October 10, 2011

Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu [Chapter 94]

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Cover page: “The power of love♥” Holding Kyouta’s right hand with both her hands, Tsubaki had confessed that she likes him. Surprised Kyouta goes, “..Ha..?” Tsubaki blushes really red for she suddenly blurted that out. Quickly taking her hands off Kyouta’s, Tsubaki tells him that it is because he startled her. “I didn’t think that Tsubaki-kun would come here right now. *gathering the things and putting it in her bag* I just came here today to check the place out and go through a trial run. And after writing you about it, you also totally do not have any response that I thought you won’t come. *zips bag* Ah! Like this, preparation is almost done.. *quickly runs off* Then, properly anticipate it, tomorrow’s shooting star viewing--~~~” Surprised Kyouta calls for her to wait but he couldn’t chase after her because of his foot. Still running, embarrassed Tsubaki thinks that she had obviously thought of this plan to its tiniest detail, yet she unexpectedly jumped towards to bluntly confessing. Then, she hears some rustling sound and Kyouta saying it hurts. She turns around to see Kyouta bending down and holding his foot. Dropping her bags, Tsubaki hurriedly rushes to him and asks if he is alright and does his foot hurts. Tsubaki is worried that if Kyouta gets hospitalized again, he would really have to retain a grade. Then, Kyouta looks up to her and calls her name. Pinching her nose, he smiles and says, “You were tricked. Idi-ot.” Teary-eyed and flustered, Tsubaki hits away his hand and shouts that he’s so mean since she was really worried about him. “And, starting from a moment ago, you’re always saying I’m an idiot.. Tsubaki-kun, while you were absent, during those times, I’m number 1 in the exams..” She is surprised when Kyouta leans on her back and asks if there is anything she is going to report to him. This made Tsubaki blush. She says, “Yes... I’ve.. decided to become a hairstylist. After graduation, I’m going to study at a school that specializes in hairstyling. And, I’ve already convinced my mother who had always oppose it. *holds hands tight* So.. please let me become your girlfriend once again..!”

After hearing that, Kyouta sits up and calls her name. She turns to face him. They look at each other then, Kyouta looks away and says, “Ya-- Now what to do--..” This surprises Tsubaki. Trembling, she asks, “Hey.. hey..!?” Kyouta tells her that she was deceiving him when she told him that aside from PE class, she wouldn’t remove it at any other time and yet, during that other time, she lost it. Tsubaki quickly holds her wrist and exclaims the bracelet. While repeatedly bowing to him in apology, Tsubaki explains that she couldn’t let it get entangled with the customer’s hair so she removed it while working. “And, afterwards, I won’t lose it again, and if ever I have to remove it, I will be careful..!! *smiles* ..but after Hananoi-san picked it up, he gave it to you. I’m really thankful to him..” Kyouta darkly says, “Hananoi..? *angrily remembers Hananoi dropping it down the building* He didn’t give it to me..” Tsubaki goes into shock and exclaims if it isn’t with Kyouta. Kyouta tells her that it is with him. After a pause, he asks her, “What’s your relationship with that guy?” She tells him that he’s the hairstylist in the store. Kyouta tells her to give him the details. Tsubaki tells him that for her, he is like her patron in becoming a hairstylist. “He also introduced me to my current work. I’ve also received a lot of considerations from [/being take care by] him.. Whether it is about attitude towards work or even technique, he is quite serious and earnest. All those things are important for me to learn [/know]. *happy with clenched fist* In short, I really respect him!” Kyouta holds her hair and says, “Ah.. respect..huh..” This surprises Tsubaki, and then she is puzzled by what he did. Kyouta confides to her that he has seen it. “The day when we weren’t able to see each other because of the lecture, you and Hananoi are together. *holds her hair* Are you the type of person who would let another guy flirtingly caress your hair as if it is nothing?”
As Kyouta puts her hair on his lips, Tsubaki tells him that it is very normal for a hairstylist to touch hair, even if she doesn’t really like it. Still holding her hair, Kyouta asks, “Didn’t like it? I saw that you look quite happy then, weren’t you?” She tells him that it is because Hiro praised the quality of her hair. Looking uninterested, Kyouta tosses her hair back to her, and says, “Then, never mind.” Puzzled, Tsubaki tells him that for him to be like that, it makes her feel that.. “It seems that you were jealous?” Kyouta angrily shouts, “Ha!?” Startled Tsubaki starts to apologize but Kyouta adds, “It isn’t ‘IT SEEMS’.” Tsubaki looks surprised at slightly blushing Kyouta, who is looking away. Tsubaki asks him if it makes him unhappy that she is together with Hiro. Kyouta tells her that it does. This made Tsubaki blush. Irritated Kyouta says that he knows that guy is quite helpful regarding her future prospects [/career] so he can understand. This made Tsubaki realize that this situation is like before, when she asked Nako not to see Kyouta again. Clenching her fist, Tsubaki declares that she will be changing her workplace. This surprises Kyouta. Tsubaki tells him that she is also like this, when he would smile at Nako. “I obviously understand that it is because the two of you have the same goal but no matter what, I would become very uneasy.. But you, made a decision that made me at ease *there is a scene of Kyouta throwing his cellphone into the street* So, this time it is my turn. *smiles* I won’t see Hananoi-san again. *Kyouta is surprised and calls out her name* It’s alright! I think that I only have to look, *clenches fist* and I’ll definitely find some other suitable beauty parlor! *Kyouta says, hey* Tomorrow, I’ll go and say that I’m resigning. *Kyouta tells her to wait..* Ah, but if from then on, I cannot see Hananoi-san ever again, then it is also necessary for me to also change the school that I want to study in.. Because Hananoi-san graduated in that school.. *Kyouta speechless* Hm..there are also a lot of specialty schools.. ..but I would also need to get my mother to help me in touring around those schools.. *nervous and quietly thinks, and then, looks at Kyouta* In.. short, it’s alright!!”
Deadpan Kyouta asks what part is it alright. “There’s no need for you to do any changes.” Tsubaki tries to protest but he tells her that her level in failing to grasp the main point is quite high. “It is impossible for you to find some other store or school. *This shocks Tsubaki then becomes gloomy for it is true.* It’s also like that before-- *lies down on the grassy ground* When you suddenly said that we cannot meet.. I have already bought the tickets, and I was really angry.. Fundamentally, I planned to throw the ticket away but in the end, I gave up that thought. The two of us have each other our own thing and what we wanted to do. After graduation, when we separate, there will be a situation wherein we ought to have no choice but to miss out on an appointment. Not able to go, and one after another, feeling bothered [/arguing] and getting angry [about it], I also only have to start getting used to it from now on, so I went to watch it [movie] alone. And, it was super boring.. Regarding that thing with Hananoi, it’s okay for you to continue just like this. *Tsubaki looks flustered* It is possible that there will still be times when I’m angry. And during that time.. *evil smile* You only have to BOLDLY CONFESS, just like what you did just now.. *Tsubaki blushes really red* Two hands holding mine.. Ah, a while ago, it was quite abrupt, so I wasn’t able to hear it clearly-- Can you say it one more time?” Tsubaki exclaims in disbelief. Kyouta tells her to come on, encore. Embarrassed Tsubaki turns around and says no. She thinks that she obviously said it quite sincerely earlier. Kyouta insists on the encore. Tsubaki insists that she absolutely won’t say it. She is surprised when he says, “Eh? What..don’t you want this anymore? *turns to see Kyouta holding her bracelet* Huh? *cupping his hand to his ear* One more time.” Tsubaki is totally embarrassed but she has no choice so she tells it to him one more time in his ear. Kyouta happily smiles over this. Then, while Tsubaki is still embarrassed over what she did, Kyouta puts the bracelet on her left hand. Tsubaki happily looks at it when Kyouta kisses her on her right temple. She looks at him in surprise. Kyouta kisses her right eye. Then, to her surprise again, he lightly bites her nose. Tsubaki looks at him as Kyouta playfully sticks out his tongue. Then, he puts his hand around her head and pulls her to kiss. “Welcome back.” And, the two kiss as a couple of shooting star fly across the starry night sky.
 Scans by 水银工作室.


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