October 28, 2011

Faster Than A Kiss [Chapter 48]

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After school, Fumino went to fetch Teppei. On the way to the library, she got a phone call from Meg who asked her to save her. Fumino asks her what happened. Meg just tells her that she cannot talk much, just quickly hurry else she’ll die. This made Fumino freak out but upon seeing Meg, she turns out to be fine. Teary-eyed Meg exclaims that she has been waiting for her. While Meg is pulling her inside, Fumino asks her what she is doing in this stylist hotel and isn’t it expensive. Meg tells her that she cannot handle it on her own. To Fumino’s surprise, she finds a crying baby inside the room. Meg tearfully asks how to make the baby stop crying when she guaranteed Shoma’s mother [that it will be okay]. Fumino exclaims if this baby is Shoma’s baby sister. Meg says yes, and her name is Miru. Fumino asks why she is all alone with the baby. Meg tells her that the parents went to a party in this hotel and she thought that within two hours, it ought to be alright to babysit Miru. Unfortunately, it is only 10 minutes and she cannot handle it anymore. Touching the baby, Fumino asks if she is hungry. Meg tells her that she was just fed by Emma. Fumino says that maybe it is time to change the diaper. Meg quickly carries to her a huge bag that Emma brought. Fumino tells her to give her a diaper and wet tissue for wiping. While helping, Fumino is worried for today Kazuma is coming home early since they plan to have hot pot but now, she has no way of preparing it. Meanwhile, Kazuma is surprised to see Shoma sleeping in class. Kazuma pokes him and calls out his name. This startles Shoma. Kazuma tells him that he’ll catch a cold so he should go home and sleep. Shoma exclaims what time is it. His brother says that it is 5:30pm. Aghast, Shoma mutters that he had promised [to go] and he will be scolded. Kazuma smiles and says that it seems that he is very tired, didn’t he get enough sleep. Kazuma is surprised when Shoma tells him that it is because of their baby sister who kept on crying at night that he has no way of sleeping. Slightly covering his face with a book, Kazuma asks him if she is okay..he is a bit worried. Shoma tells him to go see her by going to their house. Kazuma promptly answers, no way. Shoma tells him that he is just kidding. He says that if it is today, he estimates that Kazuma can see her but only for a short while.

Soon, Miru has stopped crying after Fumino changed the diapers. Fumino asks Miru if she felt comfortable now. While Fumino tickles the baby, Teppei looks at her [Miru]. While holding the soiled diaper, Meg says that Fumino is really amazing for even if it is Shoma’s baby sister, there is no way for her to touch poop. Fumino tells her that taking care of a child isn’t that hard [/amazing]. Fumino says that she’ll stay there until Emma returns and Meg will properly learn how to change diapers. Fumino grabs Meg to teach her but Meg is shouting no, she can’t. Suddenly, a slipper hits Meg on the head. Furious Shoma shouts that if she doesn’t know how to take care of a baby, she should have said so early on. Meg apologizes. Just when Shoma is shouting if something happens to his sister, he blushes really upon seeing Fumino. He then apologizes to Fumino for the trouble. Fumino looks at him in surprise that he asks her what it is. Fumino tells him that it is because it is quite rare for him to apologize to her. Shoma quickly exclaims that he isn’t.. Suddenly someone hits Shoma’s face with a teddy bear and tells him to quickly get ready for the party. [The teddy bear seems to be Kazuma’s gift for Miru] Fumino is surprised for it is Kazuma. Putting his finger on his lips [= secret], Kazuma says that he came upon learning that his baby sister is there, and Shoma invited him there. While changing his clothes, Shoma tells them that his father’s friend is having a party there and has invited them. While Teppei goes to hug him, Kazuma says that he didn’t expect that Fumino will also be there, and even Teppei. Fumino laughs and says that she also got involved in it. She tells him to look at this side where his baby sister is, and she looks quite comfortable after a diaper change. Kazuma blushes over how cute his baby sister is, that bells are ringing and little angels are flying around. Kazuma bends down and says that she’s so cute. Shoma says she is very cute and her name is Miru. Note says that they are two idiot brothers. =P Looking at the side of the bed, Kazuma looks again at Miru and calls her name. Already finished changing, Shoma tells them that he’ll be going to the party. He informs them that the party will finish in around 9pm so they should go home by then. The trio says okay and thanks him. Just as Shoma is leaving, he tells Meg that if those two start to play some strange ‘married couple game’, she is to forcefully stop them. Waving goodbye, Meg says yes, just relax and go, [my] husband. Shoma shouts that she isn’t allowed to say that.
Meg wonders what kind of game Shoma is referring to. To her surprise, Meg is blushing over her husband being infatuated with his baby sister and he is talking in a childish voice. Kazuma is happily saying that Miru is cute and he is her older brother. Fumino blushes when Kazuma says that it is really good, he also wants a child. Pointing to reddish Fumino’s lips, Kazuma asks her, “Fumino, do you want a boy or a girl? *Fumino couldn’t answer* It will be nice if it is a girl as cute as you ♡” Fumino exclaims for him not to talk like that as if she is pregnant, and he hasn’t done anything to her yet. This made Kazuma laugh. Meg looks at them and thinks they are quite sweet. Suddenly Miru starts crying that made Kazuma call out to Fumino that she’s crying, Fumino tells him to calm down and they are going to prepare some milk. Meg feels that she is a hindrance so she decides to go to the hotel’s lounge for some tea. While giving Miru her milk, Fumino tells them that she used to do this to Teppei. Teppei and Kazuma look at Fumino. To Fumino’s surprise, Kazuma rests his head on her shoulder. This made Fumino ask what it is. Kazuma says that Fumino will be a pretty good mother. She asks if it is so. He says yes. To their surprise, Kazuma says that it would nice if it is his mother. Fumino asks him what kind of person his mother was. Kazuma tells her that her mother’s body [/health] is frail that she quickly died soon after giving birth to him so he isn’t quite sure [what she is like?], though he heard that their marriage wasn’t a happy one. “So, at times, I wonder if it wasn’t my mother’s wish for me to be born..” This made Fumino angry that she pinches Kazuma’s cheek very hard. She asks him if he is an idiot. She reprimands him that his mother is already quite frail yet she kept him for 10 months, protecting him even if it is dangerous to give birth to him. “She is definitely anticipating to give birth.. I think you were happily brought into this world! *Kazuma blushes* And, I think your mother..” She stops when Kazuma suddenly sneezes/lets out a laugh. Holding Fumino to him, Kazuma apologizes and wonders what’s going on because lately, he has been depending on her. Fumino tells him to wait. She then gives Miru to him. She says that Miru has finished eating and as an ‘older brother’, he must know how to do an infant burping. She explains that he is to put Miru on his shoulder and lightly pats her back. Kazuma happily did as told. Fumino looks at him and thinks that in the end, Kazuma didn’t get any real parental love [/affection]. She then blushes over what she just told Kazuma for she said something amazing. “But, afterwards, as a ‘family member’, I can compensate it up to him, little by little.”
Fumino asks if Miru burped. Kazuma says that he doesn’t seem to have heard it. Then, Miru burps. Just when Kazuma is telling Fumino that Miru did, they freak out because Miru ends up vomiting. [<- possible effect from infant burping] While Kazuma is freaking out if Miru is sick, Fumino tells him that she isn’t. She also tells him to remove his shirt and wash it so that it won’t smell. Kazuma asks if it is okay, if they still have time. Fumino tells him that they still have half an hour and they can prepare in 15 minutes. Fumino wonders where Meg is. At the lounge, Meg notices that it is already 8:30pm and she ought to go back already. Someone asks her if he can sit there. Meg apologizes and says that she is about to leave. She freaks out for it is Shoma who was furious as to what she is doing there. As they walk back, Meg exclaims that she left it up to Fumino and wasn’t he supposed to be in the party. To her surprise, Shoma tells her that the party ended early. Back in the room, the doorbell rings. Fumino opens the door and is about to reprimand Meg for being slow when she realizes that it is an older man. Emma peeks out of the older man’s back and asks why Fumino is there. While freaking out, Fumino greets her, a good evening and tells her that Meg called her. The older man smiles and asks if she is Meg and Shoma’s friend. He shakes her hand and introduces himself as Shoma’s father. Fumino nervously greets him. As Shoma’s father goes in, Emma greets Teppei. Fumino is freaking out for Kazuma is still in the bathroom. While the parents check out Miru and her properly made diaper, Fumino tells Teppei that she is going to help Kazuma get away so he is to distract those two. Teppei salutes her and says okay. As Teppei goes to the parents, Fumino asks to borrow the bathroom. Inside, Fumino freaks out at first because Kazuma is topless but she immediately tells herself that this isn’t the time to be embarrassed. She quickly gestures for him to be quiet while putting one of her hand over his mouth. Fumino tells him that Miru’s parents had come back. “Teppei and I will think of a way so sensei, you are to find an opportunity to escape! It cannot be helped but just wear that wet shirt.” Kazuma just looks serious. Going out of the bathroom, Fumino is relieved that the baby’s room is far away from the bathroom. Teppei is distracting the others by saying that the baby’s name is cute and who gave the name. After being told that everyone decided on the name, Teppei asks if Fumino’s name is also cute. Fumino is proud of her little brother. Shoma’s father asks how old Teppei is and Teppei answers 5. Fumino looks at Shoma’s father and thinks that he looks kind and would even smile.
While Fumino is thinking that this is Kazuma’s father whom he always respected and who also made him into a hopeless delinquent [/ the reason for making Kazuma fall into despair], Emma tells her husband that Fumino is Kazuma’s student. Shoma’s father looks serious and asks, “Who is that? I don’t know.” Suddenly, he gets hit by a teddy bear on the face. Realizing what she unconsciously did, furious Fumino bows and apologizes that her hand slipped. “..but, sensei, he.. is your son. Please don’t even forget that, for one bit! (How upsetting..) He is a kind and capable teacher. *teary-eyed* He is also Miru’s older brother! (Why? Why?) Why do you totally regard him as if he isn’t your son--” Fumino stops her outburst when Kazuma calls out her name. He pulls her to him and says, “It’s enough. Thank you.” He glances at his surprised parents and tells them to ask the whole story from Shoma. After apologizing for interrupting them [<- being polite], he takes Fumino and Teppei, and leaves the room. Narration: “Sensei.. Your hand is shaking. I can feel it on my shoulder. ..I.” Outside the room, Kazuma tells her not to cry anymore. He is surprised when crying Fumino hugs him tightly. Narration: “I want to bury it completely. Bury this person’s old pain, new pain.. all of his pains. And use happiness to cram it in.” Later on, after reflecting on what they did, Shoma apologizes to his father for bringing his brother there. Meg timidly apologizes for bringing Fumino there. Emma says that it is okay and it is great to let Kazuma see Miru. “By the way, Meg, could it be that Fumino and Kazuma-kun.. ♡ right?” Surprised Meg asks if they are seen through. Shoma quickly calls out Meg’s attention. Shoma’s father smiles and mutters that he just heard a very interesting thing which he would want to investigate. Narration: “I want to become light in order for him not to see the darkness behind.” While walking home, Fumino holds a tissue and tells Kazuma that she can’t stop crying. Later on, Meg tries her best to be the one who’ll change Miru’s diaper even if Emma tells her not to force herself.
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