September 22, 2011

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun [Chapter 26]

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Title: The End of First Year High School Narration: “It’s very good. It’s very good. It’s truly very good. If there is anyone who would say, ‘Come, you can sit here’, and gave me a place to sit, I will definitely like that person. For that person to be happy, I will do anything. If that person feels sad, I will always stay by his[/her] side and continuously comfort her by saying, ‘Don’t cry anymore’.” Asako tells Micchan that even if she thinks of those kinds of things but in the end, she cannot do those things in the real world, nor does it mean that she can do it in the internet world. So, she always couldn’t blend in and get along with others that at the end, it always concludes in a fight with each other which is quite unpleasant. Micchan laughs over this. He tells her that she is only a bit wrong in how she is doing it, and the proof is that Shizuku accepted her. Asako is freaking out that she has been talking about the internet with Micchan. She wonders what she should do. Micchan is relieved to hear her laugh and thinks that should be a good thing. It seems that Asako is thinking that Micchan’s invitation for them to stroll a bit would mean a confession. Micchan is wondering how to say it to Asako ‘Sorry, please give it up’. He thinks that there is that awkward mood again and it is so hard to say it. Asako is thinking that even if it seems that she and Micchan had drifted apart but it is probably because Micchan is nervous. She asks him if there is something important that he has to tell her. Micchan puts out his cigarette and thinks that Asako knows and there is no other way. “Even if I feel very sorry for her. Who would come and help me.” Micchan calls out her name and Asako says, ‘Yes, [I’m here].” Micchan becomes nervous when Asako is staring at him with anticipation. Micchan wonders if kids lately are this positive [lively] when they are going to be rejected. Micchan tensely says that it is something about him. Asako continues to stare at him and says that ‘[she] like, really like [him]’. Micchan finally ends up blurting out, about that, can she please give up on him. Asako is surprised. Nervously laughing, Micchan says no, for didn’t he tell her before, he cannot return her feelings. “Making you waste so much of your precious time, I feel very apologetic about that and I’m very sorry.” Asako shouts that she doesn’t want that for why he is saying such things, calling it a waste of time. She tells him that one who told him that ‘a beautiful love can make one become kind’ is him, Micchan. “You were the one who pulled out the hundred thousands thorns that were pierced into my heart. Just..also just now, you’re always very kind and..” Micchan tells her that he is kind to her because there is no need to make her confront and face that thorn in her heart. He explains that he is treating them [= everyone] kindly no matter what because whatever it is that is resonating in one’s heart or if there is a something sensitive that is causing conflict with each other, being together, how about [/would it be better] trying to burst out loud in laughter. [<- I think he is like saying to be more happy together rather than bringing up painful things so he is being kind.]

Then, Asako asks why, is it because of their age gap, is that what he is bothered about. She tells him if it is that then he should look at it in a far-sighted way because in four years time, she will become an adult and at that time, she’s independent. She then starts to doubt by saying that perhaps, 4 years is a bit big. She asks if it is because of Haru, because she is Haru’s friend. She tells him if that is the reason, he doesn’t need to worry about it for it will definitely be delightful if she becomes Haru’s relative and Haru is definitely the same..he’ll definitely be happy for them. She cries and says that she sincerely and truly likes him. Sadly smiling Micchan kindly tells her that in his heart, there is no place for her and even afterwards, even if a lot of years had passed, there is definitely no possibility that a place will be created for her. “..your persistence is somewhat making me feel perplexed.” Asako looks stunned. Back at the game center, Yamaken had asked Shizuku if she wants to secretly get out of there. Shizuku apologizes to him but she still has study together with Asako. Yamaken sighs and says that is right. Shizuku asks if it is something urgent. Yamaken asks if he cannot ask her out if nothing is up. Shizuku is totally puzzled by what he meant. Yamaken thinks that it puts him in a bad mood thinking she is considering him as someone harmless and she doesn’t even remember how to dig a bit into the other’s thoughts and feelings [<- Shizuku is clueless on how he feels.] because if it isn’t like that, he doesn’t know whether he should go forward or retreat. Shizuku steals a glance at him and Yamaken smiles. Shizuku quickly looks away. This made Yamaken think that the situation is good. Holding a long broom and a basket of baseballs, Haru comments that they are acting suspicious. Yamaken tells him that it is nothing and just leave, since a customer is calling out to him [Haru]. Haru warns Shizuku to be careful of Yamaken for at times he acts in a perverted way so if something happens, just call out to him [Haru]. Shizuku freaks out that Yamaken is a pervert. While telling Haru to be careful else he’ll slaughter him, Yamaken thinks what nonsense Haru is saying and it is no fun if Shizuku is taking precautions against him. Deciding to make some small talk, Yamaken asks her if that stupid girl on their side is having some difficulties. Shizuku asks if he meant Asako, well, it seems that her term exams are mostly in the red. This reminds Shizuku that Asako is late. Haru is in a bad mood because he has been so busy that he doesn’t have time to think. He wonders what answer he should give to Chizuru = regarding what Micchan told him to think about. “If I answered.. what will it change into..?” Then, Haru happily welcomes Micchan back and says that he came back late. Micchan is carrying Asako’s box of donuts along with the stuff he bought. Seeing that it is already 720pm, Haru exclaims that it is already that time so what is Asako doing. He decides to call her. Before Haru can call, Micchan tells him that Asako isn’t coming today because she doesn’t want him and Shizuku to see her crying. Haru looks dark and asks Micchan why Asako is crying.
Agitated Shizuku goes out of the practice baseball hitting area and thinks that it is already late so she’ll borrow Haru’s cellphone to tell Asako that she is going home. She is surprised to hear Haru shouting that Micchan is an idiot and why did he say that kind of stuff. Then, the trio also comes out and finds it interesting that Haru and the Micchan is fighting. Yamaken kicks two of the trio and tells them to go home and not say such things. He asks about Shizuku. She tells him that she’ll stay there for a while because she didn’t bring money with her. He advises her not to be zealous, because it is dangerous [if she interfered]. Shizuku says ya. Yamaken tells her that next time, he’ll call her up. A bit puzzled Shizuku just looks at him. While picking up the papers that Haru had tossed around, Micchan tells him that he is still the same, and in this kind of situation, that is the only what he [Micchan] can decide on. Micchan says that is why Haru is always giving his father a headache. Haru angrily shouts for him to shut up because this and that thing has no relation. Micchan sighs and says that it is inevitable or could it be that he [Haru] wants him to be in love with a high schooler. Haru shouts that didn’t he usually carry girl’s stuff around, he [Haru] saw it many times before. Micchan tells him those cosplay stuff isn’t his, those are Andou’s. Shizuku is startled when Haru messes things up again by throwing things and shouting that Micchan is a liar. While papers are flying around, Haru darkly says that he told him before that, he is totally not to make Asako cry. “I will absolutely not forgive you!” Irritated Micchan says, “..Haru, who do you think you are talking to?” The next day, Shizuku tells Sasayan what had happened but she didn’t learn what happened in the end for she went home midway of the fight. Shizuku tensely says that the fight is quite violent [/fierce] between Haru and angry Micchan. Sasayan thinks that he would really want to see it. He says is that so, that is why Haru is absent today and the reason why Asako is in that state of absent-mindedness since this morning. Asako is lost in thought while feeding Nagoya. Shizuku muses that it is quite unexpected for Asako to be this calm for she thought that Asako will continue to be enthusiastic and continue the struggle so apparently this is obviously now a grave problem. Sasayan sweatdrops and tells Shizuku that isn’t calm, that is despair. He mutters that it seems that this side is also worrisome. Sasayan advices Shizuku because Asako didn’t say anything and perhaps she doesn’t want anyone to mention it so they should just let Asako quietly be by herself. Shizuku thinks if that is so. “If heart-broken, will I also be like that? If I’m heart-broken, will Haru also be that angry like yesterday? Cannot long for, and cannot be somewhat lost. But, ..that’s not right, the Haru by that time, won’t be at my side.”
Asako thinks that Micchan is quite cunning to tell her that he is perplexed by her persistence because it made her unable to answer back. “For Mizu-chan, there is Haru. *Haru showing a picture of what seems to be a dugong to Shizuku* And, for Haru, there is Mizu-chan. *Shizuku angrily holds Nagoya and her notebook with chicken footprints to Haru who is drinking juice. Asako watches them and thinks that it’s good, it’s very good.* Then what about me? After all is said and done, [until] when can I be like that--” Asako snaps out of that when Shizuku calls out her name. Asako is already in a classroom being tutored by Shizuku. Holding a notebook, Shizuku asks her if she is listening. Asako nervously apologizes and says that’s right, when Xavier visited Japan. Shizuku asks her what she is talking about. After a pause, Shizuku tells Asako that even if she empathizes with Asako but right now, she should put that broken heart temporarily aside and concentrate on studying. Asako is shock by that and nervously asks how Shizuku knew. Then, she says that Shizuku probably heard it from Micchan. She apologizes to Shizuku about yesterday. “No no-- It is just as you said. That, one should be more cautious in giving burden to others.. *tears fall down*” Shizuku is shock to see her crying that she quickly apologizes. Asako says no, no, sorry, please don’t mind it. She tells Shizuku that this thing is normal. “Fundamentally, until the moment that the other person is gone, I would forever not understand. And, during this time, I should be staying all by myself at home to calm myself then afterwards, I’m back to normal. ..but this time, because of what Micchan said.. *tears continue to fall* ..What’s up with me? I’m not the same as I’m usually am.. ” Shizuku wonders if Asako is always like that, wherein she bears her feelings all by herself. “Just like this, no matter how many times it happens, she’ll quietly bear those pain..” Shizuku pats Asako’s head and tells her, “ not cry anymore.” Asako is surprised as she remembers herself asking who will give her a chair to sit. Asako starts bawling and hugs Shizuku. Shizuku thinks that even if everyone will still chase after some other people, whether it is Haru or Natsume-chan, no matter how many times [they] fail, they are definitely stronger than her. At the street leading from the school, Haru is waiting for someone. His face has scratches, bruises and bandages. Chizuru is shock to see him that she shouts what happened to his face. “Or, I should say, why are you in a place like this? Weren’t you absent today?” Haru slightly smiles and says that he is waiting for her. Chizuru is surprised then she smiled and asked what it is. Haru says, “I already like someone. ..I always don’t have self-confidence. I would continuously keep on simply doubting my own feelings. If that girl smiled at me, I don’t know why but I feel that I can definitely do it. *sad smile* So, I’m sorry, Ooshima. ..can this be considered an answer?”
Chizuru says yes, it is okay. She forces a smile and tells him that it is quite troublesome so please do not look at her with such a sorrowful expression. Flustered Haru apologizes that he doesn’t know what kind of expression he should use. Chizuru says that she really likes his smile. Haru apologizes and says that he couldn’t smile. Chizuru laughs and says that is right, because for him, it is difficult. She remembers the time when she confessed to Haru. “Even if it is at that kind of place, I also like [you]. At that time, you had such a happy smile coming from within your heart. Actually, even if it is only that, it is already enough. It’s really great that I was able to say it. That is what I thought.” Chizuru sadly smiles and says, “..for you to sincerely give your answer, thank you. Bye, Yoshida-kun.” Chizuru quietly goes to the bus stop then she calls Yuu up to tell her that she got Haru’s answer. Back in school, Asako is utterly aghast-shock when Shizuku told her that Haru and Micchan fought with each other. Shizuku says that it was such a chaotic fight at the parking lot and most likely, Haru is very angry that Asako is [emotionally] hurt. Worried Asako gets her cellphone to call Haru and exclaims why Haru did such a thing. She is surprised to see Haru standing out the window. Haru asks what about him. Asako is totally shock that she shouts what happened to his face. Shizuku asks Haru what he is doing today, for school has already dismissed early on. She is puzzed when he says that there are a lot of things [he attended to]. Haru apologizes to Asako for she is obviously very troubled and yet he wasn’t even able to help her in anything. This made Asako speechless that she starts to cry again. She tearfully tells him that it is alright, and compared to that, he should properly get together with Micchan again. Haru tells her that he thought he could win against Micchan, but in the end, Micchan fights still fights like before. At the game center, Sasayan sweatdrops and says that is such an awful face. Micchan is reading a manga and his face also has scratches, bruises and small bandages. ^^; While playing practice baseball, Sasayan tells Micchan that he heard what happened from Shizuku, that he fought with Haru. He comments that Micchan can still stand up after fighting with Haru. Micchan laughs and says that the difference is still big and how could he lose to a brat. Sasayan tells him that Asako has been absent-minded the whole day and she might not go back there anymore. With a tear in his eye, Micchan says that he will be lonely. Sasayan mentally curses that he cannot see through. [<- probably not hitting the ball.]
Sasayan looks at Micchan and asks if it is his fault, regarding that problem with Asako. He tells him that Asako is really depressed and no matter how he looks at it, he had encouraged Asako before, to use the ‘stalker way’ [/annoy Micchan and never let go]. Sasayan admits that he went into some deep soul-searching about it, as to why he said those words to her. After inhaling his cigarette, Micchan says no, it has nothing to do with Sasayan and he originally planned on doing this ever since Valentine’s day when he got the chocolate. Sasayan exclaims is that so, that’s very good. Preparing to leave, Sasayan says that is what he wanted to know so, goodbye, manager. After a pause, Micchan tells him, “Hey, Gambatte, Sasayan.” Sasayan looks at him then smiles. He tells Micchan, “That-is-called, meddling into other people’s business!” [<- busybody, like what Micchan told him before.] Micchan smiles and thinks that Asako said that perhaps ‘four years is very long’ – four year gap might be too big, but for him, four years is nothing much but for them [youngsters], it is very long. “I always felt that it is very good, this so-called high schooler.” Someone then calls out to Micchan that they need loose change. Meanwhile, Asako cries over her heartache and Shizuku, together with Haru, keeps on urging her to concentrate even if she empathizes with her. At the playground’s swings, Yuu comforts crying Chizuru. Later on, at school, flowers [sakura?] petals are flying around. Shizuku goes to the roof and calls out to Haru who is sitting by the side. She says that he is unexpectedly there [and also Nagoya]. “Aren’t you going to the closing ceremony? Saeko-sensei is calling for you.” Haru tells her that this place makes him feel free of worries so he wants to stay there, and he doesn’t want to listen to what that person says. Shizuku says is that so. Haru holds Shizuku’s wrist and tells her to stay there. Shizuku looks at him then, she sits beside him. She says that this is okay, for anyway, there is no class. She looks at the flying petals and says that no matter when, it is here. Haru is puzzled. She tells him that this is the place when she first skipped class. “The one who can change my world is always you, Haru. Thanks to you, I’m twice as busy, than before, because not only do I have to be concerned my own affairs, I also need to be concerned about other people’s affairs. (Only having a relation with others, it’s okay to hurt, as well as, to be hurt. And I’m afraid that even if that is so, people will still continuously chase after some other person.) ..ah, this is also inevitable. It’s definitely just the same thing.” Haru looks at her and smiles. He holds her face then holds a flower petal. He holds it to his mouth and says, “..Petal.” Narration: “Spring approaches. I will be in second year high.” Blurb: “Go up to the next stage. Spring break. Yamaken finally called Shizuku up..! New plot progress!!?”
Scans by 離境漢化組.

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