October 21, 2011

Hadashi de Bara wo Fume [Chapter 50]

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Cover page: “The one I like is only Soichiroh.” While hugging teary-eyed Sumi, Soichiroh tells her that one day, he is going to get her back. Looking happy, Sumi mutters his name. Then, they hear a noise and notices that a man is passing by the corner of the building. After being startled by that, Soichiroh takes the bento and thanks her for it. Sumi looks satisfied as she watches Soichiroh leave. She thinks, “It would be good if I can also become Soichiroh’s strength.” Back at the house, Komai informs Sumi that she will go to a party [/banquet] for madams so Nozomu wants her to wear a checkered design gown. While maid A is helping her dress up, Sumi is puzzled about this party for madams. Komai explains to her that it is a party wherein the madams of the financial world would participate in. Sumi says that she hasn’t participated in it, not even once. Komai tells her that it is because Soichiroh knows that Sumi isn’t used to high society life so he would decline the invitation. “But right now, if the madam of chairman Nozomu of Ijuin [monopoly] Corporation said that she won’t go, it is a bit hard to say that.” At a restaurant with many glass doors and windows, the women are chatting with each other but stopped to look at Sumi when she arrived. Sumi is surprised when a woman says that she is obviously a penniless good-for-nothing. Sumi looks at the direction of some women who were giving her mean looks. They say that Sumi stole Miu’s position as the rightful wife, and Miu is the most beautiful.. Sumi is flustered by what they are saying that she quickly starts walking away. To Sumi’s surprise, a woman throws the contents of her cup on her [Sumi]. Then, the woman smiles and apologizes. Another woman asks if she is alright. Just when Sumi is saying that she is, the other woman pushes her cake on a plate onto Sumi’s hair [near the shoulder area]. While Sumi looks surprised at the woman, the woman also smiles and apologizes. With a haughty and amused look, the women tell Sumi that it serves her right and it’s really humiliating. Flustered Sumi quickly leaves the place.

As she goes out, teary-eyed Sumi notices a little boy by himself on a bench. The boy seems lonely and bored so Sumi timidly greets him. The boy is staring at her that Sumi tells him that she had slipped and fell down. The boy looks away. Sumi sits beside the boy and asks him if her mother is also inside. “You ought to be free now, so want to play with me?” She sweatdrops when the boy snubs her. Sumi looks into her bag and finds the invitation. She tells the boy that she found something nice. She starts folding it. When she is finished, she exclaims that she is finished. Then, she shows the boy the paper crane that she made. This perks up the boy so Sumi gave him the paper crane. Then, the boy’s mother arrives and exclaims what s/he is doing. Seeing her son with Sumi, the mother quickly grabs her son’s hand and tells him to come with her. The boy timidly looks back at Sumi as his mother pulls him away. Later on, someone announces that the party is now over. As the host is bidding the women goodbye, Sumi also bids the woman goodbye. The host tells her to come back again. Then, she haughtily says that for someone who is fundamentally poor like her, there’s no need to be embarrassed. Sumi just looks flustered. As she heads out, Komai, who came to fetch her, greets her but stops midway upon seeing that Sumi is ‘dirtied’. Sumi smiles and tells him that she received a different style of welcome but it is good that she is prepared for this, so she is okay. Komai is amazed by her that he commends that she is quite strong. As their rickshaw passes by the street, Sumi is surprised to see Takemoto playing shogi with some other office guy. Sumi calls out to him and asks him why they are playing shogi at that place since shouldn’t they be currently at work right now. The two men nervously prostrate down to her and apologize. This made Sumi ask what’s going on. Takemoto tells her that the staff members who were comparatively close with the former president has been pushed out, and when Nozomu assumes the office post, he has been demoted. Sumi is surprised by this that she starts to apologize that it is because she.. Takemoto tells her that there is no need to apologize to them but, he hopes that she won’t mention this to Nozomu. Sumi says okay. As the rickshaw starts to go on its way again, Sumi glances back at the two men bowing to her. She mutters that the staff have become like that..
That night, Komai welcomes Nozomu back and comments that he is a bit late tonight. Nozomu tells him that while negotiating with a trading group, they have encountered a problem so, he estimates that he will be coming home late in the next few days. While walking downstairs, Sumi says that there is something that she wants to ask a favor from him. He asks her what it is. Sumi tells him that she wants to re-establish the shogi club. Nozomu says okay, and they would definitely also be happy about it. Sumi happily thanks him and Nozomu slightly smiles. While Sumi happily tells Komai that it is great, Nozomu looks kind of serious. On the next day, Sumi was informed that she has guests. While she is saying that she will be going to her shogi club, Sumi notices the little boy from yesterday along with his parents. The mother bows and apologizes for the trouble yesterday at the party. Just when the mother is about to explain why they came, the boy holds up the paper crane and asks Sumi to teach him how to make it because if he were to unfold it, he might not be able to put it back into its original shape. Sumi smiles and says okay, she’ll teach him. At the living room, Sumi teaches the boy how to make it, and the boy follows her instruction. The mother comments that Sumi can really teach children. She answers that she has a lot of siblings and she likes playing with them. After teaching him, Sumi tells the boy that if he made a thousand paper cranes, he can make his wish come true. “Do you have a wish?” The boy tries to think of one but ends up exclaiming that he doesn’t know. The boy asks her back if she has a wish. This made Sumi smile before telling the boy that she also doesn’t know either. Soon, the boy and her parents bid her goodbye. Sumi waves goodbye and mutters, “Wish..huh..”
At the company, Sumi happily holds up the shogi board and exclaims that the shogi club will once again re-start. She sweatdrops over Takemoto’s lame response that like this, afterwards, they can play at ease. The one playing with Takemoto leisurely says that they can continue passing time like this. One of them is also sleeping from boredom. Just when Sumi is about to call them, Nozomu suddenly comes in the room. This made Takemoto and three of his men stand up in alert. Nozomu happily tells her that the other trading company has agreed to sign their contract. Sumi tells him that is good news. Nozomu informs her that it is all thanks to her because the president of that company highly praised [/appreciate] her so he agreed to sign the contract. Since Sumi is still puzzled, Nozomu explains that he heard that she and the president’s son are in good terms with each other. Sumi realizes that he is talking about the boy who wants to learn how to make a paper crane. Nozomu tells Sumi that accepting such a huge contract wherein they have a lot of things to do, they don’t have much staff members. Just when Nozomu is telling his assistant about starting the meeting discussion, the assistant nervously tells him that everyone has already left. Sumi quickly tells Nozomu that there are staff members to be found there. As Nozomu turns to asks what, Sumi happily gestures to Takemoto and others. She exclaims, “See, they are all here!” Takemoto and others are surprised by this. Nozomu looks displeased but to his assitant’s surprise, he says that it cannot be helped, so they are not to let that contract escape from them. “In a moment, organize yourself into a group, and you guys should properly work!” Delighted, Takemoto and his men exclaim, yes. Sumi is also happy about this. After Nozomu left, Takemoto thanks Sumi for like this, he can live at ease. [<- not fear of being fired?] Sumi looks serious and tells everyone she has a request from them. “I want Soichiroh to return to Ashida Products. *Takemoto asks if it is the former president.* Yes! (This isn’t something that can be done through a thousand paper cranes!) In order to take back Ashida Products, everyone please give me a lending hand! (Finally, I found something that I can do for Soichiroh. I’m going to enthusiastically act on this!”
Scans by 精明眼掃漫組

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