October 21, 2011

Kimi ni Todoke [Chapter 61]

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Shouta returned to Ryu’s place with the sushi and told him that Chizuru made him bring it in after she asked if Ryu told him about the confession. Eating the sushi, Ryu comments that Shouta can’t lie. After Ryu says that it is delicious, Shouta asks if Chizuru always gives that to him. Ryu tells him that she did ever since they were grade 3..probably in winter. Ryu asks him where Chizuru is. Shouta says that she ran away and left. Chizuru is crying in her room. The next day, Chizuru’s mother asks Ryu to give Chizuru her lunch [onigiri] because Chizuru left before she noticed. In the classroom, Pin tells the class that Chizuru is absent and could it be that she is escaping from handing to him, her ‘future survey’ form. Sawako thinks that she is sick but she notices a bag hanging on Ryu’s table. She asks if it is Chizuru’s. Ryu says that it is. Sawako thinks that it isn’t strange if Ryu has Chizuru’s things for those two are really close. She assumes that things will be alright because there is a special bond between Ryu and Chizuru. Ayane wants to visit Chizuru after school and decides to send a message to Chizuru. Unlike Sawako, she thinks Chizuru skipped class. Ayane is surprised when Kent says that it is kind of lonely without Chizuru around. Ayane looks a bit uneasy especially after what he told her before at the train station. Since he is looking at her, Ayane asks Kent what it is. Kent tells her that she is too vigilant which Ayane denies. To Ayane’s surprise, Kent says that he wants to talk with Sawako. Ayane left with a huff and tells them to quickly talk. Kent asks Shouta’s permission if he can talk with Sawako. Shouta tells him that Sawako can talk with anyone she wants to talk with for she isn’t his ‘thing’. Smiling Kent tells Sawako that they are going. Then, he assures Shouta that they won’t be talking about strange things. Shouta angrily shouts that of course, he shouldn’t. Sawako glances at Shouta one more time before leaving. Outside the room, Kent comments that [she] exceeds the comprehension of other people because compared to other people, she is carrying heavier things. Sawako is puzzled that Kent tells her that he is referring to Ayane. Kent tells Sawako that he really wants to talk with her because it seems that she and Shouta are at odds with each other. Sawako freaks out over this and exclaims if they are really at odds.

Kent laughs and says that her intuition is good. Sawako cannot believe it because everyone says that she’s slow-witted and she’s thinking too much. Kent says that of course, except about things regarding herself. He tells her that she is assumed to be slow-witted because she is thinking too much that her reactions are belated, and what she felt to be wrong are actually 95% right. He assures her that this is also alright for even if Shouta’s answer seems to be quite calm [<- about letting her talk with Kent] but he definitely likes Sawako the most. He also tells her that even if he feels that there is a huge distance between them, but actually, they are definitely quite near with each other so he thinks that they are just facing away from each other. This makes them pay attention to things that are far away. To Sawako’s shock, Kent suggests that while they are at odds with each other, Sawako is to close her eyes for five seconds, and that will resolve things. Sawako remembers that this is the same suggestion that Pin told her before. She blushes over knowing a lot of embarrassing things. Kent tells her that she can be more confident a bit because the two leading men [/good guys] in school are paying attention to her, and that is him and Shouta. Sawako is totally amazed over this that they are the two leading men in school. ^^; Then, Kent even gives her his autograph on her handkerchief. =P Kent tells her that it wasn’t a lie when he said that it would be good if he has gone steady with her. She probably has forgotten about it and actually, she is more than that. He apologizes for that time when he didn’t sincerely notice her and for acting hastily with her but he always couldn’t be at ease as he look at her, and that is the truth. And, regarding being concern with a person, in the end, one will watch attentively [that person]. Sawako calls out to him as master and says that he made her notice a lot of things. This made Kent smile. He tells her that she also made him notice a lot of things like ‘a loose tongue can cause a lot of trouble’ and the cute side of Ayane. As Sawako blushes over this, Kent tells her that he really wanted to tell that to her. Sawako happily wishes him ‘bon voyage’ when he told her that he’ll go and look for Ayane.
At the hallway, Ayane notices that Chizuru didn’t answer back to her message. Kent calls out to her. She asks about Sawako. He tells her that she probably returned to class. She accuses him of talking too much. She asks him what they talked about. He tells her about Shouta. Ayane reminds him again not to meddle but she creeps out a bit when Kent just smiles at her. She asks him what it is. He tells her that she is always worried about other people. Ayane denies it and says that she is only being concerned about herself. Kent says is that so but he thinks that she is a goody-goody. Ayane exclaims in disbelief. She dares him to say it in class, and he will definitely be laughed at. To her surprise, Kent says that he will. Ayane backtracks and tells him to forget it, he will be laughed at. He tells her that he finds her baffling for she is intelligent and quite good at mind reading/observant so it is strange that she thinks lowly of herself. Ayane says that she doesn’t and she is this kind of person, and she isn’t even a bit cute. Kent says it isn’t so. Looking away, she tells him that she doesn’t need his assessment because she really isn’t cute. Kent says it isn’t so. She starts saying that if she wants a man, she would go for Chizuru, or perhaps Sawako or even Ume, and definitely better than Shouta. She reminds him that she had never spontaneously like someone and she thinks that the other party generally doesn’t specially like her either. And for someone like her, it should be said that it is to no avail [/cannot cope with] and it is mutual though. But, because of loneliness, she still hopes that someone will take the initiative to get close to her. Kent tells her that there is no such thing. Ayane looks somewhat surprised over Kent’s expression. She smiles and says that this doesn’t matter. Pin passes by and after a pause, asks if the two of them are.. Ayane says no. She turns to leave. After she leaves, Pin tells Kent to paste some announcements but Kent isn’t reacting as he watches Ayane. He comments that Ayane is still quite awkward [/clumsy/stupid]. Pin says is that so, she’s quite clever.
The school bell rings. Ayane tells Sawako that Chizuru didn’t reply so maybe she is sleeping so they buy something that she likes and visit her. Sawako informs Shouta about their plans but Shouta thinks that Chizuru isn’t at home. Noticing that he is thinking of something, she asks him what is it but Shouta says that it is nothing. Shouta notices that Sawako is looking at her. Looking a bit firm, Shouta tells him that it is nothing at all. Sawako timidly says okay. After she left with Ayane, someone taps Shouta’s shoulder from behind. By the sea side, Chizuru thinks that she is already hungry. She reads the message from Ayane but she doesn’t know how to reply to it. She mentally apologizes for the two girls but she couldn’t tidy up the things that are in her mind. She remembers that before, it was Ryu who was with her then. Someone lightly hits her with a bag and says, ‘onigiri’. She turns to see that it is Shouta who tells her that she must be hungry. Chizuru exclaims why he is there. He tells her that it was Ryu who told him and that she must be hungry right now. Since Chizuru isn’t moving, Shouta asks if she isn’t going to eat. Chizuru exclaims that of course she will. She starts to wolf down the onigiri and throws a tantrum about the past wherein Shouta won’t compete with her during junior high. Shouta tells her that he doesn’t compete with girls. This infuriates Chizuru that he is like before, carefree all day long and now, he’s quite happy with Sawako. After crying over how delicious the food is, Chizuru exclaims that in the next reincarnation, she wants to become Shouta. When he asked why, Chizuru is about to say something but she stops and says that it is nothing. She was thinking that she would then, always be, Ryu’s best friend. Shouta asks her why she rejected Ryu. Chizuru tells him that they all ask that question and is it natural for them to go steady but at that time [when Ryu confessed] she realizes the meaning of ‘like’ that Ryu meant. And she thought that she should properly convey to him her feelings – ‘I don’t see you that way’. That is what she sincerely felt. She thinks that perhaps because of their relationship, it made Ryu have that kind of feelings but if it is true, the thing that she treasures doesn’t exist from the very start. Shouta asks if she wasn’t even a bit happy about it. This made Chizuru let out a laugh for she totally didn’t think about that.
Scans by 君届同好会

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