October 21, 2011

Black Bird [Chapter 58]

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Narration: “I saw a beautiful dream. My most beloved person is hugging our child even if the two have a pair of long black wings.” Standing outside, Kyo calls out to Misao and asks if she was waiting for him. Misao says no, she just arrived. Kyo replies that is what he thought. Misao’s smile freezes. At a fastfood restaurant, Kyo asks her what she suddenly told him, ‘I want to go on a date’. Misao tells him that because they are neighbors, it is rare for them to go out on a date, and she wanted to say ‘I’ve just arrived when asked ‘were you waiting for me’. Just when Kyo is answering back that he accompanies her when she just got off the station, Misao greets her two friends who came to join them. Her friends are surprised to see Misao with Kyo. Later on, Misao sadly tells them that she won’t be going back to school. She apologizes that it is so sudden. Her friends are surprised and exclaim that it is indeed too sudden but..this ‘boyfriend’, how come that it is their teacher because didn’t she say that her boyfriend is her childhood friend, Kyo. [<- they don’t know him as Kyo but whatever it is his name as a teacher.] Then, one of the friends exclaims if that wedding ring that Kyo is wearing is.. Sipping his drink, Kyo points to Misao. The long haired friend exclaims that she remembered that on the day when Kyo went to their school as a teacher, which is after Misao’s birthday last year, she has been acting odd ever since then. So she has always been troubled about him and yet, she didn’t tell them about it. While thinking that it isn’t like that, Misao apologizes to them for keeping it a secret but they were aware of it. She tells them that she is really happy and thankful when they told her that if she has any problems, they will listen to her. Kyo smiles over this. Then, with a straight face, Kyo tells them, “Ah, let me say something up front first. We didn’t do it in school.” =P This made Misao choke on her drink. While her friends are shock, Misao calls Kyo stupid for what he is saying. Kyo says that it is because they will definitely start imaging it. Misao tells him not to assume that her friends think the same way as he does. Kyo insists that her friends will definitely misunderstand that he likes high school girls. Frustrated Misao exclaims forget it, it doesn’t matter. One of her friends comments that Kyo seems like someone else. Pointing at Kyo, Misao tearfully tells them that Kyo has been hiding his true nature and sorry if their impression of him is destroyed. The other friend asks if it is okay for them to know this. Looking serious, Kyo gives his wallet to Misao and tells her to buy something for them to eat. Irritated Misao tells him to go buy it himself. Kyo tells her to also buy some sweets that they’ll eat. Holding his wallet, Misao threatens him that she will buy lots and is that okay with him. Kyo just tells her to go buy so Misao reluctantly left. Then, Kyo calls out the names of Misao’s friends and tells them that since Misao was young, she doesn’t have friends but she would always tell him that she is really happy in high school for she has found friends whom she’ll cherish throughout her life. He says that Misao’s friends for a lifetime are also his friends for a lifetime, and it is no big deal for them to know of his true nature. “It might seem strange that it is coming out of my mouth, who snatch away her school life but, please.. *slight bow* Afterwards, also place Misao under your care.” Her friends look surprise over this.

Misao returns with some hamburgers and coffee for Kyo, and a cake to share with her friends. She is surprised when her happy and teary-eyed friends congratulate her. This touches Misao that she starts to cry that they tell her not to cry like that there. Narration: “I’ve received happiness. I’m valued. Those piled up uneasy feelings, have incredibly all disappeared.” Afterwards, they tell Misao’s two friends that they go out again sometime. Kyo tells them to go to his house during daytime because Misao is there. The friend asks if he lives nearby. He tells them that they are neighbors. After bidding goodbye, Misao asks where they are going to next. Kyo asks her if she is tired and does she want to take a stroll, he brought his car. Kyo is displeased that Misao wants to go to the sea [/beach]. She tells him that it is because he told her that she cannot go alone because of the sea monsters and since it is summer, she wants to go to the beach. Kyo gloomily asks how about Shonan or Kamakura. Misao asks why he is reluctant about it. Going in the car, Kyo tells her to forget it and do not be shocked. This puzzles Misao. By the sea, Misao is happy that there is space at the parking lot. Kyo puts his hat on Misao and tells her that he’ll go buy some drink. After fixing his hat on her, Misao is shock at how fast the women started to chat with Kyo. She realizes that the beach is the nest of ‘dangerous’ [= jackals, wolves, tigers and panthers] women wherein she cannot win against them. Holding a couple of bottled drinks, Kyo arrives back and tells her to be careful behind. Misao is surprised when a girl on a bicycle passes by her at the side. Then, Misao seems to look surprise over two girls happily chatting while eating ice popsicles. Kyo asks her what is it. Misao tells him that she is just thinking, that right now is her second year high school’s summer break. She’ll be quitting school and next year, she’ll be a mother. Kyo asks her if she regrets it that their relationship has become like this. This surprises Misao. Then, there is a loud noise. A car pulls over at the side. An older man with attendants alight the car. They bow down and respectfully welcome Kyo-sama and his honorable wife [/madame]. While Misao is embarrassed by this, aghast Kyo says, “See, they came.” A red carpet is rolled out and welcomes them in the car. The older man says that the banquet is already prepared at his house so please get in the car. Kyo facepalms and mutters, Hanzoubou. [<- the name is also a place in Japan where there is a Tengu statue] Hanzoubou tells him that Kyo should inform him ahead of time and if a high positioned monster like him [Kyo] is to arrive, they would immediately notice it. Kyo orders them to go back. Hanzoubou asks why. The man protests as he tells him of his ties, and if his house isn’t good enough for him. Embarrassed Kyo tells him to look at the situation, and this is the reason why he doesn’t want to go there. The man is surprised for there are bystanders asking if he is from some nobility and it is a Rolls Royce. To the two’s surprise, the man prostrates down and congratulates them. Kyo exclaims that is enough and today, he wants to be alone with Misao. The man tries to stop them but Kyo tells Misao to hurry for they are leaving. It seems sudden that Misao’s knees buckle and she is about to trip on a short flight of stairs. Kyo looks really tense that he quickly rushes to her. He does a back slide and catches her with his body. [<- Pretty cool and funny in a way] The bystanders applaud over this. Kyo calls out Hanzoubou and angrily says that if he follows, he is going to eliminate him. This scares the Hanzoubou and his attendants but Hanzoubou continues to suggest something else.

Later on, Hanzoubou got them to stay at a private beach which Kyo thinks is a good suggestion. Misao asks Kyo about his relationship with Hanzoubou. He tells her that they were protecting this land. He informs her that there are many of them elsewhere who live in different parts of Japan including the hot spring that they went. This made Misao think that anywhere in Japan, she will be meeting people like that and she thought that being treated like nobility is only at the village. Then, Misao asks Kyo why he is taking off his clothes. Kyo says that he is going to swim because after all, no one is there. With a straight face, he tells her to come, and something about trying[?] a birthing position. Misao asks him what he is saying with that cool expression. She tells him that her belly shouldn’t be cold so how about they go to that nice pavilion over there. In the pavilion, the two watch the sea. Kyo asks if she is tired and does she want some water to drink. Misao says that she is okay and, then she thanks him. Then, she notices his bruised arms and asks if it is because of what happened earlier. He tells her that it is nothing. Looking flustered, Misao thanks him for valuing her. Kyo smiles. He takes off her hat and kisses her. He tells her that it is because she is worthy of being valued. As he kisses her ear, she tells him that she is very happy that he dotes on her. He tells her that is it because she is very cute. This somewhat surprised Misao, that she asks him if he is going to die. Kyo asks why. Misao says that it is because he said some really rare lovey-dovey stuff. Kyo bites her and Misao happily laughs. Narration: “Yes, loving a monster. Life being in danger. [/being captured] And some flashy people calling me Princess. Early on, my life has already become something that I never thought of.” Misao happily says, “Kyo, I don’t regret it. *Kyo looks surprised* I’m currently so incredibly happy. Next year, we and the child, let’s go together to the beach! Kyo hugging this child.. wrong, Kyo hugging.. hugging this child of mine..” Kyo bends to her and kisses her. Soon, they exchange a torrent of kisses with each other and looking quite happy. Narration: “At any time, there is a possibility of something unanticipated will happen. *hugging while walking together at the beach* But, if only I and Kyo are together, no matter what kind of future it is, [I] will be in a dreamlike happiness.” The next day, Misao goes out of her house and laments that she should have put some more sunblock lotion for now, she is a bit reddish. “But, I’m so happy so forget it. Hihi” When she opens the door to Kyo’s house, she is surprised by the commotion. It seems that the nearby bushes/trees are burning. Buzen calls out to her. Zenki tells her that they were about to get her, and is she alright. While Misao still looks surprised, Zenki exclaims that the remnants of the Nue had came. Narration: “If it is like a dream, our future, as if it is a dream, briefly fades away.”

Scans by 水银工作室.

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