October 2, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 27]

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Shizuku is taking down some laundered clothes. She thinks that today’s weather is really nice. “Without noticing it, I ended up studying the whole day yesterday. Today, I’ll tidy up recitation notebook, and in the afternoon, I’ll review my notes one more time. Though, vector problems aren’t really kind of interesting. In the end, school breaks are still the best. Whatever I do, I can fully concentrate and do it completely without a hitch. Nice, today I had also washed the bed sheet. ..huh? *looks up the sky* Speaking of that, from the start of spring break, Haru didn’t get in touch with me.” Narration: “I also think that I’m too vexed. Why do I have this kind of reaction towards that female bookworm. Not able to see her is very good but upon seeing her, it only makes me feel ill-at-ease. Is it because I’m not the same with the masses? If she also complies [follow] with the masses, would I or wouldn’t I be satisfied? Regarding this, I’m also not too sure.” Blurb: “Finally! It’s Yamaken’s turn to become the main lead!!!” Author: “Made you guys wait!! Letting me say some things on the title page ♥” Yamaken: “Tsk. You obviously said that I’m the male lead then how come this isn’t a colored page.” Author: “...sorry.” Title: Spring Break At home, in the living room, Yamaken is calling Shizuku on his Iphone. He thinks that it isn’t a way of doing things by just taking things slowly. “If I can attack, then it is okay for me to try and take her.” The other line picks up the phone. Yamaken says hello, he is Yamaguchi, can he know if Miss Shizuku is free to answer the phone. A child asks who this is. Thinking that it is Shizuku’s younger brother, Yamaken repeats that he is Yamaguchi. After a pause, Takaya apologizes and says that he is only an elementary kid who doesn’t know who he [Yamaken] is, so he is going to make his father answer the phone. Yamaken is surprised that he will be passed off to the father. Carrying a bed sheet, Shizuku passes by the living room and asks what her father is doing. Her father is being nosy on the phone since he teasingly asks, is this Kaimei’s Yamaguchi Kenji. “Then, what business do you have with my daughter?” Takaya just looks at his father. Realizing that it is for her, Shizuku takes the phone and says hello. Yamaken is in the middle of explaining things when he realizes that it is already Shizuku on the phone. With a tsk, Takaya walks away. Also walking away, Shizuku’s father thinks that he is quite serious today which he believes he should do with guys who call on the phone for his daughter. He also thinks that the one who usually calls is that guy -> Haru who just says, “Hi~ ojisan, is Shizuku there?”

Thinking that this is why he hates calling at someone else’s house, aghast Yamaken asks Shizuku if her father is always this inquisitive which he uses as a way of greeting. Shizuku says that she isn’t sure, and perhaps it is rare [for him] because there are only a few people who call her. She asks why he called. He asks her if she had already done this year’s college entrance exams. He thinks that because of Shizuku’s father, he forgot what he should be telling her. He plans to first invite her to the library, and even if it infuriates him to tell her that, but he wants to see her. Shizuku says that she already has done the entrance exam. Shizuku perks up because she thinks the reason Yamaken called, is for them to exchange information regarding the college entrance exams. She tells Yamaken that she has a question and answer school exercise booklet. She says that it seems that it isn’t meaningless to exchange conversation with him later on. “So, if you want, you can come and get it. I’ll lend it to you.” After looking somewhat surprised, Yamaken is delighted that Shizuku took the initiative to invite him. Blushing a bit, Yamaken says that he’ll go and they’ll meet at 10am in.. The next day, Shizuku is carrying a plastic bag and a huge Napa cabbage. She says, “Ah, Yamaken-kun, so you’ve came.” Displeased Yamaken sweatdrops and he mutters that shouldn’t she be saying ‘I’ve finally arrive’ and it is already 12 noon. “What’s up with that stuff you’ve bought?” Shizuku says that he wasn’t there on the appointed time, and she already waited for him for five minutes. This irks Yamaken. Then, Shizuku sighs and says that she forgot to bring the booklet so it is very troublesome to go back and get it. Yamaken is furious that Shizuku just left after waiting for him for 5 minutes. He thinks, “Even if it is like this, I also left very early!! And I’ve waited for one full hour. Speaking of that, why won’t you buy a cellphone!! And you are totally glossing off your fault and having this ‘I’m wasting my time’ type of attitude..!!! Darn it, I don’t care about this Napa cabbage girl..! *stands up* I’m going home.” Shizuku says forget it, since she is carrying a lot of things, it would be better for her to go home first, before going to Haru’s house. This made Yamaken stop walking away. He turns around and asks, “House?” Shizuku says yes, because after the start of spring break, Haru didn’t get in touch with her. “It is only this morning that I’ve noticed it. I think he is probably sick with a cold. For the meantime, I’ll go and see his condition.” Thinking house, Yamaken imagines Haru putting his forehead on Shizuku’s [to check if he has a fever]. Holding up his hand to her, Yamaken says let’s go, and give him the things she is carrying. Surprised Shizuku protests that they should go home first. Yamaken insists that she give him the things she is carrying, for how can he just allow a girl to carry things by herself. “First, we are going to Haru’s, to solve your concern. Then, we are going to your house to get the booklet. Afterwards, I’m going home!! Quickly give those things to me!!”

Wondering why he is being impatient, puzzled Shizuku says okay, she’ll give him half of the things. Soon, Yamaken is holding the Napa cabbage. He asks how she is planning to eat that. Shizuku says hot pot and it will be good together with some pork. She also says that it is given by the wine store owner whom she is always indebted. At the game center, Micchan tells them that Haru went back home [/hometown]. Shizuku says oh. Gloomy Yamaken thinks that it turns out that Shizuku meant this place as ‘Haru’s house’. After commenting that it is rare to see the two as a pair, Micchan says that Haru went back at the start of the break. “Huh? Didn’t you hear about it, Shizuku-chan?” Shizuku says ya. Sitting at the sofa, Yamaken thinks that Shizuku’s wording is mixed up that he was worried for nothing. “Speaking of that, what the heck am I suppose to do today? That’s right, I’m going to try and take her so I accompanied her to Haru’s house.” Micchan asks Shizuku if it is something urgent and does she want him to call Haru at home. Shizuku says that there is no need. Yamaken looks at the two and wonders again what he is doing. Later on, while walking together, Yamaken says that Shizuku is displeased that Haru didn’t tell her anything. Shizuku is shock that she exclaims how he knew, is it magic. Yamaken asks how could, he not know. He tells her that someone who doesn’t know one’s own feeling will tend to conceal something a lot of times. “Not willing to face whatever the inner thoughts of one’s heart, makes one also unclear about it. (Huh.. whom am I talking about..)” Yamaken is surprised when Shizuku says yes, he is right. “It’s so simple but I didn’t notice it. If one would admit it, one would obviously be more relaxed.” Yamaken looks at Shizuku in surprise as she continues to walk forward. Yamaken is flustered a bit because if he can simply admit it, then things won’t be this hard. “Darn.. that’s right. Or, do I need to confirm something? I’m really an idiot. Whether it is specifically thinking of a reason to call her, or getting infuriated when it is about Haru, or like now, holding a Napa cabbage on one hand while walking on the streets, it definitely because I’m attracted to this girl, that is why I’m like this!!” Yamaken calls out to Shizuku and asks if she wants to walk around. Shizuku looks at him. Yamaken partly covers his face and thinks that he has suddenly blurted that out. Shizuku apologizes and says that she doesn’t have money and she only brought enough to buy those things. Yamaken offers to treat her and if a reason is needed, then, it will be as thanks for the exercise booklet. “This way, it’s okay, right.” Shizuku looks at him in surprise and says okay, she’s happy to accompany him.

At the fastfood restaurant, Shizuku orders Double Bacon Burger without pickles, and Juicy Chicken Burger plus one large French Fries. “Ah..can this coupon be used? And also, add barbecue sauce chicken nuggets and two hot apple pies.” While the cashier says that will be 2780 yen, Yamaken tells Shizuku that if there is a reason, she really goes all out a bit [= not shy]. She tells him that she’s hungry because she didn’t eat lunch, and it is because of him. She asks him if it is okay for him to just drink something. While Shizuku orders a vanilla milkshake and asks for an invoice, Yamaken thinks that this is okay but as he become vaguely aware, seeing her in this new light, he notices that she is quite plain, even if he looks at it with good intention. “In the end, the thought of taking her from the start has not yet changed until now. *carrying the food in a tray* but in conclusion, there are some things that are hard to accept. *drinking his milkshake* Wrong, the part that cannot be accepted will also become her. *Shizuku says ‘itadakimasu’* Acknowledge it then I can be more relaxed. *blushes while watching Shizuku eat* Forget it, I’ll wait until she becomes my girl then I’ll change her, it won’t be too late.” While licking her fingers, Shizuku asks him if he has some kind of selfish motives that is why he invited her to this place. Yamaken blushes and looks tense. He hangs his head down when Shizuku says that he wants to exchange information regarding college entrance exams. Sweatdropping, Yamaken asks if this is the reason why she said ‘I’m happy to accompany you’ and then, she went with him. Shizuku says of course, or could it be that, there is some other reason. While taking mouthfuls of food, Shizuku tells him that she wants him to know in advance * munch, munch* that her information is expensive because before from the time she’s in junior high, she has already been gathering information which are almost flawless. Yamaken gloomily thinks that is right, she is this kind of girl. Yamaken tells her to wait, who ever said that. Puzzled Shizuku asks, “? Then, Yamaken-kun, why did you SPECIALLY call Me up on the phone for?” Yamaken proudly says that of course, it is about the college entrance exam thing. Then, Yamaken gloomily facepalms. =P

Thinking that Yamaken is weird, Shizuku says so, in the end, it’s about that. Yamaken angrily tells himself to calm down and do not let himself be caught in her pace. He decides to talk about some romantic love topics. Slamming his drink on the table, Yamaken asks her what kind of type does she likes. Puzzled, Shizuku says *yum, munch* mathematics and history. Yamaken shouts at her not to talk about studies. “Are you trying to be funny!? Be careful else I’ll kill you!! (Darn it, I unexpectedly told a girl that ‘kill you’ word.) I’m saying the type you like in the opposite sex.” Shizuku is surprised by that and asks repeats his question. Yamaken says that she should have that, what kind of person she wants to go steady with and the kind of person she wants to marry, kind of type. Shizuku asks him if he is referring to what she likes in guys. Yamaken tells her not to mind that. [<- Yamaken trying to make it not obvious ^^;] Shizuku becomes nervous over what Yamaken wants her to say. She wonders if this has anything to do with college entrance exams and is it okay to just tell him the kind of type that she doesn’t want to marry => her father. She tells him that it would be someone who is financially capable, intelligent and comparably reasonable. Yamaken perks up and happily smiles because isn’t Shizuku talking about him. Blushing Shizuku tells him, “But, the type I like and the person I like in reality is still pretty much not the same.” Yamaken darkly tells her that he told her not to mind that. Drinking his milkshake again, Yamaken mentally curses for Shizuku only has a reaction if it is about Haru. “But forget it, that is anticipated. Compared to that, right now, I should use a connection method.” Yamaken asks Shizuku about buying a cellphone. Shizuku says that it isn’t necessary for her to get one. He calls her stupid, for what’s important isn’t calling but rather, using the internet. “The things that you want to know, you can quickly and conveniently research about it. *holds his Iphone to her* If you are like this, you’ll fall behind in the exam.” This surprises Shizuku. While holding the Iphone, Shizuku says that for him to say that. Yamaken nervously imagines baiting cavegirl Shizuku with his cellphone. “Bite! Bite! I don’t want to talk with that ojisan on the phone again!!” Blushing a bit, Shizuku says that with only this, when she wants to hear [his] voice, she can hear it anytime, right? Yamaken looks a bit sad and says yes.

Returning the phone to him, Shizuku starts to eat again and says forget it, if it is about the internet, she can just ask her younger brother to help her research. “And, thinking over the monthly expenses, it would enabled me to buy a reference book. Anyway, after class, I can see him everyday.” Looking away, Yamaken says, “..is that so. (No matter how hard I try, I cannot see you everyday.)” Then, Shizuku drops the Iphone on the table which causes the cup of drink to spill on Yamaken. Shizuku stands up and apologizes. Holding up his dripping wet sleeve, Yamaken tells her that it is fine, there’s no need for her to specially stand up and.. Shizuku is already walking towards him and prepares to wipe his legs with a handkerchief. Yamaken quickly backs away and freezes. Shizuku looks surprised by his reaction. Blushing red, Yamaken thinks it is really bad. Shizuku looks at him and thinks, “I remember.. this kind of reaction.” While Yamaken looks at the side and gulps, Shizuku calls out to him and says, “You.. No way..” A couple of chatty girls are passing by them. Nervous Shizuku says, “[You] have fallen for me..!!” Then, one of the passing by girls says that Yamaken is very handsome. Yamaken answers that is impossible for him, because he is a ‘young master’ [/big shot and rich type of guy]. Later on, at Shizuku’s house, she tells Yamaken at the gate to wait for her as she goes in and get the exercise booklet. Yamaken asks her if her parents will come out. She tells him that her father and brother went to watch a baseball game. Watching Shizuku go in, Yamaken thinks, “I deeply and thoroughly know already. The problem isn’t with Haru or even on Shizuku, it’s with me.” Flashback: Shizuku asked why she was mistaken about that. Yamaken told her to be careful so that there won’t be a next time. Shizuku replied, okay, there will absolutely, be no second time. End flashback. Yamaken gloomily thinks that from the time he was born, this is the first time he starts to hate himself. Then, Shizuku holds out to him the booklet but she is puzzled since he isn’t taking it. Yamaken mentally curses for it is already over. “Our [two of us] day..and no one came to interrupt. *takes the book with one hand while his other hand holds Shizuku’s hand* Today is the last chance--..” Shizuku looks surprised. Yamaken says, “I..” Then, from behind, Haru asks them why they are there. [Hehehe] While Yamaken is gloomy and angry, Shizuku looks surprised and calls out to Haru. Holding a bag of onsen [hot spring] steamed rolls, Haru darkly greets Shizuku and says that it has been a long time. While Yamaken is darkly silent, Shizuku says that wasn’t Haru supposed to be at his home and she’ll call him on the phone. Haru says that she knows about it. He tells her that he just came back but he left his cellphone at home. Holding the bag, he says that this is [her] souvenir, steam rolls. He then looks at Yamaken’s hand holding Shizuku’s hand. Trying to use his hand to ‘chop’ them apart, Haru tells Yamaken to let go off of her hand. Yamaken holds Shizuku’s hand up to evade Haru’s. Shizuku asks Yamaken how come when Haru comes, he is like that. Yamaken darkly says that she is asking why.. While the two guys are arguing, Shizuku is holding Haru’s gift. She thinks that Haru wants to come and he just comes, and why can’t he tell her first about it. “But, anyway, he’s already back, so forget about it.” Then, a courier arrives and says that he has something for her. He asks Shizuku to sign. Shizuku wonders from whom that package is.

While the guys are quarrelling and about to box each other, Shizuku is delighted that it is from her mother. The two stop fighting when Shizuku tells them that she is going in first. Then, Haru proceeds to go in the gate but Yamaken stops him. Yamaken asks him if he plans to go in when her father isn’t there. Haru angrily asks, huh, he’s going in to eat steamed buns so don’t stop him. Dragging Haru away, Yamaken calls him an idiot and he is going home with him. Haru tells him to let go, he doesn’t want to go home, he wants to.. Then, Shizuku suddenly goes out of the house and calls out to Haru. Holding a flip cellphone, she exclaims that her mother gave her a cellphone. The note says, “For Shizuku, my beloved daughter needs to have privacy so let mama use some money to help you pay for it. Use it without any hesitation. Furthermore, tell your father that if he still cannot find a good job this month, then be rude [/blunt] with him. Mama/haha-ue.” Haru says that it is amazing that it is pink. Shizuku wonders out loud how to know the number of the phone. While pointing it out to her, Yamaken thinks that she obviously said that she doesn’t need it but she looks very happy now. Holding the phone to Haru, Shizuku tells him to remember it. “..next time, if you are going somewhere, you can call me here on this phone. Don’t make me worry.” Haru smiles and says, “Ya, I remembered it.” To their surprised, angry Yamaken takes the phone and makes it ring. Returning the phone and grabbing Haru, Yamaken tells her that is his number and remember to save it. Shizuku just looks surprise as Yamaken drags Haru away. While being walked away, Haru says, “..hey, Yamaken. It turns out that you still like Shizuku. But forget it, whether it is or it isn’t, it doesn’t matter. The one whom Shizuku likes is me. I won’t give her to you.” Yamaken looks at him then pushes him away to walk by himself. While walking together, Yamaken says, “What of it. *smiles* People’s feelings can change.” Haru somewhat pouts and asks him where does that self-confidence comes from and could it be that he has some trade secret. Yamaken says, “I definitely have. (Yeah, right. Now it seems that I have to wait until the winner is determined. It turns out that this guy is an idiot. What could he be thinking?) Ah, by the way, from April on.. *Haru puzzled* No, just forget it.” Haru asks him what it is but Yamaken insists that it is nothing. At the game center, Micchan welcomes someone then says it has been a long time. “Huh? Where Haru went? Didn’t the two of you come back together?” A man fixes his necktie and says that on the way back, Haru went to see that miss of the Mizutani family. Micchan says is that so, then it is good. “It seems that she is very worried. Good job, Andou.” Blurb: “Andou-san is the Yoshida family’s driver. Next chapter, Haru’s situation. The start of a new school year!”

Scans by 離境漢化組

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