September 26, 2011

Vampire Knight [Chapter 75]

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Title: Puppet. The scene with Zero just says about his belief of not hindering Kaname if he wants to kill purebloods. In class, Yuuki notices that Hanabusa is gone. Rima tells her that instead of her, he went out to act. Yuuki just says ya, for she cannot freely go out. She is worried about things he would do that would make the association misunderstand. Rima tells Sara that Hanabusa will be absent. By the forest, Yuuki tells Kaito about Hanabusa. Kaito says that he generally know where he went. Then, Toga, together with other hunters, arrives. Zero asks what the matter is, that they are called to this place. Toga says that there is something that cannot be talked about within the association. Yuuki quickly goes in front of Zero with arms spread sideways. She asks them of what they are planning to do with Zero. Zero puts his hand on her head and says that she isn’t called, so leave, and don’t act like his pet owner. This made Yuuki blush a bit for she thinks that the way he say it, is like before. Toga tells Zero that it is okay for Yuuki to hear this for they only do not want the president [Kaien] to hear this. Toga and others do not agree with the president about Kaname continuing what he is doing so they felt that this time around, Kaien’s solo action is a hindrance. The scene changes to Kaien whose sword is being held by Kaname. Kaien says the he hopes he is wrong but why is Kaname annihilating the pure blood. Kaname says that his question is strange for he ought to know because he had dealt with vampires for a long time. After finally pulling his sword back away from Kaname, Kaien says that he thought Kaname chose the path of being together with Yuuki. That day [when the Kurans were young] Kaname said that he will carry his own responsibility that when Yuuki grows up, they can no longer keep this ‘human’ identity/status so Kaname thought that it will be his turn to make Yuuki into a human. Kaien admits that he is relieved that Kaname didn’t make that into a reality for Juri wouldn’t have wanted that kind of ending but Kaname changed the plan, and is this, the path he chose. He tells Kaname that somewhere in Yuuki’s heart, she still trusts him. After a pause, Kaname says that is so Yuuki’s style. He tells Kaien to tell Yuuki that if she says that, even if it is her, she would ‘awaken’ by telling her ‘Speaking of that, I also killed Ouri-sama and the next one is Shirobuki Sara.’ This made Kaien angrily shout his name. Ruka just watches them then she notices that inside the mansion, Isaya is also watching from the window. Walking around, Hanabusa is frustrated that he lost track of Kaien. He had decided to follow Kaien who went out, looking serious, but of course, he cannot chase after a running car. He is sure that Kaien has gotten hold of information regarding Kaname’s whereabouts. He tries to use his some mental telepathy to feel where Kaname-sama is, because he thinks Kaname is nearby. =P Then, he notices a lot of people that he wonders if there is some sort of night meeting.

Observing things, Kain is standing by some building. A woman takes a bottle of pills and thanks a man. Kain quickly takes the bottle which angers the woman. While the woman keeps on trying to get it back, Kain asks the man what’s inside the bottle. The man puts down another bottle and says that if it is okay, he can have it, too. The man quickly leaves and bumps into Hanabusa. He asks the man if there is some meeting there but the man says there is none. When he turns around, Hanabusa is surprised to see Kain who is using his power. Hanabusa kicks the bottle on the floor [that he didn’t notice] and goes to Kain to tell him that he cannot get in touch with him. Then, he notices that he is stepping on someone on the ground. Kain tells Hanabusa to bring that woman to the association because she is acting weird, as well as that, bottle of medicine. Hanabusa shouts for him to wait, where he is going. Kain says he is going back to Kaname-sama’s side. With that, Kain uses his fire to make his exit. In some room, Rima’s roommate[?] asks her if she knows about this blood pills [in a blister pack] that was recommended by her grandmother. Rima is suspicious that a new medicine is being pushed during these not too peaceful times. The girl says that it is developed by a pharmaceutical company under Sara. Rima asks if they can relax with that reason, and just put that thing into their mouths. When asked why, Rima said that it is because there isn’t much time spent on finding out the side effects. She complains that vampires had merge into human society’s politics and economy that they have to obey human rules but there is no punishment on humans who kill vampires, and they are pushing this unknown drug to them. Even if vampires are stronger and have a longer lifespan, except for glorifying nobility, there is nothing that protects them and restricts them. She thinks it would be better if the council of ancients can show more function and what deeply pains her is the chief of purebloods had already betrayed the vampires. Back to Kaname, his chest is slightly cut while Kaien’s left arm is wounded. He says that it is quite troublesome and he still wants Kaien to pass the message to Yuuki. Kaname asks Kaien to please do not hinder him. Kaien asks if he wants him to just keep his eyes open as he attacks Isaya’s house. Kaien tells him to quit joking around and he still hasn’t asked him about the reason. Just as Kaien attacks him, Kaname asks what reason, it is so simple that there’s no need to say it. Kaname jumps on top of the wall to evade the attack. Kaname tells him that he is just moving towards a different path but the goal is still the same. He reminds Kaien that since he is the association’s president, he should not be rejecting the way he does things. Kaien uses his sword to hit Kaname’s shoulder. After removing the sword, Kaien says that he doesn’t want purebloods to be annihilated like this. He is surprised when Kaname suddenly turned into bats. What’s left is injured Toma who curses that he was used to be given the last blow. Kaien thinks that Kaname is serious about annihilating the purebloods.
Soon, it will be morning. Kaito comments at how calm Yuuki is after hearing that. She tells him that it is useless to tell her to ‘persuade her father’ and if she is to complain about it, they will be scolded. Kaito tells her to do what she wants but Kaname is an expert in making pureblood disappear so their wish is becoming a reality. Yuuki thinks that the president will be sad to hear that. Kaito warns her not to interfere and she should just like before, just stand there and be good. He says that he doesn’t know Kaname’s goal or to what extent Kaname can swing around a hunter weapon but without a doubt, she will not be annihilated. It isn’t bad to leave behind a pureblood who is nice to people even if it is only one person. Yuuki comments that he can say such cruel things for making her live and pass the time of eternity all by herself. Zero says that pureblood are troublesome existence and he simply wants to forget. Kaito sighs and says that he is going to sleep, and it is Zero’s duty to bring her back [to the dorm]. After Kaito left, Yuuki tells Zero that she cannot promise anything but no matter what happens, she is going to stop Kaname but the important people in the association wants all of the purebloods to disappear. She asks Zero if it is also ‘all’ for him. She looks sad and then notices Zero’s shadow on the floor. She pulls his sleeve and tells them to go to the side since the school building can be seen. Behind a tree, Yuuki complains about the sun. Looking away, Zero says that if she is finished talking, he’s leaving. Yuuki apologizes and says she knows that a while ago, in front of the hunters who let out a killer intent for a moment, Zero protected her. She tells him that he obviously doesn’t think about wanting to kill ‘all’ of the pureblood because he is kind, compared to anyone, so the heart has not been destroyed. Zero points his gun on Yuuki’s head. Unfazed Yuuki tells him to pull the trigger if she is wrong about what she said, anyway, at some unknown time, she will be picked on by the association. They were interrupted when Sara arrives and says that is quite a dangerous game they are playing. Zero puts down his gun and Yuuki looks at him. Sara seems to have giggled that puzzled Yuuki asks what is it. Sara says that kind of attitude, she isn’t trusted by Yuuki, what she did to her. Yuuki blankly says nothing. Sara says that since it is like this, it would be a waste for her to tell some important secret. Yuuki asks, secret. Sara asks if Yuuki thinks that she would just tell it to someone who doesn’t trust her. She turns around to leave and tells the two to continue [what they are doing]. At the dorm, Takuma knocks on the door and calls out to Senri. Senri asks what is it. With a smile, waiter turn into salesman Takuma smiles and tells him that there is something he wants to give him. It is a blister packed pill.
Scans by 玖玖爱枢♀汉化. By the way, the pictures are not in accordance to what happened but rather, on certain characters’ scene.

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