October 2, 2011

Barajou no Kiss [Chapter 35]

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Punishment 35: Heart and Memory Narration: “Until now, I still remember it, the day when I was first summoned by the card. *Seiran appeared before Anis and told her that he will obey her command.* No matter who the other person is, As a knight, one only has to offer one’s body and mind –that is what I’ve always thought. However upon seeing those shiny glittering eyes that I have not seen before, it was love at first sight. From then on, my world had changed. Together with everyone, we laughed and we cried. Even if there are times when I’m scolded, but I truly believe that my ‘destiny’s fortune is meeting with you, Miss Anis--” Suddenly, the ground below attacks Seiran that he is already out of breath. Haruto tells Seiran that it is useless because his power also increased tremendously thanks to the powerful blood sphere that the Grey Rose created. “I come to only look for Anis, so can you retreat?” Determined Seiran replies, “No way!” In the building, after pressing the elevator button multiple times, Anis realizes that the elevator doesn’t work so she’ll just have to go climb up the emergency escape stairs. While climbing upstairs, Anis tells herself that this is like trying to lose weight but then, right now isn’t the situation to say things like that. “I know that the consumption of my blood is extremely fast. That is because my Knights are currently in battle. If I don’t hurry, everyone will be in danger--!!!” At the battlefield, Kaede vomits more blood that he is on the verge of collapsing. Tenjou quickly holds bloody Kaede up and calls his name. Kaede apologizes and says that he is only lost his balance. While the demons are surrounding them, Tenjoh says that it seems that the compensation magic is already at its limit as well as their magic powers. The demons then rush toward them. Then, a serpent-like monster wraps itself around Mutsuki. Yocteau [formerly Yokuto] tells him that this is his last choice. “If you swear that you’ll work with me in destroying the devil’s seal, I will save the Knights’ ‘bodies’, but, they will become my puppets.. as zombies [dead souls]--!!! Furthermore, for you to not betray me again, I’ll tear your hands and feet into shreds--” The monster tightens it grip on Mutsuki causing him to spit blood and for his limbs to break. Mutsuki looks at laughing Grey Rose and remembers his smiling brother. He thinks that in the end, his gentle brother is no longer around. “The brother whom I have killed. That person is not my brother--”

Back to Seiran who just got another beating, Haruto says that even if he thinks that it is amazing for Seiran to not use Anis’ blood to fight but he [Seiran] isn’t an expert in offensive attacks. “Could it be that you thought that you could win, against me who was able to attain the power of a Fake [knight]?” Seiran asks, “What you plan to doing with that ‘Fake’ power. (I was born into this world as a clone, and my existence can fundamentally be called as a ‘Fake’- but after meeting with Miss Anis, within my heart, something is born. The want to laugh. The want to cry. The want to be together with you. *Anis looking exhausted from climbing the stairs.* This kind of feeling. *touches chest* This feeling in my chest, won’t cease from being excited--) The most important of all, whether it is artificial or real, it is innate. *attacks Hakuto* and it is a strong emotion from within--!!” Hakuto asks him, what’s the big difference from before? “For you to intensely hit someone-- won't you die?” Preparing to attack, Seiran exclaims, “Even if my body is terribly cut up, I will absolutely continue to live on. (Because I and Miss Anise made an agreement--)” Meanwhile, Anis looks tired and it seems that she is only half way to go, but her feet won’t move already. “..that is true.. for I’m basically an ordinary girl so my blood strength is also ordinary. *lies down on the stairs* For me to be able to do this, up to this point, is already way pass.. striving my best..” Then, Anis hears someone calling her name. Anis wakes up and notices a smell. She is surprised to see spirit Yakoh over her. Anis quickly shouts if he has turned into a ghost. Yakoh frantically tells her that he still has feet. [^^; It is a common belief in Japan that ghosts don’t have feet/their feet cannot be seen.] Hugging her, Yakoh tells her that his consciousness is imprisoned within the machine that is located at the topmost floor of the building. “Because you are already quite close, I was able to talk with you at will. But, for things to unexpectedly become like this.. I’m sorry.. I’m sorry. –it is already enough.” This snaps Anis up and it makes her wonder what she is doing. Yakoh is surprised when Anis starts to climb up the stairs again. Anis tells him that from what he just said, does he think that she would just answer, ‘Really, then it is okay’. “To be told such words by an ‘idol’!! Towards an ordinary girl!! *Yakoh puzzled* Handsome guy, don’t come near me!! (Everyone is fighting. My Knights, and also Idel-- and Yakoh. Even Ella. Even if I’m always very afraid, but I won’t be discouraged because of this little thing--!!”
Tenjoh and Kaede continues to fight. Kaede exclaims, “Even with this much, I[/we] won’t be defeated by them!” Mutsuki forcefully frees himself and manages to grab hold of surprised Grey Rose’s neck. Hakuto is surprised when Seiran smirks and holds a bottle of liquid. There is an explosion. Narration: “Because..Anis... Anis, she.. Because Miss Anis ran off with all her might as if her life depended on it!” And, Anis is breathing hard but she has finally reached the topmost level of the building. Anis sees a huge machine in front of her. Yakoh tells her that is the thing that created the barrier. Looking around, Anis says that she thought that the Silver Rose will be there, and even her father isn’t there. Yakoh just says, “‘SILVER ROSE’ isn’t here..probably.” He asks her to start in making the machine stop. Tapping the machine, Anis asks if he knows how it is used. Yakoh shrugs and says that during this time, he only slept and when he goes back, Idel will definitely scold him. He tells Anis to ‘order’ the machine. Anis then shouts, “St-op--!!” The machine shakes hard. As the blood bubbles burst, Anis thinks that this way, the Grey Rose’s power will..” Back to Mutsuki, Grey Rose smiles and asks him if he is going to kill him again. Mutsuki says that he is already a ghost. Grey Rose says, “My only younger brother-- Mutsuki.” Preparing for the final blow, Mutsuki shouts for him to shut up. Then, someone is saying, “Mutsuki.. this time, we are..” Flashback: Young Mutsuki is about to kill Yocteau. Yocteau called out, “Que..ss.. you..” [formerly Kuesu] Quess slightly smiled and said, “..Finally..you are.. back to normal.. You..fool..” Then, Quess fainted. Yocteau remembered that he got caught up by the Devil’s aura and his nature drastically changed. “Were you.. the one who got me back to normal, always until you’ve exhausted your strength--.. It won’t be long before I turn into ashes-- but before that, *carried unconscious Quess* in order for the precious you-- to also, not be swallowed up by the devil’s seal.. *placed Quess in a coffin* Right now, just go in a deep sleep, *slightly awake Quess looked at his brother* Quess.. listen well, *huge moon hanging low in the sky* you are to become the Black Knight, take the ‘Rose Princess’ No-- take ‘your love’, attain it-- Thus.. *a tear fell on Quess’ cheek and Quess called out his brother’s name* you will.. definitely be HAPPY--.. Good night, (and also goodbye.) I love you..” Coffin slammed shut. End flashback. Mutsuki looks stunned over this memory that he regained. Crying Grey Rose says, “So that’s it.. This is.. the ‘love’.. that I had always been searching for..” Blurb: “Grey Rose also lost his ‘memories’--!!”
Scans by AMH字幕組.

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