September 17, 2011

Bokutachi wa Shitte Shimatta [Chapter 51]

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Narration: “Whether it is quarrels or lovey-dovey, the words and actions of the person one likes, can affect the heart..” While riding the train, Kotori wonders that after the cultural festival, in definite terms, when will they do it. She looks at Yukito who asks her what it is. She says that it is nothing. Kotori thinks that she has this indescribable nervousness which is probably because of the promise they made yesterday. She blushes even more upon remembering him saying that he wants to do it. She wonders if the promise is referring to the second day or a few days after the cultural festival. “Or, are we going to do it immediately right after the festival? No, no way, probably not that soon..” Kotori is surprised when Yukito suddenly bends down to her and sniffs her hair. This made Kotori exclaims in surprise. Slightly blushing Yukito just says that he just wants to confirm it a bit if she had changed her shampoo. [<- his alibi.] Kotori says that she didn’t change it. Yukito says is that so. Grabbing her hair and sniffing it, Kotori asks if there is a smell and does it smell strange. Yukito tensely says no, and don’t mind it. He then tells her that it is already her stop. Kotori says yes, so goodbye. When she got off the train, she is surprised that Yukito followed her. He tells her that he is going to walk her home. Kotori tries to protest that his house is far away. Turning around, Yukito pouts and says that if she doesn’t want to, then he’s going home. Kotori holds him back and says that she isn’t turning him down. “I want to be with you more..” Yukito blushes and says, “Me, too..” Kotori thinks that even if because of what happened yesterday, she has some nervousness but to be able to be with him, she is very happy. “But, I feel that today’s Yukito is a bit.. it’s the same with at the train. It seems that he has always touching me intimately, a bit too much... *Yukito’s hand is around her shoulder as they walk together* Waist... Perhaps, he is going to touch my waist.. just like what happened before..” Kotori is surprised since Yukito’s hand did slide down to her waist. Yukito goes huh. Kotori nervously smiles and says that it is nothing. Yukito just smiles at her.

At the gate of her house, Kotori thanks him for walking her home. Yukito finally lets his hand off her. The two timidly greets each other good night and see you tomorrow. Yukito waves goodbye and walks away. After waving back, Kotori goes in. After a pause, Kotori thinks, “What..what’s up with Yukito--~~!? *blush* he plans to do it once it ends? After cultural festival meant.. after it ends!? After it ends, we’ll do it? Is that what it is? It refers to we are going to do it immediately after it ends!?” Meanwhile, Yukito is walking back. Then, he poses and mentally exclaims, “Yes! [second time] So, it refers to doing it immediately after the cultural festival! I had touched her a lot of times, and she isn’t protesting to it! It seems that the situation should be alright, no problems at all. Kotori doesn’t seem to resist being touched just like before. *silly smile then looks thoughtful* Ah..but.. can I endure it? Always until the end of the cultural festival.. After she answered ok, I wanted to touch her more.. and I might not be able to restrain myself.. *blush then covers face* Ah..ya, but..if I’m not careful, things might turn out bad. Ya~~” Kotori’s brother passes by suspicious looking Yukito and thinks that he looks familiar. “I’ve just seen a pretty weird looking male high schooler.” Kenken is quietly watching out of the gate. [<- guess he didn’t reach Yukito in time. =P] At his house, Yukito opens the door and says that he is hungry, what they are going to eat today. He finds Masaya gloomily sitting at the dining table while removing the thread from some beans [seems to be Edamame or French green beans]. Yukito asks that didn’t he went to school only for this morning so how come he is still wearing his uniform. Masaya puts a pack of sesame salt [Gomashio; used to put on plain rice or onigiri for flavor] in a bowl and puts it on the table. Yukito stares at it and wonders if this means that they only have rice today. Masaya mutters, “That girl is simply just a little demon.” Yukito is puzzled as to what little demon he is talking about. Then, Masaya starts to quietly remove the strings of the beans again. Taking the bowl, Yukito thinks that he’ll just eat and let that thing drop for Masaya’s mood is really bad, and today is a happy day for him. Masaya darkly says that his younger brother at that side is smiling so apparently he is happy. Yukito looks nervous for he has a bad premonition about this.
Standing up, Masaya says that in Yukito’s school, there is a girl who is like a little demon. “She’s perhaps first year or second year. Very beautiful, and goes home at the same route as we do. If you see her, tell her that your brother wants to say hi.” Yukito asks who he is talking about, and how is he doing to know who that is, based on such a vague information. Masaya tells him that it is a girl with fluffy and curly hair who is about his [Yukito] body size. Yukito says that this is quite strange [/rare]. “Is that the type you like? Do you want me to arrange for you two to meet?” Masaya says no, he wants revenge. This puzzles Yukito even more. Masaya says forget it, let’s not talk about it anymore. Yukito finds it baffling that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Masaya tells him that it seems that Yukito is quite happy just now, so tell him if something good had happened. Blushing Yukito denies that something good happened. Putting his arm around Yukito, Masaya says no, there is definitely something based on his expression. “Say it and let me hear it- It has definitely something to do with Kotori.” Yukito tries to deny it. Grabbing Yukito’s collar, Masaya tells him to spill it out quick. Nervous Yukito exclaims that Masaya is venting his anger on him. “You’re eyes aren’t laughing, the way you talk is scary. Why is your mood this bad?” Later on, Masaya says is that so. “Finally with Kotori.. unexpectedly forcing her.. *covers face* to agree on that kind of lewd promise.. Forcing a pure girl!” Flustered Yukito exclaims that it isn’t force, and please do not say it in such a strange way. “Kotori said that if it is me, it’s alright.. She said that..” Yukito becomes speechless when Masaya says that it turns out that without that kind of ‘promise’, their relationship won’t progress. “Even if Kotori answered ok, but a part of the reason could be, that you forced her urgently, that she has no way of refusing it, right?” Looking dark, Yukito mutters that he couldn’t deny that it isn’t so. Masaya tells him to forget it. “Gambatte *sparkling* Absolutely do not ‘fail’ okay? Because the ‘first’ is ‘very important’. A lot of girls cannot forget their first, so do not ‘disappoint’ her.” Yukito looks surprised by this that he thinks, “First. Fail. Disappoint. Incapable. XXX. Have no right to become a man. XXX Never before in the history.” Masaya notes that he didn’t say it to that extent.
The next day at school, some students are handing out the costumes. After getting her costume, Kotori laments that it looks very plain. She asks the other girl if she can change the costume. The girl says that she can since she [girl] doesn’t want to anymore, but only if it can be made scarier, Kotori can alter it in anyway she pleases. Kotori overhears a girl shouting that this type of outfit really makes one excited. Another girl exclaims that she is right, it looks good. “Harada really suits that outfit, as if, it is made just for you.” Harada happily poses with her maid outfit. Kotori just quietly glances at her. Harada then asks if that is Kotori’s outfit. “Ah, speaking of that, you are playing as an ordinary ghost, I forgot. How plain, but then, I feel that it really suits pla~~in Kotori-chan~~” While laughing Harada laughs, Kotori is really frustrated. She decides that she absolutely won’t lose to playing a ghost. Abe calls out to Kotori and tells her that there are a lot of props there and does she want some, like this whip which seems like S&M. Kotori shouts that she wants to use them. Then, she is speechless when Abe asks if she wants a candle. Then, she overhears someone calling out to Yukito who is late. Kotori blushes and thinks that it seems that she has no way of looking at him because she feels a lot more embarrassed than yesterday. Kotori is surprised when someone asks Yukito what happened to his hair, did he dye it back. She turns around to see that Yukito’s hair is light-colored again. Kotori exclaims in surprise about this, as to what happened to his hair. Yukito timidly says that there are some reasons for it and right now, he cannot tell her. This surprises Kotori. Later on, everyone is busy trying out their costumes. They are to go to someone if it doesn’t fit. Holding her costume, Kotori wonders what Yukito meant by ‘cannot tell you right now’. “For Yukito to dye his hair into dark brown, it reminded me of the time when we had a fight.. *shock* Could it be that I made some mistake yesterday? When..when he kissed me yesterday, did I make some strange expression.. Could it be that dyeing his hair into dark brown is a sign that he is angry? And, it seems that he also doesn’t want to talk about it.. Really, what’s going on..” Her thoughts are interrupted when a girl says that Kotori can try out her costume at the toilet or at an empty classroom to see if it fits. Kotori says okay. She sighs and thinks that right now, it’s important to get into the role of a ghost. At the outdoor corridor, Yukito tells Natsume that it is quite rare for her to call him to this place. “So, what’s up?” Natsume apologizes and says that there is some things that she would want to tell him first.
Scans by 依蓮扫漫組.

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