October 28, 2011

The One [Chapter 82]

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While Eros is walking ahead, Lele remembers his question about ‘having someone you really loved and trusted, yet that person forgot about you’. Lele walks ahead of Eros and holds on his arm. He asks her what she’s doing. Lele quickly uses an alibi about supporting him because it is her fault that he is hungry and tired. She wonders why Eros always contradicts himself. He was always sticking to her and now, it seems as if he is running away from her. He is always ambiguous and she doesn’t want to endure this capriciousness again. She tells him that he ought to have went to find her because he was worried about her, so can he admit it at least this once. She says that she won’t overly imagine that her love is returned but if he can admit that he cares for her, she will be happy. Or at least in his heart, if only she knows that she isn’t some insignificant bystander, who doesn’t matter to him if she disappears, then she will be thankful for that already. Eros is taken aback by how low Lele thinks of herself and wonders if it is because of him that she became that way. Eros tells her that if she is some nobody, does she think that he would tell her about his mother. Eros admits that he is worried about her that it is already late and she didn’t return yet, to the point that he is already regretting for making her go. He imagined that something might happen to her or perhaps for not reason, she disappears. He tells her that people who said that they like and cared for him, but still in the end, they disappear [/leave him] so he can no longer wait for her and he started to feel uneasy. [<- Note that in one of the scene, aside from his mother, I think that is Feidna. So, Eros did love her before?] “Because I cannot endure it for you to also disappear! With this, are you satisfied?” Eros thinks that he doesn’t want her to look down on herself for he doesn’t deserve it. He wants her to protect her heart forever and not falter for him. Forever recklessly chasing after him but do not let it stop her steps [/goal]. “Please, definitely understand this.. I do not want your life to become complicated because of me!” This made Lele somewhat smile. While holding his arm, she tells him that is enough for him to confess that. She thinks that she won’t ask that much again. That night, Lele couldn’t sleep after learning what made Eros that anxious and why his back looks lonely then [<- in Japan, iirc]. It is because of the pain of being ‘deleted’ from his beloved mother’s memory. He said that those who cared about him had left him but she won’t. “Even if you don’t believe me, I will do my utmost best to protect you! Always until the end..”

Then, Lele goes to Stanley, who is painting at a park, to talk. Stanley asks if Eros is okay and he read some reports about him having some fashion show. Lele says that isn’t true for knowing how headstrong Eros is, he’ll go away without notice for a vacation but though this time around, it is longer than usual. Stanley asks her if she came today to talk about Eros, and what happened. Lele thinks that Stanley is quite ‘senstive’ [to know something is up] but unfortunately, she cannot tell him what is really going on. Lele lies by telling him that there is no problem, only she is curious about Eros’ mother, and since he mentioned about Eros’ mother being in some nursing home, she would want to know what the name of that place is. While walking fast, Lele wants to help Eros find the answer if that is the source of all the issue that is weighing heavily in his heart. “There is definitely an answer!” Eros is shock for Lele wants a vacation. Lele’s alibi is that she needs to rest after how hard she worked for him that she is tired just look at her dark eyebags. Tomorrow, Taylor will be coming back to take care of him. Eros asks what she is going to do on her vacation. Lele says that she is going on a trip. Eros darkly asks if it is some rude [/wild] guy outside. Lele says yes, for yesterday, she hooked up with an eight pack guy, violent man with mustache, which is her type. He kicks her out and tells her that it is okay for her not come back forever. Walking away while holding her butt, Lele mutters that she really doesn’t understand that bastard, and not thinking as to for whom she is doing this. She turns around to see Eros looking out the window. He then closes the window. She remembers him telling her of ‘cannot endure if she also disappears’. She looks determined and thinks that even if she doesn’t know how much time is needed, or if she would even find something, but just wait..because this is what she thinks as the only thing she can do for him. Then, Lele finds the nursing home. She meets up with a glasses woman. Lele tells her about wanting to know about Gloria Lanson. Lele introduces herself as a friend of Gloria’s son after the woman asked her who she is. The woman knows Yin/Eros since he is a beautiful boy and there is no one there in the nursing home who doesn’t like him. The woman tells Lele that they find him lovable yet they felt pain for Gloria who became crazy has forgotten about him. Every weekend, Eros will go and visit his mother to accompany her. While helping her wash up, he would tell her about what’s going on with him lately but Gloria’s eyes are empty and won’t look at him. If she does look at him, Gloria will call him by someone else’s name. The woman tells Lele that Eros had such sad and pained eyes that she won’t forget it throughout her life. Eros won’t cry in front of the others and he would still be strong and gently take care of his mother. It made everyone learn not to give up.
But, they couldn’t find him after Gloria’s funeral. They wanted to give him the things that Gloria left but he never came back. They tried calling him but he won’t answer back. Then, one day, someone told them that Eros already left the temporary shelter and his whereabouts are unknown so they already gave up. To Lele’s surprise, they had mailed back Gloria’s things to her old residence. Back to Eros, Taylor made Lele’s special congee since that is the only thing that he can eat. Eros nervously thinks that it is true that Lele left because Taylor made the congee. He starts to imagine that Lele is with some other muscular guy. Since she left early and it is now 10 o’ clock do does it mean she went to spend the night outside? Taylor is surprised when Eros bangs the table with his fist as he thinks that she is blind for the world’s most handsome mustache guy is in front of her and yet, she suddenly went to look for someone else. =P [<- not sure if he is referring to himself (most probably) or Taylor.] Taylor is nervously wondering if he made the congee wrong = taste bad, when he just followed the instructions. Later on, Lele comes back home and quickly lies down on the sofa. Leo calls out to her that Eros has been waiting for her so where did she go. Lele tells him that she will only be coming home to sleep and he shouldn’t tell Eros that. Leo asks why, what she is doing and Eros said that she went on a trip. To his surprise, Lele tells him that she is helping him with some lost memories. Leo angrily asks her what lost memories and where she went the whole day. Lele tells him that it is a long story, but she’ll tell him about it afterwards. She asks him to keep it a secret from Eros, and it seems that this will take some days. Leo asks again what she is doing. Lele tells him that she went to Gloria’s old residence which is a half hour ride from here to an old community by taxi. It is necessary for her to find the landlord for in that place, Eros might find the answer he wants to know..and maybe, not, so Leo shouldn’t tell Eros. Lele’s answer made Leo more confused. Lele wonders why Eros doesn’t want to get his mother’s remaining things back for shouldn’t they be very important him. So, everyday, Lele would go to Gloria’s former residence which has been empty for a long time. The landlord wanted to sell it and Lele hopes that some prospective buyers will come to see it so, it is necessary for her stay there to hear some news about the things that Gloria left. After three days had passed, still there’s nothing. Leo is puzzled for Lele always comes home tired. And, Eros is always looking out the window, wondering where that idiot went. Then, Leo is surprised that Lele suddenly sits up and exclaims that she had overslept. She quickly runs to the place, hoping that she didn’t miss an opportunity. To her surprise, she sees a man and a couple coming out of the place. After the man bids the couple goodbye, Lele asks if he is the landlord. Blurb for the next chapter: “Lele had a hard time in getting the remaining things of Eros’ mother but she didn’t think that after all that, it would extremely incur Eros’ fury, blaming her for being too meddlesome! The degree of two’s feelings are put to the test..” Next chapter will be out in Taiwan on Nov. 5th.
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