October 28, 2011

Chitose, Etc. [Chapter 34]

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Chitose cannot believe that Subaru is a new student in their school. Subaru notices that she is looking at him that he tells her that he will be under her care. This makes Midoriko ask if they know each other and is it through Tadashi. Aghast Chitose says no. Shun recognizes Subaru as the one who called out Chitose during White Day. Saaya says that is impossible for he is a new student. Subaru smiles and admits that it is indeed him. Midoriko says that he should still be in junior high so why did he go to their school. Subaru tells her that there are a lot of high schools that have an acting division so he doesn’t know which one to choose. Even if this school is his first choice, he doesn’t know what kind of school atmosphere it has so he asked a sempai who graduated from this school to lend him his uniform. He went into the school many times including during that activity for Valentine’s Day, and that is when he met Chitose. Yuki is puzzled when Chitose couldn’t answer and just looks down. Subaru timidly asks if she is still angry with him. Apologetic Subaru says that it is his fault for he did something mean after getting excited upon learning that Chitose is Mikami Yui [/Tadashi]’s younger sister, but he ends up provoking her to anger. The others ask what he did. When Subaru is about to mention the ring, Chitose quickly shouts that there is no need for him to say it. Smiling Yuki says that Chitose is exaggerating [with her reaction?] and even if he doesn’t know what it is, she should forgive Subaru for he doesn’t have a bad intention about it. Kanata also says that is true, they are now all club members and everyone ought to have a good relationship. Aghast Chitose just sweatdrops. Subaru apologizes to Chitose and says that definitely, from today on, he’ll be more careful. Looking at Subaru’s puppy-like apologetic expression, Chitose thinks that what he did is really mean, no matter how she thinks of it, but it seems that he has already reflected on his actions. Chitose ends up forgiving him. Subaru is delighted to hear that. And Amika [formerly Alicia] is also happy for him. Midoriko asks Amika if she is Subaru’s girlfriend. Blond says that they are only friends. They went to the same junior high school and are under the same acting company. Subaru tells them that Amika is in showbiz since she was a child and Subaru was discovered by Amika’s manager. There is a scene of Amika walking with Subaru and the manager asked Subaru if he is interested in showbiz. Because they had the same kind of work, there are many times when they are together. Subaru also tells them that he was interested about that Vday activity before so he wanted to join the Matsuri club, and Amika also wants to join in. Midoriko comments that their relationship is quite good. Subaru tells her that their priority is still acting so they might not be able to participate in all of the activities, so is this okay. Midoriko says that it is, and should just give it their best effort. The other club members welcome them to the club.

Midoriko and Kanata are interested about the television serialization of ‘level eleven’. Subaru takes out the script and asks them if they want to see it. The two exclaims that they would want to. Soon, everyone are looking at the script and discussing about the actors who will be playing certain roles. Then, Subaru notices that Chitose is looking at him. To her shock, Subaru smugly smiles at her. Chitose looks around and wonders if anyone has seen that scary expression. “That’s right, he is an actor! Just now, that docile attitude, it is all an act! What to do? Everyone is deceived!” Later on, Chitose is walking at the hallway with a bag. Subaru greets her and asks if she is going to her PE class. Looking alert and defensive, Chitose tells him not to call her name when he is younger than him by a year. Subaru asks why when the club members calls her, Chitose. Chitose couldn’t answer back for it is true. [<- Actually, it isn’t because Shun calls her by her surname.] Turning around, Chitose tells him to follow her for she wants to talk with him. Subaru asks if it is behind the school again and she really wants to be alone with him. This made Chitose angrily shout at him to stop talking nonsense. Behind the school building, Chitose asks him what he is planning – what is his goal for joining the Matsuri club. To her surprise, he tells her that he wants her to become his girlfriend. He claims that he went to that school because he likes her, and he joined the club to get close to her. He was angry when he learned that she has a boyfriend so he stole her ring. He wants to kiss her that is why he asked her to use her mouth to get it back. “It’s a very simple reason, how could you not know it?” Chitose answers that no matter how she looked at it, it only felt like he was bullying her. Subaru tells her that he only bullies the girl/s that he likes. Chitose tells him that she doesn’t feel that he likes her. He calls her mean since he became like this because she smiled and gave him that chocolate. Chitose protests that it doesn’t have that kind of meaning, and it is just a thank you gift, which he obviously knew. Chitose tells him that if he is serious, then she is happy over his feelings but she cannot accept them because she really likes Yuki. Serious looking Subaru tells Chitose that he hates Yuki who seems very nice but he’s actually a self-centered and indifferent guy. He smiles and tells Chitose that he’ll be a substitute for Yuki and it would be better for her to give Yuki back to Saaya. Chitose is surprised by this. She asks him how he knew about that. Subaru ignores her question and just tells her that they go out on a date, the next time he is free. While Chitose is shock by this, Subaru says that even if he said that, he actually do not have much free time but in the meantime, she is to think of a place where they can go. Chitose asks him if he is listening to her, she couldn’t possibly go. Subaru tells her that she must go, if not, he is going to tell Yuki about their kiss. Chitose is totally aghast by this that she thinks that he is a devil.
In the club, Amika informs Midoriko that Subaru cannot attend to club activities this week because of work, and he didn’t even go to his classes this afternoon. Chitose is relieved about that for she will be safe this week but she hates how Subaru has been threatening her. She would want to tell Yuki about it but she doesn’t want him to worry and be troubled by it. Yuki notices that Chitose looks troubled. At the apartment, they bid each other goodbye. To Chitose’s surprise, Yuki asks her what’s going on between her and Subaru. He says that she looked relieved when she learned that Subaru won’t be coming to the club for the week. He also mentions that Subaru had also said earlier that he had provoked Chitose before, so does it have something to do with this. “If he is troubling you, tell me about it.” Yuki is surprised when Chitose becomes teary-eyed. She apologizes to him for lying. She confesses that the time when she wasn’t wearing the ring, Subaru had taken it. And in the end, as she went to get it back from him, he forcefully used her mouth to give it back. Yuki exclaims in disbelief and how can it be, like that. Crying Chitose apologizes again. This made Yuki hug her and say that he doesn’t meant about making her apologize because he isn’t angry at her, but rather at Subaru. Chitose tells him that Subaru turns out to be that kind of person and he said bad things about Yuki. Yuki is puzzled when Chitose asked if he had met Subaru before. Chitose tells him that it seems that he knew about the things regarding Yuki, and about him going steady with Saaya. Yuki says that he doesn’t know the name Subaru but it is possible that is only his stage name. Chitose tells him that if he knows Subaru’s real name, maybe he’ll remember something. She urges him to go investigate. Yuki says okay. Chitose apologizes to him for not telling him about it earlier. Yuki says that is right, and next time, if something is up, she can depend on him. He also tells her that it is alright, and next time he sees that guy, he will tell him not to harass her again. Chitose says okay. She hugs him again, and Yuki looks serious. Yuki wonders who the heck Subaru is, to know about him and to hate him. “No matter what, I won’t let him do anything to Chitose!” [<- Yuki’s first internal monologue?!] Next day at school, Yuki goes to see Midoriko to ask her if she knows Subaru’s real name. Midoriko says that it should be in Subaru’s application form when he enter the club. She had noticed that he wrote a different name. Midoriko looks at her book and shows it to Yuki. Yuki looks surprised over the name. While walking at the hallway [which seems to be leading to the clubroom], Subaru is called out by Yuki as ‘Takeru’. Subaru looks surprised and turns to look at Yuki. Yuki asks if he is Takeru. Subaru looks at him then smiles. “You only realize it now? You’re really slow, Yukito-onisan[/bro].”
Scans by 精明眼掃漫組.

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