is already at 53,336 fairies. The fairies are greeting her and thanking her for giving birth to them. =P Kyouko couldn’t sleep in a position like this wherein she is beside Ren in one bed. Kyouko looks at Ren’s face. She thinks that he looks better now and his body isn’t trembling. She feels that he isn’t an ordinary person. Flashback at the elevator: Kyouko asked her what happened to him. He asked her where she went. She told him that she went to buy breakfast. He tells her that it is dangerous to go alone at this time of the night, but she says that it is nearby. Kyouko is a bit tense when Ren insists that she cannot go out alone by herself. Seeing Ren’s serious eyes, Kyouko just apologizes to him. Ren then says that it is okay. He holds down the blanket with open arms, and then tells her to come. This made Kyouko wonder if he means come [to me]..into that place [his embrace]. Kyouko contemplates on this for a while about cannot do it but when Ren looks somewhat pitiful and calls ‘Setsu’ again. She goes to him and he hugs her within the blanket. Kyouko thinks that she can not escape even if she doesn’t agree to it. And if she didn’t go, there is that feeling that he’ll disappear like air. She remembers that this is the same when he suddenly snaps out of it after attacking those thugs before. At that time, she wondered if he was Ren or Cain.

Even if it is unusual, she would just dismiss it that he’s Cain because if it isn’t like that, it is quite frightening – as if he is some merciless shinigami [death god] who moves fluidly. Kyouko sits up and thinks that it is the same with today when she doesn’t think that he is ‘Cain’. At that time when he hugged her, his fingers are cold and even if he isn’t moving, he is trembling. She had that ‘same’ way of thinking, suddenly disappear without a trace = the time when Ren spaced out after the almost car accident during the shooting. Remembering how surprised he was about smiling, Kyouko realizes that something weird is happening with Ren ever since he started to act as Cain, as if he is fighting against something [<- eating yucky fried rice]. Then, she notices Ren is scowling/knitting his eyebrows in his sleep. She realizes that it isn’t her imagination. Next chapter on November 5th.  Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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