October 10, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 32]

Originally posted @ tatsukida.pitas.com on October 6, 2011

Cover page: “I smile because you are at my side.” Walking at the dark hallway with closed doors on both sides, Nakaba looks sad and flustered. “I’m sorry, Loki. *remembers Loki telling stabbed Bella not to worry for he will throw her corpse into the forest where the beasts will eat it until nothing remains.* Ever since from before, you had already stained your own hands for me. *turns to look behind* Loki.. *looks forward and becomes teary-eyed* Loki. Why.. why would you invest so much for a person like me.. When you were obviously in pain.. Why!?” A door near her suddenly opens. Nakaba goes through the door and finds herself at Belquat castle. She hears a rustling sound and it is long haired Caesar, walking by. With a longing look, Nakaba follows him. Standing in front of a room, Caesar knocks on the door and says that he is coming in. Past Nakaba is sitting by the window with a basket that has a bird on it. Loki is standing beside her. Past Nakaba looks away and asks what the matter is. Approaching her, Caesar asks if a husband needs to have a reason to go visit his wife. Then, Caesar notices that Nakaba is wearing a pair of decorated leather[?] shoes. He asks if those were the shoes that he gave to her before. After realizing this, Past Nakaba immediately kicks off the shoes. Displeased Caesar asks what that is about. Then, he sees her looking embarrassed as she rubs her feet together and curls up her toes. Caesar blushes happily over Past Nakaba’s shivering feet. Holding up the shoes, Caesar tells her not to be shy, and just wear the shoes.. Past Nakaba orders Loki to bring to her the sandals that she usually wears. Loki says, okay. Caesar looks gloomy-jealous at Loki who goes to get the sandals. Nakaba laughs over this and thinks that even if it is something that happened in the recent past but it really makes her feel nostalgic about it. She looks at Loki as he takes the sandals and bends down in front of Past Nakaba. Loki tells Past Nakaba to lift up her foot. Past Nakaba did as told. Loki holds her feet and gently puts her sandal on.

After Loki finishes his task, displeased Caesar proudly asks that compared to that, what does she wants to eat. “I can get someone to prepare the food that you like.” Past Nakaba says, none. Caesar tells her that she ought to have one. Past Nakaba says that there is but she doesn’t want [to eat it now]. While the two are arguing, Loki looks serious [/hateful] while glancing at the side towards Caesar. While Past Nakaba is pouting, Loki touches her face and tells her that if she stays at the window side for too long, she will get sunburn. Past Nakaba smiles and says that it is as he said. Caesar grabs Loki’s hand off Past Nakaba. He tells Past Nakaba not to let any other guy touch her because she is his wife. Letting Loki continue on holding her face, Past Nakaba says that Loki is special.. This infuriates Caesar. Turning around to leave, Caesar tells her to do whatever she wants and that is why he is saying that there is a shortage on royalty with moral character. After Caesar left and passes by Nakaba, Past Nakaba holds Loki’s hand on her face and says that she isn’t some ‘thing’. “..I hate.. I hate that guy’s arrogant attitude..” Loki comforts her that she belongs to herself, and she need not be hurt by some person’s unbridled arrogant attitude. Past Nakaba relaxes and thanks him. “Even if I also know.. That he [Caesar] isn’t a bad person.. *looks at the leather shoes on the floor*” Loki calls out to her when Nakaba jumps down from where she is sitting. She tells him that she is going to list down her suggestions on what she wants to eat tonight. After Past Nakaba left the room, Nakaba looks at Loki to see him looking dark and unhappy. Later that night, Loki calls out to [Past] Nakaba and says that he has prepared some hot milk for her. There is no answer so Loki goes in the room while carrying a tray with a bowl of hot milk. He finds Past Nakaba sleeping in the bed. Loki puts the tray on top of the cabinet drawer. He smiles at her and is about to touch her when he stops upon seeing her somewhat puckering up her lips on her thumb. Then, his eyes wander on her bare arms and legs. Loki’s outreached hand closes into a fist. Holding up his clenched fist, sad looking Loki mouths the words, “Don’t dare violate.”

Flustered Nakaba thinks that this isn’t her misunderstanding. “Those words float out from within my unconscious mind. *turns around and runs* Having that kind of look, the hand that easily touching me in the daytime and yet, at night, cannot touch me. Loki, he..” Then, Nakaba wakes up when someone calls out, “Princess Nakaba.” As the color of her eyes return to normal, Nakaba wonders where she is. Lying on the bed, she is startled upon seeing Baatar looking down on her. Baatar looks at the side and says, “Insignificant Ajin, you are quite rude.. whose room do you think this is..” Loki is standing at the side and Nakaba calls out his name. Walking towards Nakaba, Loki tells Baatar that it doesn’t matter to him whose room is it. “Please give my master back to me.” Baatar smiles and tells him to do what he wishes. Loki says, “Princess Nakaba, your hand please..” Sitting up, Nakaba struggles with the [cloth] rope but to her surprise, Loki bends down to her. After apologizing for his rudeness, he starts to take the ropes off flustered Nakaba. Then, she blushes again when Loki carries her ala princess carry. Loki whispers to her to firmly hold on to him. As trembling Nakaba did as told, she thought that until now, she had been touching Loki this way, why it is that she has always not been able to notice that feeling. As Loki smiles and calls her name, Nakaba is already teary-eyed for in the end, she had given Loki so much pain. After the two left, Baatar still looks at the empty bed before letting out a laugh. “I never thought that kind of girl would unexpectedly possess the Arcana of Time. That also makes me quite happy.”

Scans by 藤间丽吧汉化.

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