September 22, 2011

RunwayϟWARS [Chapter 3]

Originally posted @ on September 17, 2011

Narration: “After Nadeshiko (aka Masao) gave me a makeover, I had a huge change of look. Before when I was a model, I always like this moment. The work of a model is like a real living fashion model kind of type. Dressed up beautifully, moving around gracefully like it’s a dance and putting in all one’s effort to show off the outfit. That is such a fact and I had unexpectedly forgotten about it.” A glasses guy tells the participants that the selection process is starting but before that, they are to wear this outfit. It is a plain white t-shirt and jeans. They are given 15 minutes to wear it then, they will be called in so they shouldn’t be late. The models are surprised by this requirement and Mili is shock by it. Mili couldn’t believe that the outfit that Masao has chosen for her will be rendered useless. Mili overhears a couple of models if the outfit will be used as basis for the audition and how can they wear such a plain outfit with style. One of the models sighs and says to forget it because they are models so no matter what outfit it is, they should make it match them because that is their job. Mili thinks it is true..and the outfit is just plain. Mili is gloomy for she has to fold up the pants and twist the ends of the shirt because they are too big for her. The other models are giggling at her for it seems as if Mili is in pajamas. Mili is irritated since she overheard them. She wonders if there is anything she can do especially since Masao/Nadeshiko has not returned yet. Mili thinks that no, she should think of this by herself. She remembers that there is a flower on Masao’s bag so maybe she can use it to pretty herself up. At the side, a girl holding a coffee is shouting at her assistant for the N company’s CM [commercial] won’t do [/said no]. The assistant timidly says that it is regretful. The girl is furious for earlier on, they already said that she will do it. The assistant tells her that it is a long story. The other models ask who that girl is. They say that it is Misako, the one who is on the television commercial lately. [I think Misako is the same one shooting in front of the ramen store in chapter one.] The assistant nervously tells Misako that the cellphone bank also said that they are full and do not need anyone. This angers Misako that she throws the coffee at the assistant and screams that she’s useless. Just then, Mili passes by between them. So, Mili’s white shirt is stained by the coffee. The assistant apologizes to Mili and says that it is her fault for evading it. Mili says that she is okay and why is she apologizing. Glancing at Misako, Mili adds that the one who should apologize is her [Misako]. Misako blames Mili for suddenly coming out there and she [Misako] did nothing wrong. Pointing to her assistant, Misako shouts that it is the fault of her useless assistant. Mili tells her that even if she doesn’t know why she is angry about but isn’t it useless to vent her anger on someone else. Misako is miffed by what Mili said.

Mili is surprised when someone calls out for the participants to gather around. Mili quickly runs off to remove the stain. Terazawa is watching her from behind. Misako calls Mili a shorty idiot since she cannot remove that stain in time. The assistant nervously tells her that she’s mean. Misako laughs off that it is fortunate that one rival disappears and if a lot of people fail, it is much better. “I really would want to throw coffee on each and every participants!” She is surprised when someone calls out that she is quite letdown. Misako is angry as to who called her that. When she turns around, it turns out to be Terazawa. Thinking that it is the genius photographer and that she should make a good impression on him, Misako tells him that it isn’t what she truly thought and, it is just a wrong way of wording it. She says that she is just depressed over what that child told her after bumping on her. Terazawa mutters that the camera lens can see through a person’s heart and she has such a wicked heart. With that, Terazawa turns around and bids her goodbye. This irks Misako. To her assistant’s dismay, Misako decides to leave and forfeit the audition. The glasses guy calls out to Terazawa that it is time for the judging. Terazawa tells him to wait and hurriedly runs away. At a sink, Mili tries to clean the shirt. She is infuriated with Misako that she would make her give her, ten years worth of ramen. Mili wants to write Misako’s name on her grudge notebook. Then, she is surprised to hear a knock. It is Terazawa who asks her if she is okay. Mili mentally freaks out why he is there. Then, Nadeshiko arrives but she still hasn’t recovered from her diarrhea. [I’ll consider him as a ‘she’ when summarizing.] She wonders if Mili is okay then she sees Mili together with Terazawa. Standing at the corner and watching them, Nadeshiko is nervous because those two are like water and fire. Terazawa introduces himself to Mili and gives her a business card. Mili and Nadeshiko are shock for it turns out that Terazawa doesn’t recognize Mili. Terazawa also gives her a small bottle which can help her remove stains, and he claims that it is very useful. Mili thanks him. This made Terazawa blush that Nadeshiko notice it. Terazawa wishes her to do her best at the audition, and then, he leaves. Nadeshiko is laughing that Terazawa is blushing over Mili, but her stomach aches again that she has to return to the toilet. Mili looks at the business card – Photographer Terazawa Kaiji. [based on the kanji of 介. I think I got it wrong because] Mili comments that it is a strange name. Mili thinks that she is really shock that Kaiji didn’t recognize her and Masao’s makeover on her is really amazing that Masao is really a genius. She is surprised when she overhears someone calling out for the participants to come inside when their number is called. Mili panics over what to do because it isn’t easy to remove the stain and she’ll be late. Soon, numbers 27-29 are called in the room. Kaiji looks at the list and thinks that the last one, number 30 is Mika [based on kanji 米嘉]. He wonders if that girl earlier is Mika. Someone calls out to Mika but they only hear a loud running sound. Mika arrives with a ‘new improvised’ outfit. She fixes her hair in a ponytail to the side. She had also ripped the shirt in half and twisted it to the side with a flower [from Masao’s bag]. She had also cut the jeans into shorts. While everyone is shock by what she did, Mika apologizes for being late. The other models are muttering over how cunning Mika is, with what she did with her outfit.
One of the judges asks Mili if she is number 30’s Mika. At first, Mili is puzzled then she remembers Masao telling her that today, she will be known as Mika. Mili says that she is Mika. They ask her why she cut the clothes short. Mika calmly says that she had an accident but then, they only told her to change into those clothes, they didn’t mention about not letting her cut to alter it. The man sheepishly smiles and says that even so, in this situation, they should just wear the outfit that they were told to wear. One of the judges in a dark suit suddenly burst into laughter. The other judges sweatdrops over Kitaouji [北大路]’s reaction. Kitaouji apologizes and says that it is only because he finds this new kid quite interesting. He tells them that they should have mentioned that ‘they are not to alter the clothes in any way.’ Kitaouji smiles and calls out to Mika to ask her a question. “Why do you want to become a model? You are too short for your height. Honestly speaking, don’t you think that is very disadvantageous to you?” Mika bluntly replies that it isn’t. “A so-called model is someone who wears an outfit to show off its beauty to the audience. I consider the audience’s perception on the outfit as the most important thing. I want the audience to have a very deep impression on the outfit I’m wearing. Make them to also want to try and wear it. I have self-confidence in that. Just because I’m short, can’t I become a model? Just being short, even if I want to become a model, is it necessary to just give up? Becoming a model is my dream! When I was young, I always have this dream. So, I do not want to give up on it.” This made Kaiji remembers the past. Flashback: Young [junior high] Kaiji bowed to his father who angrily exclaimed what, he wants to become a photographer. Kaiji said that it is true. His father shouted for him to quit talking nonsense, he will inherit his business [/career]. Calling his son foolish, Kaiji’s father told him to forget it and don’t let some awards and praises get into his head. Trembling in anger, Kaiji insisted that he wants to become a photographer and not inherit his father’s business. His father told him to get lost if he insisted on that, and he’s going to sever ties as father and son, with him. And, Kaiji left home. End flashback. Kaiji thinks he ran away from home for his dream and yet until now, he has not found what he wanted to take pictures of, to the point that he feels at a loss everyday. Soon, the judges complain about being tired and time flies really fast. Looking at the pictures on the table, the judges’ choices are between participant number 7 and 9, who were not only familiar to the public but also stylish. Then, they see a photo of a girl and wonders, who this cute girl is. They wonder if this girl is in the audition and she has that attitude look. To their shock, Kaiji tells them that it is number 30, Mika. The judges couldn’t believe that the girl is the short one.
Kaiji tells them that until now, of all the people he had taken a picture of, this is the first time he has encountered a person like Mika. Even if her body built is small, as a whole, it feels very good that he thinks she’s very interesting. The other judges protest that but still, she is short. Slightly flustered Kaiji asks them that as a photographer, can he have that picture to give it to Mika. Since Kaiji insists, they let him have it. Kitaouji takes the picture of Mika, then he looks thoughtful. Soon, it is night. Pulling her luggage, Mili complains about being lost just because Masao told her that ‘her’ stomach is aching so she should go ahead. At the garbage dump, she sees a small round table with a flower sticker in the middle. She finds it cute and decides to pick it up because her own room doesn’t have any furniture that it seems quite lonely. She also doesn’t have money so she couldn’t buy one. Just when she holds up the table, she is startled to see a man lying down behind it, shivering. After screaming in fright, she wonders if she is naturally poor to be able to pick up anything she wants to get. [<- good at picking up things?] In her room, the cat is crying because Mili used its underwear, that has just been washed and dried, on the man’s forehead [to lower the fever? The cat is obvious some sort of ‘in’ joke ^^;]. Mili calls the cat Yoshika [义贺] and apologizes to it for she couldn’t find some other thing to use. She promises Yoshika that she will wash it again so don’t cry anymore. Mili sighs and thinks that because she picked up that guy, she is forced to leave that table. She wonders if the table will still be there tomorrow. If not, she will just make that man treat her to some ramen. Looking out the window, Mili thinks that even so, she is quite happy over today’s audition. She wants to become a model soon, and stand in front of a camera. The man wakes up and looks at Mili. He thinks of her as an angel. When Mili looks at him, the man sits up and thinks that she looks familiar. He remembers the time when Mili angrily asks if he is looking for her, when she is there, and she ate a lot of ramen at his store. Hikaru [formerly named Akira ^^;] exclaims that she is that ramen girl and why is she in his room. Mili tells him that this is her room. Looking around, Hikaru wonders what happened and why he is there. Mili tells him that she had picked him up from the garbage dump and brought him there. Hikaru is surprised to hear that. Mili advices him that even if he is very tired, he shouldn’t sleep in that place because it is quite cold tonight and it might end up dead. While Yoshika takes his underwear back and wears it. Hikaru puts his hand on Mili’s shoulder thanks her. Calling her his angel, Hikaru also thanks her for her concern and they have met again so it must be a red thread of fate that connected them together. Holding her face, Hikaru starts to flirt with Mili by saying that they should spend the whole night talking about their love in his room, as his thanks for her. Then, Kaiji comes in and calls out to shorty that her mails got mixed up with his. Kaiji gets angry when she calls him a neat freak. Kaiji shouts that it isn’t ‘Keppeki’ [<- Japanese of neat freak; mysophobia] but his name is Kaiji. It turns out that Mili had kicked away Hikaru. Yoshika steals Hikaru’s wallet only to find it empty. Then, Kaiji screams out in horror at how dirty Mili’s room is = it is filled with germs. He quickly puts a face mask on, as well as, a pair of gloves.
Looking at her mail, Mili gloomily asks if he read her mails and does he really wanted to see those failed notifications. Kaiji shouts that he thought those are his mails that he carelessly opened them. Mili tells him that from today on, she will call him careless neat freak. While they argue about him being called a neat freak, Hikaru holds Kaiji’s shoulder. Calling Kaiji room 102, Hiaruku says that he can no longer bear his [Kaiji] rudeness to his angel. Kaiji laughs off that Hikaru is calling Mili his angel and no wonder he is a host [/gigolo]. Hikaru angrily accuses Kaiji of not understanding a woman’s charm. Kaiji asks him if Mili has any charm. Mili asks them if they know each other. Kaiji tells them that they don’t know each other but he is just a tenant here. Hikaru is surprised that they are at Renge’s place so no wonder the place looks familiar to him. It turns out that Hikaru stays in room 104. Kissing Mili’s hand, Hikaru introduces himself as Tanahashi Sumio Genji Hikaru [棚桥角夫即源氏光]. Kaiji thinks it is boring and prepares to leave. Then, Renge calls out from below to Mili to tell her that she has a phone call from ‘Pretty Teens’. Mili and Kaiji are surprised by this. Then, Mili is moping at the side of the bar. Renge comments that Mili is sadder than usual. Nadeshiko tells Mili to have some self-confidence for she is her hairstyle-makeup artist. Patting Mili’s head, Hikaru tells her to cheer up for she will definitely be on the limelight soon. Kaiji tells him not to comfort Mili that way because reality is very cruel. Thinking of Mika, Keiji says that no matter how much strength one has, if one shows up really good in front of the camera, there will definitely be a time when there is no alternative [but getting something/winning?]. Nadeshiko teases Keiji as to who he is referring to. Blushing Keiji tells her that he is just ‘generally speaking’. He asks if Mili joined that audition today and how come he didn’t see her. Nadeshiko teases him again for looking at some other person, that is why he didn’t notice. This made Keiji blush even more that he drinks some water. Nadeshiko happily calls out to Mili to cheer up for she is going to treat her to some ramen at the new restaurant called Mika Ramen Store. This made Kaiji spit out the water[?] he is drinking, on to Hikaru’s clothes. Hikaru is furious for it is expensive but Keiji says that it should be from a bargain sale, probably costs around 10,000 yen. Hikaru shouts that it is a brand name suit given to him by Umeko [梅子]. Then, to Renge’s somewhat surprise, Nadeshiko says that Mili is gone. Outside, at probably some park, Mili looks up to the moon and sadly says that she was quite satisfied over how she conducted herself today and it seems that striving hard isn’t good enough. “I should toughen myself well! For my dream to become a model, I won’t ever give it up!” Then someone tells her that he’ll give her a chance. She turns around to see Kitaouji. He smiles and tells her, “The opportunity to make your dream come true, I’ll give it to you!” This surprises Mili.
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