October 28, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 95]

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At the parlor, Hiro sees Tsubaki still there. He asks her what she is doing and why didn’t she go home yet. While blow drying her hair, Tsubaki says that she couldn’t braid her hair properly so she wet it..unfortunately, she made it too wet. After a pause, Hiro asks if she is going on a date with her boyfriend to that fireworks display. Tsubaki exclaims how he knew. Looking at her bracelet, Hiro says that he easily know it. Tsubaki blushes and tells him that a lot of things happened last year but this year, they’ll definitely.. She is startled when the cellphone rings. Kyouta wrote that he is waiting for her outside the store. Tsubaki starts to fret what to do that Hiro offers to help her with the braid. Remembering Kyouta telling her that he is unhappy if she is with Hiro, Tsubaki quickly stops Hiro and tells him that it is alright for her to do it by herself. While fixing her hair, she tells him that during work, she secretly learned his technique. Hiro laughs and says that it isn’t that easy to learn it secretly through work. To his surprise, Tsubaki has already done it well. She asks him how it is. Tsubaki is surprised when Hiro semi-hugs her from behind and mutters that she is really..her strong passion to learn is really astonishing that he lost to her. Tsubaki is a bit tense then Hiro lets out a laugh that during this time, her braided hair would fly away so she better be careful. Tsubaki is surprised that a strand of hair is flying away. While Tsubaki tries to fix it again, Hiro says ‘gambatte’ before going out of the door. Outside the door, slightly blushing Hiro looks up and sighs. While Kyouta is using his cellphone, Hiro approaches him and tells him that Tsubaki will be coming soon. Kyouta’s expression sours that Hiro tells him not to have that detestable face because it is so obvious. Pointing to his wrist, Hiro says that Kyouta had already found Tsubaki’s bracelet. Kyouta said that he lied down on his stomach [looking for it]. Hiro asks if he looked for it as if his life depended on it, when he obviously said that it doesn’t matter. Hiro comments that he is unexpectedly disappointing. Closing the flip of his cellphone, Kyouta says that it is mutual for Hiro knew that it is something very important, and yet, he dropped it. He also knew that he [Kyouta] has a date with Tsubaki but he would specially made Tsubaki participate in that lecture. Kyouta tells him that he’s really disappointing to do that to a high schooler. Hiro laughs and says that he’s right and maybe it would better for him to get Tsubaki to do something so that they cannot go in time for the fireworks display.

Kyouta asks him what he thinks of Tsubaki. Hiro smiles and tells him that she has perseverance and is quite motivated. She is also a very cute girl, and most important of all is that flowing hair. Kyouta sweatdrops as Hiro caress his scarf as if it is Tsubaki’s hair and tells him that he won’t ever get tired of it, for him to stroke that hair throughout his life. Hiro tells Kyouta that he will single-handedly nurture Tsubaki to become an outstanding hairstylist, and he won’t give her to anyone else. Kyouta says that if it is only that, then, he’ll leave Tsubaki up to him. This surprises Hiro. Kyouta tells him that in doing things, Tsubaki tends to fail in grasping the main points and she is surrounded by people who dislike her thus, it had made her isolated. Kyouta says that it is quite rare to find someone like him [Hiro] who appreciates her. Hiro asks if it is also okay for someone like him to make a move on Tsubaki. Kyouta says no, and on the contrary, even if he wanted to, he cannot. This surprises Hiro. Just as Tsubaki has finished fixing her hair and prepares to go out, Kyouta tells Hiro that if he is going to make a move on Tsubaki, she will quickly leave from his side. “Because the person she likes is me.” This made Hiro let out a laugh. Slightly flustered, he smiles and tells Kyouta that he really puts him in a bad mood. They were interrupted by Tsubaki who apologizes for the wait. Later on, Tsubaki bows to Hiro and says that they are going ahead. Tsubaki almost trips that surprises both of the guys. Kyouta tells Tsubaki that there is no need for her to wear those shoes just to watch a fireworks display. Tsubaki says that it is because it has been a long time since they’ve dated. Kyouta says geez. To Tsubaki’s surprise, Kyouta holds her hand. Hiro watches them leave. He mutters that those two really, mutually like each other, and in the distant future, he’ll definitely get an opportunity to intervene. He happily smiles and says that he really anticipates that day to arrive. And, there is a scene of the couple watching the fireworks. Soon, it is summer vacation cram class of English for third year students. Kyouta is coughing his lungs out that Tsubaki tells him that he isn’t feeling well and yet, he would go to cram class. She tells him to tell the teacher about it, and then go home. Kyouta tells her that he also doesn’t want this but that PE teacher said that teachers are sacrificing their precious summer vacation that no matter what happens, they cannot have a vacation.
While coughing, Kyouta says that he doesn’t know what will happen before graduation, and if he doesn’t complete his attendance.. Tsubaki looks aghast over that teacher. She tells him that if it is like that, then she.. The door opens, and glasses teacher comes in. He then looks shock. Putting an ice pack on Kyouta who has a facial mask with some pillows on his chin, Tsubaki tells the teacher that even if she isn’t in this cram class but she won’t disturb his class, so can he let her stay and take care of Kyouta. The teacher says that there is no problem but it would be better for Kyouta to go home. Tsubaki holds up her hand and says, no, it is alright. So, Tsubaki stays to give Kyouta some bottled water to drink. Soon, lying down on the chairs as a make-shift bed, Kyouta answering the test questions while Tsubaki writes the answer. The teacher sweatdrops for Kyouta answered it correctly. After a lot more coughing, Tsubaki helps Kyouta to go down the stairs. She tells him that he persevered until the end. She advices him to go to the doctor then rest for tomorrow’s cram class. Kyouta says no, he still has work today. Tsubaki exclaims in disbelief that he still plans to work in that state and doesn’t Nishiki usually substitutes for him. Kyouta says no, it is necessary that he do it by himself. Tsubaki asks why he is forcing himself. Kyouta tells her that he might not be able to go to Kyoto. This surprises Tsubaki. As she takes his shoes from the lockers, Kyouta tells her that he has been saving money for his college tuition fees and to move out from his father’s house but he used up a lot of money for the surgery and hospital bill, so he has to save more money. Tsubaki exclaims if Kyouta is paying for all that by himself, and his father.. Removing his mask, Kyouta shouts that he won’t depend on that kind of person. “I’ll depend on myself.. I always been doing things with that kind of thinking..” He stands up to get his shoes from Tsubaki and tells her to quickly go for she also has work. He is surprised when Tsubaki won’t give him his shoes. Tsubaki tells him to look, it is obvious that he isn’t feeling well and yet, he is forcing himself. Even something simple, he cannot think clearly of it. “How can you bear all of the responsibility by yourself. Aren’t we still high schoolers..?” Kyouta asks if she is saying that he ought to depend on that guy, and does she know what he did to him. Tsubaki exclaims no, but rather, [he should] depend on her. She hugs him and says that she’s working so she is also earning money. They can get some type of scholarship if the money isn’t enough and there is definitely a way to go to college. Holding his face, Tsubaki says that in order for his cold to quickly get better, it is also okay to infect her. Then, she kisses him. Soon, they rode a taxi to the doctor.
Afterwards, Tsubaki brings Kyouta home and tells him that she will be going to work, but she’ll visit him afterwards. She urges him to rest for today so that he has the energy for cram class tomorrow. Kyouta apologizes. Tsubaki tells him that she is only doing what she wants to do so don’t mind her. After she left, Kyouta mutters that isn’t what he meant. He looks at his cellphone’s clock and thinks that he still has time to go to work. Then, he promptly faints. Later on, his cellphone is ringing. His father stands in front of him and tells him that his cellphone is quite noisy. This wakes Kyouta up and realizes that he still has work. He answers the phone to apologize to his boss and he’ll quickly go to work. His father asks him if he is planning on making his co-workers take care of him. He tells Kyouta that if he cannot do it, and yet he would go, he would just giving problems to other people. Kyouta shouts for him to shut up for it has nothing to do with him. His father suddenly tosses a booklet to him. Kyouta is surprised for it is his bank passbook. He opens it and looks surprised again. He exclaims what’s going on for didn’t he told him that he will pay for the hospital expenses. His father says that it is because he wants Kyouta to move out early. “If the money isn’t enough after you graduate, you won’t be able to move out right? That will totally be unbearable for me so I’ll pay for it. And also, after you move out, I’ll also be quite troubled if you keep in touch so don’t come back to pay the money back.” With that, his father leaves the house. Kyouta shouts who he is kidding, he’ll pay it back and who would borrow money from him. Kyouta tosses a book at the door and curses at his father to go die. After coughing, Kyouta wonders why he felt relieved but it is much better, compared to borrowing from Tsubaki. His phone rings again. He looks at his cellphone, and then he smiles. He answers the phone and asks if her work is over. “..Right now? No, I’m [good and stayed at] home... Yes--.. That.. egg roll [tamagoyaki] ..right cough cough ..use your mouth to feed me.”
Scans by 水银工作室.


  1. great story,love the 2 characters,wish the animation had english translations.how many more chapters are there?

  2. There are 97 chapters + three side chapters = 100 chapters.