September 26, 2011

Kaichou wa Maid-sama! [Chapter 64]

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It is already graduating ceremony. That guy, who is now graduating, confessed to Sakura again and for the 200th time, he is rejected. The third year students have graduated that there is some sort of quietness now..but the noisy commotions still continue. Winter is going to be over soon. The exam results are out and as usual, Misaki is second place and Usui is in first place. Usui apologizes to Misaki and asks if he should have gone easy.. Since Misaki is glaring at him, he tells her that he is joking. While the two are fussing about it, the other student comments that things hasn’t changed and if they were to really think about it, those two are always together and they thought it was just merely teasing. Then, the three idiots are rejoicing that they got good grades. They plan to go to Maid Latte when they overheard Kanou asking Yukimura if he really didn’t know Misaki is going steady with Usui. The trio feels that they are dreaming that they start hitting each other. ^^; At Maid Latte, the trio is crying as Misaki welcomes them to the store. Misaki thinks that it is better not to ask them what’s going on. Then, the trio is muttering with each other how they are going to ask Misaki if she has a boyfriend kind of stuff. They are surprised when someone says that is such a witty/funny question. It is Maki, with some other guys. The trio angrily asks him what he is plotting. Maki tells them to be quiet because the quality of customers can drag the quality of the store. He assures them that this time around, he came to study/learn more especially from Misaki. The trio accuses him of wanting to take Misaki for their store. Maki tells them no because they are staff are all guys so he doesn’t have that kind of plans. He muses that Misaki is still quite popular to which the trio says of course, she is their maid-sama. Then, they start crying again when they remembered the gossip that Misaki is already going out with Usui. Maki tells them that whether it is true or not, if they want something, they would have to say it else they would not attain it. Soon, the trio is doing their proposals to Misaki to be their maid but it ends up making Misaki aghast and angry. It seems that the trio is getting their ideas from shoujo manga. After serving their drink, Misaki says that they are doing weird things lately. She sternly reminds them that she is Maid Latte’s Misaki, not someone else’ thing <- translation: if you do reckless things again, I’m going to kick you out.

After being frozen by what Misaki said, Shirokawa asks if she means for them to wait until after work and.. Misaki smiles and tells them that is a secret. The trio blush and start muttering about maid-sama’s secret. They decide to protect her secret. Maki comments that Misaki has become quite good in dealing with customers. Since he and others learn a lot, they prepare to leave. As he pays his bill, Maki praises Misaki over her work ethic. Misaki is surprised when he tells her that he hopes that emotions won’t interfere and she keeps on continuing this work here peacefully. Misaki asks what he meant by that but he tells her that it meant exactly what he said. After going out of the store, Maki talks to himself that it was a warning and [he shouldn’t?] not to talk too much in revealing what he truly thinks. At Miyabigaoka, there are three new characters. One asks when the new transfer student is coming. Another[?/or that same one] says that he wants to see what a tragic lead looks like. A girl with a teddy bear says that things will be interesting. Tora tells them, including some others, not to be impatient, they are to properly greet and get along with Usui. Soon, winter is over. Yukimura asks Misaki if she is going to do some work after graduation but she says no, someone is going to fetch that guy. Looking out the window, she tells him that today, Usui is going to transfer school. Misaki doesn’t want Usui to just go away without telling everyone. So, when he is about to go ride the car that is waiting for him, Usui sweatdrops over Misaki and everyone looking out from school [to send him off]. He asks what they are doing. Misaki angrily shouts if he plans to quietly leave like that. While everyone is asking in disbelief if he is transferring and please don’t go, Misaki tells him to properly bid everyone goodbye before going. Blushing, Usui laughs and says it reminds him of some chivalrous youth movie. Misaki angrily asks what’s funny. Usui apologizes and says that he couldn’t do a crying and sniffing type of goodbye but there is one thing in his mind that he wants to say now. He approaches Misaki. To everyone’s shock, Usui kisses her in the lips and says, “Because Ayuzawa is mine.” This made Misaki blush really red. Usui tells her not to fool around while he is away. Hinata shouts, ‘don’t bet on it’. Soon, the two ‘doggies’ are daring each other over who won between them but Usui says that he always won since the start. Then, they are comparing notes how cute Misaki is. ^^; Misaki is so embarrassed that she shouts for pervert alien to quickly leave. The others are talking about it seems that Misaki is popular and she’s amazing though it seems that it is only those two [who has fallen for her?]. So, it is such a noisy farewell and a new spring is coming. Meanwhile, at Maid Latte, the trio is happily thinking over a maid’s secret then one of them asks what the secret is. They go into shock again for it is about Misaki with Usui. ^^;
Scans by 红莲汉化组.

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