October 28, 2011

Reimei no Arcana [Chapter 33]

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Cover page: “Turning to look behind, hoping to see..” In her room, Nakaba is sitting on the bed while Loki is kneeling down to her. Loki tells her that it is really good that she is safe and sound. “I have already treated your leg wound. Are there still any other places that you feel uncomfortable?” Loki holds up his hand to touch Nakaba’s face but to his surprise, Nakaba looks surprised and slightly backs away. Quickly putting his hand on her face, Nakaba laughs and says that it is alright, she is fine. Her reaction becomes nervous then surprised when Loki gently strokes her face. Loki smiles and says, is that so, then that’s good. Looking as if she is about to cry, Nakaba mutters his name. She thinks that before this hand [of his] would always put her at ease. “It’s a special hand.. But.. *remembers Loki clenching his fist* The current me do not know how I should react.” Nakaba looks flustered. She loosens her clenched fist on the bed. Then, her trembling hand touches surprised Loki’s face. Loki smiles. Nakaba suddenly pulls her hand away and thinks that this thing, too, it isn’t the same as yesterday. “It is because I already know your feelings [and thoughts]. What’s different from before *Scene of Nakaba looking delighted over Loki touching her face* is I know what is love. *Scene of Nakaba and Caesar hugging each other.*” Nakaba tells Loki that she is a bit tired and she wants to rest. Loki smiles and says okay, please rest well and just call him when she wakes up. After Loki left, Nakaba thinks, “So..I’m sorry. I..want to see Caesar.” Then, her bandaged wound starts to bleed. Her Arcana starts to activate. She sees the door and all sorts of images of the thieves, Loki, Baatar and Caesar. Then, she finds herself in a courtyard of the palace. Someone asks if the next target is the royal capital. Nakaba is surprised for it is the Snake Ajin, who is talking with someone. The Snake Ajin tells the man that he is really nasty for unexpectedly making them go raid the commoners. Nakaba wonders as to who the Ajin is talking with. Then, behind a pillar, Nakaba sees a familiar figure with a long hair. It is the First Prince, Baatar. Baatar tells the Ajin to stop chatting too much and start acting.

At the library, Nakaba informs Ahkil about Baatar privately talking with the Snake Ajin. Ahkil looks a bit nervous. After thinking for a while, Ahkil apologizes and tells her to quickly go to the harbor where Ceasar is waiting for her. Nakaba exclaims, okay. Soon, in the desert, Nakaba is traveling with Loki and a guide. She looks sad when she remembers Caesar telling her that he would go back to Belquat. Loki asks her if she is feeling okay under the heat of the sun. Nakaba says that she is okay. Loki tells her to not to force herself and if she needs something, just order him because after all, there is still some time before the ship sails off. While mentally apologizing to Loki, Nakaba says okay. At Belquat castle, Louise asks the Crown Queen as to what’s going on. Rosetta, Caesar’s mother, tells her to wait for Caesar’s return and she’ll arrange for her [Louise] to be married off to Caesar. Louise tries to protest but Rosetta asks her what she is hesitating for. “Didn’t you also love Caesar very much? Prince Cain is no more. Right now is a very good opportunity, isn’t it?” Louise says that the red haired princess.. Rosetta sternly exclaims that Caesar doesn’t need that red haired princess. “Whether it is, making [Caesar] the suspect for Prince Cain’s death, or for coming back to the country late.. Caesar is just made to do that, by that red haired princess.. It will be okay if we just be concerned in dealing the things to make it that way. (..That’s right) On the side of the general.. no, on the side of your father, I will also inform him about it.. (Caesar needs a wife who can become a support.. If I only can successfully entice the army, then no one will object over Caesar inheriting the throne.. ) Hahahaha..” Louise looks sad and flustered. After leaving the room, Louise remembers Rosetta asking that didn’t she also really like Caesar. This made Louise sob and call out Cain’s name.
Back at the desert, Loki notices something at the side. Loki mentions it to the guide who quickly shouted that it is bad, it is a sandstorm. He quickly guides them to a safer place. As they hide behind the camels, the guide shouts that things aren’t reassuring for the storm is heading towards the direction of where they ought to be going, so they can only go through a long detour. Nakaba exclaims that if that is so, then.. The guide tells her that it is no problem for even if they will be a bit late from the estimated time of arrival, but they won’t be overly late. Nakaba accepts this and just quietly look nervous. Loki looks at her. Soon, they manage to smoothly arrive at the harbor town. In the town of Inhaca/Inca, the guide tells them that he will first go and prepare for their return trip. Nakaba says okay, and thanks him. At the port, Caesar and others are waiting for Nakaba. Emilia says that Nakaba is so slow and did something happen. A man on the ship calls out to them and says that it is almost time to sail. To Emilia’s surprise, Caesar apologizes and exclaims that he will be back soon. Caesar starts running off into the street. Walking at the street, Nakaba and Loki are fast approaching the port. Then, among the many people there, Nakaba sees Caesar. Just when she is about to call him, Loki suddenly covers her mouth and pulls her to the side of the street. As Caesar passes by, Nakaba looks a bit nervous. Looking flustered, Loki says, “-what if I say, choose whether you’ll stay here in my embrace, or going to meet together with Prince Caesar. From today on, this decision will cause a great change in one’s fate.. what will you do, Princess Nakaba? *removes hand from Nakaba’s mouth and smiles* ..want to use the Arcana of Time to take a PEEK and see? *Nakaba turns to him and looks flustered.* ..I have some ugly thoughts. *hugging Nakaba* and it would be nice.. if it can flow like sand and be totally buried into oblivion..” Then, Loki lets go of Nakaba. Nakaba looks at him then runs off. While repeating Loki’s name in her mind, Nakaba finds Cesar and calls out to him. Loki sadly watches Caesar turns toward to Nakaba who is holding out her arms to him. Narration: “Just like what you think, it cannot just be buried. My thoughts are also here.” Nakaba hugs surprised Caesar. Looking flustered, Loki [painfully] smiles. Crying, Nakaba tells Caesar, “..I really like you, Caesar.” Blurb: “The decision of ‘choosing Ceasar’, Nakaba and Loki’s fate has encountered a great change..!”
Scans by Rei's工作室.

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